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I felt as if every ounce of hysterical sorrow on this Universe had
suddenly metamorphosed into the perennially glorious waterfalls
of compassion; dissipating their goodness upon each bedraggled
pore of my existence,
I felt as if the most horrendously parasitic of leech had suddenly
started to donate an infinite granaries of blood to all those in
need; abruptly shrugging the parasitic tag from each
conceivable cranny of their demeanor,
I felt as if a boundless clouds of newness had suddenly formed
an invincible entrenchment around every iota of earth; blessing
its haplessly parched and commercially adulterated surface with
a zillion droplets of creation,
I felt as if each inanely stagnating hair on my decrepit flesh
suddenly rose towards the ultimate summits of undefeated
paradise; and forever found its zealously real mission in life,
I felt as if each iota of contentment on this fathomless Universe
was suddenly lined up on the contours of my miserably chapped
lips; making me look forward to no greed or malice any further,
I felt as if a brilliantly streaming morning was suddenly rising
out of treacherously maiming blackness; triumphantly
maneuvering every devastated footstep of mine towards the path
of symbiotic oneness,
I felt as if even the most frigidly orphaned of stones had
suddenly become the supreme peaks of unassailable Everest;
inviting one and all alike on this enthralling planet in the spirit of
tantalizing adventure,
I felt as if even the most fetidly lamenting droplet of my sweat
had suddenly become the most unparalleled cistern of
happiness; profusely drenching each scorched arena of my
existence with cloudbursts of ecstasy,
I felt as if each vein in my inconsolably cringing blood had

suddenly commenced to generate a countless electric currents of

goodness all throughout my soul; absolving me of even the most
inadvertently committed of my sin,
I felt as if the whole manipulatively blood-sucking world had
suddenly become my platform for impregnable success; to
discover; to evolve; to admire; and to forever embrace with the
blessings of the Almighty Lord,
I felt as if every worthlessly aimless step that I listlessly tookhad suddenly some priceless purpose in god's infinite chapter of
blissful creation; to immortally unite all in the fabric of
insuperable oneness,
I felt as if every disdainfully creaking bone of mine had suddenly
sprung like an untamed tiger; to inexhaustibly massacre even
the most intangible trace of devil from this endless earth,
I felt as if every spell-bindingly panoramic fantasy on this globe
had suddenly come into the whites of my eyes; royally
perpetuating me to perceive beyond the extraordinaryeach
unveiling instant of princely life,
I felt as if every patch of languidly barren earth had suddenly
become the ultimate heaven; the ultimate paradise; right infront
of my eyes and without laboring a step further on planet divine,
I felt as if I could suddenly survive on limitless whiffs of air
around me; abjuring every worldly pleasure in vicinity till my
very last breath; with the Omnipotent light of the Sun and Moon
my sole saviors,
I felt as if even the most mundanely committed actions around
mehad suddenly become miraculously ameliorating poems of
the most unprecedented degree; and my sole panacea for
I felt as if the brutally entangled labyrinths of my brain- had
suddenly unleashed into an unsurpassable sky of freedom; where
the only rule that existed was that there were not the tiniest of

I felt as if each of my salaciously betrayed heartbeat-had

suddenly been embodied with the imprints of immortal
friendship; which made me rise from my veritable corpse- to lead
an infinite majestically new lives once again,
Everytime; O! Yes undoubtedly everytime; after I made;
embraced and rose in
the spirit of love.