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Dear Parents,

We are pleased to present you a fast emerging educational establishment called 360
learning which in collaboration with our school, brings ezmath program, an independent
learning system which helps each learner to progress at his/her own pace through a series of
incremental worksheets for children aged between 3-13 years.
Highlights of ezmath:
Readiness Customized: Worksheets are tailored according to childs performance
Knowledge at your doorstep: Worksheets are delivered by a team of delivery executives
to your doorstep.
Only 15 Minutes: Just 15 minutes/ worksheet shall help the learner to ace
Let Me Help: Each worksheet comes with Let Me Help sheet which ignites self
learning ability
Rewards: Wide range of reward choices are offered to outstanding performers.
NOTE: With an intention to boost the morale of your children we are running ezmath

programme for a pilot period of 7 weeks.