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Running Head: FASHTAG

The marketing


Prepared for Dr. Navjote Khara

BCOM 9105 O3
Prepared by George Rurua, Brennan Bunnage,
Yousef Alharbi



Table of contents
Executive Summary...3
Company Description4
Strategic Focus and plan...4

Core values.......................4
Competencies and competitive advantage.....4

SWOT and Market Analysis5-6

Competitive Analysis.7-8
Target Market analysis8

Demographic Characteristics of market..9

Geographic characteristics of market...........8
Psychographic characteristics of market9
Behaviors of target market.9-10

Marketing Program..10-14

Product Strategy 10-11

Price Strategy......12
Distribution Strategy..13
Promotion Strategy.13

Implementation plan...13-14


Executive summary
Company description A social media platform for individuals interested in fashion to help become more
modern and better themselves

Strategic focus and plan Fashtag has a large focus on self-improvement while promoting team work
to achieve your goals. Fashtag plans to have a competitive advantage over others as they have
facilitated user experience and provide many services in one area where competitors do not provide
those same services.
SWOT and market Fashtag plans to further push their strengths and opportunitys while focusing on
their weaknesses and threats to further promote success. Comparatively, they plan to take advantages of
competitor weaknesses to give them an upper edge of growing their client base.
Competitive Analysis Competitors such as fitness companies, modelling agencies and fashion stylists,
Fashtag has an edge over competitors as they encompass all these into one and provide information in
multiple languages for international services.
Target Market Analysis - Fashtag plans to target people from ages 16-35 primarily in the Ukraine as of
now but plan to expand internationally. Fashtag will be an easy to use service as it will be a social media
meaning easy access internationally.
Marketing Program Fashtag uses a well-designed logo to catch your attention, emcompassing many
programs ranging from body to fashion programs to help individuals. Fashtag prices competitively for a
service that encompasses so many features and has means of distribution through gift cards.
Implementation Plan Fashtag has plans of implementing high quality services to consumers but will
implement their brand by continuously working on their website and social media to allow this to be
reachable for consumers worldwide.


Introduction Throughout this essay a marketing plan for our service, Fashtag, not marketed in Canada
but has the potential to expand into Canada will be discussed in detail.

Company description
Fashtag is a social network that helps individuals interested in the fashion world to become more
modernized with the help of coaches, nutritionists, fashion agents and consultants who will help them
better themselves physically and help them keep up to date about what clothing items to wear.
Incorporating features such as Fashtag Recommended Model program, helping provide informational
lessons for people who desire improving on certain aspects of their lives. Furthermore, Fashtag
incorporates a portfolio option where users are able to add up to 6 photos including pictures of the users
personal style and body shape along with a small a small quiz and video of the user in order to help
enhance the success of the modeling career of the individual.

Strategic Focus and Plan

Core values: The core values of Fashtag are

Team work
Become your best

Mission: Helping people around the world become more modern

Objectives: The objectives are Fashtag are to provide people a service in which they can improve
Competencies and competitive advantage: Although Fashtag will have many competitors on the
market, we feel as if Fashtag provides an advantage as they encompass all aspects of fitness, modelling
and fashion into one, providing our customers with the advantages of being able to change their physical
appearance with the help of fitness experts and help their fashion sense along with helping them succeed
within the modelling world. Also, we think this will facilitate the users experience, not needing to go to


multiple areas for fitness, fashion advice and modelling advice they can come to Fashtag and get an all
in one service.

SWOT and Market analysis


Incorporating fashion and modeling with app

technology one of the first companies to do
Young entrepreneurs with new, modern, and
creative ideas
Bringing fashion and modeling onto a new
platform. Allows people to be aware of new
fashion and collections instantly
New idea to help young people improve their
fashion, looks, and/or modeling career
Combining fitness with fashion to make a
better you
Uses knowledgeable coaches to help users
make better decisions about different aspects
of their lives: Recommended Model Program
new idea that brings together fashion,
fitness, and health. All-in-one service
Already established in Canada and Ukraine
more reach
Good artist on the team the introductory
video about the company on their website is
well done and appears professional.
Focuses on a persons unique qualities and
making them better, which is important in
todays world of embracing who you are and
showing how different you are



Technology exists for this type of

product/service: apps, internet, and the
ability to combine all services into one for a
People are using technology and apps more
and more for their needs. A lot of services are
becoming digitalized.

