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Christopher Kentlea

A hive mind is a collective consciousness.

Thought to be shared amongst insect based
species, in many ways it gives a great
advantage. What one knows, they all know. It
can give resistance to mental attacks and
improve reactions and more. With a hive
mind you are truly never alone

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Ennead Games
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The downside is that if you manage to crack

into the hive mind, an attack on one is an
attack on all. A mental virus can be
devastating to a hive mind.

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Presented here are some Hive Mind Feats that

can apply both monsters and players.

Ennead Games 2012

If you dont have psionics available then any

ability that allows you to communicate with
another mentally is acceptable, but the feats
are only active while this ability is active.

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Introduction .................................................... 2
Core Hive Mind Feats...................................... 3
OPEN GAME LICENSE ...................................... 5

Hive Mind Feats

Every HM: feat has as a pre-requisite low-level
or improved Hive Mind

All Hive-Mind feats only grant their bonus if

active and there is another within 20 feet that
has low-level or improved hive mind.

HM: Alert Other

Benefit: You can send a mental ping to
another in the hive. Communication is not
possible as this is more like a mental garbled

The bonus gained is multiplied by the number

of people in the hive mind above 1. E.g. two
people in an active hive make the bonus +2, 5
would make it +5 etc.

HM: Communication
Pre-requisite: HM:Send thought
Benefit: You may two-way communicate with
anyone in the hive.

Apart from low-level or improved hive mind,

then all HM: feats have shared access while
the hive is active. However keep track of who
has each feat. If only one has for instance
HM:Senses and is killed, any other feats that
have this as a pre-requisite stop working.

HM: Conduit
Benefit: An innate non-spell/class ability from
another in the hive may be used as if you
naturally have it.

As you can see, this could make large groups

of monsters with a hive mind quite dangerous

HM: Empathy
Pre-requisite: HM:Alert
Benefit: You can feel what another in the hive
is feeling when you concentrate on them.
Special: Strong and powerful emotions may
affect you as well

Low-Level Hive Mind

Pre-requisite: INT 10+, Any Psionic or
telepathic ability
Benefits: You are able to almost link minds
with others who share this feat.
knowledge is shared at some level. This
translates into a +1 bonus per member of the
hive-mind to each skill that you and another
member share.
E.g. Two others in the hive mind have Climb
Rope and you have Item Creation. You gain +2
to Climb Rope and they gain +1 to Item
Special: Any mental attacks on one have a 1 in
20 chance of affecting anyone else in the hive.
This is rolled separately for each member.

HM: Improved Attacks

Benefit: +1 to attack rolls.
HM: Improved Critical Chance
Benefit: +1 to critical confirmation chance per
hive member
HM: Improved Fatigued Resistance
Benefit: Improved mental strength allows the
possessor of this feat to require 1 less hour to
rest needed when fatigued per hive member,
to a minimum of 1 hour.

Improved Hive Mind

Pre-requisite: Low-level hive mind
Benefits: This feat works the same as low-level
hive mind, except that all skills are shared at
the same level, taking the highest skill.
E.g. You have Item Creation at 10, your hiveminded companions have Climb Rope at 9 &
5. All three now have Item Creation 10, Rope
Climb 9.

HM: Improved Fortitude

Benefit: +1 to all Fortitude saving throws.
HM: Improved Intelligence
Benefit: +1 to Intelligence.
HM: Improved Range
Benefit: +5 feet for the hive mind effect.
HM: Improved Reactions
Benefit: +1 to Initiative.

HM: Improved Resolve

Benefit: +1 to all Resolve saving throws.

HM: Resist Unconscious

Benefit: If knocked out, then passing a Fort
roll allows you to stay awake for 1 more round
per hive member. At the end of this time, if
not healed, you fall into unconscious as
normal. You are treated as staggered while
this occurs.

HM: Improved Will

Benefit: +1 to all Will saving throws.
HM: Improved Wisdom
Benefit: +1 to Wisdom

HM: Senses
Benefit: You can actually see or hear what
another perceives. You must concentrate to
use this feat and you cannot see or hear
through your own eyes or ears.

HM: Language
Benefit: You can speak any language that any
member of the hive can speak at their level.
You cant actually see or hear what they see,
but for ranges determination etc. you are
both in the same place.

HM: Send thought

Benefit: You may send a short sentence of
about 5 words or so to another in the hive.

HM: Nexus
Benefit: Acting as a nominal leader and focus
for the hive gives the entire hive a great
benefit, but at a cost.

HM: Spell Conduit

Benefit: Another in the hive mind can use your
senses for determining what the caster can
see or hear.

Any rolls made gain +2 in a positive direction.

This includes healing done, damage done etc.
The bonus is cumulative with any other

HM: Spell Conduit Touch

Pre-requisite: HM: Spell Conduit
Benefit: Any touch based abilities may be used
through you.

Special: Killing or incapacitating the one in the

hive with HM:Nexus can destabilise the entire
hive. If this happens then the hive switches
off until the one with HM:Nexus is once
again active, or 2d10 rounds have passed,
whatever is greater.

HM: Taste
Pre-requisite: HM Senses
Benefit: You can taste what another eats or
drinks without suffering any side-effects.

The mental shock of the hive being broken

prevents any HM feats being used and all dice
rolls suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls and are
treated as Stunned for the duration.

HM: Ventriloquism
Pre-requisite: HM: Senses
Benefit: You know and may speak in any
language known by anyone within the hive,
provided you actually can speak.

Note: Only one within each hive can have HM:


Pre-requisite: HM:Senses
Any special vision types within the hive, such
as Dark vision is granted to all.

HM: Remote Control

Pre-requisite: HM Senses
Benefit: You can control the movements of
another in the hive. You must concentrate to
use this feat and only small movements are
Note: Cant be used in combat.


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