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Social Work Site Interview and Write Up

Marisa Rodriguez
Salt Lake Community College

Marisa Rodriguez


Professor Bullock
Social Work 1010
December 2, 2016
SW 1010 Site Interview, Interview Write-up

In the light of this semester almost coming to an end it is safe to say that this class and interview
assignment made me realize what I really want to do and study. Social work is a great thing and is an
important role in society and in helping people, but it is not my fit. I like the idea of social work but
dont think I could see myself working in this profession anymore. I choose to work and study a field
in humanities where I will be able to learn about peace and conflict and become a problem solver in
that field. Although I must say I have always been good at working with children and being their
supporter. I feel as if my emotions and feeling towards kids made me become interested in adoptions
and foster care which these two go hand in hand. Not to mention I recently got a new job about a
month ago working with kids who have autism and disabilities who are in foster care. The program
where I work have kids who range from 5-22 years old to verbal and non-verbal. I enjoy my job and
find it fulfilling at this moment in time. I was interested in foster care in the beginning of the semester
and was leaning towards adoptions as well, thinking it would be the best fit and with my new job I felt
that is what I wanted to do. This is why I chose to interview Dan who works at Utah Foster Care, also
because I saw the building off the freeway when I was passing through and it had me stop to check it
Utah Foster Care (UFC) is a private non-profit organization contracted with the state who finds,
trains, and supports Utah families who are willing and able to provide a good home for children who
have been neglected or abused. They work under a contract with the Utah Division of Child & Family


Services (DCFS) who is the one who deals with the childs home placement. UFC offers programs for
foster families only through generous donations and grants and they have a volunteer board of
UFC mission is to serve Utahs children by finding, educating and nurturing families to meet
the needs of children in foster care. They work, recruit, retain, and train foster parents and families.
Dan Webster is an Area Representative who is responsible for coordinating the foster/adoptive
parent recruitment for the Salt Lake Valley Region because UFC has seven offices located in five
regions. Dan went through the Bachelors program at the University of Utah and had an internship with
After getting his CSW he decided to stay with the organization because he enjoyed it so much.
First he started off as a recruiter in Ogden and then Murry about a years later where his starting salary
was around 36,000 a year.
Since he was a recruiter for some time and with the organization he got moved up to a
supervisor and then a job opened up for an area representative. Dan had opportunities to move up and
ultimately went pretty high because he only has two other people in front of him.
He overall loves his job because he gets to make an impact. He also enjoys it because
substance abuse isnt involved in it. During his time he worked with substance abuse recovery and
hospice and did not really suit him that well.
While I interviewed him he seemed prepared because he has done many of these interviews by
college student so his reaction was none the less excited to have someone interested in the same topic
as he was.
UFC is such a great and helpful asset to Utah counties helping children in foster care by having
and finding good supportive foster families and parents. According to The Future of Children a


journal by Bass, Shield and Behrman they state Special efforts must be made to ensure that these very
vulnerable children grow up in healthy and nurturing environments. Foster parents of infants and
toddlers should receive training on the special needs of young children and be informed of the supports
available to them. I believe they are right and UFC does exactly that in their efforts to making their
foster parents the best suited candidate for the responsibility. They have classes and programs set in
place for those wanting to become a parent to fostering kids. Furthermore, in a ABC news article
Foster Care System Faces Problems they state today more and more children are going into care as
victims of violence or sexual abuse and which UFC Utah and their foster kids wont go through more
traumatic stress because the system that they are put in is a reliable and functional one with boundaries
and rules. In this article they also state there is a problem with too many kids in foster care that create a
concern for finances wise because it cost a substantial amount of money to keep kids in foster care.
These two articles help prove my point that foster care systems and works which include social workers
who play a huge and important role in making the world great for every human being possible.
Overall this interview and write-up makes everything that we learned come together of how
important social workers are just as another job and how aspiring social workers can get a feel for what
area they want to go into. I believe it starts with a simple interview. I have changed my mind in social
work not because I am not helpful and have a kind heart its because I am no longer scared. By scared I
mean to fail, see, I had to take 3 classes and pass in order to get my new job and the old me it would
have been frightened but I faced my fear and passed. For education and school wise I lacked
confidence but now I see that I can do anything my heart desires and I can stop living in fear. I have
always liked politics and humanities but never thought I was good enough and was scared to fail but it
wasnt until I moved here and faced my fear of failing and passing some classes for my job that I now
see my life a little clearer. I am glad I interviewed Dan, because his spark and glow on his face when


talking about his job made me desire that same kind of feeling for my career that I choose in life. In
that moment I revaluated my path in my course and was feeling doubtful about becoming a social
worker. I remember professor Bullock saying that the major you choose and are studying shouldnt be
as hard because you are interested and fighting for it in a way, and if it is hard then maybe it is not for
you. So these two experiences changed my course and made me realize that maybe social work isnt
for me and that is okay because we all have different paths and experiences that lay ahead of us.

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*Dan Webster (CSW) Office: 1(801)783-4156