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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1) To be successful in planning informal or formal company meetings which of the following items
would not be completed?
A) Place an ad in the company bulletin inviting all employees to attend
B) Determine the audiovisual or other special equipment needs
C) Reserve the meeting room, confirm hotel and transportation accommodations, along with
getting written confirmation or a confirmation number of all reservations
D) Order or lease audiovisual equipment and confirm participant's attendance at least
twenty-four hours period to the meeting to confirm food order or reproduce copies of
documents for distribution


2) Which of the following make an in-house meeting easy to arrange?

A) The managers use electronic mailboxes and the conference rooms are scheduled using the
B) The managers in your organization use the computer to keep their calendars
C) Both scheduled time and free time can be accessed and the calendars are not classified as
private and can be accessed
D) All of the above


3) The type of meeting or conference room you will need depends on each the following statements
A) Size and needs of the group meeting.
B) Who the guest speaker will be.
C) Purpose of the meeting.
D) Necessary equipment.


4) When composing notices to send out about a meeting, identify the following information you
would not include.
A) Action to take if a member will or will not attend
B) Deadline for accepting agenda items
C) What refreshments will be served.
D) Time, date, location


5) Which of the following guidelines for composing notices would you not use?
A) Names of those who need to improve their attendance
B) Where and why
C) Who, what , and when
D) How long


6) ________ means recording the minutes of a meeting word for word.

A) Precise recording
B) Literal recording
C) Accurate recording
D) Verbatim recording


7) Which of the following is not one of the roles of team participants?

A) Team leader
B) Recorder
C) Facilitator

D) Director


8) Which of the following will not make a team meeting productive?

A) Check in and agree on goals
B) Review directions from management and outline team strategy
C) Maintain the schedule and use a warm up
D) Review the roles of the team and establish the house rules


9) Placing conference calls by telephone when the participants are located in different geographic
areas is called
A) Virtual conferencing.
B) Video transmission.
C) Audio conferencing.
D) Videoconferencing.


10) Web conferencing occurs when organizations conduct conferences or meetings

A) That delivers the real-time meeting quality of audio and video conference without the costs of
using a special dedicated room that requires specialized equipment and training.
B) Offer text chat, audio, video, document sharing, whiteboards, and presentations.
C) Through computer terminals using the Internet.
D) All of the above


TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.
11) Often when notices are sent too early they are ineffective because they can be forgotten.


12) An agenda is also called an order of business.


13) Meeting formats fall into two types--formal or informal.


14) Supportive materials that your manager might need during a meeting should be put in with the
other materials your manager will take to the meeting for quick reference.


15) Minutes serve as a record an official meeting was held, what discussions took place, and what
decisions where made.


16) Most meetings require a verbatim transcript.


17) Span of control is the number of people and functions one manager can supervise.


18) Direct broadcast video is video transmission form a single location combined with telephone
response from each of the receiving locations.


19) Following ethical behavior in meetings is using choices that will build positive qualities such as
trust and credibility.


20) If you think globally, you can give yourself the edge as you are planning or progressing through
your career.


ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.
21) Depending on the formality of the meeting, you may be responsible for what duties?
22) When composing meeting notices, always include what information in the notice?

23) If you took notes for a meeting, what general guidelines should you follow?
24) What questions might you ask yourself, as a follow-up to a meeting to improve future meetings?
25) Discuss the points you should follow when you are responsible for arranging a conference call.

Answer Key
Testname: UNTITLED12
1) A
2) D
3) B
4) C
5) A
6) D
7) D
8) B
9) C
10) C
11) TRUE
12) TRUE
13) TRUE
15) TRUE
17) TRUE
18) TRUE
19) TRUE
20) TRUE
21) Arranging the date and time of the meeting; reserving the meeting room; sending notices; preparing an agenda;
planning for supplies, equipment, and software; planning food and refreshments; assembling materials; attending the
meeting; handling telephone interruptions; following up after the meeting; and preparing and correcting meeting notes
or minutes.
22) The time, date, location, deadline for accepting agenda items; action to take if member will attend; action to take if
member cannot attend.
23) Produce the draft while the discussions are still fresh in your mind; if an agenda was used, follow the sequence of
topics or issues shown in the agenda; prepare a concise summary in paragraph form with centered or side headings.
Include the date, place of meeting, and the names of the participants. Keyboard the notes in summary form.
24) Was the purpose of the meeting clear? Did the group work toward a consensus? Was conflict used in a positive way to
distinguish between ideas? Did the group insist on what action was to be done, by when, and by whom?
25) Obtain essential informationcities, names, and the date and time of the telephone conference. Pay particular attention
to time zone changes. Ask participants to avoid using cell phones or cordless phones because they are likely to get
interference such as static. Remind everyone the use of speaker phones can pick up background noises and can
sometimes cut off parts of their conversation.