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Ronald Wagner

22245 Chatsworth St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 | 612.300.6146 |
November 21, 2016
Ms. Julian Winters
Director, Human Resources
Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills
8555 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Dear Ms. Winters:
I recently met Kevin Klakeg, a member of your accounting department, at an
accounting club function, and was advised that Sofitel was seeking a bookkeeper. I
am very interested in this position and am confident that my education and
experience are appropriate for the opening. My specialized training as an
accounting major at California State University Northridge, in addition to the hands
on experience gained as accounting assistant at Alliance United Insurance
Company, will greatly serve your company during reconciliations and preparing
commission reports.
My recent training with Alliance United Insurance Company has taught me to take a
detailed look at month to month changes in accounts. Part of this training included
coding accounts, verifying cost centers, and signing off on intercompany entries. I
also saw in your advertisement that you were seeking a bookkeeper to reconcile
technician slips to the daily reports. As an insurance accountant at Alliance United
Insurance Company, I effectively established my understanding to match bank
statements with the companys ledger in an excel spreadsheet. An instance in
which I solved a problem occurred when there were instances where our accounting
program did not match dates of voided checks in the bank and in the trial balance
due to a back dating error. To prevent future reconciling items, I included a formula
in excel to avoid back dating issues when importing checks through a spreadsheet.
Having an eye for detail will compliment Sofitel when necessary reconciliations
must be made to match bank accounts and other financial accounts you may use.
Courses taken at California State University Northridge in Accounting, Business
Communication, and Mathematical Methods in Business, have taught me how to
research, write, present, and communicate, which are skills required of your
bookkeeping position. Furthermore, my volunteer work with United We Serve have
helped me develop better team communication that is relevant to the bookkeeping
This description of my qualifications and the additional information on my rsum
demonstrate my genuine desire to put my skills in accounting to work for Sofitel. I
would be happy to answer any questions. Please call me at (612) 300-6146 to
arrange an interview at your convenience so that we may discuss how my
accounting experience, education, and interpersonal skills could contribute to
Sofitel Los Angeles.

Ronald Wagner
Ronald R. Wagner

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