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A Course In Business Miracles would like to share:

The Belief
Transformation Tool
"What keeps the world in chains but your beliefs? And what
can save the world except your Self? Belief is powerful indeed.
The thoughts you hold are mighty, and illusions are as strong in
their effects as is the truth."
- A Course In Miracles

Hey there! Its Heather Dominick, creator of www.businessmiracles.com and

founder and leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) movement.
Im so excited to share with you a very effective and important tool - The Belief
Transformation Tool (lovingly referred to as the BTT in the Business Miracles
Community. :))
When I first stepped into being self-employed, more than a decade and a half ago,
not only was I NOT aware of the limiting beliefs I had, but I wasnt even aware of my
beliefs AT ALL. (So crazy, right? But, sadly true.)
Even though Id been a student of A Course In Miracles since I was 14 years old,
after my mother died suddenly in a bicycle accident, I had only used my spirituality
for survival. I wasnt aware of how my thoughts, beliefs and overall energy were
impacting me day to day.
For most of my teens and twenties all I could consider was how to get through the
next 24 hours without my world falling apart. From the outside anyone would have
told you I had it very together, but inside I was one ongoing hot mess. Somehow I had
made it through college, graduate school, started a career as a high school drama
teacher - all on mere survival instinct.
Then I got the inspired idea to start my own business and, well, everything changed.
Survival instinct wasnt enough anymore, which is why one of the teachings I share
with my Business Miracles Members frequently is that if you want a fast track to
personal growth, start a business. Oh, is that the truth. (Especially if you're highly
sensitive) And thats what I got in my first year of being self-employed, for sure. All
my crap came up right in front of my face quite quickly and I realized I had a lot of
limiting beliefs to deal with such as:

My beliefs about money

My beliefs about marketing and selling
My beliefs about my own abilities
My beliefs about my own sense of worth
My beliefs about what it meant to be in business

and a whole lot more

Copyright 2016-2017 A Course In Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

I knew I needed more than my spiritual practice to support me. I needed

something tangible, trackable, something I could see and feel and observe day in
and day out. So I could SEE that change was occurring.
Thats when the BTT was born.

Its a simple, daily practice that has a

profound, long-lasting effect.
Ive shared the BTT with literally thousands of other Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs
(HSEs) who have all experienced some sort of deep and true transformation. Here
are just a few:

Belief Transformation Success Stories

"The BTT (belief transformation tool) is one of the most powerful tools I have ever
experienced. After 21 consecutive days of doing the BTT I noticed circumstances
and people were showing up for me so differently. More powerfully than I could've
imagined! I will continue using this tool as other Limiting Beliefs arise."
Susan Rustici - President of MenlaTechnologiesand Menla Life Center Independence, MO

"The BTT is such a powerful tool that I use often in my business. One of my
main limiting beliefs used to be "I am not enough. And, this limiting belief was
very much affecting my ability to generate income in my business, as I had a
really hard time putting myself out there". And, as a result of using this tool and
gathering tangible evidence against this belief consistently, I have experienced
HUGE shifts in the intensity of this belief and I see the results in my business. I
feel so much more confident, light, and free."
Jessica deCsesznak - InsPOWERed Coaching - Denver, CO

So now its your turn! :)

Copyright 2016-2017 A Course In Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

First, lets understand the definition of a limiting belief as a belief which holds
you back in some way. Because of this belief you do not think, do or say the things
that the belief blocks; and the result of this is a diminishment of your life.
You may have beliefs about rights, duties, abilities, permissions and so on, but,
mostly, limiting beliefs are often about yourself and your self-identity. However,
limiting beliefs may also be about other people and the world in general. In short,
they sadly limit you.
So, how do you know a belief is limiting? EASY it counteracts what you desire for
yourself! For example:
You have a passionate desire: I want to start a business as a coach/healer/artist!
Your limiting belief tells you: You cant do that; youll never make enough money.
Make sense? (I thought so. Sounds very familiar, right?)
Especially for those of us who are highly sensitive; since only 20% of us are born
into the world highly sensitive weve spent most of our lives feeling very
different from the rest of the world which is designed for the other 80%.
So everything that makes us who we are weve come to see those traits as
weaknesses or, as I like to say, as HSE Shadows, rather than as what they really are,
HSE Strengths.
These Shadows feed right into your limiting beliefs.
Next, I highly recommend that you use a specific journal (or at least a pad of paper)
for your BTTs. This is so that you can go back and track where you started and
where you have come to; you can literally see the transformation take place before
your eyes.
Copyright 2016-2017 A Course In Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

There are 8 simple steps. I am going to walk you through each step with an
example to support your learning.

