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About Tun Tan Cheng

Born on Heeren Street, Melaka , Tan is the third
child in a family of seven siblings.
In 1899 , he obtained his education in
English in Malacca High School, and later
in Raffles Institution in Singapore.
After school, Tan worked as a teacher for six
years before resigning to become assistant
manager at Bukit Kajang Rubber Plantation
Berhad, a plantation of rubber , which is owned
by his cousin.
In 1909 , he started his own company, which
initially called Moving Rubber Plantation Berhad
and later Melaka, Melaka Rubber Plantations
Berhad and finally Emirates Farm Ayer Molek
In 1913 , married with Yeo Tan Yeok Neo, son of
Tin Thye Yeo, President of the Hokkien
Association Melaka.

They were blessed with a son, Tun Tan Siew

Sin (will the Minister of Finance ) and four

On 27 February 1949 , together with Chinese

leaders such as Tun Leong Yew Koh and Colonel
HS Lee , Tan founded the Malayan Chinese
Association (MCA) and became its first

o The main goal of the MCA is to

uniting the Chinese people in Malaya;
protect the rights and interests of the
Chinese people;
cooperate with the government to fight
against communism ; and
working with other nations to
gain independence for Malaya.

As party president, Tan led the campaigns in

Campaigns that attract nearly 200,000
members and MCA branches was established.

The number of members is increasing and MCA

branches. Tan, chairman of MCA, supports the
idea of Dato 'Onn Jaafar to form
the Independence of Malaya Party (IMP).
IMP was formed on 26 September 1951 in
Kuala Lumpur in cooperation with various
However, in the last three years, the
relationship between the MCA and the IMP to
be tense, because what is said
ketakbekerjasamaan Dato 'Onn to the question
of citizenship.
In 1952 , the Citizenship Act approved
imposing sanctions against the non-Malays.
Dato 'Onn present the 1952 Immigration Act,
1953 and the Business Act 1953 which affect
members of China in the IMP.
Hostility between Tan and Dato 'Onn begins
when Tan supports the proposal HS Lee to work
with UMNO in Municipal Elections Kuala
Lumpur in February 1952.

Dato 'Onn openly criticize the actions of the

Chinese political and causes Tan UMNO and
MCA supports the led by Tunku Abdul Rahman .
Tan led MCA to the National Convention
sponsored by UMNO on 23 August 1953 , and a
cooperation agreement signed between UMNO
and MCA with understanding to achieve
independence through peaceful means.

Tun Tan Cheng Lock was a Chinese

Malaysian businessman and a key public figure
who devoted his life to fighting for the rights
and the social welfare of the Chinese
community in Malaya. Tan was also the founder
of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA),
which advocated his cause for the Malaysian
Chinese population.

Born :

Died :

Political :
party :

Children :

Religion :

5 April 1883
1960 (aged
Yeo Yeok
1. Tun Tan
Sin (M)
2. Tan Kim
Tin (F)
3. Wee
Geok Kim
4. Alice Tan
Kim Yoke
5. Agnes
Tan Kim Lwi

His grandfather, Tan Choon Bok, was very

wealthy but he felt his four sons were unworthy
to inherit his business empire and wealth and
he locked up all his assets in a family trust
which ended 84 years after he died, in 1964.

By then even Tan Cheng Lock had already been

dead for four years.
Tan Cheng Lock's father, Tan Keong Ann.