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Okura, Yohei (Mark)

Professor Carlisi
29 Nov 2016

Racial Discrimination Against Asian Workers in Working Environment

We live in an era of diversity. The United States is one of the biggest country
which has diverse ethnicity and is pursuing social equality for ages. Asian
population is one of the largest and fastest-growing ethnic group in the United
States. It is increasing by 46 percent between 2000 and 2010 and reaching
approximately 17.3 million, 5.6 percent of total population. California has the
largest population density of Asian people in this country. It has reached 5.6 million
in 2010 and is still growing (Cortes and Sloan 1). Nowadays, lots of Asian people
work in California as various kinds of worker, such as engineer, trader, and business
In this situation, racial discrimination still exists around Asian people, and
they are struggling with inequalities. Working environment racial discrimination is

one of the serious problem for Asian workers who work in California. Some Asian
workers are fired because of their ethnicity. Some workers are paid less than other
workers who have different ethnicity. However, Asian people have a potential to
develop these companies which have ethnic diversity in the future. Various kinds of
businesses which are founded by Asian people are growing rapidly in California. If
companies want to develop their companies, they should consider to reduce racial
discrimination against Asian workers to develop their company in California in the

Racial discrimination in working environment

Racial discrimination exists where several ethnic people live together.
California is a place where racial discrimination can happen because many
immigrants who came from various regions such as Asia and Mexico live together.
Asian people who live California have been suffering with several racial
Workplace discrimination against Asian workers is one of the controversial
discrimination in California. According to an article, Success of Asian Americans:
Fact or Fiction? Asian American Society: An Encyclopedia written by Mary Danico,
some Asian workers have been rated unfairly. Even Asian workers who were

employed at public institutions, they were underrepresented in high salary

occupations and overrepresented in low salary occupations. Moreover, Asian
workers who are working well in their occupations, and who have high educational
standards, are worse off than majority of American workers who have same
standards. Asian workers still do not earn salaries as much as majority of American
workers who have same ability (Success of Asian Americans: Asian American
Society 17, 19). Even they are working in same condition, they are paid less than
American workers. This sort of treatment could generate dissatisfaction and
disparity of motivations between Asian workers and other workers.
Asian workers have been limited their possibilities to advance in their career
because of discrimination and prejudice that come from their coworkers, employers,
and clients. For instance, according to Danico, although approximately 5 percent of
the U.S. population is Asian Americans, only 0.3 percent of Asian workers attain a
position of corporate officers. Also, only 7 percent of full time tenured faculties are
Asian Americans, yet they only constitute 3 percent of academic deans and 2
percent of chief academic officers (Glass Ceiling/Bamboo Ceiling Asian American
Society 2). This statistics shows Asian people still have less opportunities to
advance in their career in the United States. If this sort of situation continues, they

would lost their motivation and passion toward their job, and eventually they would
quit their job to find better job which provides better working environment.

Significance of Asian worker in California

Asian workers have important role in California. As I mentioned in introduction,
California has largest population density of Asian people in the United States, and
Asian workers are second largest working population in California (Labor Market
Information Division 20). Asian workers are significant labor force for economy of
There are various industries which support economy of California.
Technology industry is one of the significant industry for economy of California and
Asian workers. There are lots of technology based companies in California, such as
Apple, Google, and Tesla motors. These companies have powerful influence on not
only current economy of California but also entire U.S. economy. Furthermore,
technology companies have key of growth of future economy of California. In early
1980s, Asian workers constitute less than 3 percent of the population (qtd. Kodovitz
and Edmondson 1991) and almost 6 percent of the total technology workforce (qtd.
National Science Foundation 1990, p. 68), but it increased up to 25 percent in
technology employment by the year 2000 (Tang 2). In the next decade, the

