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Foreign policy of Pakistan appears to have been confronting dismal difficulties since the very
presence of the nation. For sure the difficulties postured in 21st century are more genuine risk to
the outside strategy and condition of Pakistan. The difficulties like the occasion of 9/11,
globalization, radicalism, terrorism and financial decay have hindered the adequacy of the
remote approach of Pakistan. The State is seen by the world group as the most risky spot on earth
and center point of terrorism. This exploration paper unleashes the dangers and difficulties to the
state and remote strategy of Pakistan and recommends some practical choices for the solidness,
progressiveness and adequacy of the state and outside arrangement of Pakistan as linchpin for the
soundness of the South Asian area and a critical partner of US in war on terrorism.
The world has gone into 21st century and the difficulties of the new century are exhausting and
recalcitrant. Just politically steady, mechanically progressed and monetarily solid nations can
contend in the common universe of globalization. The difficulties after 9/11 has put the world in
an unsafe circumstance, where the conflict of development, more modern means and weapons in
the hand of non state holders and pertinacious disposition of the super power appears to have a
secure situation. Security appearance of U.S has ruptured acculturated standards of universal law
and gave an explanation to involve any domain or speedily assault anyplace on the planet. Two
occasions have realized exceptional change in the south Asian locale. Firstly, the end of Cold
War that made more participation among the nations in the locale and new influx of Kashmir
battle that made Nuclearisation in the district and the rise of Taliban in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the occasion of 9/11 has brought forth new diversion in the area. The nearness of
America in the area is by all accounts development of new powers and variables which bring
forth new difficulties to the outside arrangement of Pakistan.
For a comprehension of nation's outside arrangement, it is additionally essential to begin with the
circumstances of the starting. For a delicate state like Pakistan that confronted prompt
antagonistic vibe from it much bigger neighbor the security concern was inescapable; and it
ought to wind up the administration's essential obligation.
The evolving geo-vital, geo-political and geo-financial environment of the South Asian district
has postured new sort of security, monetary difficulties to the remote approach of Pakistan.

Implications of Changing Geo-Strategic Environment in the Region

Numerous examiners are of the perspective that 21st century is for the Asians. The South Asian
district is critically huge in numerous perspectives. The nations like India and china are
developing financial mammoths. The occasions changing in the locale have overflow
suggestions on the world by and large and Pakistan specifically because of closeness with China
and India. Occasions like Afghan occupation by the Russian and the 9/11 have made Pakistan
imperative for the US interests.
"Pakistan is constantly critical to U.S interests in South Asian locale and dynamic cooperation is
pivotal and huge for examining and overseeing in cross outskirt terrorism and religious
fundamentalism. Friendly relations with Pakistan is additionally vital in overseeing control in the
south Asian locale for atomic expansion of both India and Pakistan .US discovered India a vital

accomplice in the district including its security concerns. Without a doubt the circumstance did
not have any powerless ramifications to Pak-US relations. After the icy war Pakistan was
induced to join U. S for its part of bleeding edge state in war on fear." (2008: 46)
The U.S arrangement in the locale is to build up triangle of China, India and Pakistan. China is
viewed as the rival in the locale, India is viewed as the key ease and Pakistan as an accomplice in
the War on Terror. U.S tilt towards India has key item to contain China in the district.
Notwithstanding, China has received low profile, and arrangement of serene concurrence in the
district, and the world on the loose. "In 1990s U.S gave due thought on three main
considerations. One the atomic blasts were directed of both India and Pakistan. The Kargil in
1999, that thusly military upset was happened in Pakistan in October 1999. The visit of American
President to South Asia realized extraordinary change of arrangement towards South Asia."
After the Cold War; U.S has received two dimensional procedure towards South Asia
arrangement. To begin with, the Soviet Union does not have critical significance in the U.S.
Strategy towards South Asia; rather, Subcontinent is seen by America from a provincial point of
view and subsequently, manage India and Pakistan in an alternate way. Second, U.S. interests
and dangers to those interests are from inside as opposed to from outside the district. Financial
liberalization, non-multiplication and majority rule government advancement turned into the
fundamental U.S. arrangement objectives in South Asia.
The sensational change in the Indo-U.S relations has left overflow outcomes on Pakistan amid
the 1990s. It was time of segregation for Pakistan. U.S indicated extraordinary arrangement of
worries over the atomic project of Pakistan and power to yield Pakistan to move back its atomic

