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2016 PCSO


The MANUAL defines the roles, duties and functions of the members of the Board of
Directors, whether appointive or ex-officio, including the officers of the Board, Management,
and penalties for any violation thereof.
The MANUAL also provides for a plan and communication for stakeholders, including the
PCSO workforce, in so far as expectations of stakeholder from PCSO are concerned and, what
PCSO expects from its stakeholders.
Similarly, the MANUAL includes governance policies and applicable laws, rules and regulation
issued by over-sight bodies in so far as it affect PCSOs conduct of business, attainment of its
corporate strategies and statutory mandate consistent with best practices corporate
governance and business framework.

DISCLAIMER: This document reiterates the PCSO Manual of Corporate Governance [December 2014, Revised Edition];
and includes amendments to conform with all governance best practices under GCG Memorandum Circular No. 2015-07