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1. Write Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect. Affirmative,
Negative, Interrogative. 0.5
Bebe leche

2. Traducir 0.4

Trabajan en Madrid

No le he visto desde ayer

Ha trabajado durante 6 das
Siempre ha sido un chico simptico
Nunca he ido a Francia
Alguna vez has comido chocolate con mantequilla?
Nunca me he comprado un abrigo rojo
No han construido hospitales desde 1972
Nunca has roto un plato.
3. Comparatives 0.5

Pesado cotton/elephant
Grande palace/ball
Viejo boy/grandfather
Fro August/January
Peligroso snake/dog
Barato new pone/old phone
Alto car/building
Pequeo eye/hand
Bonito butterfly/cockroach
4. Superlativos 0.3

Our house is
He is
Don't go there - it's
Who is the
My brother says The Beatles were
The Nile is
Everest is
Is the president
5. Fill in the gaps 0.3

(big) in the street.

(young) of four children.
(dangerous) city in the world?
(expensive) shop in the town.
(famous) singer in your country?
(good) group ever.
(long) river in the world.
(high) mountain in the world.
(important) man in the country?

Star Wars is my favourite movie. I have _________ it 12 times. Do you __________Star Wars? I do.
Well, my name is Alex and I __________45 years old. I have_______been a Star Wars fan, __________the
first show in 1978. I have a brother. I like Star Wars more_______my brother. He __________action movies.
Once I watched the movies ______10 hours. The ewoks are my favourites, they live_______an island.

6. Reading. 0.5

For the second year in a row, American competitive eater Joey Chestnut defeated his Japanese rival Takeru
Kobayashi at the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York City, after a tie forced a five-hot-dog eatoff to be held.
After ten minutes of hot dog eating, two shorter than in previous years, Chestnut and Kobayashi were tied at 59
frankfurters. But after the rare tiebreaker, 24-year-old Chestnut emerged as the winner, claiming a $10,000 prize
and a mustard-yellow belt. "It was crazy," he said. "I'm just a normal guy eating hot dogs on the Fourth. You can't
overcomplicate it."
Kobayashi, whose loss last year shattered a six-year winning streak, said that a sore jaw and a tooth problem may
have altered his performance. "If I put one more mouthful in, I could have won", the 30-year-old Nagano native
said through a translator. "I lost because I wasn't quick enough in the rematch."
This year, the 22 competitors were under a 10-minute time limit, unlike the 12 minutes used for previous contests.
The reason for this, according to Nathan's, was the discovery of a document from 1916, which revealed that the
original competition was 10 minutes long.
Thousands gathered at Coney Island to watch the annual event, which has become one of the more colorful
traditions of America's Independence Day.
Who won the contest last year?
a. Takeru Kobayashi b. Joey Chestnut c.First there was a tie, then Chestnut won d.The text does not say
How long was the competition this year?
a. 10 minutes
b. 12 minutes
c. More than 10 minutes
d. The text does not say
How long was the competition last year?
a. 8 minutes
b. 10 minutes
c. 12 minutes
d. The text does not say
How many hot dogs did Joey Chestnut eat in the whole of the final?
b. 64
c. Between 59 and 64
c.The text does not say
How many hot dogs did Takeru Kobayashi eat in the whole of the final?
a. 59
b. 64
c. Between 59 and 64
d. The text does not say
Who won the contest two years ago and in the five years before that?
a. Takeru Kobayashi
b. Joey Chestnut
c. Somebody else
d. The text does not say
How long was the contest in 1916?
a.Under 10 minutes
b. 10 minutes
c. 12 minutes
d. The text does not say
Where is Joey Chestnut from?
a. Coney Island
b Nagano
c. New York
d. None of the above
On what occasion is the contest held?
a. Coney Island's birthday b. The discovery of a document in 1916 c. Independence Day d. None of the above
Which sentence is true for Kobayashi?
a. He said he had health problems after the contest He didn't speak English He said the rematch wasn't fair
b. None of the above
7. Writing. Write a 100 word story about a doctor. 0.4 points