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Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)19:17:34 No.52426272


post your CRT battlestations boys

fact: crt is objectively better than led


Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)19:18:08 No.52426281

182 KB JPG

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)19:47:15 No.52426697


>That bird.

Chillest dude I've seen in a while, nice one.

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:03:38 No.52426938

name of bird?

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:04:50 No.52426961

How do you get your bird to "like" you? And doesn't he poop everywhere?

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:07:13 No.52426992

God damnit, I want to play the original Darius on that setup, even if just on MAME.

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:11:50 No.52427053

>bird edition
Show us more of the bird you faggot.

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:13:10 No.52427069

Kek I have that picture saved too, the middle crt is what I have wet dreams about. 100 pounds of pure cancer inducing high
quality picture.
I'll just have to make due with my shitty Sylvania f74
2.11 MB JPG

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:18:08 No.52427135

sup /g/

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:25:49 No.52427244

182 KB JPG

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:28:18 No.52427288

Details on how you let that bird sex you, plox.

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:33:59 No.52427381

This looks gorgeous! I Would love to get a crt sometime.

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:44:02 No.52427524

come on brethren
present yourselves

show /g/ crt is not a sign of poverty

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:49:26 No.52427612

dat bezel tho

If they weren't so heavy, and didn't have chubby thread bezels I would agree, until then I'll stick with the "flat monitors"


Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)20:50:41 No.52427630

I got a Diamond Pro 2070SB. I wouldn't trade it for all the sample and hold displays in the world.

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:20:26 No.52428038

Cringe cringe

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:22:16 No.52428060

Damn I'm interested as fuck. I need a new monitor and really find myself justifying these over a shitty Gateway monitor that only does

Help me?

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:27:39 No.52428124

old pic, but here

2.53 MB JPG

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:28:07 No.52428130

Enjoy your cancer

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:32:01 No.52428185


you mean lcd you ignorant fucking nigger

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:33:59 No.52428215


Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:34:16 No.52428220

The prime mode of the 2070SB is 1600x1200 @85Hz. That's 624,000 more pixels than your shitty Gateway.

Also, a higher refresh rate.

Also, also, no sample and hold blur.

You know you want one, anon ~

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:36:33 No.52428248

>that pathetic attempt to use a wide wallpaper


Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:39:35 No.52428292

that is awesome
i saved it

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:41:50 No.52428315

>bright as hell window behind your CRT
enjoy seeing nothing during the day

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:43:05 No.52428326

What mouse, OP?

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:46:37 No.52428374

get a crt that does 1600x1200

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:48:15 No.52428397

Disgusting bezels. Why even bother?

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:49:00 No.52428405

anon do you know which trinitron or ibm models can output 1200p at higher than 60 Hz?
i cant find a 2070SB online

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:50:52 No.52428430

>needing more than one high res monitor

can you anon explain why you arent using a 4k CRT?

its superior in every way but thickness

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:57:41 No.52428512

How do you CRT faggots respond when called hipsters?

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)21:59:40 No.52428545

Paint bezels black, problem solved for me.

anonyfag 01/14/16(Thu)22:02:35 No.52428579

mine - 480i does not bother me, honestly, and the computer is a bit more modern than the case would appear
142 KB JPG

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)22:08:01 No.52428638

Wish my desk was strong enough to use more than one of my CRTs

2.52 MB JPG

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)22:22:57 No.52428825

I don't know off the top of my head, but most any 22 inch CRT should be able to do that; and if it is an aperture grille it would likely have
either a late model Trinitron or Diamondtron tube.

Not a hipster. I just detest sample and hold.

That's what braces are for.

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)22:43:24 No.52429045

That computer was the shit.

anonyfag 01/14/16(Thu)22:55:12 No.52429159

agreed. Now i've gutted it (most of it's insides are now in a much bigger generic tower that's going to be used as a server.
Inside this tower is an eMachines Mini-ITX, as well as it's Athlon II X2 3 gHz CPU, 3 gigs of DDR3 ram, 500 gig 3.5" SATA
drive, and 5.25" DVDRW, along with an old BFG Edition GeForce 250 GTS. I've got a brand new 680 watt PSU powering
417 KB JPG this all. It'll do me for another month, til i can afford a DX11 card to throw in this. But i'm keeping the Pentium 4 sticker on it!

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)23:33:25 No.52429654

>Not being nocturnal.

