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Merry Christmas

a Prosperous New Year
from the management and
staff of City Star


DECEMBER 25, 2016 - JANUARY 25, 2017

to combat

Zareena Bi

THE President of the Republic of

Fiji Major General (retired) Jioji
Konrote very strongly called for all
major religions to come together to
combat the high crime rate in the
Speaking at the National
Celebrations of the Prophet
Muhammads birthday at the FMF
Gymnasium in Suva on December
12 the President highlighted that
crime has unfortunately been a
persistent issue in Fiji and sexual
and gender-related crimes remain
unacceptably high.
Religious organisations can
play a greater role in building the
strong moral values that encourage
our people to walk a higher path and
respect the vulnerable in our society.
I am calling for inter-faith
discussions on how we can harness
the power of faith to better our
I will be carrying this message
to other religious bodies throughout
the country and I am confident
that by working together we can
promote the common values that we
all cherish.
The President also spoke

about raising the quality of life

to effectively change behavior to
counter the high current crime rate
in the country.
When we give our people
financial security and stability, we
eliminate the circumstances that
often lead to criminality.
With a strong spiritual
foundation, we can make Fiji even
more productive, make our economy
more sustainable and motivate the
Fijian people to find financial and
spiritual success for themselves and
their families.
So as we gather here today to
celebrate the birth of the Prophet
Muhammad, I hope we can all reflect
on the positive role faith has played
in our lives, and on the lessons our
faith has imparted upon us.
He added that it is more
important to think on how we can
impart those lessons upon others.
Fiji has never been more united
than it is today, and what we have
already achieved as a nation is
worthy of celebration, but we cannot
rest on our laurels.
We must continue to preach
the values of peace, understanding,
appreciation and tolerance for the
beliefs of others.

University of Fijis Most Outstanding student in MBBS Momal Ali

Qureshi after receiving her three gold medals from Chancellor Ratu
Epeli Nailatikau. Photo: Sanjay Goundar. Article on Page 3.






25, 2016


Students who were part of the Bayly Welfare Lautokas annual prize giving and fun day.
Photos: Sanjay Goundar


Bayly Welfare Lautoka 2016 Dux award recipient Raxnal Karan receiving his spoils from Mrs
Sarojini Michael

Raxnal flourishes with Bayly aid

Sanjay Goundar
IN the life of many school students struggling
with poverty certain good Samaritans salvage
their educational career as guardian angels.
Year 13 student of Lautoka Central College
Raxnal Karan has walked through the hard
yards of his life from a very young age.
Whilst attending Year 5 at Natabua Primary
School in 2008 his family faced extreme
hardship which could have shattered his dream
of attaining quality education.
It was at this juncture of his life when the

JP Bayly Trust Lautoka branch came to his

Since 2008 until the completion of his final
year in secondary school (Year 13) Karan has
been assisted with tuition fees, text and exercise
books, stationeries and footwear.
Members of the trust led by their Lautoka
Almoner Sarojini Michael made regular visits
to Karans home and also assisted his family
with food ration.
One of the proudest moments of Karans life
was when he was awarded with the Dux Award
at a special prize giving function organized by

the Bayly Welfare Trust on November 30.

Every year the Trust organizes an annual
prize giving day to reward those students
assisted by them who do exceptionally well in
According to Mrs Michael, Karan did
exceptionally well in his studies this year along
with very good attendance which resulted
in him getting a special recognition from the
Bayly Trust.
She revealed that its a great privilege and
honour for the Bayly Trust to play a pivotal
role in shaping a bright future for the young


generation of this country.

This year we assisted 24 students with
their educational needs and along with our
awards function we held a fun day for the
students and their families.
We had games for the whole group, plus
gifts for the students and also provided lunch to
each and every one of them.
I must thank the JP Bayly Trust and all our
other generous sponsors for making the event
this year very successful, Mrs Michael added.


Zareena Bi


Momals triple gold


ACHIEVING a gold medal in studies is a dream

of many and only a few manage to achieve this
mammoth task but achieving three gold medals
is indeed worth commending.
Pakistani born,24 year old Momal Ali
Qureshi achieved this near impossible task
as she scooped three gold medals while
graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine and
Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Fiji
on December 2.

25, 2016



Ms Qureshi informed that her six year

journey of studies has been amazing and
she acknowledged the assistance of all her
lecturers, doctors and associate professors who
have been a part of her education.
My gold medal achievements are from the
department of basic sciences, clinical sciences
and community medicine and I wish to thank
all those who have assisted me during my years
of studies.
I have fulfilled my parents dream by
becoming a doctor and at this point I also wish

express my gratitude to them for providing me

with their vital support all along.
My husband and my two daughters have also
been an integral part of the support system
during these years.
She added that she moved to Fiji when she
was six years old and became a Fiji citizen in
I am extremely grateful to Fiji Muslim
League for sponsoring my studies through the
Islamic Development Bank scholarship.
In fact I owe my degree to my sponsors

and my focus now will be on gaining clinical

I will bestarting the necessary
documentation process and await my posting.
Meanwhile, Qureshi advised that she chose
to study at the University of Fiji as it was a
convenient location from her family home
in Nadi and it suited her conservative family
background to study close to home.

in all that you do so that your working life

journey will be smooth, eventful and rewarding.
As a responsible citizen of the nation you
should always understand what you are not
supposed to do or what is against the law, he
Meanwhile, Ratu Epeli commended the
management of Uni Fiji for successfully
running the institute since its establishment in
In the last 11 years of its existence the
university has graduated 2043 students out of
which 109 are medical doctors.
Ratu Epeli revealed that almost all the
graduates from the university are being
employed in the public and private sector which
he emphasized is an excellent achievement for

a decade old university.

He further stressed that community
engagement on the path of Uni Fiji would bring
advantages to both parties and will create a win
- win situation.
It is deeply appreciated that the
government of Fiji continues to provide
operational grant to the university and that
the toppers scholarship and tertiary education
loans scheme are available to students at Uni
Such assistance no doubt enables the
university to meet its institutional objectives of
providing quality higher education to those that

seek admission here.

