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Synonyms & Antonyms

syn. desert, leave, quit, forgo, renounce, surrender
ant. continue, keep, pursue
syn. cancel, nullify, annul, invalidate, negate, set aside
ant. establish, set up, found
syn. hurried, sudden, blunt, curt, brief, brusque
ant. smooth, gradual, courteous
syn. achieve, attain, gain, reach, realize, fulfill
ant. fail, forsake, give up
syn. hypothetical, theoretic, academic, speculative, ideal,

ant. cautious, safe, timid

ant. concrete, definite, factual

ant. complaisant, laid back, easy-going

syn. foolish, idiotic, silly, insane, nonsensical, moronic
ant. logical, reasonable, rational
syn. ample, generous, heavy, bountiful, plentiful,

ant. rare, tight, scarce

syn. hasten, hurry, quicken, hustle, expedite, speed up
ant. decelerate, retard, slow down
syn. aggregate, amass, collect, garner, gather, pile up
ant. disperse, scatter, dissipate
syn. correctness, exactness, truth, veracity, precision,

ant. inaccuracy, error, anomaly
syn. arraign, charge, indict, denounce, incriminate, allege
ant. absolve, defend, exonerate
syn. gain, get, procure, obtain, secure, win
ant. forfeit, forgo, relinquish
syn. critical, crucial, piercing, sharp, incisive, shrill
ant. dim, dull, obtuse
syn. enough, satisfactory, sufficient, comfortable, average,

ant. deficient, wanting, insufficient

syn. appreciate, praise, value, respect, like, regard
ant. blame, condemn, disapprove
syn. affirm, approve, confirm, sanction, pass, ratify
ant. disclaim, disown, spurn
syn. bold, daredevil, daring, enterprising, dangerous, risky

syn. misfortune, unluckiness, haplessness, affliction,

hardship, bother
ant. prosperity, fortune, happiness

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syn. attachment, liking, love, fondness, loyalty, sentiment
ant. enmity, hatred, dislike
syn. amount, sum, total, totality, entirety, gross
ant. single, individual, separate
syn. hostile, militant, combative, contentious, belligerent,

syn. accept, consent, nod, accede, tally, concur
ant. disagree, differ, contradict
syn. observant, vigilant, wary, watchful, keen, witted
ant. asleep, drowsy, inattentive
syn. coalition, league, union, association, group,

ant. antagonism, discord, hostility

syn. lonely, single, solitary, detached, isolated, apart
ant. together, accompanied, escorted
syn. astonishing, fantastic, fabulous, incredible,

marvelous, wonderful
ant. ordinary, commonplace, average

syn. aspiring, desirous, emulous, eager, longing, ardent
ant. content, unassuming, satisfied
syn. improve, correct, rectify, redress, revamp, ameliorate
ant. blemish, impair, worsen
syn. boost, enlarge, expand, increase, magnify, develop
ant. lessen, compress, summarize
syn. entertain, recreate, regale, divert, delight, please
ant. bore, annoy, fatigue
syn. old, archaic, timeworn, primal, obsolete, outdated
ant. modern, new, young
syn. nameless, unnamed, unsigned, unidentified,

mysterious, shadowy
ant. identified, known, named

syn. distress, nervousness, unease, concern, worry, angst
ant. composure, assurance, quietude

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Synonyms & Antonyms

syn. tempting, interesting, alluring, fascinating, charming,

syn. intent, heedful, regardful, considerate, responsive,

ant. heedless, inattentive, neglectful

ant. disagreeable, unappealing, off-putting
syn. value, welcome, admire, cherish, escalate, recognize
ant. disregard, condemn, disapprove
syn. learner, beginner, novice, student, intern, trainee
ant. mentor, teacher, experienced
syn. accept, like, support, ratify, recognize, endorse
ant. censure, deplore, disallow
syn. haughtiness, insolence, egotism, pride,

syn. appeal, draw, entice, allure, magnetise, fascinate
ant. repel, repulse, deter
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syn. opportune, propitious, favourable, timely, benign,

ant. hopeless, unlucky, ill-fated

syn. credible, genuine, trustworthy, valid, real, original
ant. counterfeit, fake, unreal
syn. free, independent, sovereign, self-governing,

ant. humility, meekness, servility

ant. dependent, bound, subject

syn. synthetic, sham, fake, deceptive, unnatural, false
ant. genuine, real, natural
syn. rise, mount, spring, climb, soar, increase
ant. decline, descend, lower
syn. help, support, aid, abet, relieve, back
ant. hinder, oppose, thwart
syn. guarantee, promise, certainty, belief, pledge, warrant
ant. uncertainty, doubt, hesitancy
syn. surprising, astounding, amazing, fabulous, incredible,

average adj
syn. common, acceptable, moderate, usual, typical,

ant. dull, unimpressive, boring

syn. achieve, accomplish, reach, gain, get, realize
ant. desert, forfeit, surrender

ant. exceptional, outstanding, unusual

syn. escape, shun, evade, elude, duck, dodge
ant. face, seek, want
awake adj
syn. conscious, aware, alert, stirring, roused, wakeful
ant. asleep, unconscious, lull
syn. alive, awake, cognizant, mindful, attentive, responsive
ant. ignorant, unaware, insensitive
syn. dreadful, shocking, horrible, terrible, ghastly, appalling
ant. pleasing, charming, beautiful
syn. clumsy, graceless, inept, cumbersome, inelegant
ant. dexterous, adept, skillful

1. baffle
syn. amaze, confuse, puzzle, rattle, stun, astound
ant. enlighten, explain, clarify
2. ban
syn. boycott, prohibition, restriction, censorship, embargo,

ant. allowance, permission, approval
3. bankrupt
syn. insolvent, penniless, ruined, destitute, broke,


ant. polite, refined, sophisticated

5. beat
syn. bang, bash, batter, cane, castigate, drub
ant. aid, assist, help
6. beneath
syn. below, underneath, under, down, unworthy, covered
ant. up, overhead, above
7. benevolent
syn. benign, caring, chivalrous, considerate, humane,


ant. solvent, prosperous, wealthy

ant. malevolent, mean, spiteful

4. barbarous
syn. brutal, cruel, ferocious, monstrous, ruthless,

8. beneficent
syn. charitable, kind, helpful, generous, compassionate,



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Synonyms & Antonyms

ant. malicious, misanthropic, uncharitable

9. betray
syn. deceive, delude, forsake, abandon, break faith, cross
ant. defend, protect, support
10. bewilder
syn. baffle, confuse, daze, muddle, mystify, perplex
ant. enlighten, illuminate, explain
11. biased
syn. discriminating, favoring, partial, prejudiced, unfair,

18. boast
syn. brag, praise, crow, exult, vaunt, prate
ant. deprecate, be modest, be quiet
19. bothersome
syn. annoying, irksome, troubling, irritating, vexatious,

ant. convenient, helpful, smooth

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20. boundless
syn. endless, limitless, unlimited, infinite, immeasurable,


ant. fair, impartial, judicious

ant. limited, restricted, less

12. bind
syn. attach, affix, annex, rivet, secure, append
ant. detach, break, free
13. bland
syn. boring, dull, flat, insipid, unexciting, monotonous
ant. delicious, distinctive, sharp
14. blend
syn. combine, mix, brew, concoct, fuse, instill, mingle
ant. separate, disintegrate, dissociate
15. block
syn. bar, impede, obstruct, choke, clog, congest
ant. open, clear, release
16. bloom
syn. blossom, flower, flourish, grow, succeed, thrive
ant. shrink, fail, wither
17. blunt
syn. dull, abrupt, curt, gruff, short, brusque
ant. pointed, sharp, polite