Normies out.

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)23:37:08 No.52429705

Someone posted on my behalf.
Thank you anon
135 KB JPG

Anonymous 01/14/16(Thu)23:40:12 No.52429745

Ya I thought CRTs were the shit too, until my eye doctor told me I aged my eyes by 15+ years by working on a CRT monitor for two years.

That shit burns your eyes.

Now granted every type of monitor is bad for your eyes, but modern technology doesn't scorch it as much as CRT

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)00:27:58 No.52430275

just look at those perfect blacks.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)00:28:24 No.52430281

Fat neckbeard virgin piece of shit.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)00:52:40 No.52430563

Camera flash, and I removed the AG coating

Any recent CRT will have lead in the glass to stop the X-rays
Gabe N 01/15/16(Fri)00:53:42 No.52430572

That looks like the picture i got from google and posted in that retarded CRT thread


Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)00:55:01 No.52430589

Yeah, there's literally a gun in the monitor shooting electrons at your eyes. Shit is harsh

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)00:56:02 No.52430595

Do you have a monitor tan OP? My CRT used to give me one, 3 CRTs must be like a tanning bed.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)01:43:08 No.52431036

W900 good enough or should I still spend a million dollars on an FW? inb4 muh fd trinitron masterrace

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)01:49:56 No.52431098

Not him, but the fw900 is different. the w900 is curved which has inherent distortions, but keeps convergence and focus better. Its also got
far worse dot pitch and scan speeds.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)01:53:24 No.52431139

Yeah, was wondering about image quality and tube performance. Obviously they are different ;)

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)02:51:45 No.52431696

Yeah this was a pretty old set of monitors

This might be a dumb question but does refresh rate affect eye strain?

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)02:54:41 No.52431725

Of course, but it depends on the person. I personally can't use anything under 85 Hz on a CRT because I notice the flickering and it gives
me a headache after an hour or so. Most people I have talked to are fine with 75 or 85 and don't need to go higher. 60 is really a no-no on
CRTs, though, which may come as a surprise if you have only used LCDs.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:19:27 No.52431938

452 KB JPG

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:20:46 No.52431952

people really still use crt monitors? or is this just a hipster thing?
>hurr muh true black at the cost of being shit in literally every other way possible

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:21:17 No.52431961

Oh my god, that is comfy as fuck. What do you use it for mostly?

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:22:17 No.52431973

It's an enthusiast/hipster thing.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:23:35 No.52431985

Gonna need the name of that case

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:26:26 No.52432010

What kind of enthusiast? An old outdated tech enthusiast?

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:30:48 No.52432037


This is a photo I dug out from some time ago... But it is a SuperMicro case. I believe that was a dual Xeon 550 back then....

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:31:30 No.52432048

doesn't look very micro to me

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:33:03 No.52432057

Me and many of my friends; sure, I guess. We're not even that old (20-26).

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:39:47 No.52432105

the tech is old and outdated. not the enthusiast.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:39:54 No.52432106

why even bother with computers this outdated?

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:41:14 No.52432114

Is this a picture from 2002?

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)03:44:59 No.52432143

2003. Look at the filename.

Oh. Well, yeah.

anonyfag 01/15/16(Fri)03:46:50 No.52432157

pretty much was free, and i can get stuff for cheap enough. im no ricer and i just want something with very little cost to me to work how i
want it to.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)04:24:32 No.52432403

Old station from early 2015, fucking thing turned green and I'm not really sure what to do.

1.48 MB JPG

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)04:36:07 No.52432498

experiencing the inexpensive bleeding edge works of technological art of yesterday is more exciting and educational than dicking around on
the overpriced low end facebook/vidya appliances of today tbqh family

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)04:44:15 No.52432568

Flash monitor with latest Gentoo firmware

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)04:55:18 No.52432652


Monochrome CRT reporting in.