system. Toward the end of 1990s, America's tilt towards India appears an outlook change in the
relations of both the interesting majority rule governments of the connected with popular
governments after chilly war.
The rising enthusiasm of America in India can be found in the accompanying activities. Firstly,
America builds up standardized communication with India including boundless, territories
financial relations political procedure military sharing. Second on Kashmir America adjusted as
to love the line of control, the circumstance was to a great extent in the support of India. Third
India's significance in the south Asian is perceived by America and its across the board part and
plane to collaborate with New Delhi in worldwide issues Fourth India seems to have FY 2000
come to $ 170 million that is second biggest sum in the South Asian and it is 45 times bigger to
Pakistan's exclusive $ 3.78 million." (Ibid)
The occasion of 9/11 got U-turn the strategy of U.S and Pakistan at the end of the day turned into
the cutting edge state in U.S drove war against terrorism. In any case, U.S has regulated its
connection with India the "common atomic arrangement" is extraordinary sympathy toward the
entire area. As indicated by the military examiners the arrangement will eject new atomic race in
the district and will irritate the equalization of force in the South Asian area. As indicated by the
new U.S National security technique; "For setting up equalization of force which improve
opportunity, is persuaded that all countries carry out the employment of dependable status. Those
flexibility adoring nations must battle on fear. Those countries who need global solidification
must attempt to assist in the control of weapon of mass pulverization." (www.state.gov)
Since America is damaging the standards of its own methodology in the south Asian locale just
to get its vital destinations in the South Asian area. It is seen that the post 9/11 has fall apart the

security milieu of the South Asian district .The nations in the locale needed to join the U.S drove
war on fear to get their underhanded points of interest. India indicated extraordinary offer to
bolster in the war because of get its position in the South Asia. Pakistan has its own particular
sort of interests by joining the war case: to secure its key resources and ensuring its Kashmir
Kashmir Issue and Nuclearisation in South Asia
Another extraordinary test to the remote approach of Pakistan is Kashmir issue and
Nuclearisation in the area. Since its extremely commencement the issue of Kashmir stayed
cardinal accreditation to the foreign policyof Pakistan. On the issue of Kashmir both India and
Pakistan have battled wars of 1965, 1971, and 1999 of Kargil, and in 1998 both the subjects tried
their atomic weapons that has made the district a risky.
"Indo-Pak relations dependably remained security driven. The noteworthy emergencies put both
the states very nearly atomic blast prisoner 1998; the circumstance could look for atomic angle in
fact atomic discouragement in the South Asia is powerless. Kashmir has been the blaze point in
compel of both the states have been battled a few wars incorporating into 1947-48, 1965 and
1971and the Kargil strife in 1999.The Kashmir struggle stays unfinished business."
The common atomic arrangement has further heightened the circumstance in South Asian locale.
Pakistan has awesome worry over the arrangement in light of the fact that as indicated by
Pakistani perspective the arrangement has ruptured the equalization of force in the district and it
is in charge of the new atomic race in the South Asia. "Pakistan restricts the arrangement in light
of the fact that it would prompt another atomic weapons contest in South Asia; would undermine

the worldwide non-multiplication administration; and that it "doesn't acknowledge oppressive

treatment" and would have favored a "bundle arrangement" that suits the vitality security
interests of both India and Pakistan." (http://www.sassu.org.uk)
In late improvement in the connection of Indo-Pak the composite discourse, CBM (Confidence
Building Measures) are the positive sign; where the issue of controlling atomic arm race in the
district and trade of data with respect to terrorists exercises and propel cautioning framework for
rocket test can in any event make a down to earth get through to the issue of non expansion in the
area among notable archrivals.

Globalization an Emerging Threat to Foreign Policy of Pakistan

Globalization is test as opposed to open door for under create nations like Pakistan. As per the
pundits of globalization just those nations which are financially solid and politically reasonable
can make due in this common world. "Each country has its guideline as per its surroundings that
skewers nation to set up and execute its remote approach to securing its national enthusiasm for
difficulties and opportunities that a worldwide range gives it." (www.emory.edu)
Incredible arrangement of expansion in world economy is making of universal gauges and
standards as the central basis of all economies. Without a doubt, there are standards of fiscal
approach, monetary straightforwardness protection and installment framework, securities,
corporate, administration and the whole draw up of different fields. It implies an examining of
arrangements of individual nations by joining in the opposition of business sector and strategy
chiefs need to persevere what's more of anticipating their approaches to worldwide by awesome

