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Tutorial 8

Please play various musical examples from the entire syllabus (name that genre!). Make
sure the students can identify some of the stylistic conventions that define the various
genres you play. They should be developing certain ear training strategies so that they
can identify what they hear and, taking the next step, determine the genre and some of
the stylistic and and historic characteristics. Remember to emphasize that they need to
understand the factual and stylistic characteristics of a particular genre in order to
become successful listeners.
The goal will be to help them create a listening strategy in anticipation of their final
exam. Of course, the goal is really to help them create a listening strategy as
professional musicians.
Here are some suggestions, but you are free to do whatever you think will work best:
As Listeners they should do the following:
Determine the instrumentation (or vocal) of the excerpt
Are their soloists, small group, larger group, choir?
What language is being sung (if it is vocal)
Consider the Texture
Is their repetition or is it through-composed
Now consider more detailed questions of style:
Describe the texture
Phrase segmentation: distinct melodic lines, melodic repetition-imitation, non-stop
Is their word painting
How do the cadences function: overlapping or distinct breaks
Rhythmic gestures (Lully in his Overture)
Ornamentation or figuration