1.68 MB JPG

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)04:58:02 No.52432670

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)04:58:02 No.52432670

I remember playing this game back in the olden days
good times were had.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)05:01:53 No.52432702


2.38 MB JPG

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)05:20:10 No.52432851

cancer masterrace

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)05:22:24 No.52432877

Im surprised that the table hasnt buckled under the weight of those shitty monitors

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)05:30:16 No.52432943

your red and blue vga pins are loose

just get a new cable / resolder the connectors in it

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)05:55:25 No.52433133

Just another reason why CRT's with dem thick bezels were better than LCD's

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)06:06:20 No.52433209

Who the fuck positions their monitor all the way to the left. Enjoy your crooked neck

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)08:47:54 No.52434609

its because the monitor is too deep lmao

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)08:49:13 No.52434623

all these haters dont understand the value of high resolution, refresh rate, perfect blacks, and low response time

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)09:16:27 No.52434958

>How do you get your bird to "like" you?
Pay attention to him. Talk and whistle to him. Feed him with your hands. Shower him (a squeaky clean spray bottle with warm water), they
usually love that.

>And doesn't he poop everywhere?

N/A. Birds shit everywhere all the time, that's just what they do. Larger and more intelligent parrots can be trained to use a designated
shitting spot by patient owners.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)09:56:41 No.52435464

Man, I need to dust and wipe down my Obsidian.

Also, I like Mugi.

813 KB JPG I plan on getting a custom made wall scroll of the Moogs to replace that camo blanket at some point.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)10:14:33 No.52435693

Monochrome is awesome. Do you use it for anything?

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)10:24:59 No.52435822


C++ programming, IRC, telnet client, text adventures...

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)10:27:21 No.52435854

Awesome. What kind of connector does that screen use?

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)10:29:22 No.52435874

My optometrist told me that was a myth.

I guess he's working for them fuckin CRT monitors companies, sheit.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)10:33:19 No.52435922

I guess we need a word to refer to these types of comfy office-looking battlestations. I propose Officecore.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)10:37:53 No.52436003

>I aged my eyes by 15+ years by working on a CRT monitor for two years

toplel, the fact is LCDs bombard you with more photons because the backlight must remain at a constant brightness to maintain peak

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)10:39:48 No.52436038


DE-9 however its not standard VGA, it uses TTL MDA.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)10:51:03 No.52436186

You little princess, "muh bezels" is why displays are in such a bad state with uniformity problems and weak driving circuits, display
manufacturers are laughing at idiots like you

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)10:54:24 No.52436238

I have the same CRT made by Mitsubishi.

anonyfag 01/15/16(Fri)11:45:57 No.52436860

yeah, would be nice if i had cash to pour out on that versus things like food and bills and rent etc.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)11:50:12 No.52436915

obv hipster like pretty much all /g/ ... wearing fedoras while get pooped in the mouth by birds in the basement.

The only time I saw crts being useful was at a lan ~8 years ago cause CS 1.6 players wanted to have high refresh rate in order to react
faster... placebo if you ask me but it was already outdated back then.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)11:50:28 No.52436917

The matching IBM printer always gets me, wish I could find one for my XT

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)12:26:12 No.52437409

also got far worse dot pitch
Displays 1600p crystal clear

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)12:29:11 No.52437443

Here's a good'n

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)13:26:15 No.52438296

1600p is one of the best resolutions. My main screen is a 1600p Dell IPS.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)13:37:19 No.52438440

>see glorious high-res CRT
>you only have a CRT that can only do 1280x1024 at 60Hz or 1024x768 at 85Hz

Feels bad to be me.


Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)14:19:43 No.52439070

That Socrates system.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)14:49:27 No.52439609

is the base removable on that?

patachu !LULZISTwQI 01/15/16(Fri)15:03:54 No.52439855

now i realize it's been shot.. ten years ago.

155 KB JPG

patachu !LULZISTwQI 01/15/16(Fri)15:07:25 No.52439917

okay, rather soon ten years i've switched to a LCD, it was in 2007 for a 1920x1200 24"

547 KB JPG

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)15:07:54 No.52439928


On the Mugi figure? Yeah. But I don't think she'll stand without it.

Or did you mean the monitor? That I'm not sure. Probably though.

patachu !LULZISTwQI 01/15/16(Fri)15:14:34 No.52440033


474 KB JPG

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)15:19:24 No.52440099

Enjoy your cancer.
>b-b-b-but muh no latency
Enjoy your unnoticeably faster cancer.
>b-b-b-but muh le retro geek old-school arcade I like counting monitor lines because I'm a huge faggot
Please kill yourself.

anonyfag 01/15/16(Fri)15:21:33 No.52440136

yeah PCSX2 runs it pretty nicely.

anonyfag 01/15/16(Fri)15:22:39 No.52440150

yeah it's only missing the box and original cables, but that's all off the shelf, so not so bad. They are considered 'rare' but not 'In Demand'.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)15:36:26 No.52440363

Typical /pol/ poster

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)15:38:08 No.52440391

Been using a CRT for decades. Why don't I have cancer?

