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Instructions Set For Lego Crane

Team RedHawks

By: Leighton Kentwell, Gretta Ebert, Julia Dempsey, Isaac Steiger, Dilushka Modarage, Maggie Mize

-Pieces may be hazardous to children, specifically small
pieces that are easy to swallow
-Please proceed with caution and supervision
-Suggested for ages 4+

I. Pieces Required
II. Building the Base
III.Building the Crane Arm
IV.Building the Crane Head
V.Putting It All Together

Parts Required:

Building the Base:

Building the Base - Step 1

The rubber tires have matching

Put rubber tire around grey circles to

form tires.

Building the Base - Step 2

There are two axles for
two sets of tires

Insert hole of inner tire to

either side of grey axle.

Building the Base - Step 3

Connect black 6x2 rectangle to axel
to connect the pieces

Building the Base - Step 4

Connect yellow 4x2 rectangle to the
center of the black rectangle

Building the Base - Step 5

Connect black 3x2 piece to
center of the yellow piece,
perpendicular to the rest of the

Building the Base - Step 6

Insert the grey piece which will hold
the crane arm connector on the yellow
portion near the back.

Building the Base - Step 7

Place black square piece to
the rear of the structure, on
top of the grey and black

Place the grey piece, as

shown in the picture, in front of
the black square piece.

Building the Base - Step 8

Insert crane arm holder to the grey peg
as shown

This piece will hold the crane arm once


Building the Base - Step 9

The operators cabin requires
two yellow caps and a see
through grey block

Insert the yellow caps on to

the top of the see through
grey block.

Building the Base - Step 10

Place the operators box onto the black
piece as shown

Building the Crane Arm:

Building the Crane Arm - Step 1

Connect 1 of the yellow rectangles so
that it covers half of the 2nd yellow

This is the base of the crane arm

Building the Crane Arm - Step 2

Connect the grey axel piece to the bottom
yellow piece as shown

Building the Crane Arm - Step 3

Insert the two black lego pieces as
shown in to the main block.

After assembly, it should look as shown


Building the Crane Arm - Step 4

Next, assemble the part to the bottom
of the arm (as shown) used to connect
the crane arm to the body.

After installation, the crane arm is

ready to be mounted to the body

Building the Crane Head:

Building the Crane Head - Step 1

Start by connecting part 1 to the bottom
of part 2 as shown.

This is the base for the crane arm.

Building the Crane Head - Step 2

Attach the back of the black piece as shown in
the picture, so that the black poles are
going up and are perpendicular to the grey
piece shown

Putting It All Together - Step 1

To mount the crane head to the arm,
clip the crane head to the arm as

The completed assembly of the crane

head and arm should resemble the
image below

Putting It All Together - Step 2

Place the grey crane arm
attachment to the black swivel
portion of the base

This completes the assembly of the

LEGO Crane

Putting It All Together:

Crane head

Crane arm

Crane body