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1 tel Va 2016 PSALM 1071 ATS As we move into the Christmas season, the many bright Christmas lights remind us of Jesus’ birth. “The tight shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it" (John 1:5). The apostle did not say that He "shone" in the past but that He "shines" in the present and on into the future. He is a living light that is lasting and power owever, Jesus also told us that we should be lit lamps (Matthew 5:13-16). Our lights are not to be glaring or blinding but illuminating. However, some of us have experienced deep wounds and hurts this past year, so ate tend to change the song to, "This little light of mine...just gets smaller and smaller.” Japanese researchers claim to have documented that damaged skin radiates light as it heals by emitting biophotons. They claim that we glow at the rate of 50 light articles every couple of minutes, but when the skin is cut, it blasts rays at a maximum of 3600 units in the same 120 seconds. No, | am not recommending that you cut your finger the next time there is a power failure! We are like John, “bearing witness about the light that all might believe through Him" John 1:7). We “look to Him whom we have pierced” (John 19:37), the crucified Savior. Revelation 5:6 indicates that those wounds are visible for eternity, “looking as if He had been slain.” Only in the plan of God could it be that Christ, Who sits at the right hand of the throne of the Father, continues to emit light in the darkness of our sinful world (Revelation 5:6) and healing for our sin-sickness. Your cuts that seem to never heal remind you that He is using these to make you ike Jesus. After all, the hymn sings, "There's light fora look at the Savior; Turn your eyes upon Jesus." Also, your wounds may be radiating light to a world that needs to see the Savior in your suffering. eople particularly see “the Light of the world” when they attend the Naples Christmas Spectacular. You don't have to be perfect, just available. The more real we are to others about our frailty and Christ's fullness, the more useful we are to the Lord. So, tell your story. Let God use you to bring people to hear the gospel through music, drama, and choreography. | have personally seen more people this year who are interested in coming. We are sure to see lives changed. fat hip UPCOMING EVENTS Yon Soe 7!) BLESSING IMMOKALEE BLESSING CHRIST MINISTRIES Stop by the Missions Kiosk to learn how you can bless families in Immokalee. e Whiter than Snow a special one night event WOMEN’S MINISTRY EVENT Dec. 14 at 6:30pm in the Worship Center; includes a fashion show, special music and dessert. CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES 3p, 4:30p and 6p in the Worship Center. Bring your friends and family. IMPORTAI NNOUNCEMENTS HOLY LAND EXPERIENCE FBA GINGERBREAD HOUSES The Legacy Builders will be traveling to the Holy Land Experience in Orlando on Mar. 7-9, 2017. If you would like to participate, contact Vada at 596-8600 x268 to make your $75 deposit promptly. Legacy Builders are invited to join the FBA 3rd grade class in building gingerbread houses on Dec. 8 in DC121 at 8:30am. Sign up in the Fellowship Hallway and Connection Point. QUARTERLY BUSINESS MEETING All church members are invited and encouraged to attend on Nov. 30 at 8:00pm in the Chapel. SINGLE PARENT MINISTRY Christmas shopping event for children of single parent homes on Saturday, Dec. 17 from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Details and sign up available in the Lighthouse Bookstore. FIRST FAMILY CHRISTMAS Bless a single parent family this year by purchasing a gift for a child. Obtain a request form at the First Family Christmas table in the Commons. DNOW 2017 Jan. 13-15 for all MS and HS students. Early Bird Price is $49 through Nov. 30. Price goes up on Dec. 1. Register online through First Connect. NCS TICKETS Tickets for the 2016 Naples Christmas Spectacular are available online at focn.org, before and after the weekend services in the Commons or all 1-888-795-1559. JOY COMES IN THE MORNING Widows, join us on Dec. 3 at 11:00am in DC109. This ministry meets on the first Saturday of each month from 11:00am-1:00pm. LAST WEEK'S ATTENDANCE WEEKLY SCHEDULE Worship 3,167 Wed. 6:30 PM, Bible Studies (All Ages) Bible and Life Groups 2,014 Sat. 6:00 PM, Band-Led Service Midweek Activities 1,288 Sun. 9:30 AM, Choir/Orchestra Service Thanksgiving Service 362 Sun. 11:00 AM, Band-Led Service WEDNESDAY DINNER IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE? Nov. 30, 4:45pm - 6pm (Fellowship Gym) November 28 - December 4 $6 each/$25 for the family (buy at door/cafe) Call the Deacon Hotline ( 732-957. Grilled Pork Chops, Rice, Salad and Veggie Our deacons of the week: Travis Wilson and Jason Dean DECISIONS FOR CHRIST Baptisms: Membership by Statement: Jackie Brenton Maribel Alzate Jenna Brenton Merardo Moreno Johnny Brenton Anita Syrowik Maria Brenton Peter and Lori Zallie Carson Conrad Jaden Conrad @ STAY CONNECTED... Yee OM NII (is. CONNECTION Email: FBCN@fbcn.org 3000 Orange Blossom Dr., Naples, FL34109 Main Office: 597-6057 Office: Mon - Fri, 8:30 AM to 5 PM Extensions: 596-8600 ext____ First Baptist Academy: 597-2233 FBCNaples 24-hr Prayer Line: 597-PRAY (7729) CB0Se0B8 Lighthouse Bookstore: 449-4488 visit focn.org for more