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)15:39:21 No.52440413

that keyboard tho

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)15:44:13 No.52440493

I've never had use for computer CRT monitor, but I used quite a few TV for retro- and PS2-era gayming, as well as
Laserdisc home theater.

2.1 MB JPG

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)16:00:10 No.52440718

Also, my SNES setup.

155 KB JPG

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)17:08:10 No.52441707

Damn right son!

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)17:35:08 No.52442084

I really want one of those higher than 1600x1200 res CRTs

they're getting so rare online

almost every one ive seen so far is local pickup only

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)17:37:13 No.52442122

>1600x1200 res CRTs
Most 19" units will display 1600x1200
About half of them over!

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)18:00:37 No.52442481

Picture is gross because I didn't clean, but you usually don't see anything because I have blackout curtains. Keyboard is
broken so I'm using the on-screen one. Don't care enough to get it fixed or buy a new one.
779 KB JPG Dat 2048x1536@75hz tho. I usually have it in 1920x1080 for 1080p content and use the 1440p k-screen for 720p. I also put
in 480p for dvds and such. The flexibility with a nice CRT is really great for more reasons than just "pure black." It was only $10 bundled with
another 1600x1200 on craigslist that I gave to my brother. It was a pain in the ass to figure out how to calibrate it right though.

>tfw yr liter of lube is empty

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)18:05:37 No.52442553

wow thats really nice

do you make vaporwave on it? lol

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)18:06:30 No.52442568

I've got a ~21" (i think) I wouldn't mind using, but one side of the yoke seems to not get power randomly.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)18:07:37 No.52442588

might be some of the pins on the connecter

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)18:11:57 No.52442650

are there separate pins for the top and bottom halves of the picture? The effect is that there's a middle line that's super-bright while the
bottom half of the image is non-existent.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)18:13:59 No.52442679

I'd like to say though that the whole "You'll get true perfect uncrushed blacks thing is basically bullshit. You get pure black when
you're displaying a pure black square in a pitch black room but anything amount of light or color diffuses over the whole glass
screen and turn your black sorta greyish. Pic is exaggerated by the camera, but you do get a clearly visible halo around shit
displayed against a plain black screen. Still better than an lcd screen. I use this for movies more than my 3000:1 static contrast
891 KB JPG tv.
No but I do guzzle down copious amounts of cough syrup and watch vaporwave idols on it

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)19:09:49 No.52443598

this is pretty nice

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)19:36:59 No.52443924

is there any place to buy crts besides goodwill and ebay?

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)20:39:55 No.52444705

Craigslist, recyclers. Maybe if you ask nicely the latter will give shit to you for next to nothing because it costs more to scrap them then it's

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)20:50:43 No.52444868


I need this so bad.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)21:33:55 No.52445466

>using a large but thin hardcover book as portable laptop tray

Muh nogger.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)21:39:06 No.52445536

>has both the holy grail CRT and the holy grail mech keyboard

Congratulations and respect, sir.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)21:42:24 No.52445593

>being nocturnal
>sleeping during hours where a potential employer might actually call back
>a potential employer actually calls back
>anon either sleeps deeply and doesn't hear the phone at all, sleeps shallowly and can't be arsed to pick up the phone, or picks it up all
sleepy and half-conscious, for obvious effect

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)21:44:12 No.52445624

Not him, but looks like a Cockatiel breed. Good beginners bird.

They're also Stallman approved.


Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)21:47:12 No.52445668

The bird in your picture isn't a cockatiel despite what's written in the filename. It's a budgerigar.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)21:49:34 No.52445697

I'm not an expert on birds anon, I just think they're cute.

Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)21:54:42 No.52445775

I got a Phenom II X4 940 for 20 €, I guess you could get something better. At least a 500-600 series card with "GTX" in its name.

anonyfag 01/15/16(Fri)22:19:58 No.52446133

do tell sir! i am very interested!!

anonyfag 01/15/16(Fri)22:24:59 No.52446211

my board is AM3

sammy !paNTieSxWM 01/15/16(Fri)22:28:23 No.52446259

I'm jelly of ops pic a bit. I can't wait till I have room to use this. I've been working my body hard so I can get strong enough to
move it around (77 lb). I managed to pick it up and carry it into the closet
2.64 MB JPG

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)22:31:39 No.52446293

If you aren't patient and don't live in a well populated area, then be prepared to travel.