I am hopeful that more and more industrial
players will come onboard and assist the
university in whatever way possible.
Such assistance to the University of Fiji
realizes the national goal of having qualified
human resources and ensures the fulfilment
of every childs dream of pursuing tertiary
It can rightly be said that accessible,
affordable and quality education does help
people break out of the poverty circle and
become productive citizens of the nation, he

Abide by work ethics

Sanjay Goundar
CLOSE to 200 graduates from the University
of the Fiji were reminded to enter the workforce
with a very professional approach.
Former Fiji President and current
Chancellor of Uni Fiji Ratu Epeli Nailatikau
reminded the180 graduates at the universitys
graduation ceremony on December 2 that the
path ahead will be totally different from their
educational career.
Ratu Epeli told the graduates that as they
eagerly join the workforce they should proceed
with caution, avoid temptations, and remain
strictly within their professional and personal
discipline to avoid encounters with the law
You must uphold laws and remain ethical

Graduates from the University of Fijis recent graduation ceremony

Master of Nursing graduate Bindu Choudhari with husband Dr Darshan Choudhari after
graduating from Uni Fiji. Photos: Sanjay Goundar




25, 2016



Nauru counterparts visit LCC to share experiences on SWM

Nauru counterparts with Rouhit Karan Singh and Wally Atalifo of LCC at Lautokas Churchill
A team of five officers from Nauru visited
Lautoka City Council to share and learn the
good practices of solid waste management
adhered by LCC.
The training program was organized
and funded through the EU funded SPREP
administered Pac Waste project as part of its
regional collaboration activities and follows
on from a request from the Government of
Nauru to be able to visit suitable location and
techniques for waste management that could be
applied in Nauru.
An important component of the PacWaste
project to promote a program of this kind
to assist the counterparts to quickly catch up
and improve their waste management through

leaning from those Pacific island countries that

are more advanced in solid waste management.
LCC through is experiences since adoption
of solid waste minimization project undertaken
by JICA from 2008 shared its experiences a
good practices on
Separate collection of recyclables
Home Composting
Market waste composting Vunato Landfill
Clean Schools Program
Disaster Waste Management
Lautoka Eco Bag project
Nauru counterprts obtained first hand
training by having site visits which showed

The Nauru delegation with LCC officials at the very popular Botanical Garden.
Photos: Supplied.
the issues and challenges faced by PICs whilst
dealing with waste.
The Government of Nauru is currently
struggling with an undeveloped waste
management system including a lack of capacity
in relation to collection systems, controlled
landfilling and green waste management.
SPREP through the EU funded PacWaste
project is supporting regional collaboration,
information exchange and twinning within
and between ACPs and OCTs in relation to
hazardous waste management, atoll solid waste
management, including landfilling and green
waste management as well as 3R activities in
the Pacific region.
The objectives of this study visit were to:-


To learn about proper rehabilitation and

management of landfill including Fukuoka
method with a limited budget,
To learn about the integrated waste
management especially for market
composting methodology, and clean school
programme activity,
To promote the Pacific-Pacific cooperation
from the sustainable point of view.
The training was conducted by local
trainers Rouhit Karan Singh-Manager Health
Services and Wally Atalifo-Health Inspector of
Lautoka City Council.



25, 2016



LCC receives Shredder


LAUTOKA City Council received timely

committed to produce more market waste compost by


the use of shredder that will speed up the decomposition




Corporation Agency (JICA). JICA donated


shredder machine worth $7,000.00 to boost the

Mr. Hiroyuki Sawada-Resident Representative of JICA Fiji Officer handing over the
shredder machine to LCCs Director Health Services Gyneshwar Rao. Photo: Supplied.

market waste composting project undertaken

To maximize the use of shredder, LCC has constructed

by council at Vunato Disposal site. Lautoka

$40,000.00 worth composting shed at the Disposal site

City Council whilst receiving the Market

and allocated fulltime human resources to implement and

Waste Shredder machine thanked Mr. Hiroyuki

monitor the project.

Sawada-Resident Representative of JICA Fiji

Office for the continuous support towards

and thanks the foresightedness of JICA volunterr Ms.

waste management activities.

Nozomi Takahashi in acquiring the shredder that will be

Lautoka City Council is very much

put in use to target waste minimization and recycling .

LCC has established a cordial relationship with JICA

The concept of Market waste composting started in

2010 after realizing that more than 60% waste generated

in the market is organic. With the help of Market Cleaning
contractor and involvement of market vendors and
average of 1000kg of green waste is recycled everyday.

To date LCC has managed to sell more than 15 tons

of natural compost to its residents and other interested

buyers at reasonable price of $3/10kg bag. The demand
is increasing day by day which is encouraging.

Avoid dumping
Sanjay Goundar
THE Lautoka City Council is calling upon residents of
the Sugar City to avoid dumping household rubbish or
trees and branches into drains and creeks around their
It has been seen on numerous occasions people tend
to dump their rubbish in drains and creeks instead of
properly disposing them.
LCC chief executive officer Jone Nakauvadra
stressed that such people are least concern about the
negative impact their actions have.
We are facing very adverse weather condition in the
country and rubbish and trees dumped in drains results in
major blockages.
Because of the blocked drains flooding occurs which
not only overflows on the roads but also ends up flooding
of properties.
People do not realize that their own actions results
in disasters in the near future and flooding of drains and
creeks are a perfect example.
Mr Nakauvadra pointed out that the council conducts
house to house cleaning on weekly basis within the city
boundary plus free major collection happens within the
year as well.
He revealed that residents should take opportunity of
this clean up campaigns rather than using drains to dump
their rubbish.
The council incurs additional cost to clean the
blocked drains plus flooding results in damage to
properties of residents.
We are once again calling upon the residents of
Lautoka to show some form of district pride and work
hand in hand with the council to keep the city safe from
natural disasters.
At the same time we are urging people to take heed
of advises from DISMAC and monitor the movement of
their children as well as avoid unnecessary movement in
flooded areas, he emphasized.



