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Bulgariaa land of roses

Bulgaria is a small, but beautiful country situated on the Balkan Peninsula

in the East Europe. Our border countries are:
It borders the Black
Sea to the east
Romania & River Danube to the

Serbia to west

Greece and Turkey to the south

Some general information

Capital city Sofia
Total area 111 000 km
Population 7.5 million
Official EU language Bulgarian
State Government:
A parliamentary republic with one chamber
Parliament (240 members for a four-yearterm)
Head of state: President elected for a 4-year
Official Language: Bulgarian
Official Religion: Eastern Orthodox


St. George Rotunda
from the 4-th century

The National Palace

Of Culture

Battenberg square

The National Theatre

St Alexander Nevsky


The Roman theatre

The City Hall of Plovdiv

Ethnographic Museum

The Varna
Varna Dophinarium

Varna Opera House

The Archaeological Museum

Historic Sites

The Ancient town of

With its extremely beautiful nature and
architecture it is one of the most
attractive resorts and tourist attractions
at the coast of the Black Sea.


The Incredible Bulgarian Town-

The Tsarevets fortress

The town of Dobrich is situated in Northeast

Bulgaria and the administrative centre of
Dobrich Province. Dobrich is the eighth most
populated town in Bulgaria (100 000), is
located 30 km west of the Bulgarian Black Sea
Coast, not far from resorts such as Albena,
Golden Sands and Balchic, lying about 50 km

Highlight of the Bulgarian values

The Value of
Historic Heritage protection

Bulgaria is a country with 1300 years history

Pliska is the first

Bulgarian capital

Great Preslav is the second

capital of Bulgaria

Veliko Turnovo, the medieval capital of Bulgaria.

Old Bulgarian houses

Old Bulgarian houses

The value of keeping alive the

old rituals and traditions

Bulgarian Martenitsa
On the 1st of March Bulgarian people celebrate a traditional holiday called
Baba Marta and it is related to welcoming the approaching spring.

Bulgarian folk dances

Bulgarian Kukeri dances

Nestinarstvo (fire dancing)

Bulgarian folk costumes

Bulgarian Rose
Bulgaria is called the
country of the roses.

Bulgarian yoghurt

Bulgarian banitza


Winter traditions

Spring traditions

Easter is one of the most significant

holidays in the Bulgarian calendar.
Starting with Palm Sunday, the holy
week leads up to the Great Day.

Bulgaria: A land of Paradise


Come & visit us!

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