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Card 1: The Cavalier

Number: 9
Suit: Hearts
Essence: News
nouns: A man, vehicles
adjectives: fast moving, acting quickly
Primary meaning is news.
When far away from the significator, news has traditionally been seen as coming
from abroad or a place some distance from the querent's home. In contrast, when
close to the significator this is indicative of news from one's neighborhood, so
meone within the home, or family.
In itself, the Cavalier is a positive card, but the nature of the news it brings
is denoted by the cards sorrounding it. With clouds, or other auguries of inaus
picious influence, the news will cause sorrow or trigger hard times.
Progressed Meanings:
The Cavalier can represent a man set to appear in your life.
When Cavalier represents a person, it will be an up and coming well dressed and
often athletic individual - an intern in the big city, the man on the up at work
Close to Heart, Ring, or Lilly, Cavalier represents a new male love interest. Al
so same sex partner for a gay man.
Also stands for one's personal mode of transport, from a bicycle to a car. Can d
enote a horse
As a fast paced card, the news it brings is rarely a long time in coming. It als
o signifies positive developments and the need to act quickly. Carpe diem!
Health; Cavalier denotes an improvement in Health Matters. Symbolises all ligam
ents, legs, knees, ankles.
Card 02: The Clover
Number: 6
Suits: Diamonds
Keywords: Joy, Companionship, Luck
Essence: Joy
symbolizes happiness and joy, often derived from our sorroundings
promise of comfort and companionship
When located near the querent's card and free from negative influences, you can
expect bad times or loneliness to lessen
When located near the Clouds or other negative cards, the above meanings are rev
ersed. anxieties increase, and difficulties worsen. When far from significator,
it can show loneliness, depending on severity of sorrounding cards.
Progressed Meanings
Can represent Money, but small amounts.
(as with Sun) Clover's good fortune can be doubled with birds.
Clover is a simple and short acting card, so seize opp while it lasts.
Timing: 3-4 days to a month at most
Health: shows a recovery and pick up in mood or energy.

Card 03 : The Ship

Number: 10
Suit: Spades
Essence: Movement
Keywords: travel, trade, longing
betterment, enrichment, inheritance,
auspicious card that bodes well for your enterprises
cards touching the ship will describe opportunities, that you can use to further
your goals and better your life.
traditionally signifies business ventures, but even for non entrepreneurs, bring
s an opportunity for betterment and enrichment.
Another meaning the Ship carries is inheritance, but often like a trust fund rat
her than a death based inheritance
When close to querent's card, an opportunity for travel is to be expected.
Look closely at cards sorrounding the Ship, as journey is usually important, but
with bad cards, will be memorable for the wrong reasons
Progressed Meanings:
When close to the Querent's card the ship is a card o travel, distant travel.
Also the means of such travel - train, plane, ship
a frequent meaning the ship can add to the reading is that of longing for someon
e or something.
Unlike anchor which stands for hopes and desires, this longing may amount to no
more than wishful thinking.
Since the Ship shows inheritance, it can also indicate a death (that brings it a
bout), often seen when the ship follows several negative cards, and could indica
te missing that person or bereavement
For someone self employed or in trade, the ship is an important employment card.
Health: represents liversspleen, pancreas and gall bladder. sickness associated
with travel, attachment disorders (??)

Card 04: The House

Number: King
Suit: Hearts
Essence: Sanctuary - retreat into it for relief/protection and wait for better t
imes, or to enjoy fruits of your labor.
Keywords: Home, private life, enterprise, property, people you live with, privat
e affairs,
symbolises your home and domestic affairs,
+ve card. House shows opportunities for improvement in your personal circumstanc
es and prosperity.
Good cards around the House bring you opportunities for happiness and in some ca
ses,chances to feather your nest, and improve quality of your life.
If difficult cards sorround your house, and House is close to your significator,
you stand a stronger chance of overcoming troubles, even if your prospects appe
ar bleak.
Should the House fall in the middle of a tableau, indicates need for caution esp

wrt your domesticity or neighbourhood. Cards around the House will elaborate th
e specifics. Worsened if the significator card is directly above the House. Sver
ity increased if no cards separate the two vertically.
Progressed Meanings;
property - apartment, country cottage, river boat
enquiries about relocation or reading indicates relocation - cards sorrounding H
ouse will describe where you are heading
shows people you actually live with
Can show private affairs, card of what goes on behind closed doors.
House-Rod shows your private affairs will be talked about.
When house is near querent's card, shows someone who likes to keep things ground
ed and private.
Like Ship, House can indicate business ventures.
Where the ship describes opportunities, House shows how these can better your st
anding andquality of life.
When House describes a person, (King of Hearts) shows a man the same age as the
querent or slightly older, normally a comfortable financially, friendly, family
oriented, rarely related to the querent.
Health: refers to body as a whole, but also signifies skeleton and bones.
With Mountain shows calcification/osteoarthritis.
When free from bad cards, shows overall strong body and aided by good treatment.
One of the Card that can offset the Tree.
Card 3 - The Ship
Essence: Movement
Keywords: Travel, Trade, Longing
opportunities that can help you achieve your goals and better your life.
inheritance - but often trust fund etc from someone who is living
when close to querent's card opportunity for travel is indicated, but distant tr
With bad cards sorrounding, travel for the wrong reasons
longing for someone or something
if self employed, an important employment card
RG: Movement, Travel, Distance
Moving away, leaving, transition, a vacation
if appears next to coffin, an inheritance.
other worlds, mediumship etc
Wealth via inheritance
if close to significator, travel. Cards sorrounding will indicate exact change h
When sorrounded by negative cards, warns of risks, problems, separation or aband
So far, Rider, Clover, Ship
Essence: Sanctuary
Keywords: private life, enterprise (run out of home)
symbolizes home and domestic affairs. A positive card, the House showsopport
unities for improvement in your personal circumstances and prosperity.

