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Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide



Created by: Axel7174




FAQ and Walkthrough



Copyright 2011 Ryne Gardner




Version History ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Version 1.10 ‐ 10/21/11 ‐ 11/02/11 ‐‐The first completed version.

Version 1.15 ‐ 11/9/11 ‐‐Things are progressing slowly. Being so meticulous, it's difficult to deliver all the vast number of things I want to in a timely manner with what little free time I have. Nevertheless, I have added a bit more to the Riddler stuff and started the Side Quests. I'm also currently in the process of organizing all that stuff and making it look neater. It's extremely tedious but it will be done, eventually. More to come soon.






About This Guide

Using This Guide






What's New


Combat Basics


Predator Basics





Prologue ‐ Catwoman Episode 1


Chapter 1 ‐ I am Vengeance. I am the Night. I am Batman


Chapter 2 ‐ Disorder in the Court


Chapter 3 ‐ The Joke's On You


Chapter 4 ‐ Catwoman Episode 2


Chapter 5 ‐ A Date at the Iceberg Lounge


Chapter 6 ‐ Back From the Dead


Chapter 7 ‐ Putting Plans on Ice


Chapter 8 ‐ No Laughing Matter


Chapter 9 ‐ Catwoman Episode 3


Chapter 10 ‐ Stranger Things Have Happened


Chapter 11 ‐ He Who Laughs Last


Chapter 11 ‐ Catwoman Episode 4



Side Quests


Watcher in the Wings


Shot in the Dark


The Tea Party


Fragile Alliance


Identity Theft


Heart of Ice


Cold Call Killer


A.R. Training


Remote Hideaway


Hot and Cold


Acts of Violence



Riddler Challenges


Riddler Trophies




Breakable Objects


Physical Challenges






Challenge Maps









Frequently Asked Questions



Credits/Special Thanks


Contact Info


Legal Jibber Jabber










\ Introduction


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About This Guide ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Welcome to the guide for Arkham City. Whew, this was a toughie. I'm a much busier guide writer than I was back when I started in 2008. I won't lie, the word "retirement" has crossed my mind. For now though, I will be trying when I can to supplement this guide and I will also be working on future guides for the remainder of the year, when I have time.

Anyway, Arkham City was a game I was looking forward to all year. Arkham Asylum was such a great game so I was anticipating getting the chance to do this guide.

Using This Guide ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐

Like all of my guides, the format here is relatively simple. Just below here are some introductory basics, followed by the actual walkthrough. After that, there are some sections dedicated to side and extra stuff.

Navigating should be easy. The table of contents above has a bunch of little codes at the end of most items, called quickjumps. Copy and paste these into the ctrl+f function of your web browser to jump around to certain sections. You can also use it to search for keywords.

If there are questions, concerns, or submissions, I ask you kindly to please read the FAQs section first, or the guidelines for e‐mailing me respectively. This is very important so I'd appreciate it.













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\ Walkthrough


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Just a brief foreword before we start, so you know what to expect from this walkthrough.

First, spoilers. There are some slight but no major spoilers in this game. By slight I mean character's names are mentioned in the guide, but usually not until you would have seen them in the game already. I will never discuss the events in cutscenes so they will not be spoiled. At least one boss name has been removed to prevent spoilers.

Next, unlike my Arkham Asylum guide, I will not be addressing a lot of the side stuff including Riddler Challenges during the walkthrough. I will be keeping most of that reserved for its own section at the near‐end of the guide. So check that out if you need help with Riddler Challenges or other quests. I will only be mentioning Riddler Challenges when they are in the immediate area when going through the story.

Alright, let's begin

to the Batcave!

================================================================================ Catwoman ‐ Episode 1 ===================================================================== [ac00]

After the cutscene, you'll be in control of Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman, provided you have the (free) DLC that came with new copies of the game.

Consider this your first of many tutorials, to get your feet

We'll just stick with two basics that the game covers, Striking and Countering. Those are Square (X for 360) and Triangle (Y for 360) respectively. Use Square/X in conjunction with the Left Analog Stick to steer Catwoman into striking certain enemies. Try to vary who you strike and you should find going from one goon to the next is rather seamless.

er, paws wet.

Others will run up to you and attack though. You can see this coming by the tell‐tale blue lightning marks above their heads. Hit Triangle/Y when you see this to perform a Counter. For those completely new to the game, you'll want to practice keeping your combos alive by chaining from Strikes to Counters and back to Strikes. I'll be going over that more later, but just practice for now.

When you've defeated them all, approach the safe. Tap L2 if you need to find it; it'll be highlighted brightly for you. Walk up to it and hit X (A for 360).

This will kick off a series of scenes

with a bang.

================================================================================ I am Vengeance. I am the Night. I am Batman ===================================================================== [ac01]

After the scenes and some one‐on‐one time with a certain "professor", you'll be in an interrogation room with limited control. You can look around and see your reflection, but that won't get us out of here. When prompted, rock the Left Analog Stick left and right a few times. The key here is to NOT pay attention to what it looks like you're doing in the mirror. Completely ignore that and just go back and forth in fluid motions with the stick to break free.

Once you've done that, wait for the guard to come in and walk up. When he is

about to kick, hit Triangle/Y to counter. Soon after, you'll be thrown out into

the outside

just before Arkham City.

There will be some lines of inmates on your right, separated by chain link fences. The lines are marked on the ground. You want Line A. Well, you don't really want it, but we have no choice. Step forward and have a nice chat with one inmate, before walking forward.

Jack Ryder. The nervous media

man will run forward when the doors open and will be promptly beaten down. As the thugs rain down, focus mostly on countering here, because that's really the only way to knock guys out. This is probably the only part in the entire game where the camera is a bit prohibitive. Try to get a good view and just counter to put these guys down.

You'll meet up with the Creeper

err, I mean

Go tend to Ryder and then when he's on his feet, try to walk forward. Unfortunately, a certain villain has other plans for Bruce Wayne

When you come to, you'll be face to pointy nose with Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot III, better known as Penguin. Claiming revenge on Bruce Wayne, he'll slip on the ole Brass Knuckle and prepare to take a swing. When he rears his arm back, hit Triangle immediately to counter.

His henchmen will try and stop you. Try to string some Square/X strikes together and counter anyone who runs up to take a swing at you. Keep chaining these together, taking it really easy if necessary by doing mostly counters. Eventually, you will break free from your bonds and thus, the tables will turn.

Chain several punches together and knock some of these guys out. You can spread them out amongst several goons, or pummel one until he's stunned. Keep an eye out for any running up to you or about to take a swing and use counters. Keep going until they are all down.

Before going, feel free to walk up to Penguin and take a swing at him too. FALCON PAWWWWNCH! Well, more like an uppercut but yeah

Look for a dumpster nearby with a ladder above it. Climb it and the ladder to reach higher ground. Straight ahead of you as you are reaching the top of the ladder will be a large ventilation shaft. Hold X (or A on 360) and move forward

to run straight off the edge and jump to that shaft. Pull yourself up and turn left. Climb up to reach another ladder. Climb this as well.

At the top of the ladder, there will be a very small ledge of a rooftop. Climb over this, and then turn left and climb to another one. You'll then get in touch with Alfred.

The "package" (tee hee) will be dropped off on top of the ACE building. Hmm which one is that? All I see is this building with giant green NEON signs that have the letters A‐C‐E. Gee, this is a toughie

Take a look around with the Right Analog Stick to get a glimpse of your surroundings, but when you're ready, look to the ACE building. Below the "E" there is a ledge that is somewhat lit in red. As you did earlier, hold X/A and run off the edge to jump to it. Bruce will hang from the ledge, allowing you to shimmy. Use the Left Stick to do so, shimmying to the right.

When you can climb up, do so. Scale two ladders and go to the corner where you will be met with a very small crawlspace. Hold R2 to crouch and you can easily slip through. On the other side, while still holding R2, hit X to drop over the ledge and shimmy again. Shimmy past the sign to the other side and climb up again with X/A. Crouch yet again to get through another tight space. Go up yet another ladder, then hold X/A and run toward the gap to jump it. At this point, the "package" will arrive. Turn the corner and climb up one final ladder to get the goods.

================================================================================ Disorder in the Court ===================================================================== [ac02]

With all those "wonderful toys" in your possession, Batman pulls out the Cryptographic Sequencer which Arkham Asylum players will remember. You can see some frequencies you can hack into on here and listen to, but they're not helpful to you right now.

No, instead, raise the cursor to that orange circle in the top‐right and hold X/A on it to decode it. You'll then overhear something going on over in the courthouse

Before we head over there, let's take a minute to explore and have some fun. I mean, hey, Arkham City is your oyster now!

Well, we won't waste too much time, but I strongly recommend getting into a few fights with local inmates to level up at least once. To turn on Detective Mode, hit L2. That will display all those lovely blue skeletons for you. Most if not all of them should be potential enemies. Find them and greet them with some jabs to the face.

Now I'll go over some extra things on combat. There is one tip in particular in regards to countering that I consider very, very helpful for new players. I will be mentioning it several more times after this because I think it's a good tip.

You can easily tell when guys are about to attack you if they run right up to Batman. This is the easiest sign besides the blue lightning. Actually it's like a warning sign for the blue lightning, a warning sign for a warning sign if you will. When an enemy runs up to Batman, that enemy is about to attack. If you pay attention to your surroundings and not just the enemy you're attacking at the time, you can learn to recognize this easily and prepare for an incoming attack.

Obviously this only applies to enemies who are farther away from you. For those who are much closer, you have to rely on the blue lightning marks above their heads most of the time. However, if you REALLY pay attention and practice, practice, practice, you can learn to recognize their animations and notice when their arms are telling you they're about to attack, and etc.

Alright, that's enough lessons for now. Feel free to explore some of Arkham City and get in fights. Try to raise your XP (top‐left, green bar) to level up. When you're ready to move on, go to the courthouse (marked on your map; hit

select). Instead of walking though, take up a high vantage point on a nearby building. Hit R1 to grapple up to a ledge.

When looking down on enemies, look for a cursor that indicates you can perform the Glide Kick move (Square/X). Do so to get the drop on the group of thugs in front of the courthouse. Continue practicing your combos and fend off this large group. Keep in mind the tips above I mentioned, as well as this one: if you manage to build up a large enough combo, a prompt will appear for a special move, the Combo Takedown. Hit Triangle + Circle (or Y + B for 360) to initiate it on an enemy, picking one by using the Left Analog Stick. This will take out that enemy instantly.

If you did as I suggested and leveled up at least once, let's grab an upgrade. Hit select (you should be prompted to do so) to go to the Upgrades Menu. You'll see they're divided into five categories: Batsuit, Gadgets, Combat, Predator, and Catwoman (if you have her). Don't worry about Predator as you won't be buying anything for it. The choice is always yours on what to upgrade, but I will throw suggestions out now and then. As of now, I would reccomend upgrading the Combat Armor for the Batsuit if you're a new player (or even if you're not). Otherwise, you can pick something from the Combat section if you'd prefer.

Once you've made your selection, go inside the courthouse.

Park Row ‐ Solomon Wayne Courthouse ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Just go up the stairs right in front of you and make a left, then a right. You will get a cutscene. Once that's over, continue to the right and find a ladder. At the top, you will spy a guard standing watch. Hold R2 to crouch and sneak up on him. A prompt for a Silent Takedown will appear, so hit Triangle/Y to do just that.

With him down, walk to the wire that was in front of him and you'll nimbly tread on top of it. This will get you out over the commotion below. You can listen to it play out, or just drop down now. Look for any thug in the crowd you can land on with the Drop Attack (Square/X). Most of the crowd will then clear out, but a half dozen or so will stay behind to fight.

Again, just try to keep it simple and practice your attacks. Look for enemies charging at you and prepare for counters. Be aware though that some of these guys will pick up chairs and other objects to try and throw at you. Try to use the Left Analog Stick to target them first with your attacks when you're hitting the attack button. Alternatively, if you're skillful enough, you can wait til they throw that object and a counter prompt will appear. Hit it at the right time and Batman will catch it and throw it back. Awesome!

Finish them off and Harvey Dent, AKA Two Face will overrule your "Objection". Do I look like Phoenix Wright to you?

After the scene, you'll enter the evidence scanner mode. You need to create a trajectory for the path of the bullet, by scanning its entry point through the glass and its landing point on the floor. Look for a bullet hole in the window and a harder‐to‐find mark on the ground. The scanner will pick it up when you hover over it, so look for a change. Hold X to scan both points and the trajectory will be created. Let's get out of here. The front door will be locked, so you can go up those stairs again and make two straight lefts to leave.

Arkham City ‐ Park Row ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Drop down on the thugs below who are blocking the front door and give them what for. When they're down, turn Detective Mod on to find the bullet path in yellow. It will be pointing east, so follow it to a church. Take to the rooftops and let it guide you to another group of thugs.

Give them a thrashing, then head inside and get ready for

Park Row ‐ Church/Medical Center


BOSS FIG‐‐ oh wait

and counter her when prompted. So much for that

nevermind. Harley Quinn will run up to you, so get ready

Once she bids you farewell, you're left with four armed guards. Listen to the dialogue if you wish, then deploy your smoke pellet and quickly grapple up with R1. The thugs will fan out and two will grab hostages. You can't do anything until you assess the situation with Detective Mode, so do that first. That will allow you to swing to the other gargoyles.

Start with the thug on the left, inside a confessional. Hold X/A to glide off the gargoyle and get behind him. Approach the wall (use Detective Mode to see where he is) and hit Triangle/Y to perform a takedown through the wall. One down.

Grapple back up again and go for the other thug across the way who also has a hostage. You will need to glide to the scaffolding above him, so to make sure you do that, get to gargoyle closest to him so you have less distance to glide. Get to the platform above him and while standing (not crouching) look for the takedown prompt to do a new ledge takedown from above! Two down.

The last two are around the corner. Swing to the gargoyle above and behind them and Batman will mark that he can get behind them to take them both out at once. That's what we're gonna do. When you're on the gargoyle behind them, hit Circle/B to drop down and hold R2 to crouch. Approach them and do a new Double Takedown to finish the job. Hell yeah!

When the danger is over, feel free to talk to our friend Aaron Cash if you want. Otherwise, you're looking for a door right near the entrance. Go through it and then look for a ledge to grapple up to. From here, you can just grapple to the near‐top of the tower and find a ladder. Now to find out about that shooter.

Up here you'll find the gun, among "other" things. Hit L2 so you'll be able to scan the rifle for evidence. Once that's over, the infamous Clown Prince of

Crime will chime in

windows not near the gun and double tap X and hold foward to jump out of the window and escape.

Now, quickly! Get out of there! Find one of the other

================================================================================ The Joke's On You ===================================================================== [ac03]

Arkham City ‐ Park Row ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Batman will be able to trace the remote frequency used to fire the gun. That information will appear on your screen. We'll get to that though. Let's explore some more, first. If you'd rather not, skip ahead by all means. Let's start with another upgrade though (if you got one). I'd recommend an armor upgrade again (go with Ballistic if you got Combat or vice versa). You will have a Gadget Upgrade available now though, the Batclaw Disarm, and while it's not very useful now, it will be very helpful later on.

Just north of the church is a camp for political prisoners. They are not your enemies, so don't worry. You should be able to overhear them talking though. Head over there and have Detective Mode on. Look around their camp for a small hut with a RIDDLER TROPHY inside. Break the wall with Square/X to grab it.

Remember these? If you played Arkham Asylum I hope you enjoyed collecting them, because there's plenty more this time around. With the first one in hand, you get a call from you‐know‐who.

The Riddler Challenges menu will be unlocked from the Select menu. Like in Arkham Asylum it's broken down by area, then by the types of challenges which include trophies, riddles and destructible objects. You can collect any others you come across (provided you have the means to do so). For the purposes of this guide, I will not be going far out of my way to collect them. Only if they are in the immediate area will I bring attention to them. For full coverage on

all the Riddler Challenges, refer to the section near the end of the guide.

One last thing before we continue the story. Look at your map and find the area in the west marked as Park Row. We're in it now but look for the area on the map where the actual words are. Make your way there (set a marker if you need to). We're looking for a spot just to the west of it, near the edge of the map.

Things can be hard to find in this city, but this will be the general area you want to be in to find Jack Ryder being beat on by some thugs. Listen to the local communications and have Detective Mode on to aid in finding him. When you do locate him, drop in on his attackers and beat them down. Nothing too hard here, so stick with your basic attacks and counters. When you save Ryder, speak with him.

This will start off the Sidequest "Acts of Violence" where other people around the city are also being assaulted. Look out for them as you go. With that done though, let's return to the matter at hand.

That new information that popped up on your screen earlier, let's take a look at it. It traces the frequency strength and it has a meter that tracks how close you are to the source in meters. Obviously, we want the meters to go down since that means we're getting closer. It will be blue when you're going in the right direction, red if you're not. To make things really, really simple though, just go directly east. Yup, just head east. You'll enter the Amusement Mile area and this is where you'll need to start going in a more south, southeast direction to reach

Arkham City ‐ Industrial District ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ The tracker will take you to the Sionis Steel Mill. Out front are six armed thugs. This is a Predator area even though it doesn't clearly look like one with no gargoyles and such. It's optional however, completely optional. If you want the XP and are patient enough, go to the upper walkways and try to sneak behind the one thug who is by himself. Remember to crouch with R2, then use Triangle to perform a Silent Takedown from behind.

For the others, wait patiently and they will eventually split up, allowing you to take them out one by one.

If you'd rather not do this or if it's too hard, just keep going in a southern direction and the tracker will take you to a tower. Batman will contact Alfred and be given a suggestion on entering the mill. Look for the chimney just nearby with all the giant faces on it. Grapple up to that and then the game takes over from there.

Steel Mill ‐ Waste Exchange ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ From the wire you're on, hold X/A to glide directly ahead of you to the opening in the wall. Turn right and you'll come to a very low space. Run toward it, then hit R2 to perform a slid and get through. Climb over a few pipes and yet another obstacle presents itself. There's way too much heat coming from below. Notice the small valve/door in front of you though. Select your Batclaw gadget (D‐Pad Up) and aim with L1. Fire it at the door and then tap X/A to pull it open.

Let the water cool it off, then drop down. Head down this next path, then look for a space to your left. Hold R2 and hit X to drop down to a hanging position. Shimmy to your left just a bit, then climb up again. Keep going until you reach a railing. Use the Left Analog stick to push Batman onto it. Walk out into the center now, then jump to the right onto another railing. Follow this corridor now to what appears to be a dead end.

Or is it? Detective Mode reveals a weak floor below. Select your Explosive Gel (D‐Pad Left) and hold L1 to prepare it, then R1 to spray it on the floor. Back away first, then hold L1 and tap R2 to detonate it. Presto! Drop down.

As soon as you drop down, look for another one of those small doors like the

one you just opened with the Batclaw. Do so on this one too and then fire the Batclaw at the RIDDLER TROPHY inside to collect it. It unlocks the Challenge Map "Blind Justice". Sweet! With that, crouch to go under the pipes ahead of you.

Steel Mill ‐ Loading Bay


A ledge ahead will allow access into the "inner sanctum" but some pipes blowing

hot steam will prevent you from going through. Look for a switch to the right and throw a Batarang at it (D‐Pad down to select it).

Climbing the ledge will take you to a long series of tunnels that wrap around the loading bay. You'll overhear Harley and the commotion going on. Take the tunnels straight underneath them and into the other side.

There should be another steam pipe on the left (you can't do anything with it). Turn right and there will be another tunnel to your right but there's yet another pipe blocking the way. Instead, look for an opening across from it, on your left. Take this down to a dead end with a bunch more pipes and three switches at the end. You must hit all three quickly to turn off the pipes. To do this, use the Quick Batarang by just tapping L1. Tap it three times in succession and Batman will hit all the switches!

Now, exit this path and take the tunnel right across which is now unblocked.

You will be under some grates right near the goons who stayed behind. Using the camera, get close to one of them and if you are done listening to them, peform

a takedown from underneath to get the show started!

The only thing I'll mention about this fight is to beware the thugs who will grab the green metal bins from the sides of the room. Keep your eyes on them. Here's a few tips for those guys. One, a way to not worry about them is to not even look at them. If you manipulate the camera in a way that doesn't let you catch a good look at these guys standing there holding the bins, waiting, they will usually never actually throw them. Only when you sort of look at them will the usually throw them at you.