Merry Christmas
& Happy New year


A sense of mixed feeling is in the air as we prepare

to bid farewell to 2016.
The Tropical Disturbance and Tropical
Depression we are currently experiencing over
the Fiji group have overshadowed our anticipation
towards the Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Though the weather office has cleared us from a
possible cyclone for now, there are still doubts in our

25, 2016


minds that anything can happen in the given days

leading up to December 31 and even to April when
the cyclone season is finally over.
The devastation caused by TC Winston last
February is still vivid in our minds and people are
taking a cautious approach and are reluctant to over
spend this Christmas.
Given the continuous rainfall throughout the
country for the last few days, the western division
has been spared from any major damage to
However, the torrential rainfall in the southern
division has seen flooding and landslides especially
in the Navua area and Naitasiri.
People in these affected areas living on low land

PUBLISHER : SANJAY GOUNDAR : PH: 9960 129/ 8493 057

: PH: 9189 779
POSTAL ADDRESS : PO Box 4230, Lautoka


have been told to take cover and move to higher

Police and firemen have been working around
the clock assisting those in need, while people have
been told to remain vigilant and stay away from
creeks, rivers and going out to sea.
Evacuation centres are also on standby ready to
serve its purpose.
Those not in dangers of mishap are requested to
remain indoors until such time when the all clear is
given by the metrological office in Nadi.
People are to adhere to the daily weather bulletin
and abide by what is being requested rather than
trying to be over smart and ending up in no mans

Let us all make things easier for the concerned

authorities and for ourselves as we go through these
testing times once again.
We cannot shy away from what nature has to
offer but we can only remain firm, walk hand in hand
to care for each other during these trouble times.
As we go in search for that first ray of sunlight
to peek our way from up above to signal the end of
a bad spell, we at the City Star Newspaper remain
committed to deliver the best and wish all our valued
clients, friends and families a blessed Christmas and
a prosperous 2017.
Maika Kasami


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SI Lautoka
partners with
Girl Guides

SI Lautoka members with Vuda District Girl Guides executive members. Photo: Sanjay Goundar
Zareena Bi
THE Ministry of Education has now taken a new
initiative of making co-curricular activities like
Girl Guides, Brownies and Scouts compulsory
in Primary schools for the holistic development
of children.
In view of this Soroptimist International
Lautoka has joined hands with the Vuda
District Girl Guides for the revival of Guiding
Last month the club together with Western
Aluminium Joinery Limited sponsored the
banner for the Vuda Angels cluster which
includes nine rural schools from Saru to
Lomolomo vicinity. The schools are Lomolomo
Public, Gurukul Primary, Wairebetia Muslim,
Shri Ram Govind, Viseisei Primary, Dreketi
Sangam, Vuda District, Natabua Primary and
Saru MGM.
During the handover of the banner Girl
Guides Vuda District Commissioner Swanam
Chand advised that they had been looking for a
sponsor for a while and they are grateful that SI
Lautoka did not only come forward to sponsor
it but also joined hands to actively participate
in future activities for the new school year in

The banner has given us an added boost as

it is a symbol and promotion of our activities.
Also, we are fortunate that SI Lautoka has
formed an association with us as the club is
quite active in the community and schools
around Lautoka so it will bring us a lot of
We will start our school based activities
from the first term of school to ensure the
continuity of programs throughout the year.
Meanwhile, SI Lautoka President Ranjini
Sanjay advised that it is SIs focus to form
partnerships and works closely with other
Non Government Organisations (NGOs) and
authorities for positive social and economic
changes that improve the lives of women,
children and families.
This partnership will enable us to work
more closely with the students and enhance
their life skills to benefit them in future.
We will also be advocating on social
and health issues which affect girls so there is
more awareness on current topics which are of
Our aim is also to provide the platform to
enhance the leadership qualities of these young





25, 2016


Employment of children during

festive season

Source: MINFO

GOVERNMENT is advising all parents and

guardians to be mindful of the regulations
surrounding the employment of children during
the festive season.
Minister for Employment, Productivity and
Industrial Relations Jone Usamate said that the
Ministrys Labour Compliance Officers are
currently on the ground conducting awareness
and investigating cases where child labour is
The festive season is a time when people
love to spend money on shopping, travelling
and holidays and children should not be the
reason for earning extra income for their

families pockets to support these activities,

said Minister Usamate.
The Minister stated that his Ministry has
conducted awareness for a total of 50 sugar
cane farmers, 40 police officers and 20 labour
officers in the Western and Northern division
on child labour and its withdrawal process as
part of the interagency cooperation which is in
line with the interagency guideline signed by
the partners on 17th December 2015.
The ministry has also conducted
community based awareness around Fiji
including school teachers and parents in
ensuring that children are given the proper care
and education and no underage child is seen
working, said Minister Usamate.

In employing a child, the Minister is urging

all employers to ensure that they comply with
the minimum terms and conditions stipulated
under Part 10 of the Employment Relations
Promulgation 2007.
The condition stipulates that a child
must be 15 years and above and can only be
employed for 8 hours with 30 minutes paid
break for every hour of work, said Minister
They must engage in light work and not
any work that is hazardous and harmful to their
health, mental, spiritual or social development.
The child must return to his/her parents/
guardians at the end of each days employment
and the child should be paid the minimum rates


as stipulated in the 2015 Wages Regulations

and the National Minimum Wage.
Minister Usamate added that any person
found employing a child outside the terms and
conditions stipulated under the Employment
Relations Promulgation 2007 shall be guilty of
an offence and the conviction for an individual
is a fine of $10,000 or 2 years imprisonment or
both and for a corporation or a company a fine
not exceeding $50,000.
The Ministry has so far conducted a total
of 3,475 labour inspections on compliance and
child labour issues from January to November

Donation To Assist In Youth Development

Source: MINFO

Minister for Youth and Sports LaiseniaTuitubou

receiving the $40,000 cheque from Chinese
Ambassador Zhang Ping. Photo: Supplied

THE Ministry of Youth and Sports recently

received a donation of $40,000 from the
Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China
to assist in youth development and capacity
building projects in communities.
The cheque was presented to Minister
LaiseniaTuitubou in Suva by the Chinese
Ambassador to Fiji, His Excellency Zhang

Minister Tuitubou acknowledged the
timely assistance by the Chinese Government
and reassured Ambassador Zhang Ping that the
Ministry would ensure that the grant would be
used to address the needs of the youth in the
four divisions.
Our Divisional Youth Officers have been
requested to identify potential recipients of this
grant so that this assistance is put to good use


to support income generating opportunities,

Tuitubou said.
Tuitubou and Ambassador Zhang Ping also
discussed the possibility of further assistance
and support by the Government of the Peoples
Republic of China towards sustainable income
generating projects for youth empowerment
as well as sports development following the
recent official visit by the Minister to China to
strengthen bilateral relations further.


