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Purpose: To demonstrate what you have learned (or still need to learn) about the benefits and limitations

of 7 different types of research models.

Target 3: Compare and contrast the benefits and limitations of the types of research models used by scientists.
Target 4: Select and justify why you would use one research model over the other models in a case study.


In Vitro Diagnostics - Benefits

Example Studies:http://www.bloodjournal.org/content/88/3/1052.short?ssochecked=true

2. In Vitro Diagnostics - Limitation


3. Non-Human Tissue Culture - Benefits

Example Studies: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC302542/

4. Non-Human Tissue Culture - Limitation

The benefits of IV is it is the

Some benefits of IV is that it
Its out of the body in test tub
It is easy to reproduce results
Some benefits of using in vitr
controlled environment m
test tube.
The benefits of IV could be a
results of the test.
Other thoughts: Quick results
cells or tissues
Some IV limitations is that th
is happening in the human
Some limitations for IV is th
the test tubes can have dif
They are not inside a body, so
real body
IV controlled environment ca
Which can affect the end
Some limitations is that since
cells do so you dont reall
react In vivo.
The limitations of IV are that
you tested in the body.
Other thoughts:

Animals are bred specifically

are accessible.
Some of the benefits are that
reacts to what we are testi
There are many animals volu
always monitored.
They're able to have a more n
Some benefits to non-human
tissue from an animal. Yo
has so many cells. You co
These benefits could be findi
Other thoughts: Fast and easy
are easy to replicate;
The way the tissue works ma


5. Human Tissue Culture Methods - Benefits

Example Studies:

6. Human Tissue Culture Methods - Limitation


7. Computer-Based Modeling - Benefits

Example Studies:

body. Although the reactio

We will not be able to see how
is non human tissue.
The test results might not be
They test on animals and plan
cells or tissues would.
Some limitations are that sinc
human would react. Anim
Some limitations are that you

Other thoughts: too specificThe reaction human tissue wi

happen in human bodies,
We can see how humans are a
idea on how to improve th
You're using a human's tissue
There more accurate than non
know how it can react in
Allows you to see how a cert
tissue cells. Easy to moni
Can tell you if the medicine o
effects to them when you
to the medicine.
Other thoughts: Repetition w
Once the samples are out of t
Some people can be affected
It's still in a too controlled en
it was somewhere else.
They still have a high depend
those results before testin
through previous results f
The environment is too contr
react in a human body. Al
act different than if it wer
in vivo are not 100% kno
Limitations can be that you w
Other thoughts: hard to obtain
tissues might lose functio
government regulation
Getting results is quick.
Without using animals or hum
animal will really act/reac
It is used inside a computer, s
drug would react on the
Easy to use and change depen
living thing would react w
Computer-Based modeling sh


8. Computer-Based Modeling - Limitation


9. Animal Studies - Benefits

Example Studies:

10. Animal Studies - Limitation


11. Clinical Studies - Benefits

Example Studies:http://www.breastcancerdeadline2020.org/breast-cancerinformation/understanding-research/what-are-the-different-types.html?

can practice on it.

Allows you to see the animal
know what to do.
Other thoughts: Provides pred
animal studies.
A computer based model can
done previously.
Since we use computers will
has health problems
Before the computer based an
real animals to see how it
There need to be results from
a model to use for the test
Using stimulations dont allo
with living things. Also st
would come in a human b
would with a living thing
This takes away from hands o
Other thoughts: predictions o
models are very specific a
E: Animal Studies cost less th
experimented on.
C: animals are bred for this st
J: Animals are bred for these
Chl: Similar characteristics in
results. Some species of a
of testing done at a time.
S: Animals are bred to be test
the effect the drug has.
G:Animal studies are easier t
Other thoughts: Treatments m
expensive than clinical tri
strains of animals, easier
E: More time and effort has to
because the animals are li
Ch: the tests can have differe
reactions than animals
J: It is not people that the exp
a person
Chl: Because the animals are
trials because not every h
S: This uses more time and m
effect will be on humans.
G:Animal studies have requir
Other thoughts: animals are s
humans; take longer and a
E: Clinical Studies are testing
Ch: the drug is tested on hum
will affect other people.


12. Clinical Studies - Limitation


13. Epidemiological Studies - Benefits

Example Studies:

14. Epidemiological Studies - Limitation


J: Its on the human body, so

Chl: Tests are done on actual
information is more helpf
guessing on how a drug m
S: Clinical studies are tests be
accurate results because t
G:Results from clinical studie
work and be reacted to.
Other thoughts: Drugs, proce
E: The drug/ device may wor
person and may not work
Ch: the drug may have differe
different on the inside.
J: Its is expensive, money and
Chl: Not every person is the s
regulations can make it di
S: This trial is expensive, take
will sign up for clinical tr
G:This is a very low study be
Other thoughts: humans may
studies; expensive and tim
sample population
E: The study is on humans, h
disease/infection is makin
Ch: this study helps us determ
J: It tests how an infection tak
because we can track whe
Chl: The studies can help pre
previous studies.
S: The study of how and whe
also investigate the rate o
G:The things being tested on
Other thoughts: Subjects are
E: The studies only start after
Ch: this test only is useful to
J: Hard to find all the informa
Chl: Does not help people wh
helps with research not fi
S: The damage of the disease
research on the disease.
G:The limitation is after it is
Other thoughts: Study subjec
the pathway/ history of ho
throughout a population.
started/ happened.