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Tutorial 3

Field any questions from paragraphs and material generally

Main Agenda:
Play polyphonic pieces both Vitrys Motet Cum statua/Hugo [NAWM 25] and
Machauts Chanson Rose, Liz, printemps [NAWM 28] and practice recognizing the
Syllabic, melismatic, neumatic relationships between text and music
Cadence points; how are they achieved?
Musical shape (recitation notes (repeated notes) or arching melodic ideas
Structural Repetition, Refrain (in the chanson)
Through-composed (motet)
Especially Texture
-3 voiced texture
-4 voiced texture
-sustained supportive lines vs. active lines
-treble dominated vs. sustained homorhythmic lines
(The bolded items are materials that students have to define, and to sonically recognize)