Zareena Bi


BOB celebrates with




IT is once again that time of the year when

corporate organizations organize functions to
give appreciation to their staff and customers
for their loyalty during the year.
Bank of Baroda Lautoka held their popular
annual Christmas cocktail on December 9
which was attended by most of their corporate

25, 2016

Speaking at event the Chief Executive

Officer of BOB Fiji Mr Govindsing Rajput
stressed on the importance of customer service
for the extension and retention of customer
We were established in 1951 in Fiji and
have eight branches in the country with around
140 committed staff and they are doing a very
good job in serving our customers.
In fact our very committed staff are the main

Bank of Baroda Chief Executive Officer Fiji Operations Govindsing Rajput (middle) with his
Lautoka branch staff during the banks annual cocktail in Lautoka.

strength for our bank.

The CEO informed that the purpose of
the cocktail is to include all staff and business
customers in a function where informal
interaction can take place to understand the
expectation of the customers.
The concept of cocktail is a popular one
in this country so our bank has organized
cocktails at all branches around the country.
This year was not a very good start off for


the country as a whole due to the catastrophic

cyclone Winston but despite the adversity BOB
has managed to retain its loyal customer base.
Meanwhile, the bank continues to provide its
services to rural customers specially in the
villages through their Microfinance Division
and their popular commercial or business loan
package to their corporate customers.

BOB Lautoka branch manager Sabita Raj (right) with prominent Lautoka businessman Pramod
Kumar during the banks annual cocktail function. Photos: Sanjay Goundar





25, 2016



Unbelievable Prices for this Christmas

Was $8.95
Now $7.95

Was $5.95

Now $5.49

Was $7.95
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Was $7.95
Now $6.95

I-Man Body spray 150ml Island Gardenia Body Spray

Rexona Body spray 250ml

in assorted size range

Lynx 155ml

Nivea Mens Body spray 250ml

Was $8.95
Now $7.25

Was $59.95
Now $29.95

Assorted Body spray for Men

Assorted Body sprays

Assorted Body spray

Assorted Body spray for women

Perfume Gift sets

Was $42.95
Now $34.95

Two for

7-piece Jug set was


Wide range of Dinner

Car Seat Covers

Dinner plates in assorted sizes & colours

Was $69.95
Now $55.95

Was $210.00
Now $189.00

Was $139.95
Now $110.00

Single Burner Stainless Steel

Gas Stove

High Pressure Gas stove

Cooking Pots
in assorted sizes

Double Burner Stainless Steel Gas Stove

10 %

Was $149.00
Now $110.00


10 %


Stainless Steel Pots

Glass Top double burner Gas Stove


Was $24.95
Now $19.95




25, 2016



Christmas delight for Oceania Family

Sanjay Goundar
THE festive season towards the end of every
year also brings around the perfect timing
for business organisations to thank their
hardworking and dedicated employees.

For any company the biggest asset always

remains their employees and any recognition or

special treat rejuvenates the workforce towards
even greater dedication and commitment
towards their work in the upcoming year.






purification companies in the country Oceania

Water Group also held a special Christmas
treat for its employees and their families on
December 17.

The special gathering held at the company

warehouse in Bouwalu Street in Lautoka

saw company executives and staff with their
families mingle with each other in a very social
According to company manager Abdul

Oceania Water Group management and staff during their annual Christmas party

Kadar the annual Christmas cocktail function

is an initiative by their Director Neil Towner.

Oceania Water Group was established in

Today we have 14 employees and in the

So everyone along with the staff members

companys biggest asset and feels a social event

last five years the company has progressed

their families are also invited for a special treat

towards the end of the year is very appropriate

Fiji in 2011 with only Mr Towner and myself

tremendously and is becoming a household

by the company.

to acknowledge their effort throughout the

as the two staff.

name quickly.

year, Mr Kadar revealed.

Mr Neil Towner treats his workers as the

Oceania Water Group Director Neil Towner (middle) with company manager Abdul Kadar
(right) and Field Operations Team Leader Saiyad Abdul Shahim

Children enjoying themselves during the annual Christmas party of Oceania Water Group.
Photos: Sanjay Goundar



25, 2016



Are you celebrating Christmas or.?


By: Pastor Raymond Reddy

Victory Christian Centre
Kashmir Industrial, Lautoka
MAJORITY of people in the world will miss
this Christmas. But how can that be? How
can anyone miss Christmas, given the amount
of advertising, publicity, and promotion the
holiday receives each year?
Because although many celebrate
Christmas every year, most dont know what
its about. In spite of all the media promotion
of Christmas, the majority of people will miss
it because it has become so obscured.
The time of the year most people look
forward to, one of those busiest times in the
business calendar where people shop the most,
buying gifts for their loved ones. Shops have
the best sales advertised.
The best dinners are prepared; extended
families come together for this special event
called Christmas.
Some throw big parties, wanting to
share their excitement with as many others
as possible. Yet the reason why the party is
being held in the first place can be too easily
forgotten. Many organizations and office
Christmas parties, both those for adults and
those staged for children, are guilty of this.
The spiritual purpose is often overlooked
or totally excluded. People are expected to
have a Good time, and made to feel guilty if
they dont. Parties become social obligations,
the December calendar becomes filled, and
exhaustion sets in.
Most of the hotels and resorts are fully
occupied around this season, clubs and bars are
full with people enjoying late into the night.
All in the name of Christmas
For those of us who know and love the
Lord Jesus Christ, Christmas is a time to focus
on His birth. But even we can get caught up
in the swirl of activity around Christmastime
and can miss it in a practical sense. Satan has
so cluttered the Christian concept of Christmas
with such needless paraphernalia that its true
meaning is easily lost.

