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2 yee Renee la tiie ine eee ate ee Written 3A Suleiman. Vampire and che Wotld of Darkness created by Mark Reine Hagen ion: Khaldoun Khelil oryteller Game System D Rein*Hagen Developed by: Justin Achill Bultoes Carl Bowen At Director: Richard Thoms Layout & Typesetting: Becky Jollensten Interior Art: Mike Dansa, Becky Jollensten, Drew Tueker, Conan Venus Front Cover Art: Lawience Silly Front & Back Cover Design: Becky Jollensien Autnor’sDepication This book is dedicated with lave and writitude te myparents: To my father, for rhe letter and the law, To my mother, for the wander and the word, Dedication on this book must also gosouttathe many who fought and died in the Middle Bnet during its wrding With love, and the enduringhope hat yoursactifi at leasthelp pave the way for lasting peace Specrar THanns J would be remise if Tid not give credit here where ir is certainly due. Fist ard foremost, yery special thanks tomy friend and mentor, Hurry Heckel, who has giver. me more than he'll ever know —mose of which ies outside the scope of this project. And the most sincere of thanks co my evo patron saints, Justin Achilli any James Exes Looking Eagle, without whose patience irport { never would have ouirdled the hend cin this labor oflove. Toall the rest of you whohiave helped mealong the way: You are not forgotten here, yom are simply to6 many in number to mention by niume Bt dian you WalePublishing, Ine. All rights reserved, Repto: FREY pe MA NORTIBIM scccnseaioutthevenen onset thepblsier expect > Me. Ss eatees Hh nay eter eel eee ne CLARISTOH, Gt 3021 Wolf, Vampire, Vampire the Masquerade, Vampire the Dark Aves, Mage the Ascension, Hunter the Reckoning, World of Darkness, USA and Aberrant ate registered trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved, Werewolf the Apucalypse, Wraith the Oblivion, Changeling the Deeaming, Werewolf the Wil West, Maye the Sorcerers Crusade, Weaith the Great Wer, Trinity. Caira by Night, Your of the Scarab and Blocd Sucrifice ate traclemarksof White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved All chariewers, names, places and test herein are copsrighted by White Wolf Publishing, Inc The mention of or reference to uny company or product in these pages s not a challenge to the trademark or édipyright concerned Game Stunte is book uses the supematural forsettings, charactersandthemies, All mystical and supemacutil elementéare fiction and intended for entertainment purposes only. This book contains mature content. Reailer discretion is advis Fora five White Wolf catalog cull 1-800-454-WOLE Check out White Wolf online at bhrp://wwwwhite-wolt.cony alt.games.whitewolf anid rec. garnes.p. storyteller PRINTED IN THE USA Caio oe Nar 1 SOIR CONTENTS IntRODUCTION: THE DULSE OF MILLENNIA 6 CHAPTER Ont: SINS or THE FATHERS: A History Of CAIRO 18 Cuapter Two:BLoopann SAND:GEOGRAPHY ANDTHE UNDEAD 48 CHapter THREE: BROTHERS IN ARMS; DYRAMIDS OF DoweR 72 Cuapter Four: Deap AMONG THE DEAD: THe DAMNEDOFCAIRO 80. CHApTER Frve: UMM €&L-DUNYA-STORYTELLING CAIRO 134 Appenpix: SHADOWS IN Dust: THe Hipnen Host 150 Cones 3 en ea ee et eee ee een pee ad ee ere nee reee ress : De ey a ee ae tera ‘abil Gibran, “The Prophet" Cre een ein et Cee one uee ereatrea De eee eee Mistress of broad provinces and fru lands, brn in prafesion of buildings, peerless teamed and ienor thenableand the hase beauty and splendor, she shelters all you will the prudent and the foolish, the soa she surges ith hor throngs of lk... her youth sever new despite the length of days. He reigning star newer shifts jrom the marion of foreine —Hhn Batuea, Rehla (The furney) THe Crry TRIUMPHANT The dazling city of Cairohas worn numerous faces and names throughout her long and often glarious history. From her younger dys as the Biblical city af On, as Helinpolisto che Greek astronomers and philosophers who traveled perilous leagues ro stuslythe mysteries of her stare and sands, to the Roman fortress of Babylon-in-Ezypt which, in tum, grew surrounded by the expanding Arab cities of Al-Fustar, Al-Oatai aru finally, AL-Oahira, It isthe phant. Dubbed thus originally for the curious cireumsrancessurroundingher Fatimid foundation, che name has priven consistently accurate nonetheless The prae of conquerors the world over, men have waged campaign upon bloody campaign against one another for the right tc her charms. From the caliphs of Baghdad, Damascus and Tunis to the Turkish sultan anc Napoleon himself, her lise af would-be suirors reads eon 1 wmmpirethat hacateetch Africa tothe Asiatic Sea, she ha nin exming the granc ‘Then come the many colorful sobriquets that she has euned by viniue of her splendor and grace. Gi Cairo, City of Cinies, Jewel of the Orient, Shining Sst of Islam, Mother of the World. From the chronicles nf the renowned Muslim traveler Ibn Batuta to the fanct fal eal Richard Burcon's Arabian Nagi, the city of Cairo hae been a source of infinite wonder ond inspiration for centuries, Throughout her impressive existence, itseemsthac shehas eft no visitoruntouched by her splendor, no scholar unrewarded by her com stancy, nor any traveler anything but awed by her magnificence, leean