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Carol Webster

97 Easy Street
Riverdale, Georgia 30274

Accomplished professional seeking to leverage extensive background in Process Improvement, Consulting, Project
Management, Startup & General Management, Revitalization & Turnaround Management, Business & Staff Development
to help companies succeed. Special expertise include:

•processes and best practices to create world-class organizations; Design/implement systems,

•improve profitability and strengthen market position while growing businesses; Coach strategic direction to
•productivity through staff development, management empowerment, and fiscal accountability. Optimize efficiencies and

With extensive experience in:

• Lean Enterprise/Consulting •General Management/Leadership •Start Up/Project/Operations Mgmt

• Turnaround Management
•Process/Performance Improvement •Outsourcing/Account Management
• Cost/Internal/Quality Controls
•Multi-Unit/Site Management •Customer Care Management

O Squared Consulting, GA 5/2007 - present
The Brooks Group, Fl 1/2006 – 8/2007
DeWolff, Boberg & Associates, SC 5/2002 – 1/2006
Managing Director, 1/2001 – 9/2001
Consultant/Project Manager,
Key Technologies Group/Caribbean Call Centers, UK & Barbados 7/2000 – 12/2000
Solar Dynamics Ltd., Barbados 10/1999 – 7/2000
GeneSYS Business Services Ltd., Barbados 6/1998 – 9/2001
Managing Director
Caribbean Data Services Ltd. 1/1998 – 10/1998


Executive Masters of Business Administration, University of the West Indies
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Century University, CA
Associate of Science, Computer Studies, Barbados Community College
IT Project Management, Georgia Institute of Technology
Lean Mastery, Clayton State University
Food Safety Management, National Registry of Food Safety Professionals
Situational Leadership, Center for Leadership Studies
Data Management, Data Entry Management Association (DEMA)
Telpro Professional Telephone Skills Trainer, Entretel
Professional Development & Community Support
Quality Management & Regional ISO 9000 ● Delivering Quality Customer Service ● Small Business Coaching
●Alternative Dispute Resolution, University of Windsor outreach program
Industries: Health Care, IT, Call Center, Aviation, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Food, Paper,
Automotive, Government, Utility, Retail Supermarket, Economic Development
Clients: Ministry of Ed, SBA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bosch, Mead Westvaco, Brachs, NAVSEA,
Beaulieu, ThyssenKrupp, CCSTpa, Nurse Care of Buckhead, Parkview Manor Nursing Home, Refugee
Micro Enterprise, BNSF, Daltile, Wal-Mart, Faith Walk Ministries, City of Riverdale, Georgia Quick

Project Management/Start Up Operations/General Management

Started up/Managed first multi-channel outsourcing call center operation in Caribbean for British
Technology Company. Conducted operations feasibility study; formulated budget; developed project plan;
selected/negotiated site, technology vendors and suppliers; oversaw construction; prepared layout; designed
furniture; secured government licenses; managed $1.5 million operating budget; recruited and hired
employees and managers; selected company to train/certify staff; established best practices; co-wrote HR
manual; leveraged networking to acquire customers for telecommunications testing and reliability assurance.
Results: Opened 2 months ahead of schedule, $430,000 under budget; center served as model for Barbados
Investment Development Corporation to attract international business; presented center of excellence model
at international conference.
Started up/Grew new offshore revenue stream for health claims & airlines data processing division to
generate up to $18 million in annual revenue. Assessed outsourcing needs, risk, reward; developed business
plans; presented solutions and proposals; negotiated SLA with clients; coordinated between client operations
and processing facility; ensured delivery of quality and specified cost; developed and presented performance
analysis at quarterly briefings; trained work force in quality management principles; implemented best
practices; showcased accomplishments at international conferences. Results: Acquired 5 new accounts in 15
sites; added 400 jobs in 9 years and became largest single employer on island.
Downsized operations and transitioned over 550 jobs from Barbados to Mexico. Co-developed and
managed complex project plan involving multiple sites and stakeholders; directed rotating transition team
placed at new location; coordinated logistics to divert volume and systems; structured downsizing schedule;
cross-trained skeleton staff to ensure meeting customer requirements; rolled out comprehensive
communications program for seamless transition and rapid issue resolution, provided financial and
outplacement support; implemented enhanced incentive program. Results: Beat financial margins 22.6%
against target of 21.5%, customer satisfaction of 97.5% vs. 97.2% and error free processing of 82.7% vs.
82.3% during downsizing phase.