Keeping in perspective the above certifications of globalization, Pakistan needs to change its
political framework, to prosper its monetary execution, and to set out the key components like
great administration and keep up principle of law to stay informed concerning the new test of
globalization. In south Asian viewpoint, where India is a risk not in context of arm race but
rather additionally regarding monetary rivalry in the locale and the world on the loose. India is a
developing financial goliath with china in the South Asia. It evenly and vertically influences the
arrangement matters of Pakistan; in light of the fact that in the globalized world financial
interests of nations are before alternate interests.
Afghan Issue and War on Terror
The most enormous test to the remote approach of Pakistan is the issue of Afghanistan, and
interior war against dread. In the war against terrorism propelled by America against
undetectable adversary put Pakistan on the epicenter of the war.
To start with, the geo-vital environment has affected Pakistan to receive cautious approach in the
district. India has been attempting to contain Pakistan in Afghanistan because of its delicate
political monetary and geo-vital conditions. Second, after the withdrawal of America and
deterioration of Russia a political vacuum was made in Afghanistan. Pakistan for securing its
position in the area received the arrangement of 'vital profundity' to contain Indian impact in
Afghanistan. Third, after 9/11 again it has ended up hard to Pakistan to secure its enthusiasm for
Afghanistan. Indian impact in Afghanistan is expanding step by step since a few experts trust that
Government in Kabul is Indian well disposed. Pakistan in the predominant situation is
confronting two fold challenges with respect to Afghan emergency after the 9/11.

The basic difficulties in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the locale incorporate across the board
viciousness, profound neediness, unsettled outskirt pressures, atomic weapons, drug trafficking,
and poor administration. In addition, issues of power, and in addition the perplexing social,
chronicled, and religious elements in the district, debilitate to overpower national and universal
abilities. Up to this point, the outside procurement of budgetary, military, and specialized
administration support has been genuinely noteworthy, yet additionally to a great extent
ineffectual and, in some cases, counterproductive. "Both Afghanistan and Pakistan are
confronting terrorism inside their separate domains which is under the control of their powers.
Af-Pak has got some sort of improvement than the past however there is somewhat compelled
between them" (www.barton-afpakonthebrink.pdf)
Drone Attacks
After terrorism ramble strikes by the US is a solitary test to Pakistan's remote strategy. There are
two purposes of perspectives in regards to automaton strikes in Pakistan. One trusts that
automaton strikes are being directed by CIA on the endorsement of Pakistan government through
discharge assention. The adequacy of the automaton assaults lies on the way that in these assaults
significant aggressor leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban (a terrorist gathering) are executed.
The other perspective in regards to automaton strikes is that the done assaults are clear
infringement of Pakistan's sway, and through postulations strikes Pakistan is getting
extraordinary arrangement of inadvertent blow-back and pure individuals are being executed.

Terrorism Extremism and Sectarianism

Terrorism and radicalism are recalcitrant difficulties to Pakistan ever some time recently. The
occasion of 9/11 has grave ramifications on Pakistan's financial, legislative issues and society on
foreign policyin bigger connection. Since the occasions Pakistan is by all accounts helpless as far
as its economy; so far Pakistan has lost cost 100 billion dollars, and have a guide from America
just 16 billion dollars . In outside arrangement terms Pakistan is by all accounts a hazardous spot,
and the nation is seen to be the center of terrorism.
Foreign policyof Pakistan remains hamstrung by host of issues; these issues are development and
execution of the strategy, its viability and household political ramifications on it. By redesiging
the strategy it can without much of a stretch be deduced from notable realities that outside
arrangement of Pakistan is to a great extent decided and overwhelmed by military and
knowledge offices of the nation. The reason of the dominancy are a few as disappointment of
vote based governments, Indian danger observation, relations with America and absence of
political administration. The most critical reason of disappointment of Pakistan's outside
arrangement is its reliance on the super power nations particularly America as far as economy
and military help.
It is an obvious truth because of its reliance on the benefactor as far as economy Pakistan has
been getting correspondences from the contributor offices and in household and remote approach
issues. For instance new coalition administration of Pakistan People's Party abrogate
appropriations on power and on different things the impact of IMF and World Bank outside.

On foreign policyfront, Pakistan need power the administration can make concurrences with
various nations for the supply of power for instance Pakistan can make a concurrence with focal
Asian nations for power to Pakistan, on the grounds that these nations have additional force era
limit in summer seasons while Pakistan encounters urgent need in the season. Yet, because of
outside impact Pakistan can't take choice on that.