be truly said that Cairo was founded on the paradox of change as a means of ensuring stability. Since the area's ins settlement, the city hasuundergone rocess of continuous (and often chavtic) reinven= tion. Originally simated on thecastern bank of the Nile Fmooucaon Te Ps Nuun 1 where the river fans out into tech, arable farmtand, all subsequent building on the site bas had co follow the progzess of the delta, which has been cteeping steadily north due to Africa's desiccation, Tonight, thessite has outrun the growth of its eternal companion, and the delta curtently sits several miles to the north of where ic lay during the age of the Pharaohs. ‘The city has heen built and retuilecountless times sincethe Aca cong offgypneaty {400 yearsag, with each susrest more jn its relentless purait of the delta. What had ence been the city centers became the outlying areasof a much larger whale, and the result is a modem #e- Tropolisof immense size and scope, coveringa total area of over 200 saunre miles, In response to (oran adinect resultof) this growth, the people of Calrohave made the sty the whole of their world. To het teeming mnillicns (and, indeed, to many outriders), C and the hub ofall Egypeian life. Yet forall her richness of culzure and history, Cairois city grown weary under theweight ofherown years. The fsing of ages has piven Her diet wo witness et OW ‘ocaafallrepeatedly, granting berthe sad opportunity her radiance tamished at the hands of her own. children. Her fgtle sense of singular identity, and the constant threat of she eoniplete destruction thereaf, has teen a plague more persistent than those that swept through daring the Dark Ages, beinging death to her populace apace thereafter, The fact that Egypt dd riot Jhve on Euypan ruer betwen the reign of Nectaneba and chit of Gamal Abdel Nasser —an unthinkable sper ofalmost 24 centucies— hasplayed an undeniable role in the firmuution of the Caiene mindset, and the city’s snhabicants struggle nughely with this legacy. Bue throuzh all her many nights af blood nd change, she haw remained the brightest of beacons ina dark and shifting sand, a constariestar in a seaof endless night. She muy look a little older in the light, and her children may see more of ehaos and handship in these times, but they know that she yet remains themotherof their world. And to them, regardless of her guise or ssppellaticin, the City Triumphant she has always been snd, by the grave of God, shall remain evermore How to Use Tuts Boox Thisbook tepresentsscniethingof a deviation from the nem, to those fimiiar with other Vampire "by Night’ supplements, The distinction between Cairo by Nightand its pred ssocs lies in its versatility, Thiscity sets the scene for a Storyteller to tnke her players, be ve ranctruction adding more and they players of Camarilla, Sebbat, anarch, independent oreven elderchameters, into the hearts-and intrigues of the largest city in all of Africa and the Middle East, In addition to finally examining an ares lony neglected in previous products, thiskook intends :e give Storytellers ‘a means by which chey can pach eheir ehoractein full throttle into the Final Nights. Chapter by chepret, Cairo by Night is broker up into the following sections Siay of the Vathers: A. History of Cairo is a personal narrative of the city's mortal and Kindred ‘histories, beginning in ancient times, winding thiough the formative Islamic Age and into the modem nights ‘When pieced together, these histories provide uni and comprehensive perspective of this most magnift cent of cites. Blood and Sand: Geography and the Undeadis.an overview of the sites that make Caito the wonder thar she is tonight. Through Central, Islamic and Coptic Cairo, tothe mumersusanid ever-present miosqussaniund the city, life and faith are inextricably intertwined here. ‘often leaving Cairo's vampiric denizens caught in the middle Brothers in Arms: Pyramids of Power takes alook athe various factions at work in the city. Some wie for ‘Power, others move in their own circle theirown inscrutable purposes. Calt activity, ono vampitic as well as mortal level, is so prevalent here that wise Kindred often end up choosing an allegiance fone art 6 another before it chouses them. Dead Among the Dead: The Damned of Cairo dewails many of the major undead figures ith Recorlee, alsliinas acd dp vendettas that abound in Caira’s kindred are examined here, setting thestage forany sortof Egyptian chronicle to play itself cut Umm. l-Durya: Storytelling Cairo gives i brie guide to Storytellers on how to nan a chronicle in the City Triumphant. Nerran ve elementsand cultural hack drops ate further examined here as well, rounding out the whole of the city’s long and sordid story. Shadows in Dust: The Hidden Hostis an appen- dix — a night gullery of those behind the scenes Caira. From the stoic Inconn Monitor tou mammny st the core ofthe eity’shistiny, they are all detalied here Among these pages, you wil find all that you need 10 create achronicle in ne of the largest and uldest cities in the civilzed world, Through the urching wate of Bah Zuwayla, past Salah al-Din's Citadel and around Cities ofthe Dead, through the bustlinglanes of tae Khan