What can we give to our Lord as a birthday

Members of the Victory Christian Centre during the Christmas celebration last year.
Photo: Supplied
What does God want from us?
Are we celebrating the birth of our Lord, as
He would want us too?
The most number of parties take place
during this season. People from all races,
religions and nationalities take part in these

Christmas? This is His celebration; He needs to

be the centre of attention.
Does our drinking and getting drunk
portray true Christmas celebration? Does
clubbing portray Christmas? The conflicts that
break out during parties, do they portray true

our friends of the respective religions but its

a shame that Christians are not as radical. The
world needs to know that Jesus is the Reason
for the Season.
Jesus desire was to see that peoples sins
are forgiven, His objective on earth was to lead
humanity to God so that mankind could make

Christmas has become so commercialized
that people have forgotten the true meaning
of Christmas. Christ is being taken out of
Christmas calling it Xmas. For kids, Christmas
is all about Santa Claus bringing gifts.
Christians have become so tolerant that
no one is now bothered to tell the world that
Christmas is not about getting high on drugs
and alcohol, its not about new clothes and
expensive gifts but its about our Lord Jesus
Christ being born on earth so that He could take
our sins upon Himself and pay the price of our
sins on the cross of Calvary.
The question we need to ask ourselves is; Is
God being glorified through our celebration of

Lets look at the Bible for a moment, here

in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10
9Or do you not know that wrongdoers
will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not
be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor
idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex
with mena10nor thieves nor the greedy nor
drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will
inherit the kingdom of God.
When we read this scripture we see that a
lot of things that are going on during Christmas
celebrations are things that the Lord detests.
Promoting and advertising alcohol during
Christmas is just like promoting meat during
diwali or pork during an islamic celebration.
If that is done, there will be public outrage by

it to heaven when their time is up on earth.

John 3:16 sums up Gods Love for
humanityFor God loved the world so much
that He gave His one and only Son, so that
everyone who believes in Him will not perish
but have eternal life.
So this Christmas, lets give God the best
gift we can. Lets turn from our sins and accept
Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.
Lets celebrate the birth of our Lord by showing
Gods love to all.
Lets celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to
those in need, to those who cannot give back to
Lets share the true meaning of Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you all.





25, 2016




Applications are invited from individuals who wish to
study or resume studies at USP in Semester I 2017.
1. New Applicants to USP
Persons who have never studied at USP and wish to undertake studies in Semester I 2017
are invited to apply online for admission through www.usp.ac.fj/apply and they may
access the list of available programmes at www.usp.ac.fj/programs.
Should persons encounter problems with the online application facility they may download
and complete the application form available at www.usp.ac.fj/forms for submission to:

USP Lautoka Campus, Private Mail Bag, Lautoka or Contact Devika Ram or Arti
Archana on tel: 6666800 or email: devika.ram@usp.ac.fj or arti.archana@usp.ac.fj

Application Closing Date: 20 January 2017 (except for PhD Applications)

Note: Applications received after this date will incur a financial penalty.

2. Students Who Wish to Resume Studies

Note: USP changed the resumption of studies procedures from Semester I 2016 and students
are asked to read the information below and action accordingly.
(a) Students wishing to resume studies in the same undergraduate or postgraduate
coursework programme may apply through www.usp.ac.fj/resume
Note: The current programme structure will apply to those last registered prior to
Semester II 2014.
(b) Students who wish to apply for admission to a new and/or higher undergraduate or
postgraduate programme will need to apply for admission online at www.usp.ac.fj/
Application Closing Date: 27 January 2017
For any further clarification please contact USP Lautoka Campus; tel: 6666800 or email:
usplautoka@usp.ac.fj or visit USP Lautoka Campus at Vidilo Street, Lautoka.
You can also visit our website: www.usp.ac.fj/lautoka or Facebook page:





25, 2016



Big shoes to fill for new sevens coach

New Vodafone Fiji 7s coach Gareth Baber will take charge of the team during
the Wellington 7s on 28-29 January 2017. Photos: Supplied.

South China Morning Post

GARETH Baber knows he has huge shoes to
fill in taking over from Ben Ryan as coach of a
Fiji side who are reigning Olympic and HSBC
World Rugby Sevens Series champions.
On top of their on-field success, the
islanders path to gold in Rio captured the
imagination of sports fans across the globe
and Baber is taking the reins of arguably the
worlds most unique rugby side.
Packed with world-class players who are as
enigmatic as they are brilliant, keeping the side
at the levels they have reached in the past 12
months will be no mean feat.
What Ben has created, on the back of
obviously what is one of the most talented
rugby production lines in the world, I am going
to try and emulate what happened there and
push Fiji rugby forward, Baber said.
Im just over the moon that I get this
opportunity to challenge myself and see
exactly what we can do with Fiji rugby moving
Baber knew within 24 hours of the end of
the interview process that he had the job and
will assume the role in early January, joining
the team in time for the third round of the world
series in Wellington.
Baber feels he has the tools to make the
shift from a Hong Kong side on the way up to a
Fiji side already admired throughout the rugby
Im not aware of the make-up of the
players, how they view their own learning and
how they want to develop, he said.
Thats what makes me tick as an
individual, seeing the potential of an individual
and working out how I can create something in
them that makes them realise that.
That talent is a given and I dont have

to go chasing that and that is going to test me

as a technical, tactical and mental coach in
combining all of those elements to produce the
best individual that I can.
Thats how I work and how I coach and it
has got me to where I am now and it is certainly
going to be at the forefront of what I do moving
As for how he plans to maintain the
standards set by outgoing mastermind Ryan,
Baber is well aware he will have to give a little
to fit in with the Fiji way.
I am going to have to find out exactly
how I can mould my methods around the super
talent, he said.
Lets not forget the culture and way of
playing the game which is beyond me in terms
of the history of Fiji rugby and will be in Fiji
rugby for years to come.
Im looking forward to working with all of
them, but the ones I am most looking forward
to seeing are the 17, 18-year-olds that are
playing and looking like the next generation
of Fijian rugby players that are going to push
these [current] guys.
Thats where I get the gains, I have got
to create a system and a programme in which
people are desperate to get into and when they
do get into it, it develops them into what they
need to be.
The Welshman is expecting an emotional
return to Hong Kong for the sevens in April and
may even find himself coaching against his old
side in Singapore the following week.
To come back to Hong Kong with Fiji and
play will be phenomenal, he said.
We have made great strides in the last
three years and it was always my dream of
getting Hong Kong promoted to the World

Fiji 7s captain Osea Kolinisau scoring the first try in the Rio Olympics final against Great Britain.





