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Kyra Moak- Repertoire Project

9th-10th Grade Mixed Choir

Quarter 1
For the first quarter, the focus is on teaching phrasing and breath and laying
a foundation to set the ensemble up for the rest of the year.
-Sicut Cervus- Palestrina
Starting with Sicut Cervus sets the precedent of singing historical pieces
from a variety of style periods. The piece is also polyphonic which helps
build their ear as well as work on phrasing. Beginning with this also helps
the ensemble to feel successful with something that isnt too difficult but
sounds really nice when done well.
-Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burnin Arr. Gilpin
This is an easy arrangement of a pretty standard spiritual. It gives the choir
a chance to discuss the history of spirituals. Its also a more upbeat song
that would contrast well with Sicut Cervus.
-Loch Lomond- David Lantz
This song is more challenging than the other two so it would contrast nicely
and be a good focus piece. It would also make a good concert closer and
encourage community members to come back for the next concert. It is also
a Scottish song, which gives students a chance to sing something from
another culture. There are lots of phrasing and harmonic things to work on
in this piece.
Quarter 2
The second quarter concert would be a Christmas concert. The pieces in this
concert combine technical challenges with familiar songs that appeal to the
audience and the students. This set would work best in a district that mostly
celebrates Christmas.
-White Winter Hymnal- arr. Pentatonix
Having a Christmas song arranged by Pentatonix would appeal to many
people who are fans of theirs. There are a lot of rhythmic things to work on
with this piece as well as there is complex body percussion written in. The
piece is also a generic winter song rather than a song specifically for
-Deck the Halls- Arr. Francisco Nunez & Jim Papoulis
This is a really unique arrangement of a classic Christmas song. Its very
rhythmically complex and jazzy. Its very different harmonically from other
arrangements, which makes it a great teaching tool. Overall, this is a unique
song that engages students and the audience.

-Hallelujah Chorus- Handel (arr. Larry Pugh)

I believe that the Hallelujah Chorus is a piece that every student should have
the chance to perform due to its historic significance. It provides a challenge
for students; however, this arrangement is in C, which makes it more
accessible for high school students.
Quarter 3
This concert is a showcase of the students progress so far in the year, as
well as a preparation for WSMA festival.
- Heilig- Mendelssohn (ed. Smith)
This song is gives students another chance to sing a historical song from
another style period. It is also on the WSMA festival list (along with the
Gilpin from quarter 1) that can be performed for a judge or clinician. Its also
another chance for students to sing in another language.
- Has Sorrow Thy Young Day Shaded Arr. Alice Parker
I think it is important for students to sing songs by female composers, and
Alice Parker has become an important figure in choral music. This piece
would be great for working on diction and text, while the pitches, harmony,
and rhythm are simple enough to ensure success while still posing a
- Worthy To Be Praised- Byron Smith
This song has a lot of really unique dynamics and articulations that make it
really fun to sing as well as very educational. It also provides a contrast to
the Mendelssohn and Parker. It is a fairly technically challenging piece that
shows the ensembles growth.
Quarter 4
The fourth quarter is a showcase of what the students have learned. I chose
not to include pop songs, because I would rather do a separate showcase
event of solos/small ensembles singing pop songs. This concert includes a
range of styles and tonal ideas.
-Ubi Caritas- Durufl
The Durufl setting of Ubi Caritas is a song that students are extremely
capable of performing well. It can be used as an opportunity to learn about
chant as well as work on pitch accuracy. I like starting the concert with
something more historical and then moving into something that captivates
the audience a little more.
-Northern Lights- Ola Gjeilo
Ola Gjeilo is a composer that has a wide variety of difficulty. This is a simpler
piece that gives students first exposure to a composer that they will probably
see much more of. It is more challenging that previous pieces are far as

independence, and makes a great showcase piece for the final concert. It
also provides opportunities to talk about harmony and phrasing.
-April in Paris- Rutherford
As the final song of the final concert, and in lieu of a pops concert, I am
including a vocal jazz piece. It expands the choirs range of stylistic
experience as well as presents them with a challenging piece to end their
year with. Because it is jazz, the harmonies are different than students are
used too, providing an additional learning experience.