Besides countering the throw and tossing them back, another way to deal with them is to use the Quick Batclaw. During a combo, hold L1 and hit Triangle to pull an enemy toward you. Obviously, for newcomers, it's not easy to do this and keep a combo going. What helps is that other guys like to run up and attack you while you're doing this, and you can usually perform a counter to keep your combo alive.

Once you defeat them all, there will be a short scene. You are the given a new task, to rescue that doctor that was dragged off. Go to the northwest corner of this room and enter the door that ominously reads "Death Ride". Inside this short corridor are two Riddler Trophies on your left. The game advises you can mark the locations of trophies on your map for later by scanning them. Do so by holding L2 and they will be forever marked for you to grab later. How flippin' awesome is that?

Continue into the next room.

Steel Mill ‐ Assembly Line


As soon as you enter this room, look to your immediate left. You'll see a big electronic Harley statue with a heart. You may not have noticed but these are just one of many special types of destructible objects in Riddler's Challenges. Those who played Arkham Asylum will remember the Joker Teeth. Well these are the same thing, except that there's many different types, including these Harley statues. Unfortunately though, you don't have the means right now to break it.

Using Detective Mode, you'll see that there are some guards on the other side of the door, armed and ready. Let's not go that way. Instead face away from the door, then look in the corner of the room to your right. There should be a conveyor belt there. One end of it has a button you can hit with a Batarang to

open the door. Crouch under here and then look for a way to grapple up to a vantage point.

Now you can get the drop on these guys. Swing around the vantage points until you are behind them. Drop down with Circle/B and hold R2 to crouch. Perform a Silent Takedown on the one lone goon. Once he's gone nighty night, sneak up on the other two and do a Double Takedown.

Turn around and jump through the window by double tapping X/A. There's not much you can do here but look for an opening in the ceiling to grapple up to. Up here, glance over to the north side of the room. A high ledge with a neon sign behind it invites you to grapple up. There's nothing up here though except a hidden Riddler Trophy for Catwoman. Only she can get these pink trophies, so keep that in mind. Mark it on your map for now by scanning it with L2. There's

a hidden path below a grate but there's nothing you can do down there for now

so ignore it. Just drop back down to the main room and go through the double doors.

Steel Mill ‐ Smelting Chamber


Welcome to a more obvious Predator room. Take it slow at the start and enter a crouch. Wait for one guard up ahead to slowly walk over to his buddy. Approach them cautiously and perform a Double Takedown. From here, grapple up to a vantage point and survey the room with Detective Mode.

Of note, there are two thugs in a room with glass windows. That's also where the hostage is. Ignore them for now. Look for the others. There should be one thug on the ground below who is alone. Try to drop down quietly and sneak up on him. Another patrolling the walkways might be possible to take out with an Inverted Takedown. To perform this quintessential Batman move, stand on a vantage point and hit Triangle when an enemy stands directly below you.

Once you've taken out all the thugs except the two in the room, one of them will leave to check things out. Watch him closely and decide how you wish to take him out. He'll step under a vantage point soon enough if you wish to do an Inverted Takedown. You can sneak up on him, or if you want to learn the Ledge Takedown, keep reading.

Stand on the bottom floor and watch him. When he is walking beside the railing, try to grapple up to the spot next to him. Don't touch any other buttons and Batman should hang on the railing. If you're right next to the thug, hit Triangle/Y for a Ledge Takedown.

The last goon is guarding the hostage and you have a couple ways to go about him, but please, do it in the most awesome way possible which is this. Stand just outside the room near the rightmost glass window. Just on the other side

of the window, the thug will be circling the hostage. Wait for the thug to be just on the other side of the window and then hit the Triangle prompt to perform

a takedown through the window! Awesome!

With him down, go inside and help the doctor. After that, you gain a new toy!


The Remote Electrical Charge, or REC for short, is a small gun‐like device that allows you to manipulate electrical objects like motors and stuff like that. It will allow you to open doors electronically by shooting their mechanisms and mess with all sorts of stuff!

This is also the device you need to take out HARLEY HEADS from those statues. It just so happens there's one in the office with the doctor (you saw it in the cutscene). Aim the REC with L1, then fire it with R1 or R2 to shoot the statue and blow it up. There's also another HARLEY HEAD in the northeast corner of the room, so be sure to get that one too.

Now step outside and look for a vent near the office windows. Open it up and crawl into the vent. Turn left and grapple up to a ledge with a RIDDLER TROPHY.

You can find another RIDDLER TROPHY on the south side of the room. Stand on the walkway and look for another one of those hatch doors you can open with the Batclaw. Open it, then Batclaw the trophy to unlock Concept Art for the Joker Henchmen.

Now we're ready to leave finally. Using Detective Mode, look for the electric motor for the shutter door on the east side of the room. It will be a glowing orange rectangle. Shoot it with the REC and the shutter door will open. Do it on the next door and you can leave.

Steel Mill ‐ Assembly Line ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Back here, climb to the platform ahead of you, then enter the vent on your right. Open the grate at the end to be behind a pair of poor, unsuspecting Joker thugs. Drop down and approach them.

The game gives you a quick tutorial about the Quickfire function of the REC for combat. Hold L1 and tap Circle during a combo to quickly stun one foe for a short time. Again, practice will probably be necessary to make it into your combos successfully without breaking them. Try it on some of these guys in between your strikes and counters to keep them down.

Once you have beaten them all, be sure to shoot the HARLEY HEAD in the corner. Hop through the window again (or use the door) and use Detective Mode to locate another generator on the floor to your left. Shoot it with the REC but make sure you hit R2, not R1. This electric charge should pull the two bumper cars toward it. One will reveal a vent you can go through. Open it up and follow this path to a secret room with another RIDDLER TROPHY. This one is redeemable for the "Meltdown Mayhem" Challenge Map

Continue retracing your steps, going through the door to that other office room. Inside is another HARLEY HEAD to shoot with the REC. Exit through the door to the Loading Bay.

Steel Mill ‐ Loading Bay ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Harley will appear at the door to the office, taunting Batman. It says you can't grapple but if you try to, Harley shuts the door. Don't do this if you really want to listen to the dialogue though.

You'll need to break in. There is a bit electric generator down here. Shoot it with the REC to make a big metal crane hook swing. You need to crash it into the office doors. To do this, time your REC shots. Wait til the hook swings back and when it's about to go forward again, shoot the generator. This will propel it even further. Smash it into the office, then shoot the generator

one more time, this time hitting R2 instead of R1. The path will be opened. Hit

R1 to grapple up there and

uh oh

A mini‐boss fight ensues with "Mr. Hammer" and some other Joker thugs. This fight can be tough if you're new or just rusty. Hopefully you have at least one armor upgrade though. Try to use the REC and have Mr. Hammer do your work for you. Keep your distance and if you have a clear shot, do the quickfire (L1 + Circle) to shoot Mr. Hammer. He'll swing his hammer and hit any thugs near him. As you assault the other guys, try to keep doing this to keep them all down.

You'll want to keep your distance as you do this but always keep an eye on Mr. Hammer. If he's close, back away. Don't worry about your combo, worry about your health. He can also jump at you and attack, so double tap X/A to evade. Try to focus on taking out the thugs first with a series of strikes and counters.

When it's just you and Mr. Hammer, you'll need a very specific type of assault to defeat him. Actually, it's really simple. Tap Square/X as fast as you can to unleash a volley of fast punches on the guy. This doesn't faze him much though, so watch him very carefully and be ready for him to hit you. If you see that arm of his moving, double tap X to go over him and then continue your

attack. Eventually he will go down.

Before you enter the office, look for a HARLEY HEAD in the top‐right corner and shoot it with the REC. Now, go up there for a scene.


Catwoman Episode 2 ===================================================================== [ac04]

First, you must head to Catwoman's apartment. You can explore with her, get into fights, etc., but it's best to save that til after you've been to the apartment. Trust me.

Follow the green marker on top of the screen. As you should know by now, that indicates where your objective is. When it's perfectly centered, you're heading straight toward it.

Since this is the first time you're exploring Arkham City as Catwoman, there's

a few things to keep in mind. She runs a lot faster than Batman for one. Like

Batman, she has a "grapple" but with her whip. It has pretty long range too. It does not pull her up to the top though, so instead you have to get used to a climbing mechanic where she hops up a bunch of ledges. You do this by hitting

X to climb higher and higher. A green indicator on the side of the screen judges

the timing of your jumps. Do it with good or perfect timing and she climbs faster and more fluidly. It's tough to master.

When you reach the apartment area, you'll see some goons below. Find a grate up here and enter to crawl on the ceiling. Attack the goons with a takedown from

above to get the drop on them

guys so I will instead just bring up another helpful combat tip.

literally. It's an easy fight with just a few

Ground Takedowns during combos. If you haven't practiced this much yet, it's something to think about. When goons are lying stunned on the ground, R2 + Triangle will take them out. However, it takes a few seconds to do this, leaving you vulnerable most of the time. A good way to get around this is by keeping as many guys down on the ground as possible. Easier said than done, right? So one helpful technique (one that takes a lot of practice to master) is to use Ground Takedown to pull you away from other enemies.

By this I mean that Ground Takedown, like other attacks has a way of letting Batman/Catwoman move far across the area, to distant enemies. Say

you'refighting four guys. You knock one down, then jump clear across the room


hit another guy. That first guy is knocked out but he's on the other side of the room, if you target him with the Left Analog Stick and hit R2 + Triangle, Batman/Catwoman will jump back across to take them out. This is a good way to steer away from enemies that might interrupt you. Try practicing when you get the chance. Taking out enemies during your combos will help reduce their numbers faster. It works easier when there are fewer enemies like in this case.

Once you defeat them, approach the window with the cats nearby and you can enter the apartment. Catwoman comes out with two new toys, Caltrops and Bolas. The former will knock an enemy to the ground, ready to be taken out, while the latter can trip any enemies who step on them.

Before heading to your next objective, I strongly recommend getting a level up if you haven't already. Find some other thugs around the city and beat them down to earn a level up. Spend it on Combat Armor for Catwoman. Trust me, this will come in handy much later.

Head northeast to the objective. You'll come to a tower with three thugs guarding the premises. A walkway nearby leads to the lair of Poison Ivy. Swing over there and hide behind the boxes. Use Thief Vision to plan your attack. You can hang from the ledge and try to do a Ledge Takedown when one of them comes by. After that, you can try to get around the other two and climb onto the ceiling below the metal walkway. Catwoman can perform Silent Takedowns from here if enemies are below her. Use this and other types of takedowns to put

the other two to bed.

When the coast is clear follow the walkway leading to all the plants and vines. The door is locked though so hold R2 and hit X to climb down. You'll crawl along the underneath of the walkway until you can pop back up through a grate. Be sure to snag the Riddler Trophy for Catwoman under here too.

Open the door for a scene.

This next section involves a series of fights against Ivy's hypnotized henchmen. Each consecutive stage throws bigger numbers at you. Focus mostly on striking and countering, try to keep things simple. I do recommend trying to get the Bolas involved though. You can quickfire them with L1 + Square. If you can keep multiple enemies down at once, you can easily perform a Ground Takedown to eliminate some.

As you progress, the numbers are increased as I mentioned. On the final level in particular, you have quite a few of them, plus Ivy in the background shooting at you with her plants. There's not much you can do about that, other than pay very close attention and dodge when you see her plants start to move. Try to use the Caltrops (quickfire by hitting L1 + Circle) and multiple enemies can easily trip on them. Keep a combo going, looking for counters as much as possible. One by one they should go down without too much trouble.


A Date at the Iceberg Lounge

===================================================================== [ac05]

Arkham City ‐ Industrial District


After the scene, we'll be back in control of Batman. Things have taken a rather

surprising turn and our new goal is to track down a certain villain. We'll get to that soon. Right now, you have the option of doing some side stuff.

I recommend exploring and trying to collect some Riddler Trophies and stuff

for XP and such (check the section on these to find specific locations unless

you'd rather figure it out yourself). Try to explore the Industrial District

a bit and some side missions might pop up. Feel free to do them but we'll be skipping ahead for the purpose of the walkthrough.

As you no doubt noticed, Batman is trying to find Mr. Freeze through the temperature indicator on the screen. As you move, the temperature will go up or down. If it's going down, you're getting closer to the coldest point, the kind of place Mr. Freeze would likely inhabit.

Following the indicator should inevitably take you east (or north if you're coming from the Industrial District). Eventually you should come to see a large building area surrounded by the Gotham waters below. That's where Mr. Freeze is. The GCPD building.

Approach it low from the south. In the bottom lot below the building are some thugs. Find them with Detective Mode. They are trying to break in. If you approach cautiously from the south you can get over the fence and sneak up on one to take him out, then quietly but quickly sneak up on the other two for a Double Takedown. From there, watch the two armed thugs carefully and approach them from behind to take them out as well. The coast will be clear.

Before we head in we're going to collect a few things. Also if you see a phone ringing nearby, answer it. This will be the pre‐beginning to another Side Quest which we'll get to later.

First, on the north side of the area there is another fence. Climb it and drop down over the edge. There should be a small platform on the water with a weak wall above it. We need to crash through this. Grapple up to a building north of here. You want to try and glide into that weak wall. It may take a few tries but try to glide down onto the same vertical level as the wall and fly through it to break in. Inside you'll find a RIDDLER TROPHY. It unlocks concept art for

the GCPD Building.

Go back up to the top now. Climb to the upper level with the grate (it's a long grate that glows orange in Detective Mode). There's a RIDDLER TROPHY hidden behind a staircase that you can get to through a vent or some explodable walls using Explosive Gel.

With those in hand, drop down to the door that the thugs were trying to open. Before you do anything with it, hit the SECURITY CAMERA to the right of the door with a Batarang to destroy it.

Use your REC to shoot the motor above the door and it will open

You'll need to slide under. Run toward it and hit R2 to slide underneath. On your right will be a downed guard with a radio to Penguin. Ignore him for now and go straight, down the ramp in front of you. The wall is destructible. Spray Explosive Gel on it and detonate it. Grab the RIDDLER TROPHY on the other side.

sort of.

Now return to that guard and interact to grab a chip that will let Batman hack into Penguin's communications. Use the sequencer to find that orange circle that indicates his transmissions and hold X to break in. Once that's done, head inside the GCPD building.

Gotham City Police Dept.


Go straight to an intersection. Detective Mode shows you Penguin's guards are

in the next room. You can't enter that way then. Instead take the long corridor on the right. Look for a grapple point near the ceiling and take this path to

a vent. Open the grate and crawl inside.

It will take you to the same room, but with a better vantage point. From the platform, grapple to one of the perches and survey the room. Wait for the goons to disband and start picking them off one by one.

If you want to go with more style than just normal Silent Takedowns, you have

a few options. It's hard to make an exact roadmap but you do have the perches

for Inverted Takedowns, windows and glass on the walls and ceilings of some rooms. You can also climb on top of railings when thugs are passing underneath for takedowns that way. Go with however you want to do it and do it quietly.

Penguin will alert his men when you've taken the others down, so be sure to flee the area. Hide in the grate or up on the vantage points. If they catch you using the latter, they'll shoot them down, so be wary of that.

Once you've taken all but one out, the remaining goon surrenders. Approach him and hit Triangle/Y to interrogate him. You learn some valuable info and must now head for the Museum.

Leave the room and then try to leave the building. Key word is "try" as Penguin locks you in. After a chat with Alfred, you gain the codes to unlock certain things via your Cryptographic Sequencer. In the room you're in, you should see some grates below you. Duck inside and take the vent to another room. Inside here is the security console that controls the doors. Use the sequencer and with your new code, you can hack into it.

The key here is to turn both Analog Sticks until you feel a vibration from both. There is also a visual cue on the screen. When you have aligned them properly, the letters will spell out some sort of word. So you have two helpful clues, vibration, and the word that appears. "Dissect" is the word you need here so find the right position until that appears or the vibration is strongest.

The door is open but don't leave just yet. Look for that corridor from earlier and look for a glass cell with another of those consoles nearby (use Detective Mode if you can't spot it). Open this one as well to find a cell with a weak wall. Blow it open with Explosive Gel for a RIDDLER TROPHY. It unlocks the Concept Art for Batman & Catwoman.

Last but not least, there's another more complicated RIDDLER TROPHY to get. From the entrance, if you go left down that short corridor, on your left will be

another cell. There is a FUSE BOX (not to be confused with a console you use the sequencer on) inside that opens the door. The only opening is a small window in the top‐right of the cell door that you can throw a Remote Control Batarang through. This alone won't destroy the fuse box.

This is what you need to do then. Go back to the entrance and face down the other corridor. At the end is a low gate with steam pipes. Throw your Remote Control Batarang through here, going past the steam. Once you clear the steam, steer it up (brake when necessary) and look for the electricity near the ceiling. Steer the batarang through it to give it an electric charge. Now do a U‐Turn with the batarang and steer it back, under the gate, around the corner and into the cell (be sure to brake it when going in). Aim for the fuse box to destroy it. The batarang has limited life so try to be quick. Claim the trophy for your hard work.

With that, leave the building.

Park Row ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Your new objective will be to head all the way southwest to the Museum in the Bowery. However, not too long after leaving the GCPD, you should get a "tempting" invite to do another Side Mission. Head over to the church (check your map) if you want, but again, we'll be skipping that here.

Medical Center ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ The people you left behind, including Aaron Cash have been taken hostage by Edward Nigma, AKA The Riddler. He challenges Batman to solve his riddles and challenges in order to save them.

This is a loooooooong Side Quest that will span the entire game. It involves completing Riddler's Challenges. After completing a certain amount, you gain the ability to rescue another hostage. Collect more and more after that, you can rescue another and so on. So begins the Side Quest: Enigma Conundrum.

It starts with solving a riddle inside the Medical Center of the church:

RIDDLE ME THIS: I am an instrument whose music comes from the heart. What am I?

This is your first test. Think about it carefully. Instrument

does it mean? I won't spoil it and let you figure it out, but not only are the answers near the end of this guide in the Riddler Challenges section, but

if you take too long, Riddler will just go ahead and tell you anyway.



Riddler will also let you know that a group of his men are waiting outside and that one of them, as well as many others around Arkham City have special info.

Park Row ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Head outside to find that thug. He will be glowing green. He and others like him around Arkham City work for the Riddler. Beating up all other thugs besides these guys lets you interrogate them. They will give you information on the Riddler's challenges and some of their locations will be marked on your map.

Start with this group. Take out the other two thugs first. When it comes to the informant, only counter him to preserve your combo. Never strike him too much. A good way to keep him out of the fray is to use the quickfire function of the REC to stun him or a quick Batarang. Take out the other two and you can hit Triangle/Y to interrogate the informant.

Another informant is nearby if you want to interrogate him too. You can seem them from certain distances in Detective Mode, glowing green. Our task for now is to locate that hostage which was already marked on your map before you left the church. It's back at the courhouse where we were long ago. Head over there on the double.

Return to where Catwoman was held hostage and find the hostage surrounded by Two‐Face's thugs. One of them is an informant for the Riddler, so be sure to save him for last. Stun him with the REC or Batarangs to keep him down while you deal with the rest.

When the hostage is saved, he gives Batman a frequency to decode 275, 325. With the sequencer, pay attention to the bottom and right numbers and try to match them up with those that the hostage gave you. They don't have to be exact, just close enough until you hear the signal. Hold X/A to decode it.

After that, you also get the Enigma Machine. Use it with Select/Back. You have to solve the riddle given by rotating the two wheels to form the answer. Think about it on your own if you want. Otherwise the answer is:

Secret. Line up those two and hit X/A to answer it. The location of the next hostage will then be revealed to you. Head over there and check the east side of the building for a painted question mark. Inspect it to find the entrance.

Inside, look for a question mark sign behind you and hit it with a Batarang. It will open the door ahead of you. Go in after Riddler is done talking. You are presented with an elaborate death trap, a giant electrified floor. The hostage is held on a platform high above. The key here is deactivating the electric floor with question mark signs around the area.

Throw Batarangs at these and it will deactivate small paths in the floor for short periods. Run across to reach a safe area. Keep doing this until you get to the right side of the room. you need to reach the lift ahead so hit the signs until one path to the lift is revealed. Once you're on it, turn around and hit the one on the left with another Batarang and the lift will rise up. Now glide to the platform ahead of you and save the hostage.

