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Journal of Ocean, Mechanical and Aerospace -Science and EngineeringAbout


About JOMAse

The Journal of Ocean, Mechanical and Aerospace -science and engineering- (

with ISSN: 2354-7065is an online professional journal which is published by the International
Society of Ocean, Mechanical and Aerospace -scientists and engineers- (
TheJOMAse will be publshed, Insya Allah, twelve volumes in a year.
The mission of the JOMAse is to foster free and extremely rapid scientific communication
across the world wide communities. The JOMAse
advance the understanding of both science and engineering and its application to the solution
of challenges and complex problems in naval architecture, offshore and subsea, machines and
control system, aeronautics, satellite and aerospace.
The JOMAse is particularly concerned with the demonstration of applied science and innovative
engineering solutions to solve specific industrial problems. Original contributions providing
insight into the use of computational fluid dynamic, heat transfer, thermodynamics,
experimental and analytical, application of finite element, structural and impact mechanics,
stress and strain localization and globalization,
advanced materials in ocean and aerospace engineering, robotics and control, tribology,
materials processing and corrosion generally from the core of the journal contents are

Terms & Conditions

Articles preferably should be focused on the following aspects: new
methods or theory or philosophy, innovative practices, critical
survey or analysis of a subject or topic, new or latest research
findings and critical review or evaluation of new discoveries.
The authors are required to confirm that their paper has not been
submitted to any other journals in English or any other languages.

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Journal of Ocean, Mechanical and Aerospace -Science and EngineeringAbout



d/a Resty Menara Hotel, Jalan Sisingamangaraja No.89

28282, Pekanbaru-Riau, INDONESIA


Teknik Mesin.
Fakultas Teknik,
Universitas Riau, INDONESIA


Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Gg.1001,

28282, Pekanbaru-Riau, INDONESIA


Indonesian Scientific Knowledge Center,

Pusat Dokumentasi and Informasi Ilmiah, INDONESIA


Mechanical Chapter of the Institution of

Engineers, INDONESIA

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Head Office
Resty Menara Hotel
Jalan Sisingamangaraja No. 89 28282, Pekanbaru-Riau INDONESIA
Jaswar Koto
Building: P-23, Room:317,
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



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Journal of Ocean, Mechanical and Aerospace -Science and EngineeringAbout


Editors of JOMAse

Jaswar Koto, Prof. Dr

President of the International Society of Ocean,

Mechanical and Aerospace for Scientists and
Engineers (ISOMAse)
President of Ocean and Aerospace Research
Institute, Indonesia

Managing Editors:
Dodi Sofyan Arief, Ir. MT.

Head of Program of Mechanical Engineering,

Universitas Riau, Indonesia

Associate Editors:
Ab. Saman bin Abd. Kader, Prof. Director of Marine Technology Center, Universiti
Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
Adhy Prayitno, Dr
Teknik Mesin, Universitas Riau, Indonesia
Adi Maimun bin Abdul Malik,
Prof. Dr
Ali Selamat, Prof. Dr

Ahmad Fitriadhy, Dr
Ahmad Zubaydi, Prof. Dr

Marine Technology Center, Universiti Teknologi

Malaysia, Malaysia
Director of Centre for Information and
Communication Technology (CICT), Universiti
Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
School of Ocean Engineering, Universiti Malaysia
Terengganu, Malaysia
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia

Ali Selamat, Prof. Dr

Dean of K-Economy Research Alliance, Universiti

Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Buana Maruf, Prof. Dr

Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi,

President of Centre for Marine Technology and
Engineering (CENTEC) University of Lisbon,
Kiswire Ltd

Carlos Guedes Soares, Prof. Dr

Cho Myung Hyun, Mr

Dani Harmanto, Dr
Harifuddin, Mr

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,

University of Derby, UK
DNV, Batam, Indonesia

Hassan Abyn, Dr

Persian Gulf University, Iran

Hassan Ghassemi, Prof, Dr

Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

Iis Sopyan, Prof. Dr

Chairmain of Biomedical Engineering Research

Group, International Islamic University Malaysia,
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,
Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
Head of High Speed Reacting Flow Research
Laboratory, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,

Jamasri, Prof. Dr
Mazlan Abdul Wahid, Prof. Dr

Mohamed Kotb, Prof. Dr

Moh Hafidz Efendy, Mr
Mohd. Shariff bin Ammoo, Dr

Mohd Yazid bin Yahya, Dr

Mohd Zaidi Jaafar, Dr

Musa Mailah, Prof. Dr

Priyono Sutikno, Prof. Dr
Sergey Antonenko, Prof, Dr
Sunaryo, Prof. Dr
Sutopo. M, Mr
Tay Cho Jui, Prof. Dr
Yasser Mohamed Ahmed Abdel
Razak. Dr

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Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture

Department, Alexandria University, Egypt
Senior Project Planner, PT McDermott, Indonesia
Department of Aeronautics, Automotive & Ocean
Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
Direrctor of Center for Composites, Universiti
Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
Chairman of Drilling and Production
Enhancement Group, Universiti Teknologi
Malaysia, Malaysia
Department of Applied Mechanics & Design,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
Fluid Machinery and Fluid Mechanics, Institut
Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Far Eastern Federal University, Russia
Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia,
PT Saipem , Indonesia
Department of Mechanical Engineering, National
University of Singapore, Singapore
Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture
Department, Alexandria University, Egypt