Step 1 - Identify A Limiting Belief

For the purpose of this teaching example lets use the example of Jenny who wants
to grow her life coaching business, but every time Jenny thinks about this she hears
inside her head:
Ill never be able to make enough money working for myself.
So thats Jennys Limiting Belief. Once Jenny has identified this Limiting Belief
she then writes it down.
Thats it.
There is actually a lot of power in putting words to the limiting belief AND writing
it out on paper (or at least typing it). Its important that you fully formulate the
thought and then SEE it.

Step 2 - Rate The Intensity of The Limiting Belief (1 Low 10 High)

This step is about how true this belief is for you.
So, how can you tell how true this belief is for you?
Well, most likely, when you truly focus in youll feel it in your body. Most likely this
limiting belief will be hanging out in your head, your heart, or your gut or all
When you check in about this belief and ask yourself, How true does this feel to
me? youll hear a screaming inside your head, THIS IS SO TRUE! and then stories
will start to pour forth sounding something like, Remember what happened to
Aunt Ida when she tried to start a business!? or Youre too stupid. You cant even
balance your check book! or as Jenny heard screaming in her head: Being a Life
Coach is NOT A REAL JOB!
Or your heart will start to ache.
Or your stomach will tighten.
The key is determining how loud is the voice, how intense is the ache and/or how
tight is your stomach thats where the rating of the intensity comes in.
If you just cant imagine it going any higher without self-combusting, thats a 10. If
you have a sense you could feel worse, but also better, then it is probably around a
5. If you start to feel this whole BTT thing is getting rather tiresome because youd
rather be out there marketing your business and talking to potential clients youve
hit 0! No more limiting belief YAY :)
When Jenny checked in she realized that the Limiting Belief was screaming so
loudly in her head and she felt like she was going to throw up so she rated her
Limiting Belief a 9.
Copyright 2016-2017 A Course In Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Step 3 - Identify The Ideal Belief

This step is the opportunity to get clear about what youd like to
believe instead.
If you werent stuck with this limiting thought, what belief would
support you in getting what you want and having what you desire?
Sometimes when I need help identifying the Ideal Belief I conjure
up someone I imagine doesnt have such difficulty with limiting
beliefs (of course, everyone does to some degree, but my ego-mind
likes to play tricks on me which is its main job and tells me Im
the only one); Oprah is always a good resource for this.
So, I say to myself, What would Oprah believe? and then
something eloquent pops up like: Ill be able to make more than
enough money working for myself.
There it is, the Ideal Belief.
Then you WRITE IT DOWN. (Very important part of all the steps!)
Jenny decided that her Ideal Belief would be: I can make more
than enough money to spare and share in my Life Coaching

Step 4 - Acknowledge That Its A Tall Order

To Go From 0 to 100 (Limiting Belief to Ideal
The minute you identify the Ideal Belief your ego-mind will want to
come in and tell you how ludicrous you are, how crazy you are, how
stupid it is to even consider this possibility and try to come with
all the ways to remind you that youre not Oprah (or whatever Ideal
Belief muse you may have chosen, if needed).
This step counter-acts that sneaky ego-mind right from the get
go simply so you can stay. with. the. process.
Thats all.
Not obtain instant enlightenment.
Not immediately generate $100K in your life-coaching business.
Not even immediately get a new client.
Just so you can stay. with. the. process.
And, therefore, actually have a shot at transforming this pesky
limiting belief!
Jenny wrote down for herself: I dont need to believe this Ideal
Belief today. I only need to consider it as a possibility.