You get another code to decipher on the sequencer. If you have enough challenges you can find the third hostage. Otherwise, you'll need to collect more.


Make your way southwest, deep into the area known as the Bowery. Along the way, feel free to engage local inmates and find more Riddler informants to interrogate. Collect more Riddler Trophies and challenges as you see fit.

Eventually, you'll reach the Museum. A group of thugs wait outside for you. There's nothing special you need to worry about here. Just create a good combo and look for frequent counter opportunities. Use Combo Takedown if necessary to remove some foes quickly.

Enter when you're free to do so.

Trophy Room ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Two more of Penguin's goons await inside. They will brandish knives against you. A new combat mechanic will be introduced here, one that allows Batman to evade attacks from enemies wielding sharp objects. Hold Trinagle/Y and also hold the Left Analog Stick in a direction away from your attacker. So since these guys will be coming at you straight on, hold Triangle and the Left Analog Stick down, to back away. Batman will easily dodge each of their strikes. Counter with some punches, then evade and counter the next guy. Put them both down to clear this room.

Jump through a window on your right. You'll find a console to use the

Cryptographic Sequencer on. Try to do so, but suddenly

scrambles the sequencer. Batman deduces the cause and that is your cue to leave.


though, be sure to smash the PENGUIN STATUE with a Batarang.

a strange signal


we just got here! Inside the room where you tried the sequencer

The Bowery ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Your goal is to find three jammers and disable them to retore communications

for Batman's bat‐gadgets. New information displayed on the screen shows how close you are to one of the jammers.

The first one is actually on one part of the roof of the Museum, so make your way up there to find a group of thugs guarding it. Sneak on them with a takedown and then beat down the rest. Just be wary of one thug going for a gun. Try to stop him with a quick Batclaw or Batarang, or use a Combo Takedown on him.

After defeating them, approach the jammer. Note that it has three "sides" with screens that you have to bust through and disable. Do this on each side

and it will be shut down. Your tracker will now show you how far you are from

a second jammer.

Follow the tracker, going mostly north, northeast to a distant rooftop. You'll see four armed thugs guarding this one so a more Predator style approach will be necessary. Two thugs will be talking together, so ignore them. Try to drop down on one of the other two who are isolated. Silently take them out, then hide as Penguin alerts the others. Try to set traps or hide behind corners as they come running, or drop down and do more Silent Takedowns. Lower their numbers one by one until they're all done.

Disable this second jammer just as you did the first one. The last signal will

not be displayed, however. It is apparently hidden underground. Hmm

the tracker will count the distance to a nearby underground entrance. Make your way over there.


It's guarded by two thugs with guns. There's a variety of ways to try and deal with them including a Drop Attack from above on one, then quickly beating down the other. You can also try to use the Batclaw and disarm them (if you have the upgrade).

Once you've taken care of them, go into the entrance they were guarding to reach

Subway Station


Find some more goons on your left, oblivious to your presence. Perform a

Double Takdeown on them. On the east side is a long room with a trophy for Catwoman inside. Just mark it for now. Go inside though and turn right to find

a vent on the far side. Open it and go inside. On the other side, plant some

Explosive Gel on the floor to break it open and grab another RIDDLER TROPHY, this one for Batman. It unlocks Concept art for the Subway Station.

In the southeast corner is a locked door with a console you can use the sequencer on, but since that last jammer is still up, the sequencer is useless. Tag it for later. When you're ready, hop over the railing where the two thugs were and proceed downstairs. Make a right (not a left) and when you go down the next set of stairs look for an easily missable vent in the wall to your right. Crawl through here for another RIDDLER TROPHY.

There's not much in this main room here. Look for a long grate though on the far side (it will be glowing orange in Detective Mode) and slip underneath here. There is one very small niche here that has a RIDDLER TROPHY. Pop back up and proceed east into

Subway Tunnels


Grapple to the top of the subway car and go forward. Turn left through the opening, then right. Run and slide underneath some pipes, then climb over some more. You'll come to a breakable wall. Bust it down with a punch, then make an immediate right. Drop down the edge of the subway car to find a RIDDLER TROPHY, this one unlocking Concept Art for the Subway Station.

Return and go the other way now, toward the group of thugs (visible in Detective Mode) who are talking about a poster. Climb over the subway cars and slip under some pipes to get above them. Silently drop down and perform a Double Takedown

on two of them, then beat the last one down.

You should see the poster, clear as day in front of you

RIDDLE ME THIS: Coming back from the dead is cheating any day of the week

Scan the poster which advertises a circus act of some sort, or perhaps something

far more ominous

City Story: "Buried on a Sunday" (1 of 2).

That will solve the riddle though which unlocks the Arkham

In addition, adjacent to the riddle is one of the Titan containers for the Side Quest: Fragile Alliance. Spray Explosive Gel on it and blow it up to fulfill part fo the quest.

Turn left now and continue just a few steps forward. There will be a door straight ahead you must open with the REC, but ignore that. Instead, turn your eyes left down to an area beyond the front of another subway car. Climb over a few obstacles and spray Explosive Gel on the weak stone wall. Blow it up and go inside.

Ignore the very enticing riddler door in front of you. No, seriously don't go in there. Hey, I mean it! Wait! What are you‐‐ ughh damn it! No, but really, you may be tempted, but don't go in there or else you will die. There's no way to escape once you set off the trap inside. You have to come back later.

Instead, ignore that door and turn left. You should see a Riddler pressure plate on the floor. Step on it. It activates three question mark signs on the ceiling of the subway cars ahead of you. Stay on the plate and activate a Remote Control Batarang. Invert the controls for the Batarang if it helps. Basically, you want to crash Batarangs into the three signs. Start with the one at the very end, then the next farthest, and then the closest. Hold R1 to speed up the Batarang (try to fly it straight until you reach the question marks) and then brake as you steer it into them. Do this for all three in the time limit to reveal a RIDDLER TROPHY for Concept Art named "Battle in the Subway".

Return to that door from earlier and use the REC on the motor above it to open it up. Slide underneath.

Subway Terminal ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Look for a vent to lead you into the terminal at a good spot to infiltrate from. Take to the gargoyles when you can.

Five goons here. The subway terminal makes for a somewhat interesting prowling ground. The high walkways could be used as potential Ledge Takedowns but there is so much ground that you can be easily spotted from below. There are also plenty of gargoyles so Inverted Takedowns are possible.

As always, try to pick on isolated guys first. Try to avoid noisy takedowns such as the Glide Kick and Drop Attack unless enemies are far enough away. If you see an enemy walking alongside a railing, you can attempt to shoot them with the Batclaw and yank them over the edge. It doesn't always work but boy is it fun.

It's worth mentioning that one of these guys is a Riddler informant. Saving him for last should be pretty easy. Just don't go after him, no matter how tempting the opportunity is. Run up to him and interrogate him when you're done with the others. Once you've done that, go find that jammer and disable it. Yay, we're done here!

Before departing, let's collect goodies. In the southeast corner on the upper level is a long grate and some breakable walls. Go underneath the grate or break through and go left. Go down the staircase here for a RIDDLER TROPHY.

In the southwest corner, there is a breakable wall that you need to glide to. Grapple to a nearby gargoyle and glide over to the wall. Break through it to grab another RIDDLER TROPHY. It unlocks Concept Art for the Subway Terminal.

Next, go to the northwest corner. There are two here. The first RIDDLER TROPHY is accessible through a small opening you can crouch underneath. The second one is above it, behind some bars. If you stand on the east side there is a fence with a small opening inside. Stand before it at the right angle and aim the REC inside. There is a fuse box. Shoot it with the REC and those bars on the other side will open, letting you get this second RIDDLER TROPHY. It gives you Concept Art for the Batwing Mk. 2.

RIDDLE ME THIS: It's vacation time. Where shall I go? Somewhere venomous?

This riddle solution is on the north wall. Underneath the upper walkways is a poster on the wall, bright orange so it's ahrd to miss. Scan this to solve the riddle and get the Arkham City Story: "Titan on the Streets".

We're almost done. Near the northwest corner is one of the subway cars. Step inside this one and look on the roof for a RIDDLER TROPHY waiting to be yanked down. If you don't see it, you must be in the wrong subway car. Use the Batclaw to pull it down when you find it.

Last but not least there is an opening on the west wall, above where the cars are. Grapple up here to find a caged RIDDLER TROPHY. It's opened by using the Cryptographic Sequencer which is now useable again if you took care of that last jammer. You neeed to spell "EFFORTLESSNESS" to unlock this one.

Now, retrace your steps all the way through the subway area until you get back to

Subway Station ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ When you return to the open area with the staircases on your right, stop one moment.

RIDDLE ME THIS: BOARD at drive‐time? I'm not going to broadcast any more clues!

Walk over to the northwest corner of this room and look for the Vicki Vale poster. Scan it to solve this riddle. You get the Arkham City Story on Vicki Vale.

Make your way up the stairs and then find the exit to return above ground. It's time to return back to the Museum, so travel southwest across the city. When you arrive, beat down another gang of henchmen to make it safely inside.

Museum ‐ Trophy Room ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ First thing's first. Hop through the window on the right agian and use the sequencer to crack open the console. The password is "FOSSIL" so align the sticks until that is spelled or just go by the vibration.

Now you can enter the main part of the room. As you walk forward, get ready for a quick scare. Whew, of course I knew that wasn't real

Drop down now to the bottom of the area and with Detective Mode, spot a few thugs harrassing a poor police officer. Get the drop on them by performing a takedown from behind, then beat the other two. Be aware that one of them is a specially armored enemy with a knife. The armor means performing the Beat Down technique. You start by hitting Circle/B to stun an enemy, then rapidly hit the Square/X button to punch them several times until they are defeated.

Talk to the officer when the danger is over, then explore a bit. On the east side of the room, below the T‐Rex is a small nook with one of many of Penguin's display cases. This one has a bunch of bats in it and is reserved for the Dark Knight himself. Standing right next to the case is a PENGUIN STATUE. Smash it with a Batarang.

Go west now to find the exit. Ignore it and turn left, to see a corridor. Run and slide underneath the low gate to explore it. There is another one of those

sensitive light beam‐activated traps where if you get too close, bars raise up and you can't reach the RIDDLER TROPHY. You need the range upgrade for the Crptographic Sequencer to reach the console and deactivate it. The password will be "TRIASSIC". When you have the trophy, return to that door and use it.

Go down the hall and you reach an intersection. Go left first and open the shutter door here by using the REC. Inside is a RIDDLER TROPHY. Go the other way now. The gate here is closed so throw a Remote Control Batarang over it, steering it under the arch and then straight down to find the red button. Hit it to open the path.

Go down the corridor and turn left around the corner. Keep going and listen as

the jungle drum beats get louder come.

an early overture for what is about to

Museum ‐ Gladiator Pit ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ 50 something men enter

fight. You have many, many normal henchmen, some with bats or pipes, and a few

that will go after objects to throw at you.

one man leaves. As you might expect, this is a big

You'll want to use all you have learned here. If things are tough for you, try to use Combo Takedown as it becomes available (look for your combo to turn yellow) and use that to take out enemies. Otherwise, if you've been doing ok with combat, just chain your strikes and counters as you have been.

Special Combo: Bat Swarm is a good move to use here to stun multiple enemies and then get a few quick jabs in before preparing for another counter. Use Quick Batarang to disable any foes who might try to throw stuff at you.

I haven't mentioned this before and you have probably already seen this plenty times by now, but it's worth going over nonetheless. You'll likely see two enemies start charging you at once every now and then during fights. Two counter signs appear as they both attack simultaneously. What to do? Hit Triangle/Y twice. Not once, but twice. Batman will perform a double counter. Do this any time you see multiple enemies running up to you to attack.

When the large group has been silenced, Penguin calls in his big guns. A TITAN powered henchman with some normal thugs is your last test. Use Ultra Stun by hitting Circle/B three times in succession. This will stun the TITAN henchman and allow you do the Beatdown (tap Square/X rapidly). Do this to climb aboard the creature. That's when the other guys come in, just in time for you to knock them around. Perform some of the prompted moves if you wish, otherwise just steer the henchman into them.

When you get knocked off, decide if you want to finish off the TITAN henchman first or deal with the lesser enemies. If you're struggling, it might be in your interest to go with the latter. Evade the monster if it gets too close, but just strike and counter the others until they go down. Ultra Stun the TITAN henchman again, then beat him down by tapping Square rapdily and he should be silenced.

Now, you have a few things to do first. The three gates ahead of you are closed. To open the left one, throw a Remote Control Batarang and steer it up to the high platform where Penguin was. As it enters the archway, turn it left down the staircase. Carefully guide it to a switch and hit it.

Don't go in just yet. Notice that on the right from the entrance to the pit is an electrified door. There is electicity visible above the door as well. Toss another Remote Control Batarang up there, through the electricity to give it a charge. Perform a U‐Turn and bring it back out into the pit. Accelerate it and steer it through that gate you just opened. Hang a right, then slow it down and look for a tiny window opening in the top‐right corner after making that right turn. Pass it through here and turn right slightly, looking for a fuse box to hit. Destroying it opens the middle gate, somewhat.

Run and slide underneath. Grab the RIDDLER TROPHY for the character trophy of the Doctors. On your right is a glass window. Jump through by doubletapping

X/A. Inside is another fuse box you can shoot with the REC to open the last gate. Also, grab the RIDDLER TROPHY.

With all that done, return to the center and go through the left‐hand gate we opened first. On your immediate left is an elevator. Shoot at the generator on the floor just in front of it using the REC. The elevator will go up. Walk over to where it was and find the weak wall (see it in Detective Mode). Spray Explosive Gel on it and blow it open. Inside you can claim a RIDDLER TROPHY.

Return to before the elevator spot and hit one of the generators with the REC, pressing R2 this time to pull it back down. Hop over the railing and shoot the generator inside of it to lift yourself up. You'll stop at a weak spot in the ceiling. Spray Explosive Gel on it, back away, and detonate it. Now you can climb out.

Follow the straighforward path to another wall. Blow this one up too. It takes you to the top platform of the Gladiator Pit where Penguin was. There is a console here if you turn right (ignoring the door). Use the sequencer and crack the code to turn off the electricity down below. The only thing you can get here is the PENGUIN in the northeast corner near one of those doors. When you have it, go back up and exit through that door to the west.

Museum ‐ Torture Chamber ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Drop down from the platform onto the ice below. It cracks under your weight. The entire landscape is unstable and as such, you must tread very, very carefully. Slow movements or else you'll be a "snack" for a hungry "pet". Tilt the Left Analog stick minimally to move slowly. Make your way over to the frozen cop you saw in the cutscene. When close enough, you can free him.

After a chat, drop back down and slowly make your way west across the room. It won't be long before the "pet" decides he wants to try and take a bite out of Batman. Keep going and then take a look over to your right (north) to see two more trapped officers. Of more importance is a raft suspended from a wire. If you don't immediately see it, use Detective Mode.

Hit the wire with a Batarang to drop it in the water. The raft has hooks on it you can grab with the Batclaw. When hooked, you can pull the raft toward you and board it. Do so. Once you're on, look for Officer Whitman near the northwest corner. There is another hook right near him on the wall. Shoot the Batclaw at it and pull yourself toward him. When close enough, you should be prompted to rescue him.

Now make your way over to the other prisoner, on the platform just nearby. Again, shoot the hooks you see with the Batclaw and pull the raft toward the platform. Carefully step onto it and free the third officer. Now climb up the ladder nearby and enter the corridor leading north.

Go straight all the way and find a PENGUIN chillin' on a boat (oh hey, a pun). Smash it with a Batarang. Turn around and look for a shutter door a bit to your left to open with the REC. Inside is a small puzzle for a RIDDLER TROPHY. Try and hit the question mark sign with a Quick Batarang by tapping L1. Suceed and the trophy is yours.

Continue north into the next room.

Museum ‐ Armory ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ This Predator room is pretty straightforward for the most part. Like usual, get to a gargoyle right away and survey the area. You'll notice a very early and somewhat easy opportunity to perform a Double Ledge Takedown on the two thugs on the bridge. Just be careful, try to come in from below, rather than glide over to the railing. Grapple up there and perform the takedown, then disappear.

You have gargoyles, grates on the bottom floor, many passages, secret areas, and more to hide. Each of them can be used to help sneak behind an enemy and

take them out.

There are also lots of breakable and combustible walls but a lot of the henchmen don't walk by them normally so you might want to use the Sonic Batarang if you acquired it to set up traps like that for yourself.

Be sure to save the Riddler informant for last and interrogate him when the others have been put to bed. After that, you save three more police officers. Speak with them before continuing.

Some more exploring. Start in the southeast corner on the second floor. Detective Mode shows a series of walls you can take down. Behind them is a RIDDLER TROPHY near a hole in the floor.

On the south side of the room on the bottom floor there is a grate that lines most of the corridor. Go under here and follow it to the southwest corner and you should come across another RIDDLER TROPHY. It unlocks the character trophy for Penguin Thugs.

Go to the center of the room and search under the bridge where the Wooly Mammoth is. In Detective Mode you should see a console under the bridge. If you have the range upgrade for the Cryptographic Sequencer, use it to break this code. The word is "ARTIFACT". Once it's broken, use the Batclaw to retrieve the RIDDLER TROPHY it unlocks more Concept art for Cyrus Pinkey.

RIDDLE ME THIS: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, or there will be explosive consequences.

Go to the northwest corner of the room on the bottom floor, to the left of the staircase in a nook near some of the hidden passages. There is one display case here with three skeletons making the "hear no evil, see no evil, etc gestures. Zoom in with R3 and scan them. You might need to get the right distance, moving back of forward until it scans properly. It unlocks the Cobblepot Feud (5 of 5).


Go to the northeast corner, again on the first floor and find a lowered gate and a console to use the Cryptographic Sequencer on. The word is "ORNITHOLOGY" and it will open the door once you've positioned the sticks properly. In this little cranny is another RIDDLER TROPHY. It gives you the Undercover Cops character trophy.

Also check underneath the Wooly Mammoth itself. You can find an easy‐to‐miss PENGUIN to smash under there.

That should do it, return back to the Torture Chamber.

Museum ‐ Torture Chamber ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Return to the raft. Shoot at one of the hooks on the column in the middle and pull yourself back toward the ice. Step onto it and remember to move slowly. Move to the west side of the room (your right) and carefully walk over to the platform at the end and grapple up to it. Follow this path to a door.

Museum ‐ Iceberg Lounge ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ At last you are ready for the showdown, right? Wrong. This villain has a certain weapon that gives him a very tactical edge. You can't do anything at all. Search the room if you must, but there's nothing here right now and you have to dodge the streams of ice energy that fly in through the gaps in the walls. Just leave the way you came to make it simple.

Museum ‐ Torture Chamber ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Instead, we will take the south exit. Glide down to the ice (don't drop down, lest you want to be a meal). Carefully walk south, turning right to the only other exit we haven't taken. Grapple up there when you're close and go up the


Some cocky goons think you can't get past, because as Detective Mode reveals, there's another one of those sensitive beam traps. The console is on your left, so surprise these punks by using the Cryptographic Sequencer to shut it down. Walk through and while they're all ike "omg h4x" start beating the crap out of them. One of them is an armored thug, so when the other two have at least been knocked down, stun him and unleash a rapid flurry of strikes.

When they're out of comission, go through the door.

Museum ‐ War Room ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Walk forward and check out the display cases if you wish. Before turning the corner, smash another PENGUIN on a table here. You'll come to a gate that has been partially opened.

RIDDLE ME THIS: Have Joker's pets laughed themselves to death or just eaten too much?

On your left when facing the gate there is a display case with Hyenas. You might get the connection. Scan them to solve the riddle. It unlocks the Arkham City Story: "Holding Grudges" (1 of 3).

Now slide under the gate to enter the main chamber. Approach the big display in front of you and check it out if you wish. No introduction necessary is right. Looking around, you see only one way in, a wall you can blow up to the right. Go over and spray some Explosiv‐‐‐whoa!

Mr. Hammer's brother

through the wall. He and a few other thugs will attempt to impede Batman's path.

Unfortunately, they put up a tough fight, well, at least he does.



hooky thing will come crashing

Mr. Hooky Thing will be like his brother in that he is unfazed by basically all of your attacks. Try to deal with the lesser enemies first, but notice that one is a Riddler informant. Keeping him alive can be tough because of Mr. Hooky Thing.

