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|| om gurave namah||

Pitru Tarpanam
In Hindusim it is said, 15 days in a year, our ancestors visit us every day from sunrise to sunset
in hope of receiving offerings from us.
Offerings of water & black sesame seeds, quenches their hunger & thirst; in return for this, they
shower multitude blessings on us.
Also, doors of Vishnu-Lok remain open for all Pitrus (dead souls) for 15 days in a year during
Pitru-Paksh, BUT there is a catch.
The catch is Pitrus (dead souls) can enter Vishnu-Lok either based on their individual good
karma or from a request by descendants.
When descendants send a request to Ethers to allow their ancestors to enter Vishnu-Lok, the fee
for same is deducted from our karma.
It is as if we are paying for our ancestors ticket into Vishnu-Lok, from our own karmic brownie
points. Thats the understanding.
This ticket to Vishnu-Lok is valid for a year until next Pitru-Paksh, when we have to renew same
for our ancestors; hence its importance.
Those of our ancestors who have already attained Vishu-Lok owing to their own good karma; our
ticket will take them to higher heavens.
It is precisely for this ticket that our ancestors line up in hope & expectation during the 15 day
phase of Pitru-Paksh.
So if you deem ancestors to be unimportant & go about your daily jobs unconcerned, they leave
in disappointment & dejection.

This dejection & disappointment of ancestors translates into curses which are nothing but
material obstacles & hurdles in daily life.
But if you choose to welcome them, honor them & bid them farewell with offerings; then it
translates into blessings.
Ancestors blessings are nothing but help & luck that you receive in material life in a tangible,
material way.

2 .

|| - 11 times

|| || -> 3 times

|| (
) ||
-> 3 times
|| Chant Gayatri mantra ||

PITRU-GAYATRI MANTRA is chanted 11 times to activate all your Pitrus from Ethers
above, so that their attention turns towards you.

You may not know who your Pitrus (ancestors) are; but when you begin to chant Pitru-Gayatri,
you will start radiating unique vibrations.
These vibrations will be unique to you, and will resonate through Ethers via your body, your
mind, your sound & your intentions.
Vibration emitted by you will be like no one else; so Pitrus whom you are intentionally reaching
out to, will immediately turn their attention to you.
Before you begin Pitru-Gayatri, its important to put forward the following intention (mentally &
in your own thoughts & words) towards Ethers:All ancestors from my fathers side; all ancestors from my mothers side; all ancestors from my
better-halfs side
all ancestors known to me; all ancestors unknown to me; all Pitrus in Ethers who may have no
all Pitrus in Ethers whose descendants may have forgotten them; all friends who have passed
into Ethers;
and souls of all animals who dies feeding me & my family, directly or indirectly. Please turn
your attention towards me:-

|| om tatsat||