good cards around the house bring opportunities for happiness, and in some cases
, chances to improve your life
If difficult cards sorround the House, but House is close to significator, you s
tand a stronger chance of overcoming your troubles, even if prospects appear ble
In the middle of a tableau, it indicates a need for caution, particularly in dom
esticity or your neighborhood. The cards around the house will elaborate the spe
cifics. This is worsened if the significator card is directly above the House. T
he severity is increased if no cards separate the two vertically.
Progressed Meanings:
The House stands for your property - from apartment blocks to river boats. Shows
the people you actually live with. Direction of relocation. Includes family onl
y if you share a roof.
Reveals your private life - what goes on behind closed doors.
When House near the querent's card it shows someone who likes to keep things gro
unded and private.
Like Ship, House can indicate business ventures. However, the Ship describse opp
ortunities. The House shows how these can better your standing and quality of li
Can stand for a person (since == King of Hearts). Of same age or older than the
querent, or more often, older. normally comfortable financially, friendly, and f
amily oriented.
Health: signifies body as a whole.
Symbol for home, family, base, headquarters, family, entourage, refuge, room mat
es, stability, real estate, possessions, property, family business, home office,
sacred space, family foundation, dynasty, sometimes the patriarch.
residence: Where you sleep and who you share it with. Suggests satisfaction prot
ection. Sorrounding cards, if negative show a shakeup or instability.
In the GT House talks of success ahead even if current situation is not promisin
g. If falls under Man/Woman card, warns qeurent to be careful of the people who
sorround him or her, especially if there are adjacent negative cards.
A focus card in the GT to see situation, condition and circumstances of the clie
nt's home, family, or real estate.
Today: The Tree
Essence: Health
Keywords: Inertia, Time
Whenever the Tree appears near the significator, health will be of concern durin
g the period covered by the reading. Cards sorrounding the card will comment on
health and well being, thus negative cards will need to be discerned with extra
caution. When Tree is far from the significator, the severity of problems is red
uced. They increase in severity when the Tree is close to the significator.
House, Garden, Paths, Sun close to the tree offset some negativity, foretells re
covery, especially so when Tree is close to the querent.

A slow paced card of lasting effect. In questions relating to time, a couple of

years, if not longer. So, often symbolizes inertia. If falls between significato
rs, predicts a relationship continuing out of habit than love
Tree signifies all health, spiritual, mental, and physical. Maturity over time.S
hamanic/Eastern spirituality (??) .
Future = growth, firm, planted, grounded, slow, upto 5 years
Today Card 6: The Clouds
Essence: Misfortune
Keywords: Tribulation, Problems, Confusion
One of the Most negative cards in the deck. Whatever touches the clouds in a rea
ding becomes troublesome and problematic. Its influence increases the closer it
is to the significator's card.
To the left of the significator cards, it shows problems of a shorter duration.
To the right, difficulties of greater severity and length.
Progressed Meanings:
Troubles that are not easily overcome. Confusion and uncertainty, especially wit
h cards denoting messages or answers, which (under the influence of Clouds) can
be upsetting due to being abstruse and unhelpful.
In *any* reading, note cards' proximity to Clouds.
any card one position away, takes the 'clouded' meaning without fail. Cards vert
ically (and to a certain extent, diagonally) below clouds card become difficult,
problematic, and confusing, the severity being decided by whether Clouds are to
the left or right of significator.
Be careful with cards that are two positions away from the significator.
1. Positive cards that are two positions away, but *above* Clouds are less affec
ted, because they are in the influencing position.
2. However *negative* cards (two positions away) will be clouded so more malefic
than normal
Another meaning is bad weather of all kinds - fogs, storms, heavy winds etc and
also pollution -with Fish, shows water pollution.
As with King of Clubs (? dammit use the card name, EDIT: ok this is the same car
d as Cloud just expressed as Suit + number), can represent a man, sometimes an e
x partner, with the card the king looks at (?? wtf?? use 'sorrounding cards desc
ribe the man' as usual) showing where it can trouble you.
Where this card describes someone, it adds brusqueness, unpleasentsess, or grey
/salt and peppery hair.
In health problems, Clouds indicate lungs/respiratory diseases as also air borne
and seasonal influences like influenza.
Note: *Only* Clouds can 'cloud' (make malefic) other cards. Other malefic cards
can effect other cards, but not *cloud*, i.e change other cards meanings.
You basically want the Cloud card as far left to the significator's card in the
best possible position. If the Clouds card is on the left of the significator ca

rd, the individual is going through some troubles, but it is almost over. If the
Clouds card appears to the right of the Significator, trouble is on its way. Al
ways look at the sorrounding cards. They will indicate how serious the difficult
y will be.
Clouds clear out quickly *unless* it is followed by negative cards, or cards tha
t indicate a longer duration of time.
The Clouds card is about doubts, confusion, hesitation, instability.
Like fog Clouds hide what is behind them.
Deceit can hide in the clouds, ranging from mixup to catastrophe.
Clouds alludes to uncertainty, a future that cannot be seen clearly, is rarely d
irect and/or totally unpredictable.
In a 3 card etc sperad, 'outcome hidden' if last card is clouds.
IN the GT look at whether the Clouds occupy a past, present, or future position.
Look at cards around it and what (whether?) it is directly influencing you (the
Look at what house the Clouds card is in. This will give a precise explanation o
f awaited difficulties.

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