One thing you can try is to use the quick REC attack to stun the informant and just wail on Mr. Hooky Thing for a bit, rinse and repeat. The annoying part about this is sometimes your targeting is magnetically locked it seems on the wrong enemy. Try to avoid hitting or countering the informant, just stun him. Try to keep him away from Mr. Hooky Thing until he is down, then interrogate him.

Go through that newly opened path now and turn left. Just keep walking until you reach the other side. Two things of interest here. One is a poster near the barred door.

RIDDLE ME THIS: Brothers in arms. Brothers at wars. Who's right? Who's


Scan the poster to solve the riddle and get the Arkham City Story: "The Abramovici Twins" (2 of 2).

Now turn around and find the part of the wall back here that would be directly behind the display case. Or better yet, just search in Detective Mode for the console to use your sequencer on. The password will be "MICROWAVE". Decipher it for a scene.

After it's over, go back behind the display again and then go into the display itself. Inside a treasure chest is a RIDDLER TROPHY. It unlocks the character trophy for Mr. Freeze.

Now leave and return to the Torture Chamber. You'll notice most of the ice has thawed, making the rafts much more necessary. Glid down to one and use the Batclaw to go straight across the room to the opposite side. Return to the Armory and find Freeze's suit for a scene.


The Disruptor

shut down enemy weaponry for you, though it has limited useage and needs to recharge. Right now it has a Freeze gun mode built in to shut off Mr. Freeze's gun that Penguin has, but it can also be used to shut down other guns like those carried by normal goons.

well, the name basically gives it away more or less. It will

Return to the Torture Chamber and now go west, back to the Iceberg Lounge. As you pull yourself over the on the raft, be ready to be attacked by the "pet". When it thinks your raft is a tasty smore, beat it back by mashing Square/X. No, bad Jaws! Heel! Heel, Jaws! Go back to the 70s!

Museum ‐ Iceberg Lounge ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Now we're finally ready. Your first task is to make it to the other side of the room where a connecting walkway will take you to Penguin. To do that, you have to wait out his ice blasts. Stay behind the walls, only passing the openings when he isn't shooting.

When you reach the opposite side, Penguin should start talking and lower the gun. Select the new Disruptor gadget and prepare it. Move down the path and Batman holds it behind his back. When you get about halfway to Penguin, hold R1 while you're holding the Disruptor and the gun will be shut down. Don't run down the walkway, just go slowly and he won't shoot you.

With the gun disabled, go up to Penguin and next and get ready for


SHORYUKEN! Watch what happens

Let's start by going over the big guy's attacks. He starts off with three different attacks in this first phase. Most of the time Grundy will fling his chained weights at you. You can read the attack by seeing his body turn slightly and him rearing back the chain. Evade to the side by doubletapping X (A on 360).

Another attack is when he hunches his body a bit and leaps at you. There is a brief window to hit the counter button and evade this attack.

Finally, he will spin in place and twirl the weights at you. On the second and third rotations, the weights can hit you, so time them properly and evade over them to avoid damage.

Now, how to hurt the bastard? You'll notice the three electrical nodes on the floor. Each one helps Grundy recharge. They must be destroyed. To do this, you learn the Quick Explosive Gel attack. Just a tap of L1 + Square will quickly place Explosive Gel on the ground. Do this in a running motion as you run over the three nodes. Watch Grundy carefully though, don't take your eyes off him. Get the gel placed and detonate each one to stun him.

Assault him now with constant attacks and weaken him significantly. This moves the fight into phase two.

His attacks remain the same except they may feel a tad faster. In addition, he sometimes drops small bugs that crawl on the ground toward you for small damage.

The goal is the same: blow up the nodes. They will switch from opened to closed positions now. You need to detonate the Explosive Gel when it's in the open position, so keep that in mind. Also, stay away from the nodes when Grundy is recharging.

Blow them up again, then attack Grundy a second time with multiple strikes. He will go down for the count. Approach his body to finish him

Or maybe not! When he grabs you, struggle by tapping X/A rapidly. Eventually,

you will break free. The fight enters the final phase. This could actually be very tough. Hopefully you have some Combat Armor upgrades for B‐Man. If not, this could be a difficult fight. Aside from more insects, flinging the weights at you, and so on, Grundy also unleashes electrical shockwaves that ripple out toward you. They can be tough to predict but they happen when his weights impact the ground, spreading out from there, as well as spreading out from the nodes themselves. Evading is a must, but still difficult.

Try your best to plant the charges and detonate them. Try to focus on dodging but stay close and plant the Explosive Gel when you can. Keep dodging and try to fight your way over to other nodes, detonating them as well. If you can manage to pull it off, Solomon Grundy will be done for good.

That just leaves Penguin. He'll stand on the far side of the room and fire his grenade launcher at you. Dodge hard to the sides when he shoots it. He'll fire three or four, then pause. Run toward him when he stops, then evade when he shoots again. You'll close in and eventually be able to attack. Spam that punch button until this bird has flown the coop. A scene unfolds.

================================================================================ Back From The Dead ===================================================================== [ac06]

Activate Detective Mode and scan the blood on the floor. Now a trail appears. Go up the stairs and you should be able to pick it up. Follow it back outside the Museum into The Bowery.

The Bowery ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Keep using Detective Mode to follow the blood trail. It will go down ledges,

going east, over railings, and up buildings and vents. Eventually, the trail

goes cold. Scan the nearby bandages and then


Chase the assailant by holding down X and running after her. Just keep the button held down so Batman will automatically traverse any gaps and ledges you come across. She will be taking you a mostly eastern direction. Try not to lose her, but she stops every now and then to let you catch up anyway so don't sweat it too much.

Once you catch up to her on an open rooftop, an awesome scene plays. After that you get


It's not "new" if you played Arkham Asylum, but if you did, you know how

great this tool is. The Line Launcher fires long wires front and back, creating

a cable, almost like a horizontal zip‐line that Batman can shoot across to

traverse large gaps that might otherwise be impassable. It will come in handy very soon.

You now have new tracking information. Follow it northeast and east into the Industrial District. As the distance counts down, you'll get closer and closer. When you're deep in the district however, ignore the tracker and pay attention to the blue bat symbol marker that points out your objective.

Look for a large well of some sorts. It's guarded by four armed henchmen. Take them out or ignore them as you dive down into the pit to enter

Subway Maintenence Access ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ After some talking, prepare a Remote Control Batarang. If you look around you will see some electricity running nearby. Throw the RC Batarang through a gap in the bars to charge it with the electricity and immediately do a U‐Turn. Now steer it left down the corridor. Just go straight from here until you see another barred area with a RIDDLER TROPHY behind it. Look for another gap in the bars to pilot this through and hit the fuse box on the other side. Don't

forget to claim this when we get over there. It unlocks the Concept Art "Street in Ruins"

Head over there and smash the JOKER TEETH you see with a Batarang. Ah, remember these little guys? There will be plenty more to find. Keep going and grab that trophy, then turn left. Smash another set of JOKER TEETH, then go down the corridor to reach a big drop. Use the Line Launcher to shoot across this gap and grab the RIDDLER TROPHY on the far side. When you're ready, drop down on the goons below.

One of them is armored, so try to knock the other two down or take them out with Combo Takedowns so you can have one‐on‐one time with him. The same trick that you learned before applies. Stun, then give him an endless series of punches til he goes down cold.

Continue on your way through the next passage and smash another set of JOKER TEETH around the corner. You might notice another of those "Riddler Rooms" but like the other from before, this is a death trap for you right now. Don't go in until you get another gadget later.

You come to another bottomless pit. Use the Line Launcher again, except this time, we're going to change directions mid‐flight. When you start to zip along, move the camera so you can see to Batman's right, and hold L1 to slow down time. Find an angle and fire the Line Launcher again to change direction. In this little nook is a RIDDLER TROPHY. Now, use the launcher again and go straight across to reach a new tunnel.

Hang a left and smash more JOKER TEETH, then listen in for the conversation below. You should see a weak floor nearby that you can stand on. When you're ready, perform a takedown to drop in on the henchmen below.

A lot of these guys scramble for guns and objects to throw at you. Two of them wield broken bottles so you will want to either attack them first or evade them. Combo Takedowns can help a lot here, as will the Disarm & Destroy takedown if you unlocked it. Try to use gadgets like the Batclaw to keep guys from grabbing stuff, or if they get a gun, the REC to make them fire it prematurely.

Once they are all defeated, destroy the JOKER TEETH here. Next, use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the console here to open up the two large doors. This will bring you back to a very familiar place.

Subway Terminal ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Nothing of note to do here. On the north side of the room there will be a set of JOKER TEETH, which should be your sixth now.

Continue west now, retracing some old steps. When you leave the terminal go left and find another set of JOKER TEETH. Open the nearby shutter door with the REC and crawl underneath.

Immediately after clearing the door, if you look to your right, you might remember that first Riddler deathtrap room. If you have the Line Launcher Tightrope upgrade, you can now solve it. Go inside and use the sequencer to reveal the three RIDDLER TROPHIES and also activate the trap. In three seconds, the floor becomes electrified. Stand on one far end of the room and look at the other side. Use the Line Launcher and immediately hit R2 to perform the tightrope. Stay there until the floor shuts off. Claim your prizes after that.

When you're done, return to the Subway Terminal and find a door on the northeast side of the room (we're following the tracker, remember?). Go through this door.

Turn right immediately and open the shutter with the REC. Slide underneath and take the RIDDLER TROPHY, then return. Go down the corridor and there will be another large impasse. Before doing anything else, spot the RIDDLER TROPHY on the left‐hand wall. It's caged up. If you have the range upgrade for your sequencer though, you can open it up by cracking the code. Nab it with the Batclaw after that.

Use the Line Launcher to get across, then grapple up to the following ledge. Smash the JOKER TEETH, then exit through the door.

Collapsed Streets

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Walk through the hallway and something will happen. Arkham Asylum players might

immediately have a certain reaction but it's


When you're on your feet again, keep going but stop before the hallway turns left around the corner. Look for a high ledge above you to grapple onto, on your left. Up here you can lay claim to another RIDDLER TROPHY. Continue.

The hallway deposits you into a large room with a big chasm (getting used to these, aren't we?). The exit is on one side of the pit and is guarded by a bunch of henchmen. Shoot the Line Launcher out and as you start zipping along, do that redirect move again. Again, use the camera so you can see what you're doing, then hold L1 to slow things down. Aim at the thugs and fire it again to bowl right over them.

Beware. Some of these guys have guns and others may grab more. If you have the Disarm & Destroy combo, I highly recommend using it here. Otherwise, use the Batclaw to try and disarm them, or attack them before they open fire. For the rest, your standard attacks and counters will do the job pretty nicely.

Before leaving, turn around and on the opposite side of the room, spy a RIDDLER TROPHY. Use the Line Launcher to go get it, then make a return trip and leave this room.

Wonder Tower Foundations ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Step out onto the gargoyle and get ready for another Predator room. You'll soon notice that one of the henchmen has a signal jammer on his back that disables your Detective Mode. He's our first target.

For now, just hold tight and wait for that particular enemy to walk over to the left by himself. Either get in behind him or do an Inverted Takedown from another gargoyle. When he's down, you can enjoy Detective Mode again.

As always, there's plenty of options. There are weak walls and grates down on the lower floor which you can hide behind and attack unsuspecting foes from. Keep in mind one is a Riddler informant so save him for last.

Even the best plans can be ruined so be ready for one of the bozos to grab the hostage in the room and threaten to kill her if he sees you. Try to sneak up on him and perform a Silent Takedown, but be aware that he looks around every now and then. You can also use the Disruptor to disable his gun and then attack him.

When you've taken them all out, talk to the hostage. Then, it's exploring time.

In the bottom‐right corner of the room, on the lower floor, near the grate, there should be a RIDDLER TROPHY out in the open. Next, go out into the center of the room.

RIDDLE ME THIS: Crime is a global issue. You'll never stop it, Batman.

Down here in the center of the room, there is a monument with a globe on it. Scan it to solve this.

Next, there are three destructible items around here. In Wonder City, they are Demon Seals. They are demon head statues or mantles with a ring that you can latch onto with the Batclaw. One DEMON SEAL is on the west side of the room, first floor, under the staircase. A second DEMON SEAL is above the entrance to the elevator shaft, where the hostage was. The third DEMON SEAL is above the exit door, just above an angel statue. Grab this one from the walkway rather than from down below.

On the east side of the room, blow up a wall with Explosive Gel to find a RIDDLER TROPHY. Also look for another TITAN container on the south side of the walkway, to help toward the Fragile Alliance side quest.

Exit through the north when you're done.

Wonder City ‐ Wonder Avenue


Step forward and there will be a short event. When you're able to, open the

doors ahead by using the REC on the motor in the ground. Open a few more doors the same way as you continue forward. One of the motors will be hidden beneath

a weak floor you need to use Explosive Gel on. Before you can do that though, ninjas attack!

These deadly girls have blades and dealing with them is similar to other enemies who wield knives or bottles. You can hold the counter button and back away with the stick, then strike back at them. They dodge your attacks sometimes but not enough that it makes hitting them difficult. Be ready for many normal counters as well. If you have the Blade Dodge Takedown upgrade, now's a great time to practice it.

When these ladies are down, open the door and proceed. Walk all the way to the door at the end for a quick scene. After that, your objective now is to scan several of these robot "guardians" to collect some data. The first two will be not too far from the door. You can see them with Detective Mode as you would other bodies.

Make your way back toward the exit and notice two more in display cases. Scan one of them, then prepare for another ninja attack. Again, try to be either aggressive or patient. Attack first or dodge their blades and strike after. They are very aggressive and many attacks won't work as easily on them.

Scan both bots when they have been sent packing. On the west side of this area, there are some hidden rooms on the upper levels. With Detective Mode, you should be able to see the robots inside. Find a way inside these rooms. One of them has another ninja ambush waiting, so be prepared for that. Counter as much as you can, seriously.

Defeat them then scan the bot, then another one in a nearby room. While you're up here, look for a RIDDLER TROPHY to collect. Start in the upper room on the west side, to the left of the entrance. Grapple inside here, and step on the Riddler pressure plate. Look east while standing on it and you'll see another. Use the Line Launcher and line it up with that plate. Fire it and when you zip toward it, hold L1 to slow things down, and hit Circle/B to drop so you land on the plate and not past it. Turn 90 degrees right (south) and there is one last plate. Do the same thing without touching any other part of the floor and you can get the trophy at the end.

Return to the front of the dead end gates where you found the first guardian. If you face that particular bot and look a little to your right, there is a small opening underneath the building. Run and slide under there to grab a RIDDLER TROPHY.

Also, look for a DEMON SEAL hanging about the sealed gates. Some alleys in the southwest corner of the room will guide you to a RIDDLER TROPHY in a carriage.

When you're done, get the last bit of data from a robot who hides up at the top floor of a dilapidated building in the southeast corner. When you have it all, you see a video of the secret entrance being used. The area should be very easily identifiable so go over there and interact with that wall. When you uncover the secret wall, an assassin drops in. Use your spidey sense

I mean, the counter button and you will gain entry.

Go straight down the corridor and ignore the right turn. Plant Explosive Gel on the wall at the end instead and blow it open. Here is a protected Riddler Trophy. Stand here and turn around. Throw a Remote Control Batarang out of the passageway. You'll want to send it into the back alleys on the west side of the room so steer it through some fo those windows in the upper rooms where

some of the bots were. Get it back there and find the question mark sign. Hit it and the trap will be lifted, letting you get the RIDDLER TROPHY. The "League of Assassins" Concept Art is your reward.

Now go down the other path. At the bottom of the ramp is another trophy, but it is guarded by a mine. You'll have to leave it for now, but tag it for later. Instead, turn right and climb the ladder. A short scene unfolds.

After that, stagger forward into

Wonder City ‐ Chamber of the Demon


Keep going to get another scene. When it's over, go down the stairs. Inside the next room, take the chalice when prompted and drink from it. Thus begins one of the craziest drug trips ever.

I hope you've practiced gliding and dive bombing 'cause you'll be getting a

crash course here. Follow the specter's trail of light by leaping off this cliff and dive bombing straight down. Go down a little bit, not too far, and then let go of R2 and pull back to initiate a powerful glide that will bring you higher into the air with speed. Alternate between this and dive bombing to build steady height and momentum. Try to reach the second blue plateau and grapple to it.

Do the same when the specter vanishes again. Be careful not to dive bomb down too far. When you get near the brown rocks, don't dive bomb. If you touch anything, you'll die automatically. Instead, try to come out of a dive bomb before this and let the momentum carry you to the next blue plateau.

On here, two assassins molded from sand will attack you. Deal with them as you have the others thus far. Again, if you have Blade Dodge Takedown, it helps to practice it here. When that's over, jump off the edge and do one steady dive bomb. Pull back and let it carry you over to a large fiery cauldron. Dive straight in. Yep.

You'll land on a new platform, but it's the same thing for now. Jump off and again sail through the air. The next section is tricky because there's a lot more obstacles. If you can't clear over them with your momentum, dive bomb instead, then pull back to keep going.

Pull yourself to the next plateau, then jump and glide off when ready. You'll need to go around a small mountain. Try to dive bomb before making the turn so you can already be moving upward as you turn. Once you clear it, dive bomb one more time, a really, really short one, and then make your way to the plateau.

Another group of sand‐crafted ninjas attack. Focus mostly on countering and then striking afterwards. If they dodge, adjust and strike at their new location and you won't lose your combo. Defeat them and there will be one last gliding section to reach the end.

Back in reality, exit out the door and go up the stairs. Talk to Talia and watch

a scene. After that



Welcome to what might be the most awesome fight in the entire game. Ra's will start by turning to sand and creating ninja clones like the ones you were just fighting. It's somewhat hard to tell which is him, but don't worry about it. There is one key thing you'll want to keep in mind here: always look for his attack.

When you're dealing with the clones, every now and then Ra's perpares an attack where he dashes at you with a sword swipe. If you're paying really close attention, you can see it coming and dodge by doubletapping X. Jump over one of the sand clones and it can preserve your combo while also keeping you alive.

When they're all down, go after Ra's and attack with rapid punches until he vanishes. He then reappears and conjures up a giant sand version of hismelf. This creature has two attacks. He'll throw shurikens at you which will quickly lock in on you. Dodge hard to the side to avoid them. The other attack is a row of long blades that travel across the ground at you. Again, dodge to the side.

A ring of sand soldiers will surround the real Ra's in the center. There are many gaps in the ring though and if you use L1 + Circle to quickfire the REC, you can hit him. It will take some timing to shoot just before there is clearance in the ring, but do this enough times to vanquish the beast. One important thing to remember though is that when you hit him, he almost always counters with the shurikens and/or blades so be ready to dodge.

After this, Ra's pops out of the ground and attacks out of the ground. Tap the counter button repeatedly to fend him off. There will be a slight pause next, then suddenly, an entire group of the sand clones attacks from up high. Rapidly hit the counter button again to knock them all back. A big fight then begins.

Focus on linking some strikes and looking out for counters. Like before, keep your eye for the sliding sword swipe attack from Ra's. Dodge over any of these clones to avoid it. Use Combo Takedown to remove some of these soldiers if you are having trouble. If you've been practicing, Blade Dodge Takedown can also help here. Otherwise, just link a combo together, keep countering and dodging. Eventually you will get down to just Ra's. Pummel him again and the next phase repeats.

This is it. You have to again dodge the shurikens and blades, but now you also have to worry about a very quick sword attack from the sand version of Ra's. It is quick but you have a small window to dodge it when you see his right hand reaching behind his back. That's the sign that you need to get out of the way.

Like before, shoot the REC through the openings in his soldiers to hit the real Ra's. Sometimes they move faster and thus you have to pre‐emptively fire your shots so that by the time they get there, they will go through the opening instead of missing. Be ready for numerous counters from all three types of attacks.

When you manage to defeat him, he'll jump down at you again. Tap Triangle repeatedly again and fend him off, silencing him for good.

After the cutscene, you'll be back inside the chamber.

================================================================================ Putting Plans on Ice ===================================================================== [ac07]

Wonder City ‐ Chamber of the Demon ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ As you walk forward, look for two DEMON SEALS on the sides of the door ahead. Hit them both with the Batclaw and tug on them. Go through the door now. Before you turn right, look straight ahead on the wall for another DEMON SEAL to destroy.