21. brisk
syn. agile, quick, dynamic, energetic, lively, vigorous
ant. slow, sluggish, dull
22. bombastic
syn. flowery, showy, overblown, rhetorical, grandiloquent,

ant. humble, restrained, reserved

23. broadminded
syn. liberal, progressive, open, tolerant, flexible, radical
ant. orthodox, conservative, narrow-minded
24. bulky
syn. massive, big, oversized, heavy, hefty, huge
ant. small, thin, tiny
25. bully 0v.
syn. intimidate, menace, threaten, browbeat, bludgeon,

ant. support, ease, assuage

1. Calm
syn. peaceful, quiet, serene, placed, detached, nonchalant
ant. turbulent, violent, wild
2. Casual
syn. accidental, informal, natural, spontaneous, relaxed,

ant. planned, premeditated, deliberate
3. Caustic
syn. acerbic, biting, scathing, sharp, pungent, slashing
ant. calm, mild, soothing
4. Cautious
syn. careful, prudent, wary, chary, circumspect, gingerly
ant. rash, hasty, imprudent, unguarded, heedless,

5. Cease
syn. check, discontinue, halt, stall, arrest, belay
ant. commence, continue, initiate
6. Certainty
syn. assurance, confidence, conviction, sureness, surety,

ant. ambiguity, doubt, uncertainty

7. Charming

syn. delightful, enchanting, heavenly, attractive, appealing,

ant. offensive, repellent, terrifying

8. Chaos
syn. clutter, confusion, disarray, jumble, muddle, disorder
ant. calm, harmony, order
9. Cheater
syn. defrauder, swindler, trickster, crook, scammer,

ant. honest, truthful, simple

10. Check
syn. arrest, stop, quit, stall, bridle, constrain
ant. allow, assist, permit
11. Clumsy
syn. awkward, graceless, unskilled, inept, unwieldy,

ant. expert, dexterous, adroit

12. Coarse
syn. crude, rough, uncivilized, uncouth, obscene, filthy
ant. smooth, refined, sophisticated
13. Collusion
syn. conspiracy, connivance, intrigue, plot, scheme,


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Synonyms & Antonyms

ant. discord, separation, estrangement

syn. confrontation, hostility, strife, discord, dissent,

14. Commence
syn. begin, embark, inaugurate, initiate, launch, undertake
ant. cease, finish, end
15. Compact
syn. dense, close, crowded, packed, tight, heavy
ant. loose, slack, uncondensed
16. Compel
syn. coerce, oblige, pressure, force, obligate, make
ant. impede, obstruct, hinder
17. Competent
syn. capable, skilled, proficient, efficient, decent, sufficient
ant. inefficient, incapable, inept
18. Compile
syn. assemble, gather, garner, collate, congregate,

ant. agreement, concord, peace

24. Conquer
syn. defeat, overcome, subdue, rout, surmount, vanquish
ant. retreat, succumb, yield
25. Consensus
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syn. unanimity, accord, agreement, unison, harmony,

ant. disagreement, discord, dissonance

26. Consistent
syn. accordant, congruous, consonant, correspondent,

ant. incongruous, varying, erratic
27. Contradictory
syn. contrary, converse, diametric, opposite, polar, reverse
ant. consistent, reconciled, agreeing
28. Convincing
syn. cogent, persuasive, satisfactory, authentic, credible,

ant. disperse, disassemble, scatter

19. Complain
syn. grouch, grump, whine, fret, fuss, grieve
ant. applaud, commend, praise
20. Complex
syn. complicated, intricate, elaborate, knotty, tangled,

ant. dubious, implausible, incredible

29. Courteous
syn. attentive, considerate, polite, solicitous, genteel,

ant. evident, obvious, plain

21. Conceal
syn. block, hide, obscure, clock, shroud, mask
ant. disclose, divulge, expose
22. Concise
syn. brief, compendious, laconic, succinct, terse, summary
ant. expansive, elaborate, lengthy
23. Conflict

ant. rude, impolite, uncivilized

30. Curtail
syn. abbreviate, abridge, condense, reduce, shorten, cut
ant. extend, lengthen, prolong

1. Deadly
syn. fatal, lethal, mortal, ghastly, malignant, baneful
ant. nonfatal, harmless, lively
2. Decline
syn. refuse, reject, dismiss, fall, deteriorate, descend
ant. increase, rise, accept
3. Deficient
syn. defective, incomplete, lacking, wanting, inadequate,

ant. flawless, adequate, sufficient

4. Dejected
syn. depressed, down, gloomy, desolate, melancholic, sad
ant. cheerful, happy, joyous
5. Delicate
syn. elegant, exquisite, fine, feeble, fragile, sensitive
ant. coarse, harsh, robust
6. Delight
syn. pleasure, joy, cheer, exult, rejoice, gladden, gratify
ant. trouble, sadden, dismay
7. Demolish
syn. destroy, destruct, raze, shatter, wreck, smash

ant. build, repair, restore

8. Deny
syn. contradict, negate, disallow, reject, refuse, repudiate
ant. admit, allow, confess
9. Depart
syn. exit, leave, retire, drop, demise, deviate
ant. arrive, come, enter
10. Depressed
syn. dejected, desolate, gloomy, sad, melancholic,

ant. elated, exalted, happy

11. Deprive
syn. dispossess, divest, rob, strip, disinherit, bereave
ant. bestow, endow, confer
12. Despair
syn. anguish, dejection, melancholy, misery, sorrow,

ant. joy, cheerfulness, happiness

13. Detached
syn. isolated, solitary, indifferent, apathetic, nonchalant,


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Synonyms & Antonyms

28. Distinguished
syn. eminent, famed, noted, prominent, celebrated,

ant. attached, combined, involved

14. Detain
syn. delay, retard, hold, lag, confine, imprison
ant. liberate, release, free
15. Deteriorate
syn. decline, worsen, languish, degenerate, putrefy, spoil
ant. improve, strengthen, better
16. Devastate
syn. ravage, waste, plunder, smash, pillage, raze
ant. build, construct, enrich
17. Diligent
syn. assiduous, industrious, studious, earnest, attentive,

ant. obscure, unimportant, inferior

29. Distract
syn. disturb, flurry, fluster, perturb, ruffle, unsettle
ant. appease, reassure, pacify
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30. Docile
syn. gentle, meek, amenable, compliant, submissive, mild
ant. inflexible, obstinate, stubborn
31. Doldrums
syn. dejection, depression, blues, gloom, melancholy,


ant. languid, lazy, lethargic

ant. elation, glee, joy

18. Diminish
syn. abate, decrease, dwindle, lessen, rebate, reduce
ant. expand, prolong, extend
19. Din
syn. clamor, hubbub, noise, pandemonium, tumult, uproar
ant. calm, peace, quiet
20. Diplomatic
syn. discreet, sensitive, tactful, politic, astute, adept
ant. artless, tactless, boorish
21. Discard
syn. dispose, jettison, abdicate, eliminate, expel, banish
ant. embrace, retain, keep
22. Disclose
syn. bare, show, unveil, convey, transmit, impart
ant. conceal, hide, withhold
23. Disgusting
syn. horrid, repulsive, repellent, abhorrent, repugnant,

ant. pleasant, delightful, inviting
24. Disperse
syn. dissipate, scatter, diffuse, disseminate, spread, strew
ant. assemble, collect, garner
25. Disrupt
syn. disturb, unsettle, upset, disarray, disorganize,

ant. arrange, organize, reassure

26. Distant
syn. far, faraway, remote, offish, reticent, solitary
ant. adjacent, close, neighbouring
27. Distinct
syn. clear, sharp, pronounced, visible, manifest,