Copyright 2016-2017 A Course In Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Step 5 - Gather Evidence Contrary To The Limiting Belief

This step is oh-so-very-important. Really, all the steps are, but this step is a turning
point. This step is the place on Mt. Everest where most people turn back or freeze
to death. This is the tell-all: do you really want what you say you want enough to be
willing to dive deeper and do (what I call) the real work.
Its one thing to be doodling in your journal about your limiting beliefs and its a
whole other thing to actually need to dig deep and begin to gather evidence. Whats
important with this step is that you begin with what you can actually grasp.
So for instance, maybe, you start with other people outside of yourself. It might
sound like:

Other people have been successfully self-employed. (I will not be the first living
human being to work for herself.)
Other people have succeeded at doing things they at first thought they couldnt
do - like the 12 year old girl who just won Americas Got Talent.
I saw on Facebook that a girl who sat behind me in Math in high-school has a
dog-walking business and I saw pictures of her walking dogs so it must be true.

And then eventually you can extend to yourself, which might sound like:
There was that time I was told I couldnt bake an apple pie, but I did it.
I sold the most Girl Scout cookies in my entire troupe in fourth grade.
I met that woman at a party last week who gave me her card and she has her
own massage therapy practice.
Now, again, lets acknowledge how much the ego-mind is going to want to come in
and have a put-down for every single one of these. Thats ok. Let it rage away and
gather the evidence to the contrary anyway.
Just so you can stay. with. the. process.
Because thats the in-this-moment goal. Just staying. with. the. process. (That then
leads to awesome, profound change, but Shhhh!, we wont tell your ego-mind.)
Jenny felt hopeful about the evidence she gathered for herself:

Martha Beck has done well for herself.

I overheard a woman at the grocery store talking about her Life Coach.
Ive worked with my own Life Coach for 2 years now.
I found a nickel.
I got a raise last year so I must do OK work.
I started a conversation with that stranger in the elevator so I can talk to strangers.
My heart skips an excited beat when I let myself think this might be possible.

Copyright 2016-2017 A Course In Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Step 6 - From That Evidence Identify A Next Baby-Step Belief

Phrases to Activate Your Next Baby Step Belief

I am willing to consider the possibility that...

Its possible that ...
I believe ...

This step is just about getting us from 0 to maybe, like, 1 or 2 (rather than 100,
remember?) all so that we can stay. with. the. process. (Are you catching on how
important this staying-with-it thing is? :))
Therefore, we want to give the mind language that it wont immediately reject. Rather
than I do believe (where the ego-mind just starts to cackle like the Wicked Witch
of the West) we instead start with I am willing to consider the possibility that
maybe, just perhaps, on a really sunny day, when its a perfect 70 degrees Ill
be able to make more than enough money working for myself. Maybe.
And then as you stay-with-it youll be able to graduate to phrases like Its possible
that and then, eventually, I believe.
Jenny identified her Next Baby-Step Belief as: I am willing to consider the
possibility that I might be able to connect with a client who would be willing to pay
me for my Life Coaching abilities.

Step 7 - Rate The Intensity of The Original Limiting

Belief (1-10)
This step gives you an opportunity, now that youve been doing all of this awesome
deep-diving, to go back and check in about the intensity of the Limiting Belief
you identified at the beginning of this BTT.
Is it the same? Different? More? Less?
No right, wrong or judgment; just a check in with yourself to gauge where things are
in this moment.
Jenny was surprised that when she went back to her original Limiting Belief
that it was no longer at a 9! It was now an 8!! That shift, though it might seem
small to someone else felt really significant to Jenny and supported her sense of
hopefulness. Maybe, just maybe this could be possible

