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Favourite Song Assignment

1) Choose a song from any genre to present to your class. Genres may include
Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rap, R&B, Country, Gospel, etc. The song may be
instrumental or contain lyrics.
If the song you choose has lyrics, it must be suitable and appropriate for a school
audience. This means that the song must not contain swear words or actively promote
the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Songs that contain lyrics of a sexual nature will not be
2) Have the song approved by Miss England
3) Prepare a short oral presentation of the song (min 2 min - max 5 min). No
powerpoint or anything formal necessary. Consider and include the following

The name of the composer/artist with a small amount of background information

(ex. What the group/artist is best known for, what country the group/artist is from,
etc. Look it up!).

The genre of the song, and why you chose to classify it as that genre (see above
for a list of possible genres). If your selected piece does not fit in any of the
genres listed above, describe what genre you think it is and why (ex. Techno,
because of the beat; Country because of acoustic guitar).

What the song is about. Even instrumental works often have a theme or a reason
for being written (ex: Beethovens Symphony No. 3 was originally written about
the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The Beatles wrote Blackbird with
reference to African American civil rights).
Is there a story? If the story isnt obvious, what do YOU think its about?

Any other points of interest about the song. Why do you like it? Do the words
mean anything to you, personally? What do you like about the song? What does
the song remind you of? The melody/melodic line? The beat? Is it the harmonies
that stand out to you? Or the difficulty it would take for someone to perform the

Oral Presentation - Aim for a Level 4 which would include the following:

should be 3-5 minutes including a short excerpt from the song you chose (clean

clear, well spoken presentation

eye contact, pacing and gestures with confidence

engages the audience

Miss England - November 2014

Song Title: _________________________________________________________

Artist/Group: _______________________________________________________
Presentation Date: January 5/6, 2015

Favourite Song Presentation

Volume (clear, well spoken)

Eye Contact (making sufficient eye contact with audience &

not just reading)

Time Limit (minimum of 2 minutes & maximum of 5 minutes)

Pacing must be appropriate (not too fast to get the time limit)

< or >
time limit

Song played for class is appropriate for school (clean)

Sufficient information is included: artist information and


Sufficient information is included: genre

Sufficient information is included: song meaning

Sufficient information is included: personal feelings

Organized in a clear, coherent sequence

All rough work submitted on presentation date

Use of class time (on task, productive, not disruptive)


Written Work and Use of Class Time



Miss England - November 2014