Turn right and use the REC to open the doors. Inside is a RIDDLER TROPHY. Go back and return the way you came. Look for a manhole on the ground (use Detective Mode if necessary to see it clear as day). Crouch and interact to open it up.

Return back the way you came, through Wonder Avenue, the Tower Foundations, and the Collapsed Street. Go all the way back until you reach

Subway Terminal ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Go across the gap again, turn left, and leave through the door to return to the terminal. Some thugs have made it their home. One of them has a jammer.

Tsk, tsk. Don't you know Batman is the only one who can have those "wonderful toys"?

As soon as you enter, try to enter the subway car in front of you immediately before anyone spots you. Without the aid of Detective Mode, try to spot that henchman with the jammer who should be on the other side of the car. Wait for him to have his back to you, then leave cover and do a Silent Takedown, restoring your most valuable asset here.

Pick off the rest any way you like. Set traps with Explosive Gel, then go in for the kill. Use the Gargoyles and drop down behind them for Silent Takedowns or use the Sonic Batarang to lure them right where you want them. The choice is yours.

When you finally do put them all to bed, exit west and make your way through the subway area as you have before. Not too long after leaving the terminal, you'll encounter a new enemy type.

Two of these guys bear shields. To deal with them, stun then, then double tap X/A as if you were evading. This will stun them and remove their shields temporarily. Do this on both, then fight as you usually would. If someone picks one up again, try to build a combo and use Combo Takedown or Disarm & Destroy. Either works.

Continue on, going on top of the subway cars, through the passages, and so on. You should come across more JOKER TEETH, your ninth set hopefully. Smash them and then go under and over the pipes.

You'll drop down from a subway car and another chattering set of JOKER TEETH will be at your feet. The door ahead is closed so use the vent on your left to get in there. It will take you below the entire mob of Joker's men. Listen to their chatter first if you wish, then perform a takedown from underneath to get the armored guy right from the get go. Alright, good start!

You'll quickly notice two guys have shields, so be ready for them to try and bash you. Take initiative and stun them and disable them like before. Make good use of your combo attacks and gadgets especially. Besides the quickfire REC, you can use the quickfire Explosive Gel pretty efficiently here with the large group. Otherwise, just counter incoming attacks and evade when necessary.

Finish that fight, then use the sequencer to open the two sets of doors on both sides. Grab some JOKER TEETH down here first, then go up stairs. There will be another set in the tiny corner room in the southwest. When you're ready, exit the subway to return to

Arkham City ‐ The Bowery ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ If the smell of exploration is in the air, feel free to diverge from the story, collect some Riddler Challenges, do side quests, and so on. If the story has got its claws in you, then read on, brave adventurer of the night!

After some dialogue, you get a new objective located in the Bowery. Follow the compass on your HUD to find it. Try to approach the area from a high vantage point and have Detective Mode on. You should see that it's a group of armed thugs attacking someone. You have to intervene, but again, they're armed. To get around this, look for the nearby electrical generator and shoot it with the REC to destroy their guns. Now swoop in and start beating them down.

Simple combos and counters is all you need. IF anyone has tried to pick up a new gun, use the Batclaw to pull them at you, or use the REC. When they're all defeated, approach the victim and hit Triangle/Y. A cutscene follows.

Now you could head over to the GCPD (I know I'm dying to) but a new side mission should pop up in a few seconds. The police who Batman rescued in the Museum

have found something that he might find useful. Hmmm the Bowery, why not?

Since we're already in

As you make your way over, know that you're not entering the Museum through

the main doors. There's actually a set of doors on the north side that lead right into the Iceberg Lounge. Go there instead. You'll be able to see it because there's a large group of thugs trying to break in through there, including a Riddler informant, brightly lit in green. Be sure to save him for last to get that info.

Knock on the door and they'll let you in. After some dialogue, you get a special upgrade for the Disruptor, the ability to detonate the mines you've seen around Arkham City. Sweet! With that in hand, let's get out of here.

Now, make your way to the GCPD building, all the way to the east. Try to approach the building from the south like before, where once again, you'll be able to spy on a group of henchmen trying to break in. Drop in on them, why don't you?

Of note, there is an armored thug and two shielded guys. I also found that some of the others go after objects to throw at you quite frequently. Try to keep an eye on them and if they're about to throw it, dodge or better yet, counter and throw it back. If you don't have it by now, I strongly recommend the Freeflow Focus upgrade. It will make these bigger fights late in the game much simpler. It will slow things down a bit, giving you not only more time to counter, but more time to do Ground Takedowns and the ability to keep more and more enemies on the ground at once.

When you eventually defeat these bozos, use the REC to open the door like last time, then slide underneath. Turn right and open the door.

Gotham City Police Dept ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Before returning to the main room, let's grab a quick RIDDLER TROPHY. Turn left from the entrance, then grapple up to the walkway above the hall. On opposite ends are two pressure plates. The third one is in a side alcove. Basically, what you want to do is hit all three plates without your feet touching anything else. To accomplish that, you need the Line Launcher.

Start on one end and use the launcher to zip to the other side. Slow down time with L1 and be sure to hit Circle/B to drop BEFORE you actually are over the plate. The momentum will carry Batman forward so stop before you actually get there. Now, turn around and fire it again, this time hold L1 again and do a redirect to aim down the alcove. Almost as soon as you start going down there, you'll need to immediately stop and let go to land on the third plate and claim your prize.

With that, drop down and enter the big room from earlier. A cutscene will take

over. After that

oh come on, you knew this was coming, right?


In his suit, Freeze is a virtual juggernaut, and when he has you in his sights, you're a dead duck. Indeed, the outset of this fight can cast a feeling of dread, but fret not. There are actually tons of ways you can hurt him. This is like a Predator boss fight, but with only one opponent, and he takes a lot of hits. Also, more importantly, of all the different ways to hit him, some of them will only work once.

Before getting into his multitude of weaknesses, you should know what it is Freeze will do. The cold‐blooded villain will actively hunt you through the room, and if you're in his line of sight, he'll shoot with his freeze gun. You are notified if he has you in his sights.

If he loses track of you for a long enough period, Freeze will stop and stand there for a moment, then either track you through your recent heat signatures, literally following the exact path you just took, or he will deploy drones that will find your exact location. If he uses the drones, Freeze will take the quickest path to find you.

In finding your location, you can learn to predict the path he will take and

hide accoringly or take the correct escape path, especially if he follows your heat signature normally because he follows the way you just went. This can allow you to get behind him and set up your attacks.

You have plenty of options as I mentioned. These include a Silent Takedown, Ledge Takedown, Takedown from a grate, using the REC when he walks by a generator, flying into him by using the Line Launcher, the Glide Kick, takedowns through windows, and more. Most of these can only be used once however.

If you perform a Silent Takedown, Freeze shields his backside. If you do a ledge or grate takedown, he freezes those so you can't use them again. If you do a Glide Kick, he will freeze all the vantage points. So basically, you can only do a specific takedown once.

When you do manage to get him, Freeze will be stunned, but not hurt. Immediately follow this up with rapid strikes and he will take some damage but quickly recharge. Run away immediately and begin the process anew.

Because Freeze follows your heat signatures often and thus follows your footsteps literally, he can be somewhat predictable in that sense. Unless he deploys the drones in which case he'll take the quickest route to you, he can be lured to specific locations. So if you walk by the explosive gel wall, quickly get behind and spray some, he will eventually walk by it too so you can blow it up. Same goes for windows.

Go with the takedowns that are easiest. Sneaking up on him for a Silent Takedown is very easy, and the Glide attack is also a freebie. The Line Launcher if he's on the same level as you and there are no obstructions, is also a good option. One really good one is to use the Disruptor. Remember? It was originally used to shut down Freeze's gun when Penguin had it. It can be used again, but only once. If you do use it, attack him immediately.

Another creative method is to lure him into the large opening in front of the one small lab room where water is on the floor. There are electrical cables there and if you turn them on, anyone walking by will be shocked. You can hit the switch from afar with a Batarang, so try to lure Freeeze into walking through there and hit it.

Take him down and strike him enough times. Eventually Mr. Freeze will be put on ice. When the next cutscene ends, you get a brand new toy.


The Freeze Blast is basically an ice grenade. When thrown, it will explode on contact and freeze the area around it. It is mostly used on water and water vents, but it can also be used against enemies.

On that note, you may find the entrance to the GCPD building is now frozen

completely. Dang. Take the south corridor that goes to the east side of the building. It's a hall with a low hanging gate and some steam vents. Those

pesky steam vents

openings to freeze them shut. You can now pass through. Find the exit shortly after.

Now we have the Freeze Blast though! Throw it at the vent

================================================================================ No Laughing Matter ===================================================================== [ac08]

Arkham City ‐ Amusement Mile ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ On your way out, you'll see a spectacle take place and then an emergency call comes out. Head west toward the new mission marker and find the helicopter crash. Stay back though and use Detective Mode to see that four snipers have the area under watch. Get behind them instead.

They're split into two pairs. Two stand right next to each other (a Double Takedown takes care of them) and the other two are on different levels. Be sure

to attack the one further behind, obviously so as not to alert the one in front.

When they're all down, approach the wreck and talk to Vicki Vale. After the rescue, you'll be free to continue on with your mission. Make your way east into the Industrial District.

Arkham City ‐ Industrial District ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ I hope you have a few ballistics armor upgrades. This place is not only teeming with armed goons, but there are many snipers in particular posted around the area. Be extremely cautious and try to approach them slowly from below their perches and take them out silently.

Try to take out most of the snipers first before dealing with anyone else. Actually, other than the snipers, most of the other enemies are optional. Just head for the Steel Mill. Look for a group of armed henchmen and a few snipers. These guys will indicate that you're at the back entrance to the mill.

Like any Predator area, scan the area and look for an opening to take out any thug. There are many corners around here to hide behind while waiting for approaching thugs to perform Corner Takedowns.

Two of them will stay and guard the door. Use the Disruptor (with the upgrade) to shut down one of their guns, then do a Drop Attack on the other. The first guy will be unable to fire, leaving you to safely knock the other thug out, then just finish him off.

Head inside

Steel Mill ‐ Cooling Tunnel B ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Step forward and the game will give you a new tutorial. Quickfire Freeze Blast. Very, very helpful. Try it out as you open up a fight with this small group of henchmen. The small fighting space means you should focus a lot on counters. Fend them off and perform Ground Takedowns if you knock them all down.

Shoot the HARLEY HEAD before doing anything else. Next, destroy that TITAN container for the Fragile Alliance side quest. After that, hop over the railing and drop into the following room. First, use the sequencer to crack the console and open up a RIDDLER TROPHY on the far side. Use the Batclaw (or Line Launcher) to get it. It gives you the "Harley Quinn intercom" Concept Art.

Now, here's a new feature for the Freeze Blast you might not have known about. Prepare a grenade and aim at the water. You'll notice the cursor change to a snowflake. Throw it and a small ice platform will form. This will serve the same function as the rafts from the Museum!

Pull yourself toward the low hanging gate, then hold the crouch button to pass under. Drift into the next area and climb up the wall. Toss another grenade down to create a second raft. This time, try to steer clear of that giant drill in the center. Pull yourself to the left with the Batclaw and carefully navigate around it. Aim the Batclaw at the rings on the far side after that and pull in closer to the wall. Grapple out of there when you're in range.

Look for a vent cover and pull it off. Take this to a small ledge. Slightly to your right and across the way is a question mark sign. Hit it with a Batarang then use the Line Launcher to shoot yourself over to the ledge above it. Take the vent you find here directly to another RIDDLER TROPHY. This one awards the "Batman Confronts the Penguin" concept art.

Return and shoot back over to the original ledge. Hug the wall and walk down to the other end and you should be at a great vantage point to do a Glide Kick through a window on an unsuspecting thug.

This will kick off (literally) what may or may not be a tricky fight. I'd

recommend building up enough of a combo and using Combo Takedown on the armored henchman first to remove him from the picture. Expect lots and lots of counters here so don't get crazy with the punch button. Redirect to give yourself room and also use Bat Swarm to keep them off you as well.

When the fight is over, shoot the HARLEY HEAD. You'll probably want to listen to the dialogue before leaving.

Steel Mill ‐ Cooling Tunnel D


Go inside to find two of Joker's henchmen toruring one of Two‐Face's. You can't perform a Double Takedown, so just go after one of them, then beat down the other. Rescue the Two‐Face henchman (if for no other reason than to shut him up). Be careful though, he might attack you if you're not careful.

There's nothing else you can do in here right now so just leave. The opening will reveal more water below so spike a Freeze Blast grenade down there and hop on. When you get on, look for an opening in the ceiling to grapple up to. Go up here and find a RIDDLER TROPHY, then drop back down.

Stick to the left wall to avoid the drills. Pull yourself toward the wall with the Batclaw, then crouch underneath it. On the other side, the current will quickly start pulling you toward more drills. Fight against it by pulling to the right with the Batclaw. Find a small niche here you can get onto and ditch the makeshift raft. From here, just Line Launcher across to the other side.

Two steam vents block your path so whip some Freeze Blast grenades at them to contine on. Drop another Freeze Blast in the water, then climb up to the platform on your left.

Some sort of gate mechanism blocks your path. Throw a Remote Control Batarang through one of the openings and aim for the electric current near the ceiling ahead. Once charged, turn it around and look for a similar obstacle on the right. Fly it carefully through here (be sure to use the brake) and aim for the fuse box. This will open the path up for you.

Ride another ice raft down this way for a bit, but then look for a high ledge on the right side to grapple up to eventually. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer and you'll open up a path to the room where the Two‐Face thug was being tortured as well as a bridge that falls down behind you, leading to your objective.

First, go back into that room and across from the pit where the guy was hanging, look for a hatch to open with the Batclaw. Now, climb back up to that bridge. Stand on the bridge and throw your Remote Control Batarang back down the tunnel of water, toward the electricity we used before. Charge your Batarang with it, then do a U‐Turn and pilot it back toward Batman, making a right to go back into the torture room. Slow it down and guide it through the now open hatch, turning it carefully again into another small opening. Hit the fuse box on the other side to reveal a RIDDLER TROPHY that awards the character trophy for Mayor Quincy Sharp.

Now, return to the bridge again. Look to the wall on your left for a vent. Shoot the cover with the Batclaw to pry it off. Toss a Freeze Blast grenade down there again and land on it. Grapple to the open vent and go inside. A second RIDDLER TROPHY is your reward. Return to the bridge.

Go across to the north side now. In front of you is a mine cart. To the left is

a generator. Shoot it with the REC (R2 button) and pull the cart. It will reveal

a third RIDDLER TROPHY. Finally, shoot the HARLEY HEAD, then turn right, toward

a door. There will be a quick surprise, followed by some dialogue. After that, exit through that door.

Steel Mill ‐ Smelting Chamber


Remember in Arkham Asylum, how you ended up returning to a room in the Intensive Treatment building late in the game? And how they added some booby traps? Well it's deja vu here. A room we were in earlier in the game? Check. Booby traps?


The key difference this time is that they're mines. Some are spread out on

sparse sections of the area. Other mines are

themselves. What this means is if you take out a thug with mines, they will deploy in the area around where his body drops. However, this really isn't a big deal, since you shouldn't have much reason to go back to the immediate area around a defeated goon.

attached to the thugs

Wait for the party of three below to disband, then pick off one of them when he is alone, most likely one guy who will venture off to the right. Drop down behind him for a Silent Takedown.

From there, you can go anywhere. There are potential Ledge Takedowns, Inverted Takedowns. You can use the Sonic Batarang to set up some things. Decisions, decisions. Just recognize that one of these goons is an informant for the Riddler so save him until last.

Finish them all off, then exit into

Steel Mill ‐ Assembly Line ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ There's a sniper on the other side of this area, keeping an eye out. It's best not to attack head on. Instead, there's a very, very clever way to get to him.

On the right side of the room you're currently in, look for that conveyor belt. There should be a box on it with one side open. Crouch and enter. Time for Solid Snakeman to go stealthy

Wait for the conveyor belt to carry you all the way to the near end. Get out when you're behind the sniper, then take him down. Do a Knockout Smash for good measure. Pssh, showed you.

Leave by grappling up to the high ledge above the end of the conveyor belt. There you'll find a surprise, all tied up. To have a chuckle or two, select the gag/ungag option a few times. When you've had your fun, hop up the ledge behind her and take the path to the small office area. Exit through the north door.

Steel Mill ‐ Loading Bay ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ In this interim hallway, you can grab that RIDDLER TROPHY if you have not already. Use the sequencer to open it up. Leave the Catwoman one for now. Enter the next room.

There will be two snipers guarding the far side of the room from Joker's office. The other three are down below, unarmed. First, shoot the generator with the REC to disarm the snipers for now, and get the attention of the other goons.

Stay where you are and let them come to you so you won't be in the sights of the snipers. Beat down these three simple thugs, then shoot the generator again. This should coax the snipers back to the door, but then they'll turn around. Grapple up there and do a Double Takedown. Now you're free to explore.

RIDDLE ME THIS: They say the more things change the more they stay the same. Which dummy said that?

On your left as you enter the officer, there should be a headless mannequin that sports Harley's old outfit from Arkham Asylum. Scan it to solve this riddle.

Right next to that is a HARLEY HEAD to shoot. When you're done looking around, find the arrows on the floor pointing you to

Steel Mill ‐ Joker's Fun House ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Watch the scene, then


Start off by countering Joker then striking back with a few punches. When you knock him down, you can't hit him with a Ground Takedown. Just keep countering and hitting him back until he "gives up".

Then in comes the calvary. If you're skillful enough, use Blade Dodge Takedown on the knife wielder. Otherwise, just stun him somehow or Redirect over him to deal with the others. Bat Swarm can come in handy here, as will Combo Takedown. One thing to be aware of are the rollercoaster cars zooming across the arena now and then. While they can hit enemies and help you out, don't get caught in their paths yourself.

Be on the lookout for Joker too, not that he poses a huge threat. He will act like any other enemy actually. He will actively attack you or grab the knife or other objects to use against you. All you can do is knock him down for a while though, so try to focus on his cronies first.

Eventually, Mr. Hammer returns and soon after, a TITAN henchman. First, try to thin out the crowd of enemies. Try to use Combo Takedown to eliminate some quickly. Gadgets like the quick Freeze Blast and quick REC can help.

When the amount of enemies has gone down, try hard to take out either Mr. Hammer or the TITAN henchman. Ultra Stun either of them, then hit them repeatedly. Joker or other enemies will likely try and stop you, so break off the attack temporarily and knock them down before continuing your assault. One thing that can really, really help is using the Freeze Blast. Use it to freeze the enemies includign one of the big guys while you beat down the other.

Once you've defeated them all, turn your attention to Joker. Get him on the ground and finish him off. Another cutscene will then play.


Catwoman Episode 3 ===================================================================== [ac09]

After the scene you'll be back in

Arkham City ‐ Amusement Mile


It's been a while since Catwoman had the floor. You may be very tempted to go and explore all the areas Batman has been to to collect trophies for her, but we can do that later.

I would recommend searching for some fights, get used to her attack style again. Also try to level her up. IF you don't have them by now, I highly recommend having her Combat Armor upgrades. They'll help big time soon.

When you are ready, go to the mission marker. You'll find three TYGER guards surrounding a manhole. Try to sneak up on them if possible, but they'll probably see you coming unless you do a Pounce Attack from a high ledge.

Take the shield guy down first using the stun combo we learned a while back.

Circle, X, X if you forgot (or B, A, A for 360). One of them will try to use

a gun, so fire a Bola at him to keep him occupied. Try to stun the armored guy and then attack him relentlessly. If the others interrupt, counter them and then continue striking. Counter and attack until they all go down.

Enter the manhole when the dust has cleared.



Take a short walk and hang a left. Run through this corridor all the way to

Confiscated Goods Vault

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Open the door on your left for a quick scene. This will be a multi step process. First you're tasked with pickpocketing three keys and returning to this first area to use them. After that, you will want to take down all the guards in the main room. Then finally, enter the vault. If you are spotted at any point, you automatically fail.

Start by pouncing to the ceiling. One guard should be walking by. Wait for him to stop, then turn around. Drop behind him and crouch, slowly approaching and waiting for the pickpocket prompt. You know a guared has a key by the green sparkle in his pocket.