Anonymous 01/15/16(Fri)23:19:35 No.52446854

old station. I stopped using the FW-900 because it went out of range and was unfocused besides. fixing it would mean
setting up a pc just to use the special cable and software to edit the internal settings and hopefully get it right. also opening
the case to turn tiny knobs where if you fuck up you could potentially kill yourself with electrocution. I actually have another
271 KB JPG one, but it has a nick in the glass.

CRT is fucking amazing as a display tech when everything is working right, not so much when they develop their little problems. I went back
to plain TN (though good TN) and went triple monitor for desktop and I don't regret it. I don't miss the great blacks and colors since I watch
all video content on the fancy plasma I got, which is close to as good as CRT. I'm probably not going to go back, I'm looking at IPS, OLED,
plasma now. prob going to sell these to someone.

irish 01/15/16(Fri)23:33:51 No.52447034

Me eyes

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)01:32:25 No.52448250

>widescreen CRT
My main drive for wanting to use CRT was for higher gaymz hz, but the main game I wanted to play wouldn't output anything but 16:9, so I
just said fuck it. It's exceedingly common among games today.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)01:38:26 No.52448306

why is this faggot talking about jobs

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)01:44:44 No.52448362

the brightness was an error of my camera

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)01:55:20 No.52448461

you can just play with black bars. CRTs that are widescreen and not televisions are pretty rare. I can't think of a single 16:9 monitor, only
TVs that max out at 1080i. there are only a handful of widescreen CRT monitors and they're all 16:10, still, they support 16:9 resolutions.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)01:55:43 No.52448464

>being a wageslave

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)01:58:21 No.52448488

I need a monitor for graphical editing. Would one of these work?

>Did graphic design exist in the crt era? Did artist use them?

Yea, umm.... so what specifications should I look for in a crt for visual editing?

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)02:00:54 No.52448511

>you can just play with black bars
No, I can't. Even if I got the game to output at 4:3, it'd be a reduced size, though I would have made the compromise for the increased Hz.

It's fine though. My 42" LCD at 60Hz will do.

Sure, it'd work, but there's literally no advantage to it these days. Better color repro, I guess? but the number of people seeing your work on
CRT is going to be minuscule. Get a nice IPS panel instead.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)02:07:21 No.52448579

theoretically a really good plasma or OLED (hell even an IPS, VA, or that laser shit) can look better than the best possible
CRT, but it would have to be extremely high-end. and you still run into the problem of every pixel-based display tech that
the resolution is fixed so you always have to scale non-native sources. it's also very hard for those technologies to be as
fast as CRT. even the fastest TN monitors still have persistence problems compared to CRT.
835 KB JPG
you want to get info from display forums like hardofrum and AVSforum. generally though start out by searching for anything branded as
trinitron or diamondtron, those are the best ones. like >>52448511 said though, the advantage is speed, for art work there isn't much point

you mean you just wouldn't want to play like that? most games can still use 4:3 resolutions and some CRTs will accept many signals that
aren't their native aspect ration and will auto scale or black-bar them.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)02:08:40 No.52448596

See if you can force the resolution with your graphics control panel. I managed to get my 1280x1024 monitor to 1600x1080

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)02:17:37 No.52448675

>you mean you just wouldn't want to play like that?
Yes. The display I was trying to play on was just a hair shorter than the 24" LCD I had sitting right next to it. So rendering a widescreen
image on this CRT produced a usable picture that was about half the height of what I get on my LCD. Tiny.

> most games can still use 4:3 resolutions

50/50. The one I wanted the extra frames for didn't. Others I have tried didn't. Generally, FPS will, but I don't play FPS as much anymore.