32. Dominant
syn. commanding, governing, ruling, authoritative,

ant. humble, modest, reserved
33. Downfall
syn. descent, collapse, fall, bane, ruination, undoing
ant. ascent, rise, success
34. Drastic
syn. dire, radical, strong, forceful, harsh, exorbitant
ant. cal, easy, superficial
35. Dreadful
syn. appalling, direful, fearful, frightful, horrendous, ghastly
ant. pleasant, wonderful, inoffensive
36. Drubbing
syn. beating, defeat, thrashing, rout, vanquishment,

ant. aid, assistance, protection

37. Drowsy
syn. dozy, sleepy, slumberous, somnolent, soporific,

ant. alert, awake, lively

38. Dubious
syn. doubtful, skeptical, uncertain, ambiguous, chancy,

ant. certain, reliable, trustworthy
39. Dumb
syn. inarticulate, mute, silent, stupid, mute, dimwitted
ant. articulate, vocal, smart
40. Dupe
syn. deceive, beguile, misguide, cross, fool, trick
ant. guide, lead, advise

ant. fuzzy, hazy, vague

1. Ebb
syn. abatement, letup, wane, dwindling, drop, slackening
ant. incline, increase, rise
2. Efficacy

syn. effect, potency, competence, influence, strength,

ant. inefficiency, unproductiveness, uselessness

3. Elegant
syn. graceful, exquisite, delicate, fine, stylist, pleasing

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Synonyms & Antonyms

ant. crude, unrefined, rough

ant. accept, include, allow

4. Elongate
syn. extend, lengthen, prolong, stretch, spin, increase
ant. construct, contract, shorten
5. Eminent
syn. celebrated, established, illustrious, notable, famed,

18. Excuse
syn. condone, remit, absolve, spare, relieve, discharge
ant. blame, condemn, incriminate
19. Execute
syn. do, perform, exercise, implement, effectuate,



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ant. unremarkable, lowly, unknown

ant. fore go, mismanage, neglect

6. Emit
syn. release, vent, let out, let off, project, radiate
ant. contain, repress, withhold
7. Enhance
syn. aggravate, heighten, intensify, boost, plug, embellish
ant. lower, minimize, reduce
8. Enormous
syn. giant, herculean, immense, mammoth, massive,

20. Exemplary
syn. admirable, commendable, meritorious, worthy,

ant. contemptible, repugnant, loathsome

21. Exhaustive
syn. intensive, thorough, complete, extensive, profound,

ant. exclusive, incomplete, deficient


22. Expel
syn. banish, deport, exile, ostracize, dismiss, eject
ant. allow, keep, welcome
9. Erase
syn. delete, efface, expunge, obliterate, abolish, extinguish 23. Expensive
syn. costly, dear, high, exorbitant, over-priced, lavish
ant. add, insert, create
10. Erratic
ant. cheap, inexpensive, moderate
syn. devious, inconsistent, spotty, capricious,
24. Exile
syn. banishment, deportation, expatriation, extradition,
ant. insignificant, minute, tiny

ant. regular, steady, consistent
11. Essential
syn. basic, fundamental, vital, integral, elementary,

ant. auxiliary, subsidiary, secondary
12. Eternal
syn. everlasting, infinite, incessant, perpetual, relentless,

ant. brief, ephemeral, transient

13. Evident
syn. apparent, obvious, pronounced, visible, manifest,

ant. obscure, vague, uncertain

14. Exaggerate
syn. inflate, magnify, overstate, hyperbolize, boast,

ant. play down, understate, depreciate

15. Excel
syn. outshine, surpass, outdo, exceed, transcend, better
ant. fail, lose, fall behind
16. Excessive
syn. exorbitant, boundless, extreme, immoderate,

ant. moderate, reasonable, insufficient

ant. import, arrival, entrance
25. Extend
syn. expand, outstretch, prolong, unfold, protract, broaden
ant. contract, curtail, shorten
26. Extensive
syn. large-scale, spacious, considerable, sweeping, far-

ant. narrow, restricted, limited
27. Extinct
syn. dead, defunct, lifeless, departed, vanished, lost
ant. alive, extant, existing
28. Extinguish
syn. douse, quench, annihilate, abolish, quash, obliterate
ant. light, enact, establish
29. Extravagant
syn. lavish, prodigal, exorbitant, spendthrift, opulent,

ant. stingy, thrifty, economical

30. Extrovert
syn. gregarious, outgoing, communicative, unreserved,

ant. introvert, reserved, quiet

17. Exclude
syn. debar, eliminate, bar, except, rule out, omit

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Synonyms & Antonyms

1. Fabricate
syn. devise, formulate, concoct, assemble, mold, fake
ant. destroy, ruin, wreck
2. Fabulous
syn. amazing, astounding, phenomenal, legendary,

ant. endless, infinite, unlimited

14. Flatter
syn. adulate, enhance, praise, blandish, butter up, slaver
ant. belittle, castigate, condemn
15. Flaw
splendid, terrific
syn. blemish, defect, bug, imperfection, shortcoming, fault
ant. ordinary, simple, common
ant. perfection, strength, fine point
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3. Facilitate
16. Flexible
syn. ease, expedite, aid, promote, further, speed up
syn. ductile, malleable, pliable, resilient, adaptable, supple
ant. block, detain, hinder
ant. rigid, stiff, unyielding
4. Fair
17. Flourish
syn. attractive, gorgeous, pretty, auspicious, benign,
syn. bloom, thrive, prosper, flower, shine, brandish
ant. languish, stunt, hinder
ant. partial, unjust, ugly
18. Fluctuate
5. Faithful
syn. alter, oscillate, swing, waver, shift, veer
syn. allegiant, loyal, trustworthy, credible, rigorous, precise ant. persist, hold, stay
ant. dishonest, unreliable, treacherous
19. Fluent
6. Fake
syn. easy, effortless, flowing, fluid, graceful, smooth
syn. bogus, counterfeit, fraudulent, phony, spurious, sham ant. uneven, intermittent, irregular
ant. genuine, original, true
20. Foe
7. Familiar
syn. hostile, enemy, nemesis, adversary, antagonist, rival
syn. versed, acquainted, conversant, friendly, rude, brash ant. friend, ally, protagonist
ant. foreign, strange, unremarkable
21. Foul
8. Fascinate
syn. atrocious, disgusting, horrid, fetid, filthy, ribald
syn. beguile, bewitch, captivate, charm, enchant, enthrall
ant. flagrant, pure, pleasing
ant. bore, disenchant, repel
22. Frank
9. Fatal
syn. candid, forthright, ingenuous, straightforward, open,
syn. deadly, lethal, mortal, vital, disastrous, critical
ant. nourishing, helpful, harmless
ant. secretive, evasive, divisive
10. Ferocious
23. Fraud
syn. barbarous, cruel, fierce, savage, vicious, truculent
syn. cheat, swindle, charlatan, impostor, phony, fake
ant. gentle, mild, tender
ant. honest, ethical, forthright
11. Fictitious
24. Fundamental
syn. fanciful, invented, made-up, artificial, assumed,
syn. basic, elementary, essential, rudiment, root, axiom
ant. extra, trivial, unimportant
ant. actual, factual, genuine
25. Futile
12. Filthy
syn. barren, useless, vain, fruitless, unsuccessful,
syn. dirty, soiled, foul, abhorrent, detestable, rotten
ant. clean, pure, sterile
ant. useful, productive, fertile
13. Finite
syn. definite, limited, precise, restricted, specific, exact