Step 8 - Commit To 7 to 40 Days of Belief

Transformation Around This Original Limiting Belief
This last step is the golden goose that laid the egg. This is where the magic lies. This is
where the miracles lurk.
Back to the chant Ive been chanting for you this whole time: the power of staying. with.
the. process.
Copyright 2016-2017 A Course In Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Another teaching I share with my Business Miracles Members all the time is,
Everyone wants transformation, but no one actually wants to change.
Huh. Thats why we love self-help books. And tele-seminars. And workshops.
But the minute were asked to invest our time, attention and energy ONGOING. Eeek.
Less appealing. Suddenly, doing the laundry looks very attractive.
But thats just your ego-mind. Trying to keep you in false-safety. Trying to keep you
in littleness. Trying to keep you out of magnitude (Im paraphrasing A Course In
Miracles here).
But I know theres more to you than that. How do I know this? Because youve
made it this far and you are still here with me :) Thats why I believe in you.
Now, do you believe in you? (Maybe thats our first BTT!)
But, heres the REAL question: What happened with Jenny? Well, Jenny, committed
whole-heartedly and went through the entire first 7 steps of the BTT writing each
one out every day for a whole 30 days (even when it felt repetitive and even when
she didnt want to) and by the time she reached day 30 not only was her original
Limiting Belief down to a 2, but she had joined a networking group, received her first
referral and was in process of speaking with a prospect about her Life Coaching
Business. She was amazed.
She also committed to continue to begin a new BTT on another pesky Limiting Belief
that had showed itself: She wouldnt be able to handle having a successful Life
Coaching Business. So, yay for Jenny.
And Ill also tell you, even though I have now been self-employed for almost 15 years
and even though Ive gone from bankruptcy to a 7-figure business, I STILL USE THE
There is always a next level to expand and open up in to being. Thats the shared
teaching of all spiritual text. We are brought here to be more.
I recommend you begin with the BTT template provided for you below and then
(you guessed it) stay. with. it.
Dont wait to get a pretty journal. Start with toilet paper if you need to. Just start.
Heres to transforming your limiting beliefs, staying out of your HSE Shadows,
stepping into your HSE Strengths and experiencing Business Miracles on a daily
Love and Blessings,

Copyright 2016-2017 A Course In Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

The Belief Transformation Tool (BTT) Template

Step 1: Identify A Limiting Belief

Step 2: Rate the intensity of the Limiting Belief (1-10)





Step 3: Identify The Ideal Belief

Step 4: Acknowledge that its a tall order to go from 0 to 100 (Limiting Belief to Ideal Belief)
Step 5: Gather evidence contrary to the
Limiting Belief

Step 6: From that evidence identify a

Next Baby-Step Belief
Phrases to Activate Your Next Baby-Step Belief:
I am willing to consider the possibility that...
Its possible that...
I believe...

Step 7: Rate the intensity of the original Limiting Belief (1-10)




Step 8: Commit to 7 to 40 Days of Belief Transformation around this original Limiting Belief

Please note: This document is not to be copied or distributed in any way this is
for your personal educational purpose only. Thank you for your integrity energy.
Copyright 2016-17 A Course In Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Heather Dominick: Official Biography

Heather Dominick is the founder and leader of the
Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur movement. Her
teachings demonstrate how highly sensitive traits
when used as strengths, rather than shadows, can
create effective entrepreneurial success. Her deep
wisdom reaches close to 100,000 Highly Sensitive
Entrepreneurs around the globe via her website,
www.businessmiracles.com, and various social
media channels.
Heather is creator of the 2014 Stevie Award
winning virtual event A Course In Business
Miracles: 21-Day Discovery Series that
attracted close to 6,000 official registrants
from all around the world including: Iceland, Nigeria, Russia, Asia, South America,
Australia, Europe and the U.S. She has appeared on Lifetime Television and has
been published in numerous books including Stepping Stones to Success alongside
Deepak Chopra. Heather also received the 2015 Best of Manhattan Award in the
Coaching Category for the mentoring she provides via her programs at A Course In
Business Miracles.
As an exceptional facilitator and teacher at heart, Heather is known for creating a
safe, sacred community for true transformation whether she is teaching a Business
Miracles Class, delivering training in one of her online or in-person Courses
or mentoring clients in her Mentoring Programs. Heathers work is a unique
combination of the inner and outer. She has helped thousands of her highly
sensitive students and clients release life-long limiting beliefs, overcome fears
and learn how to market and sell in their business in a way that actually feels so
good they create solid, sustainable, high-level financial success.
Before becoming an entrepreneur, Heather earned her Masters Degree from New
York University in 1996, where she received her first coach training. She also
worked as a public high school drama teacher for 8 years which included a close
collaboration with business partner, Bette Midler on projects including transforming
a classroom into a black box theatre and costuming her inner city students for
productions like The Wiz from Bettes former tours.
Heather has been a student of A Course In Miracles for over 30 years and is herself
a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur who has been successfully self-employed for over
a decade, including creating 7-figure success. She has also managed to joyfully live
in Manhattan, NY for over 20 years (as a highly sensitive!) and is where she still lives
with her sweetheart husband, Stephen.
Copyright 2016-2017 A Course In Business Miracles with Heather Dominick