>CRTs will accept many signals that aren't their native aspect ratio and will auto scale or black-bar them.
You have to run the games in full screen to bypass the windows display manager vsync. The game would let me choose 4:3 or 16:9
resolutions, and the game would add in the letterboxing in-engine to achieve the 16:9 look if you chose 4:3. It was almost playable if I set it to
display a distorted 16:9 picture by choosing a 16:9 resolution in-game and turning off display scaling.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)02:25:34 No.52448735

sorry but this is 2016.

only a hardcore PC gamer and need that instant reaction time of a high speed refresh rate with no room for error should be the ones
bothering with CRTs.
Everyone else that just uses their computer for normal tasks should be on LCD by now. You can get a used one dirt cheap on Craigslist or
eBay if you can't afford a new one for $80...
The electricity savings going to an LED monitor that you sit in front of a lot is a good enough reason to switch. Not to mention the bigger
screen sizes and resolutions available.
And no CRT whine either (omg, hated that on dying tubes)

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)02:31:04 No.52448774

I kept my CRTs because the refresh on LCDs seriously gives me motion sickness.
I have a first gen PSP and straight up can't play anything 3D that isn't a fixed camera (granted 1st gen had a REALLY bad refresh).

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)02:59:54 No.52448982

I use CRTs for anything involving motion because I can't stand sample and hold.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:06:45 No.52449026

>implying that even if for some magic reason it worked (might as well damage the tube) the image quality won't be a blurry flickery eye
cancer mess

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:08:26 No.52449037


Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:08:58 No.52449040

It works perfectly fine for me, and I've been running it for 2 years now, still hasn't died. I did have to refocus it when I first got it though.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:10:46 No.52449053

How do you refocus a CRT?

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:11:08 No.52449057

>CRT monitor has "low radiation" written on it.
>CRT monitor doesn't have "low radiation" written on it.


Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:16:29 No.52449106

Take off the shell and there will be a smallish black box near the back with knobs on it. The best way to get it good and sharp is to display
some text and adjust the knobs while it's on.

Do not under ANY circumstances touch anything attached to the tube, do not tap the tube, do not touch the tube, don't touch the thing at the
end of the tube or you are very very likely to die. That tube operates at 10A 300V and will kill you instantly, and tapping the tube could hard
enough will make it implode, and will scatter glass everywhere, including your eyes. TAKE EXTREME CAUTION.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:20:33 No.52449141

i wish i had that mulder/scully poster fuck.


Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:21:56 No.52449155

>Not getting an 'I want to believe' UFO poster.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:26:04 No.52449195

i wish i had that too


Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:30:43 No.52449238

If this many people fell for the CRT meme I wonder how many fell for the korean IPS monitor meme

2.12 MB PNG

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:31:50 No.52449251

>implying these aren't all the people perpetuating the CRT meme with shit they have laying around.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:33:16 No.52449261

>there's a caution sign next to the max setting on my bidet
500 KB JPG

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:52:53 No.52449411

Research your CRT
There might be a way to abuse the blanking intervals or something to gain more vertical scan(various crt monitors can be pushed to higher
resolutions/refresh rates this way)

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:56:58 No.52449443

I miss white monitors they were so comfy

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)03:58:25 No.52449452

nice meme you fucking underage

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)04:09:56 No.52449559

>aspect ratio problems
shapeshifting display technology when?

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)04:14:25 No.52449585

We don't need shapeshifting displays we just need games that can handle different aspect ratios.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)04:35:06 No.52449780

It's super though senpai

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)06:21:18 No.52450629


492 KB JPG

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)06:35:59 No.52450736

my nigga
1.16 MB JPG

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)06:54:32 No.52450878

Don't those things require a Mac to adjust the picture?

I'm getting one with a PowerMac G4. I'll probably just use the PMG4 for classic Mac OS gaming and monitor adjustments.

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)06:55:25 No.52450885


Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)06:56:46 No.52450897

>fact: crt is objectively better than led

See you at 400 replies, friend!

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)07:24:07 No.52451123

speak for yourself
i hate black bars

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)07:24:22 No.52451128

you need one with decent resolution at least that outputs that res at 70+ Hz

unfortunately it wont be any cheaper than an IPS monitor and you wont get made fun of with the IPS

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)07:28:10 No.52451165

>implying games properly supporting different resolutions would have black bars

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)07:29:50 No.52451177

holy shit guys
ultimate crtstation

Anonymous 01/16/16(Sat)07:35:46 No.52451240

Some games don't work like that m8

And also who said this was exclusive to games?

It'd be cool for TV Shows/Movies
Like for example you watch a 16:9 movie and then later you watch a 2.35:1 movie and the display shapeshifts so there's no black bars and
aspect ratio is preserved at the same time

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