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Week of Monday, June 6, 2016 1st 8 hours

As this marked the beginning of my summer internship, we started the

week off on Tuesday, with a professional development workshop partnered
with the Childrens Museum of Houston. The workshop centered on how to
work with kids since the experiments done over the course of the summer
incorporated interaction with children. We participated in activities that
demonstrated how kids think, putting us in their shoes. One such activity
was to figure out what was inside a closed box with one hole, some
equipment, and no instructions past go. This helped us understand the
thought process many kids go through, along with their learning process.
After that, we prepared answers to questions that would frequently be asked
by both parents and kids. We also came up with a pitch to explain the
experiment and our goals in laymans terms. This connects to my capstone
project as it helped me break down the complexity of my topic and
communicate more efficiently.
On Wednesday, I began working in the lab on campus, starting by
working on the sonification project. The goal of the project is to showcase the
complexity of the creative process in the brain by essentially composing a
song by assigning the electrodes (instrument attached to the brain cap,
which measures electrical signals from the brain, resulting in EEG readings)
with pitches on scale. My job was to change different variables, record the
results, and observe differences in the output from the code. I did this for all
the variations in the experiment, which also played on emotions during the
creative process in dance.
On Thursday, the majority of the interns came to the lab and we were
given our introduction to sing the equipment itself. We practiced set up and
tear down of opal systems (record movement in space, linear velocity, and
angular velocity on a composite software) as well as the Muse systems
(record brain data on a smaller scale than the electrode system), learned
how measurements for caps are done along with setting up the electrodes
with the impedance boxes, and went through the gelling process on the
interns who volunteered to get their hair gelled. We practiced the
processes multiple times so we completely understood the necessary parts
before the experiments at the Childrens Museum began on Monday. After
that, I continued working on the sonification project.
That week, outside of the lab, I had the opportunity to attend the
Exploring the Mind through Music conference held annually at Rice
University. I was able to gain some insight into the topic I have chosen for

capstone directly from well versed professors from across the world. I
learned about the prospects of music therapy, how music influences
thinking, and how music can be used in teaching, as well as other subjects.
Overall, my first week of my internship allowed me to understand the
full scope of how much information, data gathering, and work goes into the
engineering aspect of my topic. The complexity was broken down for me
through the lab work I was able to do with coding and data analysis.