1. Gain
syn. acquire, procure, secure, accomplish, attain, realize
ant. forfeit, lose, waste
2. Gala
syn. festive, joyous, merry, jovial, convivial, festal
ant. gloomy, somber, depressed
3. Gallant
syn. audacious, dauntless, heroic, plucky, valiant,

ant. cowardly, timid, afraid

syn. lavish, liberal, magnanimous, bountiful, copious,

ant. mean, miserly, stingy

5. Genius
syn. brilliance, aptitude, flair, knack, talent, bent
ant. inability, incapacity, weakness
6. Gentle
syn. mild, tender, delicate, faint, moderate, slight
ant. crude, rough, violent
7. Genuine

4. Generous

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Synonyms & Antonyms

syn. authentic, real, unquestionable, sincere, unfeigned,


19. Hardship
syn. asperity, difficulty, adversity, affliction, catastrophe,


ant. counterfeit, illegitimate, sham

8. Gigantic
syn. behemoth, colossal, enormous, immense, massive,

ant. miniature, miniscule, tiny
9. Gloomy
syn. cheerless, bleak, dismal, morose, sullen, melancholic
ant. cheerful, sunny, bright
10. Glorify
syn. exalt, acclaim, eulogize, laud, praise, extol
ant. castigate, condemn, criticize
11. Gorgeous
syn. ravishing, stunning, glorious, magnificent, splendid,

ant. benefit, assistance, ease

20. Harmony
syn. accord, agreement, conformity, congruence, rapport,

ant. disagreement, discord, clash

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21. Harsh
syn. coarse, jagged, rugged, hoarse, jarring, acerbic
ant. mild, pleasing, soft
22. Hateful
syn. malicious, malevolent, malignant, nasty, spiteful,

ant. amiable, harmless, loving

ant. homely, ugly, ordinary

23. Hazardous
syn. dangerous, jeopardous, perilous, treacherous,

12. Gracious
syn. affable, hospitable, courtly, amiable, compassionate,

ant. guarded, safe, secure

ant. nasty, mean, rude

13. Grant
syn. accord, award, concede, give, vouchsafe, confer
ant. forfeit, lose, refuse
14. Grateful
syn. appreciative, thankful, congenial, agreeable,

gratifying, welcome
ant. thankless, heedless, critical

15. Grief
syn. sorrow, anguish, despair, heartbreak, distress, gloom
ant. delight, exhilaration, ecstasy
16. Guilty
syn. culpable, blameworthy, censured, damned,

condemned, doomed
ant. blameless, innocent, truthful

17. Haphazard
syn. indiscriminate, unplanned, random, arbitrary, casual,

ant. systematic, organized, planned
18. Harass
syn. beset, hound, annoy, plague, pester, torment
ant. aid, facilitate, support

chancy, risky
24. Hoax
syn. con, deceit, fake, fraud, gimmick, prank
ant. frankness, openness, uprightness
25. Homely
syn. plain, unattractive, uncomely, simple, ordinary,

ant. attractive, modern, charming

26. Homogenous
syn. akin, alike, analogous, identical, uniform, similar
ant. heterogeneous, varied, discrete
27. Horrific
syn. horrible, horrid, terrible, awful, dreadful, beastly
ant. comforting, reassuring, satisfying
28. Hostile
syn. belligerent, combative, contentious, pugnacious,
ant. agreeable, friendly, gentle
29. Humorous
syn. amusing, comic, jocular, witty, facetious, funny
ant. morose, sad, tragic
30. Hurdle
syn. bar, barrier, block, clog, hamper, impediment
ant. furtherance, assistance, help

1. Ideal
syn. exemplary, model, standard, perfect, supreme,

syn. illiterate, uneducated, unaware, oblivious,

ant. flawed, imperfect, problematic

ant. aware, knowledgeable, literate

2. Identical
syn. same, similar, equal, equivalent, tantamount, even
ant. distinct, diverse, dissimilar
3. Ignite
syn. kindle, fire, light, inflame, alight, burn, incense
ant. extinguish, pacify, quench
4. Ignorant

unacquainted, benighted
5. Illegitimate
syn. illegal, illicit, outlawed, bastard, spurious, misbegotten
ant. authorized, ethical, moral
6. Illicit
syn. lawless, unlawful, wrongful, felonious, clandestine,

ant. legitimate, noble, proper

7. Immense

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Synonyms & Antonyms

syn. enormous, monumental, vast, titanic, colossal,

syn. aggravate, deepen, enhance, heighten, redouble,

ant. minute, tiny, paltry

ant. weaken, soothe, lower

8. Impartial
syn. dispassionate, equitable, indifferent, unbiased,

22. Intervene
syn. interfere, intrude, meddle, obtrude, intercede,

nonpartisan, just



ant. prejudiced, partial, discriminating

ant. ignore, withdraw, avoid

9. Impromptu
syn. extemporary, improvised, offhand, unrehearsed, ad-

23. Intimate
syn. close, familiar, friendly, interior, confidential, personal
ant. formal, incompatible, cool
24. Invert
syn. reverse, transpose, turn, flip, upturn, backtrack
ant. advance, forward, hold
25. Invincible
syn. impregnable, indomitable, unconquerable,

lib, unprepared
ant. deliberate, planned, premeditated

10. Inclusive
syn. comprehensive, expansive, extensive, sweeping,

ant. exclusive, narrow, selective
11. Increment
syn. advance, boost, hike, increase, jump, raise
ant. decrease, loss, slump
12. Indifferent
syn. dispassionate, objective, just, apathetic, nonpartisan,

ant. concerned, caring, sympathetic

13. Industrious
syn. assiduous, diligent, hardworking, studious, sedulous,

ant. indolent, lethargic, slack
14. Inevitable
syn. certain, inescapable, unavoidable, definite, sure,

ant. uncertain, unlikely, unsure
15. Infinite
syn. boundless, eternal, endless, unlimited, countless,

ant. definite, limited, measurable

16. Initial
syn. inceptive, beginning, introductory, maiden, primary,

ant. closing, final, last
17. Innovative
syn. ingenious, inventive, original, improvised,

unprecedented, novel
ant. customary, habitual, traditional

18. Inquisitive
syn. curious, nosy, snoopy, inquiring, questioning,

ant. disinterested, indifferent, incurious
19. Insane
syn. crazy, daft, unsound, maniac, lunatic, dotty
ant. sane, rational, logical
20. Insignificant
syn. trivial, inconsequent, inconsiderable, meager,

ant. significant, substantial, valuable
21. Intensify

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unbeatable, unyielding, insurmountable

ant. beatable, conquerable, breakable

26. Irritate
syn. aggravate, bug, exasperate, fret, peeve, nettle
ant. assuage, please, aid
27. Isolate
syn. seclude, segregate, insulate, separate, detach,

