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Lejla Deko

Professor Sanjin Behram

ITEC 492
15 December 2016
Network solution proposal
Below is the solution for connecting 5 offices and 20 ATM machines in one network,
and proposed network architecture. For the purpose of this case, I contacted Ping, Avacom,
Enigma, Sberbank, Unicredit, Reiffeisen bank and Telemach internet provider and nobody
was willing to give me answers. From some, I was instructed to send emails and those emails
were not answered as well. I was hoping I would get some information from Ping, since they
are the leading provider of network solutions for banks in Bosnia, but unfortunately the sector
I was directed to, never answered the phone.
Solution I chose is creating VPN network and leasing dedicated lines from a local telecom
provider, BH Telecom. WAN networks are most expensive, but with VPN you can use a
single leased line to the Internet from each branch and ATM and they provide more security
with site to site connection. They are also faster than WAN, and since this bank company will
be covering only 5 branches it is a good solution.
ATMs are just data terminals and their host processor can support a leased line as well. The
leased line for internet/network is fixed, in BH Telecom, installation of a leased line is 60 KM
per a line, and all the necessary network equipment for connecting and installing 5 branches
and 20 ATMs (excluded ATM machine price) would be around 10.000 KM.
ADSL Cito includes speeds of 1024/256 Kb/s, from 1 to 16 constant public IP addresses
and unlimited traffic for a price of 410KM/month and it would be used for a main bank server
in the headquarters. BH Telecom also provides a discount from 2 to 10% depending on the
ATM setup would cost around 8.000KM, considering the price of 4.000KM for a machine,
electricity cost, monthly rent for a space, maintenance, and setting up (for a period of one
year). The cost is higher since the bank is interested in top locations for installing ATMs,
where the rent is higher.

There is also a monthly fee of around 15KM while the ATM is connected to the national
network system.
This would be the architecture of ATM connections:
Headquarters to ATM
ATM Switch Hos --> ATM Gateway -->Internet Cloud--->Bank Router ---> Firewall-->Layer Switch->Distribution Switch --->Access Switch ---> ATM Machine
Branch Office to ATM
ATM Switch Hos --> ATM Gateway -->Internet Cloud--->Bank Router ---> Firewall--->HO
VPN Router-->VPN Cloud ---> Branch VPN Router --->Branch ATM Machine
Today, a bank must keep up with current trends toward automation, mobility, and improved
online services. Any performance hit or service outage cannot be tolerated. When migrating a
service to a hybrid cloud or monitoring one which is already hosted here, I consider
implementing performance based management to measure and ensure customer service levels.
Any delay, loss, or outage will be quickly alerted and identified to IT, enabling them to begin
the path to resolution before there is a huge impact to customers. Instead of reactive analysis
after a problem strikes, banks need to implement proactive analysis with reaction models in
place in the event of an issue. This architecture will be covered by monitoring tools that will
allow you detailed performance and usage of the banking system all over Bosnia and
Bank Data Center Protection
All devices are secured for both primary and optional disaster recovery data centers and will
be hosted in the bank itself. For that purpose we will be using Border guards grouped in pools
to provide remote access connections. Border guards will be extended to all 5 branches and 20
ATM machines and compact Border Guards will enable secure sessions between headquarter
servers and other branches.
As a solution for this, we would propose Blue Ridge architecture, already tested and repeated
no vulnerabilities which include cyber security architecture locks down networks:

preventing unauthorized access and protecting against malicious code (malware), data
leakage, and network attacks

allowing full and easy use of banking network operations

The Blue Ridge security approach establishes trust in a companys core infrastructure and
then extends that trust to each network tunnel, LAN, remote device, computer, employee, and
authorized agent.
Total price for installing the network (Computers and other IT equipment are not included):

20*8.000 for ATMs = 160.000

Network connection = 10.000

My conclusion is that ATM machines are not bringing money to banks directly, but they are
necessary for successful business and in the end, this high price will pay off.

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