25, 2016



Premier League overview: Ba wins VPL

Ba soccer captain Malakai Tiwa, Avinesh Waran and Laisenia Raura receive the Vodafone Premier League trophy and first prize-money
from Fiji FA vice-president Tarunesh Reddy at Govind Park.

Maika Kasami
BA managed to re-write history by scooping
the 2016 Vodafone Premier League.
The Men in Black were deservingly
crowned champions at home following a nildraw against Labasa on November 13.
A strong second round finish paved way
for the return to the winners circle in the
competition for the Men in Black.
After registering wins with ease in most of
their matches, Ba was made to work hard in
their final two league fixtures.
They only needed two points from the
two matches but Dreketi showed why they
were entitled to remain in the top flight for the
second successive season.
The northerners dented Bas image with
their first ever win over the champions 2-1 in
the Lions den, a venue where most of the top
teams have failed to win in 2016.
For a year-old team in the elite grade to
beat Ba at Govind Park speaks volumes of their

desire to remain with the big boys.

The Imdaad Ali coached side, however,
regrouped to celebrate 48-hours later with
a handsome prize-money of $18,000 and a
trophy following a point gained against the
Babasiga Lions.
Meanwhile, another celebration was felt
in the delta with Rewa earning their first ever
call-up to represent the country in the Oceania
Champions League.
The Reds edged Lautoka from second spot
after recording ten crucial points from four
matches beginning with the defeat of Dreketi
and Labasa at Subrial Park then overcoming
Nadroga 1-0 who themselves were fighting for
survival and then coming from behind to draw
against the Blues.
The Delta Tigers will make their debut
in the O-League in the 2017 season and they
become the second team from the South/
East to make the O-League following Suvas
participation in the past two seasons.
Suva after a strong start to the season faded

away in the second round. First they lost their

inspirational and successful coach Gurjit Singh
who stepped down after failing to guide the
Capital City side to the semifinal stage at the
Courts IDC.
With a makeshift side, the Whites lost
heavily in their final two matches, first to
Lautoka 1-9 and then to the lowly ranked
Nadroga side who despite winning 6-1 headed
to the senior division for the first time in as
many years pending two protests.
Labasa, on the other hand enjoyed a
good season in tournaments by reaching all
semifinals and winning the prestigious IDC.
But they failed to emulate their performance in
the League hence not making the top two.
2015 League champions Nadi was a shadow
side from last year in the league. They ended
the season on 15-points and on sixth position
but only just after a possible demotion scare
with Dreketi and Nadroga breathing down their
neck only for things to work out in their favour
at the end.

Speaking of the Coral Coast boys, they only

fired their guns when the season was coming
to a close and it will be sad to see one of the
former giants of Fiji soccer that nurtured top
players like Radike Nawalu, Ramedra Dutt,
Kini Tubi, Jo Kurivitu, Waisea Tale, Ilikimi
Tulalevu, Anirudh Singh, Mesulame Titifanua,
Work brothers Jack and William, Vinod Kumar,
Sevuloni Tasere, Naitasiwai brothers Masi and
Petaia and Atunesh Prasad demoted to start
again from scratch in the senior division in
Navua, Nasinu and Tavua have faced
difficulty in getting back to the elite competition
since their demotion and Nadroga will only
hope that they lay down a new structure of
rebuilding the team.
As their coach Waisale Tale said they will
be back to where they belong in the not too
distant future. Impossible in Nothing.

The Ba soccer team celebrates after

winning the 2016 Vodafone Premier
League. Photos: Anushil Kumar/




25, 2016







Maika Kasami


25, 2016



Lautoka U14 celebrates IDC win

THE players of the victorious Oceania Water

Group sponsored Lautoka Under 14 side were
reminded that discipline plays a pivotal role in
grooming young players for the future.
Speaking during the 2016 Courts Inter
District Championship Primary category
celebrations at Tuvu Primary School, Lautoka
Football Association acting president Abdul
Kadar said ill-discipline is one key area they
have faced when players represent the main
senior district team.
He called on the youngsters to always

maintain discipline on and off the field if they

want to go further in their sporting career.
I must first congratulate you for your win
at the Courts IDC. Its a great achievement for
Lautoka and this should set the platform for
the development of our young players in the
Ill-discipline always gets the better of our
players and I must stress here that if you wish to
continue to play at district level and to national
level you must always maintain discipline.
You will reap the rewards of your hard
work if you thoroughly brush on this key area
of ones sporting cycle, Kadar said.

Director of Primary Education, Heritage

and Arts Hem Chand also echoed the same
He said the players have brought pride and
glory to the district by winning the Courts IDC.
Im from Lautoka and it gives me a sense of
satisfaction to see that the young Blues team
have fought the battle and come out victors
during the IDC.
This should not be the end for the team but
they should aim for more such glories in future
as a team or individuals.
And to achieve such feats you need to
dedicate yourself in training and to maintain a

high level of discipline, Chand said.

Lautoka Primary Schools Football
Association president Nelish Naveen Kumar
thanked the two guest speakers for highlighting
the keys areas.
Kumar acknowledged his hardworking
officials for their commitment towards the
affairs of the association and the players for
their gallant performance that enabled them to
win back the IDC title.
The Lautoka U14 side had pocketed $1000
after edging Labasa 5-4 on penalty kicks in the
final at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

Lautoka Primary Schools Football Association officials, Under 14 captain, and Abdul Kadar cut
the celebration cake.
Lautoka FA acting president Abdul Kadar presents Director of Primary Education, Heritage and
Arts Hem Chand (left) with a certificate.

The Oceania Water Group Fiji Lautoka U14 side with officials and guests during the celebrations
at Tuvu Primary School.

The officials of Lautoka Primary Schools Football Association with special guests Abdul Kadar
and Hem Chand. Photos: Maika Kasami




25, 2016



Western Zenith defeat all odds

Maika Kasami

THE Western Zenith netball team became the

first team to defeat the champion Capital Force
side winning in the lions den 46-44 in the
Digicel/Punjas National Super League.
And the new champions stamped their mark
from the first whistle leading throughout the
four quarters to declare their hunger to wrestle
the title away from the reigning champs.
Alisi Naqiri, Maliana Rusivakula and
Tarusila Saukuru were on top of their game
for Zenith as they guided the latter side to the
famous victory.
The westerners led 12-9 in the first quarter
and held a one point 23-22 lead at the breather.
Sensing danger, the Force tried to get
back into the game with some dominant play
but Zenith had other ideas maintaining their
lead with a 37-30 score at the end of the third
Pressure was the telling factor in the final
quarter and the Force could not handle it.