ant. integrate, incorporate, mingle

28. Itinerant
syn. nomadic, vagabond, vagrant, migratory, migrant,

ant. permanent, settled, resident

29. Jade
syn. wear, fatigue, drain, tire, down, enervate
ant. amuse, excite, exhilarate
30. Jarring
syn. rasping, agitating, harsh, raspy, raucous, strident
ant. subdued, soft, quiet
31. Jocular
syn. comedic, facetious, humorous, funny, witty,

ant. morose, serious, grave

32. Jolt
syn. bump, collision, smash, shock, crash, blow
ant. luck, fortune, expected
33. Jovial
syn. blithe, jolly, mirthful, jocund, convivial, gleeful
ant. sad, unhappy, serious
34. Jubilant
syn. exultant, happy, triumphant, elated, euphoric, gleeful
ant. depressed, sorrowful, dejected
35. Judicious
syn. prudent, rational, balanced, sensible, sound,

ant. reckless, thoughtless, irrational

36. Jumble
syn. muddle, scramble, disarray, disrupt, befuddle,

ant. order, organize, harmonize

37. Jumbo

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Synonyms & Antonyms

syn. behemoth, colossal, stupendous, mighty, mammoth,

ant. reluctant, uninterested, indifferent

ant. miniature, tiny, small

42. Knit
syn. fasten, affix, link, loop, intermingle, weave
ant. detach, severe, break
43. Knock
syn. censure, criticism, condemnation, blame, rap, smash
ant. compliment, praise, endorsement
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44. Knotty
syn. complex, complicated, convoluted, daedal, intricate,

38. Junk
syn. discard, dispose of, scrap, dump, jettison, chuck
ant. keep, hold, preserve
39. Just
syn. equitable, fair, square, appropriate, cogent, objective
ant. inequitable, partial, unjust
40. Justify
syn. rationalize, vindicate, corroborate, substantiate,

ant. unsnarled, systematic, uncoiled

apologize, defend
ant. assail, impugn, protest

45. Kudos
syn. accolade, distinction, acclaim, applause, eulogy,

41. Keen
syn. alert, ardent, fervent, perceptive, sensitive, sharp

ant. censure, condemnation, vituperation


1. Lavish
syn. luxurious, opulent, extravagant, prodigal, profuse,

ant. economical, scanty, scarce
2. Lean
syn. bony, lanky, meager, slender, succinct, brief
ant. plump, chubby, overweight
3. Legitimate
syn. lawful, legal, licit, justifiable, logical, valid
ant. invalid, illegal, unwarranted
4. Lethal
syn. deadly, fatal, mortal, vital, destructive, ruinous
ant. beneficial, harmless, helpful
5. Lethargic
syn. sluggish, stuporous, torpid, apathetic, detached,

ant. active, lively, vivacious

6. Liability
syn. obligation, arrears, debt, exposure, vulnerability,

ant. irresponsibility, accountability, assets

7. Liberal
syn. progressive, tolerant, broad-minded, modern,

generous, munificent
ant. conservative, narrow-minded, orthodox

8. Lively
syn. brisk, sprighty, animated, vivacious, dynamic,

ant. dispirited, boring, dull

9. Loafer
syn. bum, drone, idler, sluggard, lazybones, wanderer
ant. hard worker, workaholic, overachiever
10. Loyal
syn. faithful, staunch, steadfast, devoted, allegiant,

ant. unfaithful, undependable, disloyal

11. Lunatic
syn. crazy, demented, insane, distraught, maniac,


ant. sane, sensible, balanced

12. Luxurious
syn. lavish, palatial, plush, rich, opulent, sumptuous
ant. destitute, tiny, scarce
13. Magnificent
syn. glorious, splendid, grand, noble, splendid, outstanding
ant. atrocious, shameful, awful
14. Majestic
syn. august, imposing, grandiose, lordly, stately, sublime
ant. shabby, low, humble
15. Mammoth
syn. colossal, enormous, huge, prodigious, mighty, heroic
ant. little, miniature, tiny
16. Marvel
syn. miracle, phenomenon, prodigy, sensation, wonder,

ant. anticipation, normalcy, usualness
17. Masculine
syn. macho, male, manly, manlike, mannish, virile
ant. feminine, ladylike, womanly
18. Meager
syn. scant, skimpy, sparse, tiny, lanky, slim
ant. plenty, substantial, sufficient
19. Mean
syn. malevolent, spiteful, vicious, ignoble, sordid, niggard
ant. affectionate, gentle, dignified
20. Mediocre
syn. average, common, plain, standard, mean, shabby
ant. exceptional, unusual, extraordinary
21. Mentor
syn. advisor, consultant, counselor, trainer, coach, guide
ant. adversary, opponent, student
22. Merge
syn. blend, fuse, mingle, amalgamate, stir, mix
ant. divide, separate, part
23. Meticulous
syn. careful, painstaking, scrupulous, fussy, choosy,

ant. careless, sloppy, unorganized

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Synonyms & Antonyms

24. Midst
syn. centre, median, middle, midpoint, deep, interior
ant. exterior, outside, outer
25. Minute
syn. diminutive, dwarf, minuscule, tiny, pygmy, wee
ant. giant, huge, mighty
26. Miserly
syn. close-fisted, niggard, parsimonious, penurious, stingy,


30. Moderate
syn. modest, reasonable, temperate, conservative,

restrained, mild
ant. outrageous, considerable, significant

31. Monopoly
syn. cartel, consortium, holding, syndicate, trust, corner
ant. sharing, distribution, scattering
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32. Monstrous
syn. atrocious, heinous, gruesome, scandalous, gigantic,


ant. generous, lavish, prodigal

27. Misfortune
syn. adversity, haplessness, affliction, casualty, mishap,

ant. blessing, fortune, favor
28. Mislead
syn. beguile, betray, deceive, dupe, hoodwink, trick
ant. guide, counsel, lead
29. Mock
syn. deride, gibe, jeer, ridicule, imitate, mimic
ant. flatter, praise, exalt

ant. average, common, cultured

33. Motivate
syn. goad, impel, prod, prick, spur, stimulate
ant. depress, dissuade, impede
34. Muddy
syn. murky, roiled, turbid, cloudy, drab, murky
ant. bright, lucid, explicit
35. Mute
syn. dumb, inarticulate, mum, silent, voiceless, wordless
ant. articulate, communicative, vocal

1. Nab
syn. apprehend, arrest, seize, catch, clutch, grab
ant. release, free, discharge
2. Native
syn. congenial, inherited, inborn, indigenous, aboriginal,


11. Obese
syn. corpulent, fleshy, gross, portly, overweight, stout
ant. emaciated, underweight, skinny
12. Objective
syn. concrete, substantial, equitable, nonpartisan, realistic,

ant. alien, foreign, outside

ant. prejudiced, partial, subjective

3. Naughty
syn. mischievous, immodest, indecent, unbecoming,

13. Obsolete
syn. outdated, useless, discarded, archaic, antique,

unseemly, untoward


ant. modest, proper, behaved

ant. contemporary, current, modern

4. Neglect
syn. disregard, ignore, slight, default, fail, omit
ant. honor, respect, regard
5. Negligent
syn. derelict, lax, careless, neglectful, remiss, slack
ant. attentive, careful, mindful
6. Negligible
syn. inconsiderable, paltry, petty, trifling, slender, slight
ant. significant, major, important
7. Nervous
syn. agitated, anxious, concerned, jittery, restive, tense
ant. calm, content, unconcerned
8. Nominal
syn. formal, apparent, stated, purported, ostensible,