Lack of funding to compete with large

modeling and/or fitness agencies that provide
similar services
Lack of experience entrepreneurs are still
young and learning about the fashion and
fitness world
Website is bare, lacks information, and is not
too clear about all of the services the company
Wants to be more of an international company
in the future but does not have its services in
multiple languages


Ignores cultural differences in fashion and

Highly competitive fashion industry. Difficult
to enter the market
Large fashion company that has financial
power will copy the idea and create and
market their own app


Fashion is a growing industry even in

economic down times
Young people have disposable income to

PESTEL analysis
Political Fashtag will have to assure that proper labour laws are met and policys are constantly
updated to ensure that everything goes smooth throughout the company.
Economical Fashtag will face economical areas such as currency exchanges, as this will be available
internationally I think currency exchange will prove to be something of value as we will constantly be
dealing with payment in different currencys as well as disposable income of consumers as this may not
be a priority to consumers if their main concern is putting food on the table versus engaging in our
Social things relevant to social factors would be how health conscious our consumers are as we will
target those interested in healthy and active lifestyles who take of themselves
Environmental I think something that could set Fashtag apart from competitors could be to
potentially incorporate some aspect of environmental awareness in our services to show how important
it is to take care of the world and consumers could take interest in that.
Legal As with all companies I think we should take a large interest in promoting health in safety
throughout all our services, aiming towards years without incidents to give our services an edge over
competitors to promote how important their safety is to us.


Competitive Analysis
Fashtag encompasses many competitors as it involves not only fashion but also a fitness aspect as well.
Some of Fashtags key competitors will be modelling agencies throughout the world, as there are many
top modelling agencies Ill take Elite Model Management and use that as a main competitor for Fashtag.
As Elite Model Management is one of the top modelling agencies they have many strengths such as
theyre an already established agency with approximately 800 models and have 36 agencies throughout
the world. They host an event called Elite Model Look attracting thousands of contestants in order to
see potential candidates for future positions within their agency. Modelling agencies also have
weaknesses such as trying to portray their models as thin figures, not embracing natural body shapes for
their models giving them often a bad name or often looked negatively on from some of the public

As Fashtag also includes a fitness aspect this will attract competitors such as Top Dawgs Fitness an
example of a gym with personal trainers and nutritionists who work for them. The strengths of this
competitor would be that they have employees who are knowledgeable in topics such as weight
management and muscle building with a background of clients to prove their expertise. They will
already have a foundational client base of people who support them, taking away from potential clients
for Fashtag. However, there are disadvantages to these as well, an advantage to this competitor would be
that they do not include modelling aspects that Fashtag involves. This could be the deciding factor for
people who are interested in looking good aesthetically but also want to try to pursue a career in


Another competitor that Fashtag may encounter could be fashion stylists, these are people who help you
decide what you should wear in order to look and feel your best. An advantage of this competitor is that
they have an understanding of materials and styles that may look more suitable for select body types.
They may also have built a client base of people who will recommend them to others who are seeking
fashion stylists. A disadvantage of this competitor in comparison to our company would be that a new
customer to already busy fashion stylists may have to wait a long period of time before booking an
appointment while at fashtag they will have multiple people at your disposal for whatever time suits
your schedule best.

Target market
* Geographic characteristics of market:

Fashtag was created in Ukraine, and there is a quite big department which include a main team is
located in that country. However, some of the headquarters changed a country to live in, and
right now they are living in Canada. Therefore, they are creating a new department there. It will

help them in the start of spreading this project from both Canada and Ukraine.
-The Geographic goal for this project is creating international service. Nevertheless, right now Fashtag
is planning to concentrate its attention on Europe and America. Therefore, it will present its service soon
in international language English, but after this: German, Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, Portugal,
Italian, Greek, Polish and Slovenian will be added. Thanks to the fact that Fashtag is an Internet
service, it will be convenient to use it for people around the world.

* Demographic characteristics of the market:

Age: people from 16 to 35 (Generation X; Generation Z)


It depends on the number of people and type of program which this people will use. However, if
Fashtag begins with 100 000 - 500 000 people around the world who will use this service not only for
free but also buy programs, thanks to which they can improve themselves. Fashtag will get around 15
000 000 $ without expenditures, and approximately 2 000 000$ of income during the first year.

