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Your Name:________________________

Your Partners name:_______________________


Absolutism/Enlightenment Partner Project

Pick one! Each person in the group will be responsible for doing their part. The
grade will be a combined grade based on the work and the recommended grade
from your partner. You have ONE CLASS PERIOD to finish this so be prepared
to work!
Wanted Poster
Create a wanted/hero poster for a figure
of the time period.
Must include a sketch of the
A reward amount listing the
specific crime or heroic action
Approximate date the wanted
poster would have been found
Written description of what the
person has done in their life
Newspaper Article
Write a newspaper article covering any
of the approved topics. Your newspaper
article must:
Follow standard newspaper
formatting (it has to LOOK like a
newspaper article)
Include a picture with a caption
At least two paragraphs (5
sentences each) in length
Neatly written or typed

Movie Poster
Create a movie poster for one of the
approved topics. Your poster must
include each of the following:
List of starting characters (actors
and which figures they would be
Date of the production (historical
date of the event)
Travel Brochure
Create a 6-panel foldout brochure that
highlights the history, hot spots, and
accommodations of the Age of
Absolutism or on a particular Absolute
Name of the location with a
History describe important
events. Draw a map
Include information on a specific
tourist destination with a picture
Create a fake amusement park
and write about some of the
Paragraph to persuade tourists to
go there

Grading Breakdown
Partner Grade 25 points (you will give your partner a score from 1 to 5, that score
will be multiplied by 5)

Your Name:________________________
Your Partners name:_______________________


25 points for meeting all the requirements of your chosen project

25 points for creativity
25 points for neatness

Total: _________/100