14. Obstacle
syn. bar, barrier, block, clog, hurdle, hindrance
ant. assistance, clearance, opening
15. Obvious
syn. apparent, clear, distinct, visible, plain, evident
ant. ambiguous, obscure, vague
16. Offensive
syn. atrocious, disgusting, foul, repellent, sickening, vile
ant. agreeable, pleasing, wonderful
17. Omit
syn. drop, eliminate, remove, default, fail, neglect
ant. include, insert, inject
18. Opaque
syn. blurred, dusky, foggy, hazy, misty, sooty
ant. lucid, unclouded, transparent
19. Opulent
syn. lavish, lush, luxuriant, palatial, rich, sumptuous
ant. depressed, destitute, poor
20. Ordeal
syn. trial, crucible, affliction, agony, distress, tribulation
ant. happiness, relief, pleasure
21. Original

ant. actual, real, true

9. Nurture
syn. cultivate, foster, nourish, nurse, discipline, train
ant. deprive, ignore, neglect
10. Obedient
syn. amenable, compliant, conformable, docile,

submissive, supple
ant. insolent, mutinous, insolent

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Synonyms & Antonyms

syn. fundamental, prime, authentic, genuine, innovative,

ant. stay, steady, remain

ant. derivative, latest, newest

24. Oust
syn. bump, dismiss, eject, evict, expel, remove
ant. hold, keep, retain
25. Outstanding
syn. noticeable, prominent, remarkable, salient,

22. Orthodox
syn. conventional, recognized, sanctioned, conservative,

traditionalist, conformist
ant. heterodox, progressive, radical

extraordinary, singular
ant. inferior, ordinary, average

23. Oscillate
syn. sway, swing, dangle, flicker, seesaw, vacillate

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1. Pacify
syn. appease, assuage, conciliate, mollify, propitiate,


13. Prime
syn. superior, splendid, foremost, paramount, premier,


ant. agitate, incite, upset

ant. inferior, secondary, unimportant

2. Palatial
syn. lavish, luxuriant, opulent, plush, rich, sumptuous
ant. cramped, minor, tiny
3. Pardonable
syn. excusable, forgivable, venial, defensible, justifiable,

14. Prodigal
syn. extravagant, lavish, spendthrift, profuse, wasteful,

ant. inexpiable, unpardonable, inexcusable
4. Partisan
syn. biased, prejudiced, partial, tendentious,

prepossessed, one-sided
ant. impartial, unbiased, fair

ant. thrifty, stingy, reasonable

15. Proficient
syn. adept, crack, masterly, professional, skilled, expert
ant. clumsy, inept, incompetent
16. Profuse
syn. luxuriant, exuberant, profligate, lavish, spendthrift,

ant. lacking, sparse, wanting

5. Pathetic
syn. pitiable, rueful, deplorable, lamentable, distressing,

17. Prohibit
syn. ban, debar, forbid, inhibit, interdict, outlaw
ant. allow, favor, permit
ant. cheerful, worthwhile, delightful
18. Prolific
6. Peerless
syn. fecund, fertile, fruitful, productive, proliferous, rich
syn. matchless, incomparable, singular, unmatched, alone, ant. barren, impotent, unproductive
19. Prolong
ant. inferior, mediocre, subordinate
syn. elongate, extend, lengthen, protract, stretch,
7. Pessimist
syn. defeatist, cynic, doomsayer, killjoy, downer, worrier
ant. abbreviate, shorten, compress
ant. optimist, dreamer, hoper
20. Prominent
8. Pinnacle
syn. arresting, marked, outstanding, remarkable, salient,
syn. acme, apex, crest, crown, peak, summit
ant. base, bottom, nadir
ant. inconspicuous, unexceptional, inferior
9. Potent
21. Prompt
syn. mighty, strong, powerful, commanding, dominant,
syn. foment, goad, impel, instigate, motivate, pique
ant. depress, halt, dissuade
ant. fragile, incapable, ineffective
22. Propagate
10. Precise
syn. breed, cultivate, procreate, proliferate, promulgate,
syn. categorical, definite, accurate, specific, genteel,
ant. destroy, decline, conceal
ant. ambiguous, inexact, false
23. Proscribe
11. Prescribe
syn. enjoin, debar, taboo, prohibit, inhibit, ban
syn. decree, dictate, fix, impose, lay down, ordain
ant. allow, favor, permit
ant. dismiss, reject, ban
24. Prosperous
12. Preserve
syn. booming, flourishing, prospering, thriving, auspicious,
syn. conserve, save, guard, shield, maintain, sustain
ant. destroy, hurt, ruin
ant. languishing, stunted, losing

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Synonyms & Antonyms

25. Provisional
syn. interim, temporary, acting, conditional, provisory,

syn. audacious, brazen, cheeky, insolent, impertinent,

ant. certain, definite, permanent

ant. unassuming, modest, quiet

31. Puzzling
syn. arcane, cabalistic, cryptic, enigmatic, mysterious,

26. Provoke
syn. enrage, incense, aggravate, annoy, nettle, incite
ant. please, soothe, placate
27. Proximate
syn. adjacent, close, contiguous, near, imminent,

ant. comprehensible, intelligible, understandable

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32. Quack
syn. charlatan, fake, fraud, humbug, impostor, phony
ant. genuine, original, real
33. Queer
syn. bizarre, cranky, eccentric, freaky, idiosyncratic, odd
ant. regular, typical, usual
34. Quick-witted
syn. alert, clever, intelligent, keen, sharp, smart
ant. slow, stupid, dim
35. Quieten
syn. hush, quiet, shush, shut up, silence, still
ant. agitate, excite, ruffle

ant. definite, distant, remote

28. Prudent
syn. rational, sage, sapient, sensible, cautious,

ant. indiscreet, unrealistic, unwise

29. Pungent
syn. piquant, zesty, acerbic, mordant, stinging, scathing
ant. bland, dull, sweet
30. Pushy

1. Random
syn. desultory, haphazard, indiscriminate, spot,

syn. dependable, responsible, trustworthy, impeccable,

unplanned, chance
ant. definite, specific, systematic

ant. deceptive, undependable, disloyal

loyal, decisive

ant. cautious, planned, thoughtful

11. Relieve
syn. allay, alleviate, assuage, mitigate, lessen, palliate
ant. harm, hurt, incite
12. Reluctant
syn. averse, indisposed, disinclined, loath, unwilling,