Stick to the ceiling and climb around looking for more keys. Be very patient. Don't just drop down and pickpocket. Use Thief Vision to see where the other guards are make sure they can't spot you. Wait it out and find the best opportunity to grab them.

When you have all three, return to the computer room and approach that big screen from the cutscene. Interact with it and then return to the ceiling. Crawl back out there as the guards are on high alert.

Wait for your opportunities. The ceiling provides a great takedown spot that blankets the entire area. Wait for a guard to be completely isolated, then get above him and strike when the prompt appears. The other guards will look when Hugo lets them know, but they won't spend much time at all checking out the scene.

Try to take out all the patrolling guards and then the two who watch the door will disband and start walking around too. This makes it easy to take them out.

Let a calm sense of accomplishment wash over you, then head for the vault. Inside, feel free to check on Ivy's plant but Catwoman won't be keeping that

promise. Instead, grab the briefcases for a quick scene

and a fight.

This is why I hope you got the Combat Armor upgrades. This fight can be a little tough because of Catwoman's limited health. Try to make good use of her Caltrops in particular to keep enemies on the ground. Take out the shield guy first, and watch out for lots and I mean lots of counters. If you have any of her special combos, try to use them as well. If you manage to activate Freeflow Focus, that can help a lot.

When the fight ends, grab the briefcases. Walk down the hallway and you'll be presented with a choice. Well, technically there's really only one choice in the end. You can pick the "bad" choice just to see what happens but it will bring you back to the choice again to force you into making the good one.

Return the way you came all the way through the tunnels and out of the sewers. Watch the scene that unfolds and that will end this episode.

================================================================================ Stranger Things Have Happened ===================================================================== [ac10]

Arkham City ‐ Industrial District


Things are

City. If they spot you, they'll open fire, so be very cautious.

well, not good. TYGER helicopters are unleashing hell on Arkham

The current objective is to steal the master encryption keys for your sequencer. To do that you have to find one helicopter in the bunch that has it. When you are within a certain range, you can scan the helicopters by holding L2.

So hop to it, Detective. Scan all the nearby helicopters, but more than likely, they won't have it. Try traveling north and keep your eyes open. Look for their lights or their missile attacks. Keep scanning until you find it. When you do, grapple to that helicopter and hit the prompt to download the program.

Now, head to your new objective, the Restricted Area accessed through the Bowery. Two snipers on the walkway above are guarding the area. Try to approach them from the side and do Silent Takedowns on both.

The Bowery ‐ Arkham City Processing Center ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ There is a door on this walkway, opened by using your new encryption keys to fiddle with the console nearby. Crack it open and go inside, hanging a right. Shoot the shutter door with the REC, then drop down the shaft. Land on the lower walkway and enter the door using the REC. Go down the short hall and open the next door.

Inside, drop down and attack one of the guards from behind. They wield stun batons and can't be attacked from the front. You need to do a Redirect and get behind them, then attack. Once one drops the baton, he can be dealt with normally.

Deal with this first group and en entire mob soon surrounds you as the good doctor berates you. Before the fight starts, even MORE will show up. Get ready.

Freeflow Focus is your friend here. Build up a good enough combo and slow things down once it activates. Get a bunch of free hits in and use your gadgets especially to keep multiple enemies down at once. Make shield and baton enemies your primary targets especially with the trusty Combo Takedown or your gadgets. Look for double and even triple counters.

If you manage to knock down multiple guards, use the Multi Takedown if you want. Otherwise keep Freeflow Focus running and dispense the pain!

With that over, search the surrounding rooms for some goodies, then find the manhole on the floor and enter.

Wonder City ‐ Collapsed Streets ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Go forward and simply drop down the hole. Just after you'll find yourself in a large room with water and large gaps. First, grab a Freeze Blast grenade and toss it at the water just below the platform opposite you. Glide down to your newly created ice platform and look up to see a RIDDLER TROPHY.

You can find a second RIDDLER TROPHY in the northeast corner of the room. It will be sitting in plain sight on a small platform and require you cast the Line Launcher a second time while riding it to redirect yourself.

When you land on said platform and grab the trophy, turn to the west side. A frozen RIDDLER TROPHY hangs in the air. Hit it with a Batarang and it falls into the water. Next, toss a Freeze Blast grenade next to it. The idea is you want to glide down to the platform so you can reach the trophy and add it to your collection. Grapple back up to the previous ledge.

Last but not least, look to the south to see a caged RIDDLER TROPHY. The console is on the far side, behind a fence and requires your sequencer have a range upgrade. Crack it open and you get rewarded with Concept Art for "Experience Antarctic Dining".

You have to leave through the east. From that platform we keep going back to, shoot your Line Launcher toward that wall where the last trophy was and then do a quick redirect (or use the tightrope ability to stop if you have it) to the left.

In this little niche, spray Explosive Gel on the floor and detonate it. Drop down to find yet another RIDDLER TROPHY, trapped like many others. On the ceiling of the room you dropped from is a question mark sign. Hit it with a Batarang to open it up and claim your prize. Exit through the door down here after that.

Wonder City ‐ Wonder Tower Foundations

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Talk to the nurse if you wish, then step out into the main room and quickly scramble to a higher vantage point.

Eight enemies. Snipers. Mines. Thermal scanners. Yeah, this isn't exactly a walk in the park. Here's a few suggestions and tips though.

One thug should pass underneath you in just a few seconds, walking to the right. Make him your first target by dropping down and doing a Silent Takedown. From there, try to get the sniper over northwest corner of the room. They provide the biggest challenge perhaps. When they are both looking over the railing, one can see you while you're attacking the other, so be careful. Try to take out one of them, then when Hugo lets them know, let that diversion work to your advantage.

All the others should go check except the second sniper. Get in a good position and sneak up on him too. From there, try to be patient and be very cautious with the mines if you move on the ground a lot. The mines that are already on the walkways and such can be used to your advantage though. If a guard walks by one, detonate it with the upgrade for the Disruptor and it will take him out instantly. Nifty!

Clear the room and consider grabbing the RIDDLER TROPHY on the south side. You can get it now with the new codes for the Cryptographic Sequencer. After that, use that sequencer on the console near the elevator shaft. It opens the door and lets you inside. Use it again on the inside to take a ride. The codes should be "OBSESSIONS" and "MASTERMIND".

Wonder City ‐ Wonder Tower ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ As the elevator is in transit, there will be some nice build up dialogue. When it finally reaches the top, you'll hear the voices of some armed TYGER guards ready to fire once the doors open. Let that be an obvious cue to get out of there. Luckily there is an escape hatch open above you. Grapple through and out.

Try to glide over the group and do a Double Takedown on the pair farthest from the action. This will grab the attention of the rest and ignite another brawl. Obviously, try to knock down the guys with guns first at least. They won't be ready to fire right away so just be aggressive. Watch out for the armored guy too. Since he can ruin my combos easily, I like to just use Redirect to go over him and deal with the authors, or use a Freeze Blast grenade to keep him occupied for a while.

Once you defeat them all

RIDDLE ME THIS: Where can you get a wonderful view of the past?

It's just across from the elevator when it reaches the top. There is a small mural on the railing of the balcony. Scan it. You'll get the Arkham City Story, "Wonder City" (1 of 3).

Also, turn back to the elevator but look high above it on the wall. There is a DEMON SEAL to shoot with your Batclaw and pull. Now, to the right of the doors is another locked area protected by a console. Use the sequencer and spell "SAFEGUARDING" to proceed.

It opens the way to a small platform. Crouch and hit X/A to drop to a hanging posistion. Shimmy your way down, going around the entire building. A RIDDLER TROPHY awaits on the far side. Return to shimmying and go back the way you came, only halfway. Drop down to a platform that leads to a long, narrow mast or whatever you want to call it. Look back up at the building from out here and grapple your way up.

To your immediate left is another narrow perch. Hold run and jump to it. Be sure to let go of the buttons once you're in the air. IF you hold them too long, there's the possibility Batman may jump a second time and go completely

off the edge.

Take this metal girder or whatever around until you see a spot to grapple up to. Look for another after that and then look for one on the corner of the building near you, instead of above you. Step onto the walkway and take the ladder ahead.

Glide across the elevator shaft, then immediately turn around to spot another DEMON SEAL. Destroy it, then move on. The narrow path will take you back outside, to another mast to step out onto. This one has a wire on the end. Manipulate the Left Analog Stick to step onto it and this will take Batman over to another mast. From there, look for a large opening above on the tower to grapple to.

Inside, go to the corner to find a console. Spell "MAINTENANCE" on the sequencer to open a hatch above. Grapple to it when you see the prompt and it will take you to

Wonder City ‐ Security Control Center ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ The path is very straightforward for a while. It will lead to an open vent on the wall. Climb inside, then take a left to be underneath the control room of Wonder Tower.

The final Predator room of the game. It won't be labeled as a boss fight for a few reasons, not the least of which is for preventing spoilers.

The area is vastly different from what you're used to. The indoors area is very confined and leaves you very exposed. The outdoors area consists of just the gargoyles sticking out from the tower and a few balconies.

On top of that, the villain who stands in the center barking orders is able to see you if you're in the line of sight so you need to keep an eye out for him as well.

In general, try to lure guards out. The Sonic Batarang can help get things started. Use the gargoyles to swing around and enter from one of the balconies and try to sneak up on some of them if possible, but only if a guard is alone.

If you have the upgrade for the Freeze Blast, you can try to sneak into the room far enough just to plant mines for the guards to walk past. It won't take them out but it might create opportunities to pick off stragglers.

When you finally have taken them all out, approach the center hub from the back of the room, where the villain stands facing the glass. Find the console near the door and crack it with the code "GOTHAM SAVIOR" to end the strange tales once and for all.

================================================================================ He Who Laughs Last ===================================================================== [ac11]

After the very revealing scene, you'll be back in control outside the Restricted

Area. There is one last thing to take care of

and it's nothing to laugh at.

There will be a visible tracker on your screen like when you had to trace the ninja from earlier. Do the same thing and head toward its location. Switch Detective Mode on when you get closer and see that there are several snipers perched on all the rooftops guarding the theater, your destination.

Taking them out is a bit tricky because some of them have lines of sight that includes seeing each other. You want to take them out one by one where the others can't see it.

In general, start by going to the far northwest of their group and look for one sniper on a low bride‐like structure between two rooftops. Make him your first target, then work clockwise from there for the most part. Just observe

the other snipers closely in Detective Mode and without. The latter because you can see their sniper sights. Some of them only stare downwards so those guys can be saved for last while you take out the others without worry. Just make sure you do mostly Silent Takedowns.

When you are down to just the two in front of the theater, use the Disruptor to effectively disarm one of them, then do a Drop Attack or Glide Kick on the other, followed by a quick takedown. Punch out the last goon and you're all set. Enter the theater.



The next cutscene might blow your mind, just saying. After that, get ready for

a boss fight. To avoid spoilers, I won't be saying who it is this time.


This guy fights somewhat similary to Solomon Grundy, but only slightly. First, his attacks. For now, he will have four main attacks. He can do a combo up to three consecutive hits. They are long range attacks so he will stretch out and attack you from afar. There are counter prompts for these, so if you don't want to dodge, you can hit the counter button with the right timing to avoid the attacks.

Second, he has a leaping attack where he jumps at you and smashes his fists down at you. Dodge hard to the side to avoid it. Next, there is an attack where he swings his arms around the area and tries to trip you like Grundy. Dodge once, then again a second after to avoid both sweeps. Last but not least, he has an attack where he will literally roll at you. As soon as you recognize it, dodge because he comes at you very quick.

Batman gives you a major tip on this fight before you even get physical control. The quick Freeze Blast. Double tap R2 to throw one. This very slowly soften him up and deplete his life bar. You can't throw them super rapidly, but quick enough. All the while, alternate between throwing them and dodging his attacks. Watch his movements carefully and recognize when to stop your assault and put all effort to dodging.

One tip that helps massively in this fight is to use his rolling attack against

him. In the four corners of the room there are small entrances with explosive barrels in them. If you stand in front of one of these when he does his rolling attack, dodge it and he will crash into them and start an explosion that does

a lot of damage. There are four of them, so use them wisely.

Once you have hit him with enough Freeze Blasts when his health is depleted, he freezes finally. Approach him and there should be a button prompt to climb him and retrieve the sword. Once you have it, start slashing away as if you were just doing punches.

This begins the cycle again. Now he has two added attacks and a slightly altered one from before. At medium range he will attack you with two hammers. Just dodge away quickly if he uses it but dodge again because a second swipe will quickly follow. The most annoying new attack is one where he spins in place and fires multiple projecticles. Try to time your dodges if you can see them coming, otherwise, just dodge like mad. Finally, he will now do his rolling attack twice in a row.

Otherwise keep it up. Don't get too crazy throwing Freeze Blasts when he is about to strike again. Take it slowly and try to use the explosive barrels more if you can lure him into them.

Once you freeze him again, climb atop and claim the sword finally. Dice him up nice and good and watch a quick scene

Now for the final phase. Here the boss lays dormant on the far side of the room while his minions come attack you. You now have the sword, but don't let it throw you off. Treat it like a normal Freeflow combat situation. The key difference is you can attack very, very rapidly. Do so to keep enemies off you.

Be prepared for lots of counters otherwise, including multiple at once.

More importantly though, when you see the boss appear on the far side, try to quickly toss a Freeze Blast at him. He'll shoot more projectiles at you and if he hits you, just dodge, THEN throw the Freeze Blast. If he hits you and you try to throw it, you can't always pull it off quickly enough and he just hits you again, and agian. So always dodge after he hits you, then throw it so as not to get trapped by his projectiles.

Any time he pops up throw as many as you can at him until he goes back down. Then cleave through his minions swiftly and wait til he appears again. Repeat this cycle until the fight ends.

Watch the next cutscene and then give yourself a pat on the back. Why? Well, you've just beaten

Oh wait. We're not done juuuuust yet. If you have Catwoman available, well

================================================================================ Catwoman Episode 4 ===================================================================== [ac12]

Ok, our last dance with Ms. Kyle. Again, I would recommend at least a little exploration to try and maybe grab an upgrade for her. Try to have her Combat Armor maxed out, and if possible, her Ballistic Armor maxed out too, if not at least one upgrade. Anything else is arbitrary.

When you're ready, head for the objective marker, back to Catwoman's apartment. Slip inside the same way as earlier and there will be a short scene. After that, just three thugs. Use simple combos, counters and her Bolas to keep them all pinned down.

Get out of there, then head toward the Museum. As you get closer to the Bowery, keep an eye out for more armed henchmen. Thief Vision doesn't distinguish armed foes from unarmed, so pay more attention to how they move. If they seem like they're actually patrolling, they're probably armed. Only go after them if you really want to. Otherwise, avoid them and go toward the Museum.

Outside there will be a short fight. Again, try to use her gadgets like the Bolas and Caltrops. When you're done, go inside.

Museum ‐ Trophy Room ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Run forward and drop over the railing before the T‐Rex. Keep going straight and climb atop the display case and do a quick Pounce Attack on any thug of your choice to kick off another fight. From there, just build up a combo of strikes and counters. Nothing fancy here.

Before you leave, check the display case to the left for some humorous dialogue. In the next hall, go left if you want to nab a RIDDLER TROPHY. I won't be mentioning them any more to save space. If you need help though, please consult the Riddler section later in the guide. Instead, take a right and follow the corridor all the way to

Museum ‐ Gladiator Pit ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ This is one of the biggest fights in the game, biggest certainly for Catwoman. Caltrops, Caltrops, Caltrops. That's all I can say. Try to throw them every couple of hits and it will take out multiple guys and give you more breathing room.

In addition, if you have any of her special combos, feel free to use them but try to build up to Freeflow Focus. Freeflow Focus will make the fight so much easier. Be sure to target the shield guys early and get them out of the way. Use Combo Takedown if you must, but try to keep Freeflow Focus active for the most part. Keep using the Caltrops and Bolas and eventually you should be able

to narrow the large group down and eventually come out on top.

Take one of the side doors and go up the stairs, then take the door straight ahead.

Museum ‐ Torture Chamber ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Go through the ice wall out onto the walkway. Follow the button prompts to crawl to the underside of it and go to the northeast corner where there is a hatch. Go through and grab the RIDDLER TROPHY here. Now, above you should be what looks like another walkway. Pounce up here if you're under it and take this path around the corner of the room to the north, grabbing another RIDDLER TROPHY along the way.

Drop down and go down the next hall. You'll overhear three of Two‐Face's thugs talking. When you're ready, attack them. They have guns though, so be quick and aggressive. Knock them all down fast, then try to finish them off.

Continue north into the final room

Museum ‐ Armory ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ This could easily be one of the toughest challenges in the game, surprisingly enough. Hopefully you have armor upgrades for kitty and that will help. Still, it could take a few tries. Let's see what we got.


Two‐Face stands on top of the bridge in the center with another henchman. They are all armed to the teeth so ths will be another Predator‐style boss fight. The first difficulty lies in trying to attack Two‐Face when you won't be caught.

You might want to consider first attacking Two‐Face with a Ledge Takedown. It will not only shave off a part of his life bar, but bringing him down to the first floor may open up easier opportunities. Try to take out henchmen in your way and then stand underneath the bridge and look for a climbing prompt, then wait and perform the takedown when he walks to the railing.

Alternatively, you can, from the start, go right and take to the celing. This area over here on the east side provides better hiding spots with the ceiling and the lower floor being easier to access through the hole in the ground. If you can attack a thug over here with a knockout smash and draw the attention of everyone else, you leave Two‐Face unprotected.

That's one basic strategy. Pull everyone away from Two‐Face so you can go after him. Silent Takedowns or Pounce Attacks may work best. In the meantime, you can hide on the ceiling of certain hallways or in the grates down below.

Hiding is actually another problem in this mission that makes it frustrating. Gargoyles are worthless. Don't use them. If you try to hit‐and‐run with the gargoyles, they will fail very often. The henchmen and Two‐Face will often see you and it will require you to swing and swing and swing from one to another (which, by the way, Catwoman can't do as good as Batman) and all the while, you'll be taking more damage, and with Catwoman's low health, she can't afford to take too many unnecessary hits.

That being the case then, try to stick with reliable hiding spots like the ceiling and behind certain walls, etc. Keep an eye one everyone with Thief Vision and look for Two‐Face pacing around, leaving himself open.










\ Side Quests


==/ .‐.

.‐. \=========================================================







‐ Watcher in the Wings


‐ Shot in the Dark


‐ The Tea Party


‐ Fragile Alliance


‐ Identity Theft


‐ Heart of Ice


‐ Cold Call Killer


‐ A.R. Training


‐ Remote Hideaway


‐ Hot and Cold


‐ Acts of Violence


Watcher in the Wings


Sometime, very, very early in the game, you can spot a very mysterious figure watching you from a rooftop just south and slightly southwest of the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. Approach him and he will speak, then vanish, leaving behind a strange symbol. Scan it and that will open up this enigmatic quest.

You will be able to find him again on a rooftop just west of the GCPD building. Once again, just scan the area for his visage standing there. He can be easy to miss until you actually stop and look. Talk to him and yet again he will vanish, leaving behind another symbol for you to scan in Detective Mode.

His third location will be in the Industrial District, atop the Ferris Wheel. Grapple up there and find him. Jump to the section he is on and he'll speak again, then do his usual disappearing act. Scan the symbol he leaves behind.


Shot in the Dark


‐ First Victim ‐

Early on in the story, there will be an SOS Side Mission. Go check this when you get the chance. Go to the rooftop marked on your map to find a political prisoner. Face him and he will be startled, then start explaining what's going on. He is abruptly cut off though, by the bullet of an unknown sniper.

You enter evidence scanning mode. Check the small smokestack near where he was standing and scan the bullet hole. A trajectory is made. Follow the yellow beam south, southwest, over the water, past the cranes until you come to a small caged area where the beam stops. In here you can scan for more evidence. Look for a small sparkling object on the ground, the shell casing left behind by the sniper. Batman then deduces the identity of the sniper and thus begins the Side Quest: Shot in the Dark.

‐ Second Victim ‐

While exploring areas of Park Row, Amusement Mile, and perhaps the Bowery, you might hear a gunshot ring out through the air. It will probably happen after you progress the story more and are just out exploring.

