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Grace Brennan

Professor Wise
ADV 281
Assignment #2

Clinique Skin Care Products

Brand Asset Valuator (BAV)
According to the BAV that I generated and included; Clinique
seems to be a fairly well rounded brand. Clinique was ranked fairly
highly for differentiation from the competitors and for customers
esteem. These rankings make sense because Clinique is slightly
different from other brands in that their skincare line is comprised of 3
unique formulas that all work together. Its a fairly well-known and
prestigious brand so it makes sense that the customers would feel
good about the brand and its products. Clinique was ranked in about
the 60s for both relevance and knowledge. These rankings also make
sense because skin care products will not be relevant to everybody
because not everybody needs to use them, and also many people have
heard of Clinique but its not a brand that is mentioned in everyday
Cliniques positioning on the BAV power grid is almost on the line
between the number three and number 4 sections of the grid. Its
position in that upper right quadrant means that Clinique has high
earnings. Its location on the line between leadership and mass market
means that Clinique has a moderate potential for growth.
Source: See attached BAV graphs.

Brand Archetype
I think Clinique would fit well into The Caregiver archetype
because their companys goal is to make all women feel beautiful.

Grace Brennan
Professor Wise
ADV 281
Assignment #2
They are a branch under Estee Lauder and on Estees website they
place importance on treating every individual as we ourselves would
like to be treated. Cliniques products are also manufactured at zero
landfill facilities. This means that they recycle everything that they can
and anything that cant be recycled is incinerated and converted to
energy at licensed power plants. Clinique also recently stated in one
of their recent campaign plans that they werent trying to simply push
makeup sales. They wanted to just make people feel better about
MRI Report
4 Interesting Data Points:

Adults who had children that were under 12 months old

were 33% more likely to have used Clinique skincare
products in the past 6 months. This was interesting
because the adults who had children ages 12-23 months
were 67% less likely to have used Clinique in the past 6

months. It was interesting how drastically things changed.

It was 157% more likely that an adult who had used
Clinique in the past 6 months would be Asian, versus the
other races. This was interesting because most of the ads

Ive seen for Clinique have featured white women.

Adults who have used Clinique in the past 6 months were
146% more likely to read the magazine The Atlantic
which is an editorial magazine focusing on foreign policy,
cultural trends, and the economy. I dont really have an
explanation for this; its just interesting.

Grace Brennan
Professor Wise
ADV 281
Assignment #2

I also thought it was interesting that the likely hood of

adults to have used Clinique in the past 6 months drops
from being 46% more likely to have used the products
when they are engaged to 7% less likely to have used the
products when they are married. I guess when people get
married they feel more secure about their looks?

Mintel Database Information

I found the above chart in Mintels database. The chart shows

some data that was collected from social media between March 2013
and March 2014. The blue column shows how many times each brand
was mentioned on social media websites. The green column shows the
share of voice in the market that each brand has. The purple column
shows the number of Facebook likes on the main pages for each brand.
As you can see, Clinique was the front-runner in each of the categories,
which is great.

Grace Brennan
Professor Wise
ADV 281
Assignment #2

IBIS World Database Information

On IBIS I didnt find specific information on Clinique but I looked
at the supply chain Cosmetics & Beauty Products Manufacturing in the
US. One key economic driver for this industry was Consumer
Confidence Index. This is good news for Clinique because if you look
at the BAV analysis, Cliniques consumers feel pretty good about the
brand and its products, which could explain why the brand is doing so
PRIZM Segment Explorer
I used the MRI data to determine popular characteristics of the
adults that typically would purchase Clinique products to
determine which two segments would describe a good
percentage of Cliniques consumers.
Suburban Pioneers- I think these adults would be likely to
purchase Clinique because they have younger kids, a
decent amount of income, and are very diverse ethnically.
This category also includes many singles and recent
divorcees who could possibly want to improve their

appearance by using Cliniques skincare products.

Shotguns & Pickups- This segment would be likely to
purchase Clinique. They have kids, are very diverse, and
have enough income for the things they need. One of their
lifestyle traits was order from Mary Kay so I think if

Grace Brennan
Professor Wise
ADV 281
Assignment #2
Clinique advertised their products to these families, they
could be very successful.
Source: http://www.claritas.com/MyBestSegments/Default.jsp?