Mistakes began to creep in into their game
and this handed the Western Zenith side their
first ever title in this Super League era.
Just play netball and you will get the
needed result, said Western Zenith manager


Lo Raevuevu after the tense final.

Zenith means best and you have played
your best today to be crowned champions of
netball in the country. You are no longer top
western netballers but you are top netball
players of Fiji, she added.
Teams: Western Zeniths: GS - Maliana
Rusivakula, GA - Tarusila Saukuru, WA - Adi
Mere Qio, Maria Ralase, WD - Alisi Galo, GD
- Verenaisi Sawana, GK - Alisi Naqiri,
Res: Elina Koroivatu, Laite Taga, Ana Sawabo,
Reapi Waqalevu, Fulori Vularua. Coach: Lily
Bainitabua, manager: Lo Raevuevu, primary
care: Va Koroivauto, and Vasiti Qio.
Capital Force: GS - Matila Vocea, GA - Afa
Rusivakula, WA - Elenoa Seruwaqa, C - Asilika
Sevutia, WD - Talei Waqainabete, GD - Filo
Korovulavula, GK - Merelita Waqanidrola,
Reserves: Tuipulotu Vulimailaucala, Jimaima
Kete, Ema Mualuvu, Joana Saukuru, Taufa
Taga. Coach: Gaberieli Qoro, manager:
Bernadette Daurewa, primary care: John Lum

The Capital Force side in action during their tour to the west during the Punjas/Digicel Super

Capital Force and Fiji Pearls captain Maria Lutua in action during the Punjas/Digicel Super
League in Lautoka. Photos: Maika Kasami.

Contracting of 7s Players
Fiji Rugby Union
THE Fiji Rugby Union wishes to express
its disappointment at Ben Ryans constant
remarks about our Vodafone Fiji 7s Team and
his ongoing tweets about the performance of
the team.
While, the FRU appreciates Ben Ryans
contribution to Fiji Rugby and the success we
have achieved through his leadership of the
7s Team, he has chosen to move on to other
challenges which we respect and all have
accepted but it seems it is difficult for him to
move on; FRU CEO said.
The FRU has also appointed a new Coach
and he will lead the Fiji Mens 7s Team moving
forward and we all need to give Baber a chance
including Ben Ryan.
It is no longer Ben Ryans Team and Ben
must understand this and he must allow our
new Coach Baber to deal with the issues in
relation to his Team.
All the players that were selected for the

first leg of the IRB Series revolved around

Ben Ryans extended Squad. Their employment
contracts with FRU expired after the Olympics.
They, however, have all been paid their relevant
allowances while in camp and while on tour for
the two tournaments.
The FRU CEO highlighted that Coach
Baber will commence duty on the 2ndof
January 2016 and the FRU believes it is only
fair that he watches our local competition and
selects his own team and the FRU intends to
work with Coach Baber in contracting the
selected extended squad for 2017 and beyond.
This was the same opportunity given to Ben
when he started.
Furthermore there is no truth in Bens
comments that FRU has lost its sponsorship
and funding. FRU has been having ongoing
discussions with the Fiji National Sports
Commission and our Sponsors in relation to
the contracting of our 7s players both men and




25, 2016


Doreen, Crystal wins Bowls pairs tourney

Maika Kasami

Doreen OConnor (left) and Crystal Vadigi flank Roneel Prakash during
the Islands Electric Wholesalers Bowls Pairs prize presentation in
Photo: Maika Kasami.


DOREEN OConnor and Crystal Vadigi

formed a winning combination to take out the
Islands Electric Wholesalers sponsored Bowls
Pairs tournament at the FSC Bowling Club in
Vetari, Lautoka on December 14.
The pair defeated Roneel Prakash and
James Krishna in the final winning 11-6.
16-teams were part of the two-week long
tournament and tournament coordinator David
Bennion said each team comprised of a bowler
and a non-bowler.
We are thankful to Islands Electric boss
Raymond Singh for his continued support
towards the bowling club and this was one of
the many tournaments he has sponsored which

is the final for the year 2016.

This pairs event was played for eight-ends and congratulations to
Doreen and Crystal for winning the final, he said.
Singh and Krishna made their way to the semifinals before Singh
opted out and allowed Roneel to replace him in the final.
Attractive prizes were on offer for the winners and the teams just in
time for Christmas.
The Bowling Club is undergoing renovation and Islands Electric is
always ready to support such initiatives and by sponsoring tournaments
played at the club, said Singh.
2016 has been a productive year as far as bowling is concerned
where we saw many new talents come up to learn firsthand about the
sport and the interest shown by the non-bowlers have been encouraging.
I will continue to promote non-bowlers and we hope to see more of
them try out the sport in 2017, he added.
To finish the year on a winning note is great and thanks to IEW for
sponsoring such tournaments to enable us to socialize and make new
friends, said winning skipper OConnor who began playing bowling
Main quarterfinal: Zainal 5-8 Satya, Simon 4-13 Raymond, Permal 10-5
Susana, Master 4-11 Doreen
Semifinal: Satya 5-10 Raymond, Permal 3-10 Doreen.
Final: Doreen 11-6 Roneel

