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Method of statement for earthwork


Projek Menaiktaraf Ban Pantai dan Pintu Kawalan Pasang Surut

Serta Kerja Berkaitan di Skim Pengairan Terkawal Ban Merbok,
Daerah Kuala Muda, Kedah


Petrodec Sdn Bhd

A. Machineries And Equipment

1. Backhoe
2. Back Pusher
3. Roller (8 ton)
4. Dumping Truck
5. Survey Equipment
B. Survey And Setting Out
1. Appointment of licence surveyor.
2. Proceed with boundary survey and setting out
3. Surveyor shall put a few pegging around the perimeter and mark
the required level for cutting and filling
4. All the survey done need to get the verification from the S.O or
S.O representative.
5. Upon completion of the boundary survey, the site clearing
activities shall be started.
C. Site clearing
1. Mobilization of machineries and equipment.
2. Using the backhoe, remove all undergrowth bushes, shrubs,
grass and place them into the truck
3. Cart away unsuitable earthfill (22,400 m3) to contractor's own
dump site not more than 10km
4. No burning activities shall be allowed.
D. Earthwork (Cutting activities and slope formation)
1. Cutting activities shall be done as per construction drawing.
2. Prior to cut and fill activities, all top soil shall be scrubbed about
300mm deep and charted away to the designated dumping area.
3. Newly excavated slope should be protected from rainfall, runoff
and extreme weather using class A plastic Sheeting
4. In this case, the proposed road level is at 3.5mRL as per
construction drawing.
5. The suitable earth is place at the ground below level 3.5mRL to
be used as a filling material while the unsuitable material shall be
chartered away to the designated dumping site.
6. Temporary drainage (earth drain) shall be constructed around the
area and maintained for efficient drainage

E. Earthwork (Filling activities)

1. Prior to filling activities, the material that is going to be used shall
be identified the location and sample is taken to the designated
laboratory to test the stability and stability of the filling material
(proctor test 2.5kg RAMMER, Atterberg Limit, sieve analysis).
2. The result of the test shall be forwarded to the engineer for
verification and approval to import the filling material.
3. Result should satisfy following criteria LL<50, PI<35, and
minimum compacted dry density of 1.6Mg/m3
4. The marking peg for the purposed of filling layer thickness shall
be established.
5. After setting out the fill area is ready, the filling activities then
shall start.
6. Install non-woven geotextiles TS 40 or technically equivalent at
interface of excavated slope and EPDM liner as stated and shown
in the drawings and specification.
7. The geotextile should be laid transversely to the riverbank and
longitudinal placement should be avoid
8. The approved earth is then imported from the approved source
and using the back pusher, the earth is spread layer by layer to
the height of approx. 300mm.
9. Using the 8 ton compactor, the filling earth is then compacted
and test before the subsequence layer is laid.
10. Install woven high strength geotextile PET 100/50 as earth
reinforcement on the constructed embankment
11. Earthfill suitable material should be well compacted to meet
90% British compaction as stated in the drawings and
12. The process shall be repeated until the proposed finished level
(3.5mRL) is achieved.
13. Upon completion of the earthwork activities, the SO or SO rep
shall be informed and the pictures shall be taken before and after
the work done.

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