Oracle gives you an approximate search area. Go in there and find the victim. Use Detective Mode to make this task easier. Looking for a blue‐colored subject

that is clearly desceased (no motion, on a high ledge or platform). Scan the area for another bullethole and another trajectory will be created. Follow this southeast to the Gotham Casino building. The path will suddenly vanish near the billboard. Ignore it. Instead, look at the railing that the bullet path goes over. There is a device on the railing. Get close and investigate it.

‐ Third Victim ‐

Found west down the street from the courthouse. Scan for a bullet on the wall, close to the ground. Follow it to a shutter of a building where it ricocheted. It will take you to a ledge on another building. Look around near the two small smokestacks to get a clue. Scan the area in the snow.

You will then get three choices of locations. Whether one is specific or you can go to any and continue the quest, I don't know. I went to the northeast one in Amusement Mile. You'll be looking for hatches that glow orange in Detective Mode at whichever site you pick. Pry them open like vent covers and look for clues.

Eventually you should find Deadshot's PDA. Hack into it with the Cryptographic Sequencer. The password should be "HEADSHOT". This will let you know who his next victim is. Once you know that, hurry to the location.

You get three minutes which should be more than enough time, even if you do not have the Grapnel Boost. Find Jack Ryder on a street corner and approach him.

After a short scene you get a fight


Really simple. Deadshot will stand on the center platform and with his laser sight in his eye, scan the area around him. He basically switches from one side to the other. When he isn't looking your way, move up from one piece of cover to the next and hide until he looks away again.

Patience is the key. Don't go out too soon because sometimes Deadshot will look away but then sweep his eye over the area again real quick before really looking away. Keep that in mind. Don't jump the gun and wait it out.

Move up slowly until you can get into the vent. It will lead right below him. Do the Takedown and silence Deadshot for good.

The Tea Party


You can begin this shortly after your second story‐related trip to the GCPD building. After a certain rescue mission, Alfred notifies you of an important drop in the area. Go to it and check it out.

Things then suddenly get

and free will are suddenly being stripped from you, represented by a pitch black void. Tap X/A to struggle and keep doing it until you break free.

weird. After an abrupt wake‐up, your consciousness

This pits you in a fight against endless thugs wearing masks leader

and their


There are no surprises in this fight, really. The worst you'll have to deal with are double and maybe triple counters. There are no weapons at all, no special enemy types, just some good old fashioned punching bags.

I recommend having Free Flow Focus unlocked as an upgrade as it will be a huge

help in this fight. It is by no means, however, necessary. The key to this fight is waiting for the Hatter to appear. He's easy to spot: short and wears

a funny hat. He'll appear and start charging up some sort of cannon. Basically

while you're performing your combo, try to aim toward him with your next attack. If you hit someone else, keep trying until you get him. If you lose your combo, no big deal, just hit him!

More and more enemies will replace the fallen but they should not pose much of

a challenge. Your focus should always be on the Hatter whenever he appears

anyway. Make your way toward him, using Redirects (double tap X/A) is a useful way to get over enemies and get to him if you're surrounded.

Once you hit him enough time, tea time

is over.

Be sure when you're done, to search the room for a riddle (see Riddler Challenges). That will do it for Hatter. You can return to the building later and he will be awake, just very, very upset.

Fragile Alliance


Early in the story, there will be a side mission added to your map labeled "Distress Call", or something of that nature. It will come from the roof of the Krank Co. Toys factory, the building just to the west of the GCPD. Beat up the thugs outside and go inside to meet and old "friend".

He throws a mighty task your way: destroy six containers of TITAN hiding around the city. Many of these will be on the path or just off it as we go through the story. Some you'll need to go out of your way to find.

1) Subway Tunnels. You'll go through this area many times so it's hard to miss. It'll be in the corner of the last part of the tunnels (after all the trains), but before you reach the terminal area.

2) Wonder City ‐ Wonder Tower Foundations. This is on the south walkway of the room, in a small nook.

3) Another TITAN container is in the southern part of the Bowery. On your map it looks like it is in the subway station, but it is not, trust me, it's just above it. Go to that spot on your map and it will be in an alleyway, possibly guarded by armed thugs so be careful.


5) Southern part of the Industrial District. Directly west of the Steel Mill there is a small lot where some thugs might be. The TITAN container is in the corner.

6) Steel Mill ‐ Cooling Tunnel B. You'll get this late in the game when you have to go into the Steel Mill through the back door. It will be in the very first room you enter.

When you finally round them all up, return to the toy factory and have a chat with your helper. A whole bunch of thugs will show up and attack. You'll team up to take them down. It makes the fight easier, but frustrating. Your ally can ruin your combo if you get caught in some of his attacks. Try to stay away and use Redirects and gadgets if you want to have a combo worth noting.

After that, your "ally" will, of course, betray you. After the cutscene, go into the open room and spray Explosive Gel on the containers. You only should need to spray it on the middle two to destroy all six. That will do it.

Identity Theft


‐ First Victim ‐

Very early in the game, you will be given a side mission you can take on at any

time. It mentions a dead body somewhere. You'll find the body in an alley. The location will be marked on your map. When you arrive, you'll enter evidence scanning mode. Scan the body first, then a substance near it‐‐the victim's blood.

A blood trail then appears for you to follow. Look for the small brightly lit

spots on the ground. Go slowly and let the scanner pick each one up to form the trail. As you leave the alley, you'll need to turn left and hop a fence. You may go past some thugs, so deal with them if need be, then turn left again and keep following the trail.

It will eventually take you to another alley where a political prisoner is taking refuge. After speaking with him, the side quest has officially started.

‐ Second Victim ‐

This one is very tricky to find. It's southeast of the courthouse, or better yet, directly north of the "g" at the end of "Building" as seen in the printed words "Ace Chemical Building" on your map. Trace a line straight up from that "g" and there will be a "L"‐shaped alley. The victim is inside there.

Once again, scan the face. Scan the knife near his body as well. You'll have some working fingrprints, but they will point to a very unlikely and surprising suspect. Later on, you should get another call from Oracle about this case, regarding who the perpetrator might be.

‐ Third Victim ‐

Afer progressing more in the story, you can find the third victim in the street/alley south of where "Chemicals" in "Ace Chemicals Building" is. The body is in plain sight, laying there. Scan it like the others, the face and the strange substance near the left foot.

This turns into an evidence trail you can follow. All the spots should be colored blue, turning orange when you near them. Keep Detective Mode on and follow it. It should take you west, through a few groups of thugs and into another alley. Follow the trail to an inmate whom Batman will "convince" to talk. You finally get a potential location of the killer. Time to get to the bottom of this!

It will be a house in that small area that's right next to the northeast corner of the courthouse building. There's a small "lot" there and one of the buildings has a blue door you can enter.

Take a look around. Walk forward and hang a left, then you'll get a scene. The killer will then unmask himself. Like zoinks, Scoob! Now, just use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the nearby console to escape. Batman will explain things to Oracle. That, disappointingly, closes the book on this quest.

Heart of Ice


You can't access this until after the boss fight in the GCPD building. Once that is over, Batman makes a promise and he intends to keep it. You'll be given a very broad search area in the Industrial District. Pinpointing the exact

location could be tough

unless you read on!

North of the Industrial District there is a long boat in the water. The boat rests just outside the walls of the Industrial District. Drop down here and look at the wall with Detective Mode. There is a weak wall there, but since it's on the water, you need a raft of some sort to approach it.

Luckily, the Freeze Blast can make you one. Throw a grenade in the water and it will freeze a small section for Batman to stand on. Do so and use the Batclaw and the nearby rings to pull yourself toward the wall. Spray Explosive Gel and then pull yourself away, then detonate. Pull yourself inside and you will find

a door. Enter.

Grapple up to the vent here and take it into a room where there's a whole bunch of thugs, three of which are deciding to pass the the time with a very classic game. When ready, pounce on one of the armored henchmen.

This fight is tough because you have a wide variety here. A shield enemy, a knife enemy, guys who throw things, another armored guy, and at least two that will try to shoot you. If you have Disarm & Destroy, you can try and build a quick combo and use it on those that try to arm their guns. Combo Takedown can help eliminate tougher guys fast as well. Evade and Redirect when necessary, just to give yourself breathing room and make good use of your quick gadgets.

Once they're all down, you've completed this part of the quest. Leave through the big doors by using the sequencer.

Cold Call Killer



A.R. Training



Remote Hideaway



Hot and Cold


Acts of Violence


This is a long quest in which you must rescue several political prisoners around Arkham City from being taken advantage of. You'll often hear their cries for help on your local surveillance. An arrow will indicate how close you are to the source and the location will be marked on your map as well.

Is it based on progression, or do you just have to explore? It seems to be a little of both. Their locations seem to be in certain locations though. You should be able to find them if you look at the following areas as you go through the game:

1. Jack Ryder. He is located near where "Park Row" is printed on the map. You'll

overhear him being attacked by thugs.

2. East side of the Industrial District, near the ferris wheel.

3. East side of the Industrial District. In an alley near the water.

4. East of the Ace Chemical Building in Park Row. Just on the border of the

Restriced Zone.

5. East side of The Bowery, in an alley right near the Restricted Area

6. North of where the subway station is on your map. Right near the Bank of

Gotham building.

7. Just south, southwest of the church and north of the Restricted Area. It's

on the same side of the same building as the entrance to the first Riddler

Hostage area.

8. In an alley southwest of the courthouse.

9. Inside a small alley in the Industrial District, just south of the bridge.

10. In an alley near the northwestern part of the Industrial District.

11. An alley northeast of the "ing" in "Ace Chemical Building" as printed on

your map.

12. In a small area behind a stone wall, just underneath the west building of

the Industrial District, the one that borders the Restricted Area.

13. In an alley south, and slightly west of the where the "P" in "Park Row" is

on your map.

14. Near the southeast corner of the Museum building in the Bowery.

15. Northwest corner from where the Museum is.










\ Riddler Challenges


==/ .‐.

.‐. \=========================================================






This section is dedicated solely to the single most time consuming (but rewarding) Side Quest of the game: taking on Edward Nigma AKA The Riddler. He has hidden his trophies, riddles, and objects around Arkham City, much, much more than in Arkham Asylum. It's your job to find them, and this section may help.


This section is very, very rough. I haven't properly organized it yet. Because I have already covered so many of the challenges though, I figured it would be better to have them in, rough and unorganized than not at all. I will fix it up soon.

Also, due to a power outage, I lost some progress on the guide and I forgot some of the trophies/challenges I collected. As such, some may be missing and I will have to add them later.


Riddler Trophies ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐


=============================================================================== PARK ROW| ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐'

Nearby Landmark: Ace Chemicals Building Location: Look at your map and find where it says "Ace Chemicals Building". You want a rooftop just slightly east of "Building". There is a small "shed" you can see in Detective Mode that has a breakable wall. Punch through it to find this. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Ace Chemicals Building Location: Exactly below where it says "Ace Chemical Building" on the map is a rooftop with another of those "huts". This particular rooftop is a lot lower than some of the ones surrounding it. Blow up the wall to this "hut" with Explosive Gel to grab this.

Unlock: "Arkham City Municipal Building" concept art ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Courthouse Location: Southwest of the courthouse is an "L" shaped alley. Go inside and find a low opening in a fence. Run and slide underneath to grab this. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Church/Medical Center Location: A rooftop just northwest of the church. Look for a question mark sign on small smokestack. It's connected to cage with a Riddler Trophy. Very, very simple. Just hit the sign with a Batarang, claim the trophy. Done. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Church/Medical Center Location: South of the church, right near the Restricted Area. There is a low area beyond a fence. It's actually right near the entrance to one of Riddler's hideouts where he holds a hostage. Trace the cable of this cage all the way up the side of the building to a question mark sign. Remember its location, then return to the caged Riddler Trophy. Throw a Remote Control Batarang around the building and hit that sign. When you can move Batman, you'll be right near the trophy so just snag it. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Church/Medical Center Location: On top of the church (not the tower). There is a console you can use the Cryptographic Sequencer on. The password is "ANALYITCAL". Once cracked, you can take the trophy.

Unlock: "The Church" concept art ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Courthouse Location: Rooftop slightly southwest across the street from the courthouse. Has a pressure plate. Step on it to open the device with the Riddler Trophy. Use the Batclaw to snatch it. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Courthouse Location: To the exact right of the courthouse is an alley with three pressure switches. Start by grappling to a water tower to the north. Your goal is to hit the all three switches in a row without touching anything else. Glide off the tower and descend, then try to glide into the first switch. It may take a few tries, but once you get it, tap X and pull away from the wall to glide in the opposite direction. You should be able to hit the second switch. Do it again and now glide a little bit, then drop onto the last switch. Do it correctly and the trophy is yours. ===============================================================================

Building: Church/Medical Center Location: Behind a breakable wall on the side to the left of the organ (near where a thug held a hostage near the start of the game).

Unlock: "Catwoman's Execution" concept art ===============================================================================

Building: Church/Medical Center Required Gadget: Line Launcher Location: As soon as you enter, grapple up to your right. Use the Line Launcher to go across the room from this ledge and crash through a wall with a trophy. ===============================================================================

Building: Church/Medical Center

Location: Begin to climb the belltower again. When you have to grapple up, do so, and turn around. Look up to find this trophy and use the Batclaw to grab it.

Unlock: "Church: Pipe Organ" concept art ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Church/Medical Center Required Gadget: Line Launcher Location: Directly behind the church in a small alley (right where it says "Church/Medical Center" on the map). There is a cage with an opening underneath. It has four pressure switches. One green, the others red. Stepping on the green one opens a trap with a riddler trophy above. Stepping on a red one closes it. Step on the green one, then use the Line Launcher to fly over the otehrs. Turn around and grapple to the upper path and grab the trophy.

Unlock: "Medical Center Team" character trophy ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Park Row/Bowery border Location: Western part of Park Row, near the border with the Bowery. There is a rooftop on the west side that has a pressure switch and when stepped on it activates one green arrow leading up to an unlit question mark. The others are inactive. Do you recognize the "idea" behind this? It's like a carnival hammer game. You need to hit the pressure switch with a Dive Bomb of enough force that all the arrows are activated. Swing to a gagoyle of the nearby tower and fly over from there. It may take a few tries to line up your dive bomb, but do so right onto the switch from high up and if you succeed, the question mark will be lit and you can throw a Batarang at it to claim the trophy. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: "Park Row" text on map Location: If you look at your map and see where it says "Park Row" there is a street just below there. The street that goes south is blocked by a car and underneath it is a trophy. Run and slide underneath to grab it. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Courthouse Location: The building south, slightly southeast of the courthouse. Part of the rooftop is home to a small cage with a question mark sign in it. It needs to be turned off to open a trap with a riddler trophy. The cage is connected to a vent though and the vent points toward another nearby rooftop. Go over there and see the opening. The inside has hot steam though, so throw a Remote Control Batarang. Slow it down by braking and steer it through the vent and hit that question mark. Grab the trophy when you've succeeded. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: "Park Row" text on map Location: Northwest of where it says "Park Row" on your map, there is a building that sits right on the green borderline. Go to the north side of this building and find a very small alcove with bars. Use the sequencer on the nearby console and crack it to grab this trophy for your collection.

"The Predator Watches" concept art ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Courthouse Location: East of the courthouse there is a sealed door in the bottom of an alley. It's only opened by a Riddler pressure plate. The plate itself is on a rooftop above the door, the highest rooftop in that immediate surrounding area. Step on the plate, then jump off, glide and dive bomb through the door before it closes to find this. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: "Park Row" text on map Location: Just south of the "P" in Park Row on your map there is a hidden room in a structure. You can see a weak wooden wall in Detective Mode. Either break through by gliding or use the Line Launcher from a nearby platform. Inside is this trophy, on the ground.

Unlock: "Jack Ryder" character trophy


Nearby Landmark: Ace Chemicals Building

Location: East of the Ace Chemical Building, near the Restricted Area. There is

a rooftop with five question mark signs that light up one after another until all five are lit. The solution to this puzzle is to hit the last one on the

right with a Batarang when it is lit. It happens very fast and then starts over so you need to be quick. Try to throw the Batarang by the time the third one is lit.


Nearby Landmark: Courthouse Gadget Required: Freeze Blast Location: Stand in front of the courthouse and go east down the street. You should spot a small alcove with a fenced off Riddler Trophy. The opening here

is blocked by steam. Come back with the Freeze Blast to stop the steam and then grab the trophy.


Nearby Landmark: Courthouse Required Gadget: Disruptor with Firearm Jammer upgrade Location: Facing the courthouse, go west down the street. Keep going until you hit an alcove with a security gun. Use the Disruptor on it and then go inside and take the trophy.


Nearby Landmark: "Park Row" text on map

Required Gadget: REC Location: Just below where it says Park Row on the map. There is a rooftop with three electrical generators and a strange cage. Inside the cage is a ball that can be pushed or pulled by the generators' electricity. Stand on a ledge so that you can see all three. The only two that matter are the left one and the bottom one. Shoot the bottom one first with R1, then the left one quickly with R2. It should pull the metal ball through the cage to the green lit hatch. Go over to that hatch to retrieve the trophy.


Building: Solomon Wayne Courthouse

Location: Inside the courthouse's basement. Right next to Calendar Man's cell is another cell with this trophy. Just outside that cell area is another hall with

a fuse box at the end, behind some bars. The electric current is upstairs

though, to the left of the staircase entrance. Throw a Remote Control Batarang through the current to charge it, then pilot it down the stairs and over the bars to try and hit the fuse box. This opens the cell.

Note: The electric current may only be there at the end of the game, after Protocol 10

Unlock: "Calendar Man" character trophy & concept art


Building: Solomonm Wayne Courthouse Location: Inside the courthouse. This is right above the staircase that leads

to the basement. Go down the stairs just a few steps, turn around, and look up. Use the Batclaw.


Nearby Landmark: Political Prisoner camp Location: North of the political prisoner camp (northern part of the map) is a small alcove with a security gun inside. It shoots anything that comes within range, including any projectiles. If you have the upgrade for the Disruptor, you can disable the gun. Go past it and blow up the wall to retrieve a trophy.


Nearby Landmark: Courthouse Location: It's on the large building to the left of the courthouse on your map. There is a trapped Riddler Trophy up there connected to four question mark switches. Three you can see when you're standing to the south and facing north.

The other is on the adjacent part of the wall though. Hitting one sets off a timer of four seconds to hit the other three. Sounds impossible right? Well here's the trick. On the left‐most question mark, the right‐most (around the corner), and the one on the lower part of the building (excluding the one right in the middle), you can spray Explosive Gel on them. Do that for those three, then stand right next to the last one. Detonate the gel, then use a Quick Batarang on the last one.

Unlock: "Gotham Rain" concept art ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: "Courthouse" text on map Required Gadget: Cryptographic Sequencer with Master Codes Location: Northwest corner of the map, right next to where it says "Solomon Wayne Courthouse". There is an alley between buildings that leads to a barred area covered with electricity. You need the master codes for the sequencer which are acquired at the very end of the game. Once you have them, crack this console with the password "ADMITTANCE" to get this trophy.

Unlock: "Killer Croc" character trophy ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmarks: Church/Courthouse Location: East of the courthouse or northwest of the church. There is a small part of a rooftop, more toward the northeast side, that has three question mark signs. Two are partially covered by fencing and the middle one is exposed completely. If you try to hit one, it just turns back on again, meaning you need to hit all three at once. To do this, spray Explosive Gel on all three signs. You should be able to spray the "." part of each. Next, detonate them all and the trophy will be yours. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Gotham Casino Required Gadget: Freeze Blast Location: This one is in the water that separates Park Row and Amusement Mile. It's just slightly northwest of that long building on your map that makes up the Gotham Casino. The trophy is frozen, sitting in the water near a wall. Use the Freeze Blast to make a platform and drop down to it. Use the Batclaw to pull yourself closer to the trophy and take it. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Ace Chemicals Building Required Gadget: Freeze Blast Location: There's an alley off the street just north of the Ace Chemicals Building. The alley itself is right above the "Ch" in "Chemicals" on your map. Inside there is a fenced area guarding the trophy. The only way in is to run and slide, but that opening is covered by a steam pipe. Use Freeze Blast to take care of that problem, then go in safely to claim this. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Church/Medical Center Location: East of the church tower, there is a section in the wall of the Restricted Area that has an electric floor. On the far side is a fuse box. Just shoot it with the REC to shut off the floor. Next, use the Explosive Gel on the wall to the left and blow it to claim your prize. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: "Park Row" text on map Required Gadget: REC Location: In an alley south of the "P" in "Park Row". There is an easy‐to‐miss shutter door that must be opened with the REC on one wall of the alley. Open it up and find this trophy inside.

