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Baier 1

Somer Baier
Professor Helveston
UWRT 112
24 October 2016
Annotated Bibliography
Schmidt, Nathalie. The Right to Discriminate: Why Religion is Not Special with Regard to
Secular Employment. International Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Society. 2014,
Vol. 4 Issue 4, p1-13. 13p. Academic Search Complete,
direct=true&db=a9h&AN=100180553&site=ehost-live&scope=site">The Right to
Discriminate: Why Religion is Not Special with Regard to Secular Employment.</a>.
Accessed 20 October 2016.
This article discusses the right of religious employers to discriminate based on sexuality.
This article evaluates The Employment Non-discrimination Act (EDNA) which prohibits
employment discrimination based on sexuality except for religious organizations like churches,
universities and hospitals. They answer the question of Why should religious employers be
granted the right to discriminate based on sexual orientation or other personal traits for
employment positions which involve purely secular activities? and do religious affiliations
think they have an excuse to discriminate?
The goal of this source is to inform why the government chooses to allow religious
affiliations to discriminate and not other companies. It also gives different forms of

Baier 2

discrimination. This information is reliable because the author uses intext citations and cites all
their sources. Nathalie Schmidt is a graduate student at Columbia university in the department of
social science.
This will help me on my project where I am asking why people think its okay to
discriminate against the LGBT because of religious beliefs. It will also help me shape an idea of
what types of laws should be put in place to give more protection to the LGBT community bases
on laws already in place. This makes me think about my topic more in-depth and put in
prospective why the government has exceptions to certain laws.

Anderson, Kristin L. "Violence Against Queer People: Race, Class, Gender, And The Persistence
Of Anti-LGBT Discrimination." American Journal Of Sociology 122.2 (2016): 631-633.
Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 Oct. 2016.
This journal focuses on the discrimination of the LGBT discrimination specifically
violent forms of discrimination. It describes real stories of violent LGBT discrimination from
victims. Anderson researches of the Sociology aspect of why people discriminate or be come
homophobic. She also discusses how if differs from women to men and white and black.
The goal of this source is to inform people of why there is violent discrimination in the
LGBT community. This information is reliable because it comes from the American Journal of
Sociology which means it is peer reviewed. The author, Kristin Anderson, is a professor at
Western Washington University in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
This resource is helpful to me because it gives me real stories of discrimination and
violence in the LGBT community. This source will help shape my view of why people

Baier 3

discriminate the way they do and how certain laws should or should not be created to protect
LGBT people. This will make me ask myself if laws should be created specifically for men or
women when writing my inquiry project.
Windmeyer, Shane. "From The Frontlines Of HB2 In North Carolina." Diverse: Issues In Higher
Education 33.10 (2016): 24. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24 Oct. 2016.
This source discusses the HB2 law in North Carolina and how it effects the community. It
also talks about the effort taken by the community to boycott this law and actions taken by the
LGBT community in the area. The article focuses more on the North Carolina universities and
how the students reacted to the law. Also, the financial impact of the law and how it negatively
impacts organizations like campus pride.
Shane Windmeyer is an author that is most famous for his works in the LGBTQ campus
pioneer and civil rights campaign. Which means that this article is bias towards the LGBTQ
community. This info is still reliable because it gives sufficient evidence to claims the author
makes. The goal of this source is to persuade the LGBTQ community in North Carolina to care
more and fight back against the HB2 law but to also inform people about the effects of this law.
This source is beneficial to my research because it shows how one law can affect the
surrounding community and possible back lash. It describes how the LGBTQ community
boycotted a law that was against them so if a law were to be created for the LGBTQ community
there is bound to be back lash from people against the LGBTQ community. I helps shape my
topic on the community and how it is affected and gives me the point of view of an LGBTQ

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