Gender: Mostly Female 85%

Male 15%

* Psychological Characteristics of market:

- Improvement of Body
- Improvement of Style
- Global Awareness of New Trends
- Professional Model Work
- Consuming Knowledge in The Area of Branding and Clothing Designing
- Changing Yourself Cardinally
- Following the Slogan of Fashtag (be perfect)

Trainings with an Online Personal Coach

Changing of Regular Meal
Different, More Fashionable and Contemporary Style of Wearing the Clothing
Changing the Work (into a model)

* Behaviours of target market:

- Communicate (Coaches, Designers, Fashion Consultants, Model Agents)
- Choose Your Favourite program
- Create Your Own Timetable
- Pay safe
- Speak on Your Native language (in the future)
- Use Phone, Tablet, Laptop for interaction
- Work with Highly Qualified Professionals

Degree of Loyalty:


Sing a Contract with Your (Coaches, Designers, Fashion Consultants, Model Agents) in
which a consumer can see all aspects of safety, rights and responsibilities
An Ability to Use the Bank which is the most comfortable for you
Read Rights and Responsibilities of Ahata which will be presented on the main page

Marketing program
Product Strategy:
- Name: The name was created a combination of 2 words: 1) Fashion the industry in which
Fashtag will exist and 2)Hashtag one of the most popular world in the 21st century.

Logo: There was a lot of work from professional designer who presented different variants of the logo.
The official logo of Fashtag now



Slogan: Everybody wants to be Perfect, therefore Fashtag used it.


Body program - this program will include a lot of facilities, which will improve your body
and your lifestyle. As you can know if you want to look good, your body shapes also have to
be great or even perfect. After the appearance of Fashtag you will have a chance to develop
your body. Moreover, our professional coaches will help you as much as they can. Fashtag is
an international company that's why people around the world don't need to worry about that
language which will be used during training

Fashion program - will provide people global awareness of new trends, new collections,
and contemporary styles. Well-qualified fashion consultants will tell you about all these,
also they will create new styles for you, and will help you to understand how to be a really
fashionable person.

Behavioral program - Modern Fashion is not only about clothes and styles, but also about
right and worthily behavior. Our expert will do everything to make your behavior proper to the
royal fashion.



FRM program - This program will suit to people who want to connect their future life with
the world of fashion. Our project will provide people a lot of facilities for people who
want EVERYTHING in one program. This is the best program for people who want to change
or improve something in their body, style, and behavior. Moreover, our department
of agents will choose fully ready members of this program and provide them work as a
professional model in magazines, brands, and videos.

Design program - An ideal program for people who want to create their own brands and
contemporary, stylish and fabulous clothes. Modern designers will help you to recognize that
everyone can be a creator, using your imagination and creativity. A lot of fashion advice,
recommendations and knowledge, which will assist you in following your dream of creating
something spectacular.

Pricing Strategy:
1. Body program - 100$ - 3 online lessons per week.
2. Fashion program - 100$ - 3 online lessons per week.
3. Behavior program - 50$ - 3 online lessons per week.
ONE lesson from 1 hour to 1.30
You can choose 2 programs as 1 only for 180$
Or 3 programs as 1 for 270$
5. FRM program - 400$ per 9 days (Body program, Fashion program, Behavior program, and
work with agents). About 9-10 hours per week. ONLY FOR PEOPLE, WHO WANT TO WORK AS
6. Design program - 100$ per 3 online lessons during week.



Distridution Strategy:
Fashtag is creating special cards which will be distriduted around the world, people will have an
opportunity not only to buy a brogram only, but also buy a gist card and either use it or present it to a
good friend or a family member.

*** On every of these cards you may see another

and even the most

significant Slogan of Fashtag it says Change the world Starting with yourself

Promotion Strategy:
You may face the video whitch is posted on the official page of Fashtag
http://www.fashtag.club/ - firstPage

Implementation Plan
Fashtag is a start-up project right now, this part of our report will tell you step by step plan of
1) The first stage is creating the desight and the name of the start-up.
2) Create the design and some extra key features which will be only in your start up.
3) Record the Video where you are telling about your project.
4) Create a Site with all relevant information regarding our brand.
5) Create a page on the Investors site and post your project there.
6) Collect money for your Implementation
7) Create a Social Network, coopereting with world-known Internet providers create a connections.
8) Buy servers, where all information will be collected.
9) Create a Mobile App for Both Android and Apple devices.
10) Make a contract with a bank system to provide people service and earn money.
11) Create advertisements and post them in YouTube( cooperate with Youtubers),Facebook and



12) Create a department of HR to hire people.

13) Create a base of people and make contracts with them.
14) Create departments of Innivations and Analysis.
15) Release the Social Network.


Reach the number 500 000 000 consumers.

Create Phisycal Ares (Something like School of Improvement).
Create a clothing brand.
Provide people a high-quality service and workplaces.


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