Consulting, Reengineering, Revitalization & Turnaround Management

Implemented Management Operating System and Standard Work Day in Machining, Assembly and
Component Assembly for Front Line Managers. Developed job standards for teams and resource leveling
based on KANBAN volume requirements, resulting in reduced operator overtime. Improved analysis of tool
breakage, and implemented TPM programs which reduced spindle crashes. Coached teams to improve
diagnosis of downtime and improve mechanics skills flexibility. Resolved mixed parts issues by
implementing improved work procedures, tools, training and follow up. Results: 8.5% improvement in
productivity, yielding savings of 124%.
Streamlined operations process in manufacturing design company. Developed process flow. Identified
non-valued-added activities. Implemented Pareto analysis, Fishbone analysis and action plans to identify
best practices and improve efficiency. Revised management roles and responsibilities for improved
accountability. Implemented daily team planning & review process. Established job standards and daily
expectations. Implemented performance tracking, supervisory follow up and improved visual
communication process. Develop team flexibility charts and structured training programs to develop
critical skills. Results: Reduced backlog and headcount. Established new production record with reduced
resources. Saved $1.4m.
Accelerated ramp up and stabilized chocolate manufacturing operations using lean manufacturing
principles. Reengineered work processes to remove bottlenecks and increase production; changed run-time
goals to at least 85% of capacity; revised production planning to utilize packaging downtime for bulk
production; improved machine uptime with aggressive maintenance program; developed and implemented
critical start of shift and end of shift procedures; recovered lost time from shift changes, breaks and lunch
periods; tracked production performance and barriers; conducted analyses to uncover sources of waste.
Results: Saved ~$1.6 million, 75% over goal; reduced overtime from 12% to 3.5%, increased machine
speed from 8% to 13%.
Implemented Effective Management Operating System in a Third Party Health Care Administration.
Identified over 150 opportunities for improvement and coached teams to accomplish over 75% within 3
months. Developed job standards, revised goals, created daily production reports. Coached Supervisors and
Managers on productivity improvement techniques. Developed Frontline through Executive level balanced
scorecard and implemented a system of continuous improvement. Results: Identified annual savings of over
$1.1m. Improved claims processed by 15% with 33% fewer resources.
Streamlined processes and coached management on methodology to maintain optimal operating efficiencies
in RV Sewing department. Evaluated operations work process; implemented new process flow; developed
reporting tool to track production against plan and minimize downstream issues; established reasonable
expectations for work units; implemented job standards; educated team on confronting and resolving issues,
workforce planning to meet productivity goals; instituted system to analyze trends and reduce cost due to
rework. Results: Standardized operations; improved productivity 5% for annualized savings of $156,000.
Increased production 35% at major carpet manufacturer. Improved sequencing of work, reduced
changeover times, increased machine speeds closer to capacity and resolved mechanical issues; implemented
Management Operating System to provide managers with tools to forecast, plan, assign, follow up and
evaluate operations in timely manner and take corrective action; set job standards; improved planning
process to balance resource levels with fluctuating work volumes. Results: Annualized savings of
$239,800; reduced tufting seconds from .13% to .09% and dye waste from 1.4% to .4%.
Turned around 3-site Solar Water Heating assembly business within 6 months. Reduced $1.5 million
financial burden by 25%; negotiated favorable bank repayment and supplier terms; partnered with strategic
vendors for consolidated shipping arrangements; brokered agreement for expedited international custom
clearance; analyzed aging accounts receivable and implemented aggressive collections strategy;
implemented consistent management practices, incentives; enhanced policies and procedures; revamped
operations process to improve service coverage, response and problem resolution. Results: Improved
revenue 8% over previous year; improved collection rate of accounts receivable 1653%; increased heater
installations 36% and heaters serviced 10%; reduced employee turnover from 30% to 10%; won Science
Technology Exposition – Best Exhibit award for Private Sector.