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Discuss some of the general writing problems associated with their paragraph 1 and
exemplify those problems choosing 1 or 2 examples taken from their writing examples
What song/piece appeals to you and why; how would you describe the character of the
piece and how does the music express that character?
I refer you to the grammar sheet deposited on Blackboard under resources.
2. Take a piece of chant from the syllabus (or of your choosing) and discuss the musical
materials; rhythm, intervals-stepwise motion, cadence, arching shape, voices.
Discuss learning strategies, how to develop their critical ear so they can
hear the individual musical materials above.
How to study?
Take questions from them.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts, ideas, etc. This is likely much too much
material to cover in your session, but there will be other tutorials so dont worry!