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Traits Possessed By Principals Who Transform School Culture in National Blue Ribbon

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McKinney, C. L., Labat, M. B., Jr, & Labat, C. A. (2015). Traits possessed by
principals who transform school culture in national blue ribbon
schools. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 19(1), 152.
Carlos McKinney: Pascagoula School District
Myron B. Labat: The University of Southern Mississippi
Cherie A. Labat: Bay-Waveland School District
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scholarly article that presents research on leadership and school achievement.
This article presents research that was conducted to see if the principals of blue
ribbon achieving school districts had common characteristics and if those
characteristics correlated with school achievement. Some of the characteristics
that these principals had were: vision for the organization, involve others in the
process of leading, get others involved in decision making, take risks, creativity
in problem solving, not constrained by boundaries or rules but rather change or
align the organization to accommodate their vision. Five common practices of
exemplary leaders were: model the way(interactive); inspire a shared vision
(visionary), challenge the process (creative), enable others to act (empowering)
encourage the heart (passionate). During the research process, they asked the
question Are some principals unsuccessful because of what they do to address
perceived problems, or are they unsuccessful because they misperceive the
problems in the first place (p.154). This article found that successful principals
develop people, re-culture the school, have a clear and concise school mission,
and have consistent analysis of classroom instruction. They create a culture of
excellence. They create a working environment that is both challenging and
This article supports the idea that leadership is essential in building a school
culture where everyone is working toward the same goal. It also supports that
teacher morale is effected by leadership. In order for teacher morale to be high,
teachers need to feel challenged and supported. They also need to know that
they are heard.
This article is helpful in determining what the teachers on my team need from
me. It shows me that creating that team culture does have an effect on teacher
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Background-This article will be able to support background information about
leadership and teacher morale.
Design-This article will help me to structure the team meeting in a way that
will support and challenge the teachers, as well as give them a voice and allow
them to assist in decision making.
Data Collection/Analysis Methodology-This article uses survey tools that
provide information from a broader group of teachers.
Findings/Conclusions-This article can be used to support or refute the findings
on teacher collaboration. This article can give insight into what teachers want
from their leaders.
Implications/Action Planning-This research can help me as I self-reflect on my
leadership and the effectiveness that I have with my team. It gives valuable
information on what provides a culture that allows for success and
achievement. As I strive to build a team culture, the information in this article
can help to keep me moving in the right direction.