Prakash is
first for LGC
Maika Kasami
RONEEL Prakash made his first tournament appearance in Suva in
Eighteen-years on, he finally breaks the jinx on Suva soil.
Prakash stood tall amongst the 113 participants in the two-day
36-hole tournament to win his first Suva Open Championship title.
He officially becomes the first member of the Lautoka Golf Club
(LGC) to win at the Vatuwaqa Golf course.
I was looking through the honours board and saw that the first
tournament was played back in 1948. It is really great indeed to be
part of history, said Prakash.
And I also saw that no one from Lautoka Golf Club had won
it before, and to become the first winner is a proud moment for me.
They have won it from other clubs in the western division but for
LGC my win is the first.
The Lautoka Delana Primary School teacher said he managed to
come out on top in a tournament where all the national elite players
took part.
It was great playing against the elite golfers. This win is a big
achievement for LGC because it is a small nine-hole course. For
them to have a player come out of the club and go and participate at
national level is a big achievement.
Gold medalist Daven Gopal, former world number one Vijay
Singh, S.S Naidu have all participated in Suva but failed so its a
great moment for me to play in a high level of competition because
all the top players are there and they all want to win it. It took me
18-years to finally win in the Capital, Prakash added.
He proudly finishes the 2016 season as the number one amateur
player having voted best local amateur player at the Fiji Open,
Natadola Pro-am winner and the West Amateur champion.
LGC Chairman of Trustees Raymond Singh said it was a proud
moment for the club and congratulated Prakash for flying the LGC
flag in Suva and coming out victors by defeating a strong field.
This win is an inspiration to our junior golfers as this will
motivate them to follow his footsteps, Singh said.




25, 2016




Nasusu is first Punjas HK Mai winner

Maika Kasami
THANKS to Punjas, Peniasi Nasusu will not
only make his first ever trip abroad but will be
among lucky fans watching our Fiji 7s team
live at the Mecca of 7s, So Kon Po Stadium in
Hong Kong (HK).
The 32-year old is the first winner for
Punjas Breakfast Crackers Hong Kong Mai
promotion for the month of November.
An excited and overjoyed Nasusu relayed
his side of the story on how he had been waiting
to make his first trip overseas.
This is a watershed moment in my life,
said Nasusu who is from Lautoka.
I of-course love rugby, love the idea of
watching HK 7s live in the stadium.
Ive never travelled outside Fiji, never
used my passport, this will be my first overseas
travel - and for free, all expenses paid for by
Punjas HK Mai, what more can I say!.
Punjas Group Marketing Manager Gopal
Jadhav said this is the first Punjas promotion
from Punjas Biscuits since they started
production in December 2014 and it was
particularly a proud moment for the company
to be able to take 10-winners to watch the 2017
HK 7s matches.
Mr. Jadhav said there are still 9-more trips
to be won between now and 15th March, 2017.
As well as for monthly draws there will be
100-winners drawn every month who will
receive prizes ranging from Fiji supporters
gear, BLK rugby balls and Punjas Biscuit

Punjas Hong Kong Mai first promotion winner for the month of November Peniasi Nasusu pictured with the staff and management of Punjas
Biscuit factory. Photo: Sanjay
Hampers as their prize.
Mr. Jadhav said they were looking to create selected by computer from the more than 14,000
All the customers have to do is text the
a promotion that would reward their loyal entries received in the month of November.
unique CODE found inside Punjas Breakfast
purchasers of Punjas Breakfast Crackers.
The next draw for December entries will
Cracker packs and pails to 700 70 70.
The results announced were randomly take place in early January 2017.

Tough start for new 7s coach in Wellington

The national sevens team rejoice after claiming their first ever gold medal at the Rio Olympics
in Brazil. Photo: Supplied.
winners in second spot with 36-points.
Maika Kasami
Meanwhile, Fiji opens its Wellington 7s
IF new Vodafone Fiji 7s coach Gareth Barber campaign with the first up meeting against
loves new challenges, then it does not get any Australia before facing Japan in the second
tougher than a first up assignment of taking pool match.
over the team to the Wellington 7s where a A mouth-watering and pool decider fixture
against South Africa will be the match of Day
strong pool awaits them.
The national side has been forced to 1.
be on their toes from their first match with Host New Zealand (NZ) also faces an
Pool B having Australia, Japan and Dubai 7s uphill battle in pool play having to battle teams
like Unites States of America (USA), France
champions South Africa.
The national side runners-up in the desert and Samoa in Pool C.
in the United Arab Emirates and finishing fifth This will also mean the return of Sir Gordon
in Cape Town have resulted in the tough draw Tietjens as the new head coach for Samoa
against his former side on the very ground he
against the top elite teams.
Defense is one key area Barber will have to has led the Kiwis to many memorable victories
brush on. Mental toughness is the other as seen in the past.
when they were in command especially being The NZ leg of the HSBC World Sevens
19-0 up and then giving the game away against series will be held on January 28-29, 2017 at
England in South Africa because of some laxity the Westpac Trust Stadium.
Pool A: England, Kenya, Argentina, Papua
in defense and lack of concentration.
At the end of the first leg, Fiji sits on third New Guinea; Pool B: S/Africa, Fiji, Australia,
spot with 32 points. South Africa still leads Japan; Pool C: NZ, USA, France, Samoa; Pool
with 41-points and England, the Cape Town 7s D: Scotland, Wales, Russia, Canada.





25, 2016

Press FC


is National Club


2016 Vodafone National Club Championship winners, the Oceania Water Group Fiji sponsored Press Football Club.
Maika Kasami
PRESS Football Club was formed back in
And it took fifty-years for the Lautoka
based club side to finally win a national club
championship title.
Led by the longest serving member of Press
FC Mohd Hanif Saheb; it has always been a

dream for him to see that one day they walk up

the victory podium to hoist a major title.
And this wish and prayers was answered
in 2016 when for the first time they were
declared as the 2016 Vodafone National Club
Championship final winners.
The Lambert Sarju coached side downed
Bureta FC of Suva 4-2 on penalty shootouts at
Govind Park on November 12.

Both Oceania Water Group sponsored

Press FC and Suvas Bureta FC headed for the
dreaded penalty shootout after locked scoreless after normal time and the added ten minute
of extra spells.
Bureta with players like Sahil Dave,
Madhwan Gounder, goalkeeper Tevita Koroi
and Waisake Navunigasau had defeated
favourites, defending champions and host 4R
Electrical Ba 2-0 in one of the semi-finals.

Photo: Sanjay Goundar.

The Peni Finau captained Press FC had

overcome Nadis Blues FC by the same scoreline in the other semis.
Hanifs son Zibraaz, Ilaitia Tuilau, Jone
Vonu Junior, Iliesa Lino and youngster James
Pillay were some of the other names that will
go in the history books as the players that were
part of the champion team.
The Press side walked away with $4,500
while Bureta settled for $2,500.

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