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Mee Siam

Ingredients :

Mee Hoon 600 g

Towgay 1 kg
Khoo Chye 10 cents
Coconut 1
Towkwa 8
Balachan 1 pc
Lime 15

10 eggs (boiled)
prawn kg
small onion 20
garlic 4
towchoe bowl
dried prawn 3 talils
dried chilli 40

Methods :

Scrape the coconut and squeeze out 1 cup of coconut milk

Soak the mee-hoon in water for 5 mins, and place in a strainer
Clean towgay, cut khoo chye into small pcs, cut the lime into 2 pcs
Cut the towkwa also into small pcs and fried them for use
Pound the dried prawn, garlic, chilli, small onion and balachan together
Heat the pan, fry the coconut milk until the oil come out, then add in 8 tbsp of oil
First take out 1 tbsp of chilli ingredients, and 1 tbsp dried prawn, place in a bowl.
The remainder put in the pan and fried. Then add in the dried prawn, prawn-meat
fried for a while, then add in towgay and mee-hoon.

Clean and heat the pan, pour in 4 tbsp of oil. Add in 1 tbsp of rampa, and 1 tbsp of dried
prawn to fry, then add in bowl of towchoe, 4 bowl of water, 4 tbsp sugar, 1 bowl assam
water, 2 tsp vesop, boiled them together.