3. Rational
syn. analytical, judicious, prudent, sagacious, sapient,

ant. anxious, eager, enthusiastic

2. Rash
syn. brash, foolhardy, impetuous, impulsive, reckless,


ant. ridiculous, unsound, illogical

4. Reasonable
syn. consequent, levelheaded, sage, discreet, restrained,

ant. immoderate, irrational, rash

5. Rebuke
syn. admonish, castigate, chastise, chide, reprimand,

ant. applaud, commend, extol

13. Rely
syn. bank, depend, confide, entrust, commit, reckon
ant. distrust, doubt, disbelieve
14. Remarkable
syn. arresting, marked, salient, preeminent, outstanding,

ant. ordinary, insignificant, common

15. Remedy
syn. cure, antidote, nostrum, medicament,

countermeasure, medication

6. Rectify
syn. amend, emend, redress, reform, reconcile, resolve
ant. damage, ruin, worsen
7. Refute
syn. belie, disprove, rebut, abnegate, contravene, counter
ant. endorse, ratify, sanction
8. Regard
syn. contemplation, concern, solicitude, caution,

ant. disease, injury, pain

cognizance, observance
ant. neglect, thoughtlessness, indifference

ant. unknown, inferior, unremarkable

9. Relevant
syn. applicable, pertinent, apropos, cognate, concerning,

ant. inappropriate, inapplicable, unsuitable
10. Reliable

16. Renovate
syn. reinstate, rejuvenate, restitute, refurbish, restore,

ant. demolish, destroy, ruin

17. Renowned
syn. celebrated, eminent, distinguished, illustrious,

prominent, noted
18. Repel
syn. fend, repulse, keep off, ward off, cast aside, drive

ant. attract, draw, lure

19. Resemblance
syn. affinity, alikeness, similarity, analogy, conformity,

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Synonyms & Antonyms

ant. contrast, diversity, dissimilarity

syn. spiteful, vengeful, vindictive, rancorous, implacable,

20. Resist
syn. withstand, buck, challenge, contest, dispute, traverse
ant. conform, comply, harmonize
21. Resolve
syn. conclude, determine, analyze, decipher, unravel,

ant. compassionate, merciful, considerate


29. Revive
syn. restore, rekindle, reinstate, restore, revitalize, renew
ant. destroy, kill, suppress
30. Rewarding
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syn. advantageous, lucrative, profitable, remunerative,

ant. encode, scramble, tangle

22. Resourceful
syn. ingenious, inventive, aggressive, talented,

venturesome, enterprising
ant. dull, unimaginative, inactive
23. Respect
syn. admiration, appreciation, esteem, repute, prestige,

ant. disdain, dishonor, disrespect
24. Restrain
syn. bridle, constrain, curb, hold back, inhibit, rein
ant. free, liberate, release
25. Restrict
syn. circumscribe, confine, limit, constrict, cramp,

ant. enlarge, extend, expand
26. Retain
syn. hold, recollect, reminisce, revive, engage, hire
ant. release, lose, spend
27. Reveal
syn. betray, divulge, expose, unmask, manifest, evince
ant. conceal, hide, suppress
28. Revengeful

bountiful, beneficial
ant. ungratifying, inopportune, marginal

31. Riddle
syn. conundrum, enigma, mystery, perplexity, puzzle,

ant. solution, understanding, knowledge
32. Ridicule
syn. deride, gibe, jeer, jest, mock, scoff
ant. praise, regard, consider
33. Rigid
syn. inflexible, unyielding, immutable, adamant,

incompliant, stubborn
ant. bending, pliant, yielding

34. Rival
syn. competitor, contender, contestant, opponent,

combatant, emulous
ant. associate, partner, aide

35. Ruthless
syn. unscrupulous, merciless, unprincipled, fierce, callous,

ant. sympathetic, sparing, merciful

1. Scatter
syn. dispel, disperse, dissipate, diffuse, disseminate,

ant. hoard, gather, accumulate

2. Sever
syn. carve, cleave, slice, cut, separate, split
ant. combine, join, unite
3. Severe
syn. demanding, stern, bleak, brutal, dour, momentous
ant. amenable, comprising, willing
4. Shabby
syn. decrepit, dilapidated, scruffy, tattered, abominate,

ant. kempt, tidy, preserved

5. Shatter
syn. fracture, rift, smash, ruin, splinter, wreck
ant. fix, mend, repair
6. Shield
syn. defend, guard, preserve, protect, secure, ward
ant. endanger, uncover, open
7. Shortcoming
syn. deficiency, defect, inadequacy, paucity, scarcity, flaw
ant. advantage, sufficiency, plenty

8. Shrewd
syn. astute, canny, perspicacious, cagey, slick, smart
ant. stupid, inept, silly
9. Significant
syn. eloquent, meaningful, suggestive, considerable,

consequential, monumental
ant. meaningless, trivial, unimposing

10. Slack
syn. sluggish, lax, loose, derelict, neglectful, remiss
ant. stiff, taut, rigid
11. Slender
syn. bony, fleshless, lanky, lean, skinny, negligible
ant. cubby, overweight, plump
12. Solitary
syn. detached, isolated, lonesome, secluded, reticent,

ant. accompanied, together, sociable

13. Sophisticated
syn. cosmopolitan, worldly, intellectual, adulterated,

thoughtful, cerebral
ant. rustic, rural, simple

14. Spectacular

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Synonyms & Antonyms

syn. dramatic, sensational, theatrical, breathtaking,

syn. close-fisted, niggard, parsimonious, penurious,

astounding, dazzling
ant. ordinary, usual, plain

ant. generous, unselfish, wasteful

15. Speculative
syn. contemplative, deliberative, meditative, pensive,

abstract, theoretical
ant. practical, realistic, concrete
16. Spendthrift
syn. prodigal, profligate, extravagant, lavish, profuse,

26. Stout
syn. audacious, dauntless, heroic, plucky, valiant, hulking
ant. skinny, underweight, thin
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27. Straightforward
syn. candid, downright, ingenuous, forthright, plainspoken,



ant. miser, economical, thrifty

ant. deceitful, devious, dishonest

17. Spontaneous
syn. impulsive, instinctive, volitional, natural, unrestrained,

28. Stun
syn. daze, bemuse, stupefy, numb, petrify, stupefy
ant. expect, calm, bore
29. Subordinate
syn. inferior, lower, petty, collateral, dependent,

ant. deliberate, intended, planned
18. Stagnant
syn. dormant, lifeless, listless, inactive, static, still
ant. moving, active, lively
19. Stalwart
syn. indomitable, sturdy, dauntless, courageous, stout,

ant. coward, meek, weak

20. Static
syn. immobile, gridlocked, stalled, stationary, inert, latent
ant. active, changeable, variable
21. Staunch
syn. steadfast, firm, allegiant, loyal, true, constant
ant. irresolute, unreliable, undependable
22. Steadfast
syn. determined, unbending, unflinching, unwavering,

resolute, steady
ant. disloyal, unreliable, shaky

ant. chief, vital, major

30. Summit
syn. apex, crest, vertex, acme, pinnacle, zenith
ant. base, bottom, nadir
31. Superficial
syn. cursory, shallow, sketchy, apparent, ostensible,

ant. analytical, thorough, genuine

32. Superfluous
syn. excess, extra, spare, supererogatory, supernumerary,

ant. valuable, necessary, intrinsic

33. Supplement
syn. accessory, adjunct, appendage, appurtenance,

attachment, complement

23. Steep
syn. abrupt, bold, precipitous, stiff, lofty, elevated
ant. moderate, gentle, beneath
24. Stern
syn. demanding, exacting, harsh, rigid, severe, unyielding
ant. lenient, tolerant, light
25. Stingy

ant. basic, fundamental, integral

34. Sympathetic
syn. empathetic, compassionate, condolatory,

understanding, pitying, commiserative

ant. callous, merciless, uncaring

35. Swift
syn. breakneck, expeditious, fleet, hurried, rapid, speedy
ant. delayed, slow, sluggish

1. Tactless
syn. clumsy, gauche, impolitic, maladroit, brash,

syn. domesticate, moderate, soften, subdue, tone down,

ant. discreet, thoughtful, refined

ant. arouse, incite, stimulate

2. Talkative
syn. chatty, conversational, garrulous, loquacious, talky,

ant. quiet, reserved, uncommunicative

3. Tally
syn. enumerate, reckon, score, conform, correspond,

ant. differ, deviate, contrast

4. Tame

5. Taunt
syn. gibe, insult, jeer, scoff, twit, banter
ant. compliment, praise, respect
6. Tease
syn. annoy, bait, beleaguer, beset, pester, torment
ant. appease, mollify, gladden
7. Tedious
syn. dreary, humdrum, monotonous, stuffy, weary, dry
ant. entertaining, exciting, interesting
8. Tempting

