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Maria Patricia Cervantes-Poco, J.D.
Course Description and Objectives
Students survey the various elements of the practice of law in the Philippines, its
basic ethical standards, its goals and role in society. The course ends with an
integrative exploration of both the challenges and opportunities for the Philippine
legal profession in a changing and more globalized world. The subject also
introduces the art and techniques of legal counseling as well as a consideration of
the responsibilities of the lawyer as counselor.
The course will employ recitation as a method of instruction, to develop the
students power of analysis, reasoning, and facility of expression. The students will
be asked to answer questions, based on assigned readings, to stimulate critical
thinking and enhance their communication and argumentation skills. The students
will also be assigned to observe court procedures and legal exercises to enhance
the students appreciation of the assigned topics.
Course Outline and References

Law as a Profession
The Path of the Law (Oliver Wendell Holmes)
Passion for Justice (J. Pompeyo Diaz)
Pangan v. Ramos, A.C. No. 1053, August 31, 1981
Malhabour v. Sarmiento, A.C. No. 5417, March 31, 2006
Khan v. Simbillo, A.C. No. 5299 & G.R. No 157053, August 19, 2003
Barcenas v. Alvero, A.C. No. 8159, April 23, 2010
Piatt v. Abordo, 58 Phil 350, September 1, 1933


Practice of Law
Different Aspects of the Practice of Law
In Re Cunanan, 94 Phil 543
Alawi vs. Alauya, 268 SCRA 628
Arce v. PNB, 62 Phil 569
In Re Sycip, 92 SCRA 1
Linsangan v. Tolentino, A.C. No. 6672, September 4, 2009
Lorenzana v. Fajardo, A.C. No. 5712, June 29, 2005
Villanueva v. Gonzales, A.C. No. 7657, February 12, 2008
Spouses Tejada v. Palana, A.C. No. 7434, August 23, 2007
Cayetano v. Monsod, 201 SCRA 210
Duties and Privileges of the Profession
Lawyer's Oath

Stemmerik v. Mas, A.C. No. 8010, June 16, 2009

Olivares v. Villalon, A.C. No. 6323, April 13, 2007
Galicinao v. Castro, A.C. No. 6396, October 25, 2005
Reyes v. Chong, Jr., A.C. No. 5148, July 1, 2003
Re: Suspension of Atty. Bagabuyo, A.C. No. 7006, October 9, 2007
PANELCO v. Montemayor, A.C. No. 5739, September 12, 2007
Justo v. Galing, A.C. No. 6174, November 16, 2011
Mendoza v. Deciembre, A.C. No. 5338, February 23, 2009
Bernardo v. Mejia, A.C. No. 2984, August 31, 2007
In Re Supreme Court Resolution dated 28 April 2003 in G.R. Nos. 145817
and 145822 (A.C. No.
6332, April 17, 2012)

Development of the Legal System in the Philippines


Admission to the Practice of Law


RE: Application for Admission to the Philippine Bar Vicente D. Ching (B.M.
No. 914, October 1,
Petition for Leave to Resume Practice of Law, Benjamin M. Dacanay (B.M.
No. 1678)
RE: 1999 Bar Examinations, Mark Anthony A. Purisima (B.M. Nos. 979 and
986, December 10,
Aguirre vs. Rana (B.M. No. 1036, June 10, 2003)
RE: Petition of Al Argosino to take the Lawyer's Oath (B.M. No. 712, March
19, 1997)
Garrido vs. Garrido (A.C. No. 6593)
Tiong V. Florendo (A.C. No. 4428, December 12, 2011)
Bar Examinations
Bar Matter No. 1153 (Re: Letter of Atty. Estelito Mendoza Proposing
Reforms in the Bar
Bar Matter No. 2265: Reforms in the 2011 Bar Examinations
Bar Matter No. 2502: Reforms in the 2012 Bar Examinations

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines

Who may practice law?
Rule 138, Rules of Court, Sections 1 & 2
Rule 138-A Student Practice Law
Bar Matter 730 (June 13, 1997)
Rule 138, Sections 31-36
Cruz vs Mijares (GR No 154464, September 11, 2008)

Responsibilities of Contracted Lawyers

Rule 138, Sections 21-23, 26
Compensation: Section 24
Discipline of Erring Lawyers
Rule 138, Sections 27-30
Rule 139-B, Section 1
Rule 139-B, Sections 15-17
The Integrated Bar of the Philippines
Rule 139-A, Sections 1 &2
Rule 139-A, Sections 9-11
In the Matter of the Integration of the Bar of the Philippines (January 9,
In the Matter of the IBP Membership Dues Delinquency of Atty Marcial A
Edilion (IBP
Administrative Case No MDD-1) (A.M. No. 1928, August 3, 1978)
Rule 139-A, Section 13
In the Matter of the Inquiry into the 1989 Elections of the Integrated Bar of
the Philippines (A.M.
No. 491, October 6, 1989)

Ethical Issues (Morality) in the Law


Challenges of the Legal Profession

VIII. Social Justice


Art and Technique of Legal Counseling