percentage of Asian tech workers grew from 39 percent in 2000 to just more than 50
percent in 2010 in north part of California (Nakaso. Asian workers now dominate
Silicon Valley tech jobs ). Asian workers are becoming dominant ethnic group in
technology industry, and it can be said that Asian workers have potential to
contribute growth of economy of California in the future.
In addition to technology companies, Asian owned company is expected to be one of
the significant economic base in California in the future. Some statistics show that
Asian companies are growing rapidly and making significant profit in California.
According to Nightingale, within inland region of California, average revenue at
Asian-owned businesses surpassed average revenue of total companies in the region
by more than $20,000 (6.6 percent) (Asian-owned firms growing faster,- University
of California). As this statistics shows, Asian companies can be considered as one of
the major businesses in California. The number of Asian-owned businesses is
growing rapidly compared to all businesses as well. Additionally, unlike other minor
ethnic groups, the share of owner of Asian business is larger than the share of
employed Asian workers in all three geographies, inland southern California,
California, and the United States (Asian-owned firms growing faster,- University
of California). Growth of Asian companies shows potential of Asian workers in

California. I consider it can be said that Asian companies are accelerating economy
of California, and it will bring demand of Asian workers in near future.

Reduce racial discrimination to improve companies in california

Asian workers have potential to develop companies and economy of California,
and it is obvious that the demand of Asian workers will be increased in near future
in California. However, Asian workers who have such a major influence on economy
of California are still discriminated in California. It is not easy to reduce racial
discrimination from working environment, but there is a significant reason why
companies should reduce racial discrimination from workplace. The reason is that
Asian workers have potential to connect their companies with growing companies
such as west coast technology companies and rapidly growing Asian-owned
businesses. People tend to have sympathy with person who have common sense,
such as culture and language. If companies which have Asian workers want to work
with these growing companies, Asian workers will play a role as a strong connection
with these companies with potential.
However, racial discrimination may blow the opportunities. Then what should
companies do to reduce racial discrimination from workplace? There are some
strategies to reduce discrimination from workplace.

First, according to an article written by Hampton and Lee, it is important to

make diverse workplace intentionally. Actively recruit and hire a racially and
ethnically diverse staff to make racially diverse working environment. Also,
companies should consider to make an equal-opportunity policy for hiring and
promoting staff. (Strategies and Activities for Reducing Racial Prejudice and
Racism ). People tend to feel comfortable being with people have same race or
background. But by mixing variety of ethnicity intentionally, workers would get
used to diverse working environment and it will be usual. Secondly, existence of
task force and committee can be one of the strategies to reduce unequal treatment.
According to Hampton and Lee, racial discrimination reduced when there is a
permanent task force or committee that becomes part of the governance structure to
ensure inclusive and just institutional policies. (Strategies and Activities for
Reducing Racial Prejudice and Racism ). In addition, making policies that permit
labor and any legal authorities to have access to the same information which
employers have can prevent subtle discrimination is effective as well (Fugazza 529).
It can be said closed, unsociable business management system occurs racial
discrimination in working environment, and by making it open and clear, the
working environment will be more comfortable for many workers and provides more

benefits and opportunities to develop the company.

There are lots of Asian workers in California, and they have significant role in
economy of California. However, Asian workers are still suffering with various racial
discrimination which surrounded by them today. Workplace discrimination is one of
the difficulties they are struggling. It is not easy to reduce racial discrimination
from workplace, but companies should consider to improve these working
environment if they want to develop their company in the future. Asian workers
have potential to connect their companies with growing companies such as
technology companies and rapidly developing Asian-owned businesses which will
bring benefits to California. Reducing racial discrimination and having Asian
workers must generate profits in the future.
I live in California as an international student and will get a job in the
United States. I cant say there wont be any discrimination when I get a job, and I
would have difficulties in work place. But I consider immigrants, such as me should
understand and recognize importance of diversity and try to make diverse
environment more popular in various field. If people consider about the significance

and nobility of racial diversity, this world will be much more comfortable and
brighter for everyone.

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