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Synonyms & Antonyms

syn. bewitching, enchanting, enticing, fascinating,

syn. crafty, cunning, foxy, guileful, scheming, wily

ant. nave, ingenuous, unassuming

winsome, alluring
ant. repulsive, revolting, disgusting
9. Tender
syn. gentle, mild, soft, delicate, dainty, frail
ant. hard, rough, tough
10. Terrorise
syn. alarm, frighten, panic, scare, startle, terrify
ant. assuage, assure, help
11. Thorny
syn. prickly, spiny, thistly, nettlesome, barbed, stingy
ant. dull, smooth, soothing
12. Thorough
syn. exhaustive, intensive, arrant, outright, downright,

ant. partial, superficial, unfinished

23. Triumph
syn. conquest, victory, win, exultation, jubilation, success
ant. defeat, forfeit, failure
24. Ugly
syn. hideous, unsightly, horrid, roiled, rugged, cranky
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ant. lovely, pleasing, attractive
25. Ultimate
syn. underlying, utmost, transcendent, unsurpassable,

ant. preliminary, trivial, auxiliary
26. Undue
syn. exorbitant, excessive, inordinate, improper, inapt,


13. Thrifty
syn. canny, chary, frugal, prudent, sparing, economical
ant. extravagant, spendthrift, wasteful
14. Thrilling
syn. electrifying, exhilarating, moving, stimulating, exciting,

ant. depressing, discouraging, upsetting

ant. moderate, reasonable, sensible

27. Unearth
syn. dig, uncover, ferret, excavate, reveal, ascertain
ant. bury, conceal, hide
28. Uniformity
syn. analogy, comparison, correspondence, resemblance,

harmony, similarity

15. Tidy
syn. orderly, spruce, taut, uncluttered, moderate, snug
ant. chaotic, messy, sloppy
16. Toil
syn. labor, strain, strive, travail, plod, trudge
ant. laze, skip, rest
17. Tolerant
syn. liberal, progressive, broad-minded, lenient, merciful,

ant. discord, disagreement, difference

ant. prejudiced, biased, disapproving

ant. commonplace, usual, regular

29. Unify
syn. coalesce, conjoin, conjugate, consolidate, couple,

ant. disjoin, disperse, separate

30. Unique
syn. singular, solitary, matchless, peerless, exemplary,

31. Universal
syn. cosmic, global, pandemic, planetary, ubiquitous,

18. Transparent
syn. crystalline, limpid, lucid, see-through, pellucid,

ant. confined, local, partial

ant. opaque, cloudy, blocked

ant. insignificant, tiny, petty

32. Upset
syn. overthrow, topple, derange, unsettle, disarray, disrupt
ant. organize, arrange, ready
33. Urge
syn. insist, press, appeal, call, demand, plead
ant. answer, reply, protest
34. Urgent
syn. dire, emergent, exigent, importune, insistent,

21. Tribute
syn. commendation, compliment, congratulation, salute,

ant. moderate, unimportant, usual

ant. accusation, criticism, blame

35. Usual
syn. average, common, general, ordinary, typical, wonted
ant. abnormal, atypical, irregular

19. Treaty
syn. accord, agreement, concord, convention, pact, bond
ant. disagreement, discord, disunity
20. Tremendous
syn. enormous, gigantic, massive, mighty, monumental,



22. Tricky

1. Vacant
syn. empty, void, idle, inane, vacuous, otiose
ant. full, occupied, overflowing
2. Vague

syn. inexplicit, nebulous, obscure, bleary, fuzzy,

ant. certain, definite, clear

3. Vain

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Synonyms & Antonyms

syn. futile, hollow, conceited, egoistic, narcissistic, otiose

ant. modest, diffident, useful

17. Visionary
syn. farsighted, chimerical, delusive, illusive, fanciful,

4. Valiant
syn. courageous, doughty, gallant, heroic, intrepid,

ant. practical, real, realistic


ant. cowardly, timid, weak

18. Vital
syn. animate, robust, sturdy, vigorous, fundamental,

5. Valid
syn. cogent, just, authentic, authoritative, convincing,

ant. trivial, insignificant, petty



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ant. unsound, unacceptable, invalid

19. Vivid
syn. bright, colourful, flamboyant, graphic, expressive,

6. Valour
syn. courage, fortitude, gallantry, intrepidity, pluckiness,

ant. dull, inexpressive, vague

ant. cowardice, timidity, meekness

20. Voluntary
syn. willing, spontaneous, unforced, uncompensated,


7. Vanish
syn. disappear, evanesce, evaporate, fade, exit,

ant. appear, arrive, come

8. Variable
syn. alterable, mutable, capricious, fickle, ticklish, volatile
ant. steady, fixed, constant
9. Vast
syn. enormous, giant, immense, heroic, monstrous,

ant. bounded, limited, little

10. Versatile
syn. all-round, multifaceted, protean, adaptable,

ant. inflexible, limited, nonconforming
11. Veteran
syn. experienced, skilled, seasoned, adept, expert,

ant. amateur, inexperienced, greenhorn
12. Vibrant
syn. mettlesome, vivacious, peppery, spirited, resonant,

ant. colorless, dull, dispirited
13. Victimize
syn. bilk, cheat, defraud, gull, mulct, swindle
ant. assist, help, assist
14. Vigilant
syn. alert, observant, open-eyed, wakeful, wary, watchful
ant. indiscreet, negligent, inattentive
15. Vigour
syn. bounce, spirit, liveliness, verve, vim, energy
ant. lethargy, weakness, enervation
16. Violate
syn. breach, contravene, infringe, transgress, flout, ravish
ant. obey, observe, comply


ant. obligatory, forced, involuntary
21. Vulgar
syn. humble, ignoble, mean, boorish, crass, bawdy
ant. decent, inoffensive, polite
22. Wayward
syn. aberrant, balky, capricious, erratic, fickle, forward
ant. controllable, manageable, disciplined
23. Weaken
syn. decline, degenerate, fade, languish, sink, wane
ant. strengthen, boost, build
24. Weld
syn. bond, combine, fix, join, solder, unite
ant. disconnect, separate, detach
25. Whimsical
syn. arbitrary, capricious, freakish, mercurial,

temperamental, ticklish
ant. behaving, sensible, reasonable

26. Wicked
syn. evil, iniquitous, reprobate, malignant, spiteful,

ant. decent, moral, nice

27. Widen
syn. broaden, expand, extend, augment, enlarge, stretch
ant. cramp, narrow, restrict
28. Widespread
syn. all-inclusive, comprehensive, expansive, extensive,

sweeping, far-reaching
ant. concentrated, local, narrow

29. Witch
syn. enchantress, sorceress, beldam, crone, siren,

ant. disenchanting, repulsive, disgusting

30. Withdraw
syn. remove, retract, draw

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