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Alvin Hary Septiyan

Auditing 2013

Comparison (page 118)

1. Both Jakarta and Yogyakarta had ever been the capital city of
2. Sundanese restaurant serves their customers with original recipe from
Sunda; similarly, Padangnese restaurant serves their customers with
original recipe from Padang.
3. McLaren can reach 100 mph under 10 seconds; Ferrari too.
4. Tennis, similar to Badminton, needs a racket to play.
5. Both Sriwijaya and Garuda Indonesia provides a flight from TKG-CKG.

Contrast (page 122)

1. Computers save a data in the hard disk, but humans save a data in
their brain.
2. Although the living cost in the city is higher than in the village, most
people choose to live in the city.
3. Android system provides the users with flexibility, while IOS provide
the users with simplicity.
4. Public transportation offers lower cost, but many people still use their
own cars.
5. People from Java tend to have a low tone voice, but people from
Sumatera tend to have a high tone voice.

High School and University Life
By the time goes by, every child will grow from the baby into an adult. They
will experience different levels of education. Among those levels of education,
high school and university levels are the most interesting one. Many people
think that the life in the university is very different than in high school.
Generally, we can find at least three differences between high school and
university in contrast.
First of all, the students are grown up already. In university, everyone is seen
as an adult. There will be no more written letter sent to your parents if you
dont obey the rules, it all depends on you. You have to be responsible with
everything you do. For instance, if you are caught cheating in high school,
you might be called by the teacher and your teacher will only warn you. In

contrast with university, you have to prepare yourself when you are caught
cheating. As most of the lecturer in University will not tolerate any cheating
and you may failed with the subject.
Next, the difference between university and high school is the schedule.
When you are in high school, your schedule will be fixed full from Monday
until Saturday start from 7 oclock in the morning and finish at 2 oclock in
the afternoon. While in the university, the schedule is more flexible and
inexact. Usually you will choose your class in the enrolment process.
University student may have a morning class on Monday but on Tuesday you
may have class in the afternoon.
Last but not least, the subject will be different. Basically, in high school you
will be divided into two divisions which are Science or Social classes. And also
the tasks given are easier to be done since your teacher will give basic tasks
that you can find in the book. On the other hand, you will learn more focus
only at one subject that you choose when you entered the university. Besides,
the tasks given from the lecturer usually will be hard since you may have to
interview people, to run a questionnaire, to do research and others in order to
finish the tasks.
In conclusion, the life in high school and the life in the university are different
in some ways. Those differences are the students in university are seen as an
adult, the changes from fixed schedule in high school into unfixed schedule in
the university life and different lesson you will learn. For you high school
students, please be ready to face these differences so that you could live a
happy and enjoy life at the university.