Unlock: "The Streets of Arkham City" concept art ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Ace Chemicals Building Location: East of the Ace Chemicals Building is a tower with gargoyles on it. One of them is partially painted green with question marks. Zip to this one

in particular. A door should open in an alley below. Drop down and fall through there to find a trophy. ===============================================================================

Nearby Landmark: Western map border Required Gadget: Disruptor with Mine Detonater upgrade Location: West side of Park Row, close to the green border (on your map), there is an area near the corner of a building that has some fencing and is guarded by mines. Use the Disruptor and deactivate the mines, then go claim the trophy.

=============================================================================== AMUSEMENT MILE| ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐'

Northernmost part of Amusment Mile on a large building with a "garden" on the roof. Thugs are often found up here. In Detective Mode you can see a small shed or something with a weak wooden wall. Punch it open to find this. ===============================================================================

Northernmost building in Amusement Mile. This is the same rooftop near Ivy's Lair that Catwoman goes to. Behind the metal walkway is a billboard with a small "shed" near it. The shed has a weak wall you can blow up with Explosive Gel, revealing this Trophy. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. If you follow the bridge from Industrial District north into Amusment pile, you reach an area where the bridge is destroyed. Shortly before that there is an ice cream truck on it. Face this truck and turn right. In Detective Mode, you see a weak wall you can break through to find this.

Unlock: character art ‐ Black Mask ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Slightly northwest of where the bridge means the mainland of Amusement Mile, there is roof with three Riddler switches. The building is right at the spot where you see the words "Amusement Mile" on your map. Stand in front of the switches and run across all three of them to open the cage for the trophy.

Unlock: Character Trophy ‐ Catwoman ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile: Just next to the very large Gotham Casino building and the "garden" rooftop, there is a smaller rooftop to the west. There are three pressure plates connected to a container with a Riddler Trophy. Your goal is to start on the highest plate and glide to the next one and land exactly on it, and then do the same for the last one. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. West of the Gotham City Casino building is a wall with five question mark signs that alternate. Hit each of them when they are lit to reveal a trophy. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Rooftop just west of the GCPD building. Really right next to it. There is one rooftop with both a water tower and a pole with a bunch of loudspeakers. Underneath them is a "hut" with bars that can only be opened with the sequencer. Inside is the trophy. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Behind the Gotham Casino building on the west side, there is a well hidden area with a lot of fences and stuff. In particular, there is a small area that has one of those rolling cages that can be propelled with electricity to a trap door that you can retrieve it from. Only problem is the generator for this is underneath you. You need the Line Launcher and the tightrope upgrade for it. Find a way under there and use the Line Launcher, then tightrope walk on it. Shoot the generator (R1) and the rolling cage will be pushed up. Leave this area and go claim the prize.

Unlock: Character Trophy Two‐Face


Amusement Mile. Toward the southwest part of the Gotham Casino building, there is one part of the lower rooftop/balcony that has a long cage with a low opening you can slide under. Inside is a riddler trophy that flips positions every so often. Stand far back and time it right, running and then sliding underneath the cage and grabbing the trophy while sliding as it is in the down position. Not only does it require proper timing but you must also


Amusement Mile. Southwest of the GCPD building is another large building. In between two taller rooftops there is a lower area with one of those cage puzzles where you must use the electric generator to pull a rolling ball containing a Riddler Trophy. Stand on the nearby pressure plate and it opens

a door inside the cage. Shoot the generator with R2 to pull it past, then step off the plate and do it again. After that, the trophy can be yours.

Character Trophy ‐ Two‐Face thugs


Amusement Mile. The Krank Co. Toys building south of the GCPD. On the roof is

a puzzle with two question mark signs. There is a vent with an opening. Inside

are many hatches that close one after another quickly. You need to throw a Remote Control Batarang straight through the vent before the hatches close again and hit the first question mark sign. Succeeding in this opens all the hatches including one that blocks an alternate path inside the vent. Steer your Remote Control Batarang around the tricky turns and hit the second sign on the other side to open up a trap that has a trophy.


Amusement Mile. Look at your map. South of the GCPD building is the Krank Co. Toy factor. Just south of there is a huge crane. To the east of the crane is a small platform in the water. It has a pressure switch which begins a small puzzle that is like Simon Says. Five question mark signs will light up in a particular order. Using your REC, shoot the question marks in that order. Do this three times, memorizing each pattern to solve the puzzle and get the trophy.


Amusement Mile. Adjacent to the Gotham Casino building on the east side, is the bridge. Stand here and look at the casino building from this side and look for a large balcony. There should be an opening to corridor that goes left and right. Go left and find a Riddler pressure plate. Stand on this and look in the opposite direction. While standing on the plate, fire the Line Launcher and bust through the weak walls to find a trophy.


Amusement Mile. Just northeast of where "Church/Medical Center" is printed on the map there is a narrow alcove with six question mark signs, three on top, three below. Pick one half to spray Explosive Gel on (I prefer the top ones) and then stand near the other half. There is no timer visible, but once you hit one sign, you must get the others in just a few seconds. What you want to do is detonate one half, then very quickly throw Quick Batarangs at the others by getting in position. Some are blocked by fencing so you'll have to get an angle.


Amusement Mile. Look on your map at the GCPD building area. In the southwest corner of that lot there is a small shack that is barred up and the console that controls it is not visible. Look back to your map and to the very left of that southwest corner, there is the southEAST corner of a nearby building. Stand there and there should be a line of sight to the console through a window. Use the sequencer and the range upgrade to crack it, then go inside and get it.

Character Trophy: Poison Ivy


Amusement Mile. On the east side of the Gotham Casino building there is a part

of the bridge that is broken (on your map). Right next to that section is another building on the east. If you drop down to the space between the southwest corner of the building and the bridge, there is a small vent with a pressure plate on it. Stand there and face west. Three question mark signs will light up. Throw three Remote Control Batarangs over there, one by one, and try to hit all three switches. You should have barely enough time to do it.

Concept Art: Amusement Mile ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Slightly west of Ivy's hideout. There is an opening in a wall on the water. Use the Freeze Blast to create a platform down here and look inside. A security gun prevents entrance so use the Disruptor. After that, pull yourself in with the Batclaw or just use the Line Launcher.

Concept Art ‐ Mister Freeze ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. This is on the north side of the group of buildings made up by the GCR and the Olympus structures. It's southwest of the GCPD for reference. On this north end there is a trapped Riddler Trophy in plain sight on the roof with a pressure plate nearby. It alternates between red and green. Stand on it when it's green. It's that simple. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. This was a very cleverly hidden one. On the north side of the Krank Co. Toys lot, there is a very narrow rooftop sticking out, pointing to the GCPD area. Throw a Freeze Blast into the water and look for a hidden area under here. There should be rings you can use to pull yourself in with the Batclaw. Get near the bars and pull out the Cryptographic Sequencer to open them, then pull yourself toward the frozen Riddler Trophy. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. South of the "A" in "Amusement Mile" on the map. There is a area right below an Arkham billboard with a low maze area and mines inside. You should use the Disruptor on two mines, any that you can reach. From there, you can try and weather the pain from the mines if you have enough armor. Try to find paths that don't have mines and go through to get the trophy, then be careful on the way out. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. West of the bridge that connects Amusement Mile and the Industrial District, there are two buildings. Three pressure plates can be found. One is on top of the north building. The second one is on the north face of the south building, and then the third just opposite that. You want to start in that order, standing on the first pressure plate, then gliding south to the next one, then kicking off the wall and gliding into the last one. A timer starts then, so kick off the wall and grapple to the rooftop where the trophy is and grab it before time runs out. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Underneath the bridge that links Amusement Mile and the Industrial District. It is stuck to the underside. You need the Freeze Blast. Throw one in the water below and stand there, then aim up at the underside of the bridge with the Batclaw. Find the trophy and yank it down. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. GCPD building. You need the Freeze Blast. Go down the southeast corridor, using it to cover the steam vents. Go under the low hanging gate and you'll see stairs. Instead of going up them, look for a doorway on the left. Inside, on a table, you can grab this.

Unlock: "Mr. Freeze's lab in the GCPD" concept art ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. On the first tier of the Gotham City Radio tower which is near the bridge at the southeast part of Amusement Mile. It's on the side facing north, near some balloons. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. On the eastern side of the GCPD building, right below the side entrance. Drop down to the floating platforms, face the building, and look for an archway in the wall. Use the Batclaw and this will be yours. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Northwest of the GCPD area there is a building that has a slight niche built into it. Inside on the wall is a pressure plate. Find a high perch nearby and start gliding toward that niche. Do a short dive bomb, then pull up and try to hit the plate. If you succeed, immediately grapple upwards through the now open hatch and claim the trophy. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Northeastern part of Amusement Mile, directly north of the GCPD. There is a rooftop with a pressure plate and a trapped Riddler Trophy. Just stand on the plate, and Batclaw the trophy. Simple as that. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Same building as above. Another pressure plate on a ledge below is connected to three Riddler question mark signs near the water to the south. Throw a Freeze blast down there as close to the wall as possible. Glide down there and spray Explosive Gel on the question marks. You will likely need to climb up and throw another Freeze Blast to do them all. Once the charges are set, stand on that pressure plate and detonate them. The trophy is now yours, you winner! ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Inside the Krank Co. Toy factory. Go inside, turn right. There should be a small window like a ticket booth or something. Inside that room is the trophy. Use the Batclaw. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Between Amusement Mile and the Industrial District there is a lone crane out on the water, pointing toward the latter. Stand on top of it and find the generator. Shoot it with the REC to hoist the crane up. It should bring a Riddler Trophy with it. Grab it with the Batclaw.

Unlock: Character Trophy ‐ Sick Joker ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Directly west from the GCPD is a section of the destroyed bridge. This particular section has an area underneath that Catwoman can climb. Find a spot to get under there and claim the trophy. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. In the underground parking lot of the GCPD building area. Drop down the north side of the lot and find the opening (must be broken through with Batman). Go inside and climb along the ceiling to get across the water. The trophy will be waiting on the other side. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. Inside the Krank Co. Toys factory. It's on the celing of the secret room. You have to complete the "Fragile Alliance" quest first before you can get it. ===============================================================================

Amusement Mile. South of where the text "Amusement Mile" is on the map and right before the bridge that leads to the Industrial District. There should be a low platform near the water. On it there will be one of those small "huts" with a weak wall. Kick it down and find this. =============================================================================== INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT| ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐'

Industrial District ‐ On the ground below the front of the ferris wheel is a riddler switch. Stepping on it opens a door in front of you. The door is timed and inside are three question mark signs that need to be hit with Batarangs. To solve this puzzle, do the following.

The very INSTANT you step on the switch quickfire a Batarang by tapping L1 to hit the first question mark sign. Now very quickly, toss a Remote Control Batarang. Steer it through the open door (hold L1 to brake if necessarY) and turn right. There is a second door that the switch opened that will close soon, so that's why we're going right first. Hit the second question mark there. Now quickly throw a second Remote Control Batarang and if you were fast enough, you can get it through the door before it closes, turn left and hit the last question mark. The cage will then open, allowing you to get the Riddler Trophy. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Just slightly northwest of the Steel Mill. There should be a big yellow construction machine around here. You can find this trophy underneath it.

Concept Art: TYGER Snipers ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Just west of the Steel Mill. There is an area (by one of the TITAN containers by the way) where one can find a shutter door and a weak wall side by side. Open the shutter with the REC and go inside. Stand on the pressure plate and look through the fence. While standing here, use the Cryptographic Sequencer and crack the console. That will open up the trap with the trophy. Now go outside and blow up the wall to claim it. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Northern side of the district. Just south of the two cranes there is a tower. At the base of the tower there is a weak wall. Glide through to break in and grab this trophy. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Just south of that trophy there is another one in a partially hidden alcove behind a series of weak walls. Bust through each of them by entering from the south. Grab the trophy at the end. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Right next to the previous trophy, again. Near that entrance to the weak walls, there is a narrow area with steam vents and mines. Use Freeze Blast on the vents and the Disruptor on the mines to reach this. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Northeastern most part of the district. There is a dock with a hidden area indicated by green arrows. Go inside and use the Line Launcher. Slow things down with L1 and redirect around the corner, then use the tightrope ability to stop. Turn around and grapple up to the ledge to find this. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Same area as the previous one. There is a small rooftop overlooking the water here. On top is a doorway that can be blown up with Explosive Gel. Use it to retrieve the trophy. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. On the southeast side of the district there is an area behind a building where you can find one of those generator/ball puzzles. Use the REC with the two generators to push and pull the rolling cage to the end and take the trophy from it. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. There is an alley right where the words "Industrial District" are on your map. In this alley are two pressure plates. Try to stand so that Batman steps on both at once. The reward will be another trophy. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Northwest side. Get on the crane here in the northwestern corner and shoot the generator on top of it with the REC. Use the R2 button to send the crane hook into the water, then R1 to pull out a trophy. When it is pulled up, shoot at it with the Batclaw.

Concept Art: Falcone Shipping


Industrial District. Western part of the Industrial District on the northern part of a rooftop that is obscured on your map by those criss‐crossing sections that belong to the Subway. On that northern edge of the roof, there is a long series of pressure plates that go from red to green one after another. Time it so that when the second to last one is turning green, you start running. The first one you step on should turn green just as you step on it, and so should the rest, leading to this trophy. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Western side, right up against the red border of the Restricted Area. There is a little hidden alley behind a stone wall and some fencing that has three Riddler pressure plates. You have to use the Line Launcher to land on all three consecutively. Stand on the first, then use the launcher and make it a really short trip, hitting Circle just before you reach the next one. Land on the third the same way to reveal the trophy. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. In the northwest corner of the district you see a crane on your map. Just south of that, on the west wall there is another of those "hammer" games where you must dive bomb into a pressure plate from as high as you can. Use the three nearby smokestack/towers to get up really high with Grapnel Boost, then fly over it, judge it right and dive bomb. You can slightly adjust your dive bomb as you're going down if you miscalculated it. You need a lot of height for this one, but once you light up all the arrows, use a Batarang on the question mark to get the trophy. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Just south of the previous one, on the other side of a building. There is a small alcove in the west wall that is barred up and charged with electricity. You need not only the range upgrade on the Cryptographic Sequencer but also the master codes. With those, crack the console on the other side and retrieve your reward. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. South of where the bridge feeds into the district, there are three hard‐to‐miss smokestacks that tower over everything. Each has a presure plate on its side. You want to glide into each of them without touching anything else, but you are free to grapple as much as you need to keep gliding. Glide into one, then doubletap X/A to glide away and use the Grapnel Boost to get higher and try to glide into the next one, and so on until you hit all three. The trophy will be between the two closest smokestacks. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Easternmost side of the Steel Mill building. There is a small room and balcony sticking out. The trophy is right inside for the taking. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Just to the left of where the first "I" in "Industrial" is written on your map, there is a tower with a weak wall near the base. Crash through and you find six red pressure plates on the floor, one green one on the wall. The goal is to glide in and hit the green one. It may take a few tries, but you'll want to glide and dive bomb (you don't need a lot of height) and then pull out of the dive bomb to fly straight with momentum so you can go in there and hit that pressure plate. Once you do, double tap X/A to fly away from the wall so you don't touch the red plates below. Claim your reward after that.

Character Trophy ‐ Penguin ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Right where the "ial" in "Industrial" is on your map. Behind a walled off area there is a maze with mines in it that you have to crawl through. You do not need the Disruptor for this. If you look carefully from above, there is actually a path you can take that goes around all the mines. Take this path through (take it slow) and you'll find the cheese, er the trophy at the end of the maze.

Character Trophy ‐ Hugo Strange


Industrial District. To the northwest side, near the crane, there is a building. Underneath this building, there is an area behind a fence. Inside a small nook is a puzzle to solve with the REC. You have a vertical track with a rolling cage and two adjacent generators. First, shoot the right generator with R2 to push the other one away. Now, shoot that one with R2 to pull the ball up and very quickly shoot the first one again, this time with R1 to pull the second generator back. If you did it fast enough, the ball should drop down to the opening. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. There is a small moat that surrounds the Sionis Industries building on the west side. Throw a Freeze Blast down here near the northwest corner. Land on that platform and face east. Use Detective Mode to locate an orange hatch at the end of a vertical pipe. Use the Batclaw to open it and a frozen Riddler Trophy falls out. With the Batclaw pull yourself toward it by firing it at the ring on the wall. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. In one of the top baskets of the Ferris Wheel. Stand on one of the lower ones and look inside. Use the Batclaw to retrieve it. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Go toward the south edge of the Steel Mill rooftop area, somewhat toward the southeast corner but not much. It's hard to see, but if you use Detective Mode you should be able to find a weak wall up here. Detonate it with Explosive Gel and go inside the opening. Spray more gel on the question mark inside, then get to the completely other side of it, where the trophy will be released. Detonate the gel, then grab the trophy.

Unlock: "Industrial Buildings" concept art ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Toward the south end of the Steel Mill area, there is a train amusement ride. It's almost exactly north from the part of the green border on the map that becomes suddenly jagged. Using Detective Mode, try to spot the electrical engine of the small train. Shoot it with R1 to make it move. You'll be able to see it's in position right below a weak ceiling. Stand on top of the train and use your Explosive Gel. Batman should spray it on there. Blow it up and then the Batclaw will help you retrieve this one. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Toward the northwest corner of the Steel Mill building, there is a lower part of the rooftop that leads to a weak wall. You want to be facing east to see it. Punch through it and collect the trophy. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. The very southwest corner of the Industrial District. There is an alcove with an electrified floor. Throw a Remote Control Batarang and navigate it around to hit the button on the wall, turning off the power. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. To the left of the southwest corner of the Steel Mill area. It's actually just west of the back door entrance. You're looking for an amusement ride that is behind some iron bars. There is a low opening for Batman to slide under. Do so and then look straight up at the ceiling. The Batclaw will earn you this one. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. West of the Steel Mill there is a rooftop up against the green border wall (on your map). Up here is a pressure plate. Standing on it lights up one question mark in a wheel of many. The rest of them then light up and spin. The goal is to follow that first one with your eyes and then hit it with a Batarang when it stops. Try to follow that first one carefully with your eyes. I find that focusing on the rounder part of the question mark is more helpful. Hit the right one and you got another trophy. ===============================================================================

Industrial District. South of the Steel Mill, in the water, there is a floating container of sorts. It has an opening on the east side. You'll want to start on the adjacent rooftop above and glide off, turn around, then dive bomb. Pull up when you near the opening and fly inside but not too high or too low. Stay to the left and go through to reach the pressure plate. You can now grab the trophy, as well as escape through the hatch above you.

Unlock: "Batman" concept art ===============================================================================

Industrial District. South of the Steel Mill. This trophy is so far out, you can't even select it on your map (if its location has been revealed). Basically, start in the same area as the above trophy. Either from the rooftop, or better, one of the smokestacks/towers, start your glide. Use a few Dive Bombs to carry you toward that giant security wall to the south. Basically, right around the corner, high up on that wall is an alcove. Glide into it and you'll find this trophy.

Unlock: Character Trophy ‐ TYGER Guards ===============================================================================

Industrial District. Just northwest of where it says "Industrial District" on the map. There is a caged riddler trophy behind a wall. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to free it. ===============================================================================

South of the bridge that leads into the Industrial District, on the south side of the building is a very narrow space in between the building and a wall. In the space are riddler pressure switches and a cage with a trophy. The switches alternate between green and red, one after another. The pattern is obvious, they go in order. Stand in front of the caged trophy and wait for the farthest one to be red, then start running. You should run over all three while they are green and open the trophy up. ===============================================================================

North of the Steel Mill building is another building that has some of those giant joker faces hanging from it. On the south side of this building is an alcove with a wall you can blow up with Explosive Gel. Do so to nab this trophy. ===============================================================================

Same location as above. There is an alcove under the building. You have to climb over a wall to get under here. Find a riddler trophy locked up and use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the nearby console to add it to your collection. =============================================================================== SUBWAY| ‐‐‐‐‐‐'

Subway ‐ Subway Tunnels. Go down either of the stairs from the first room, and then go toward the doors that lead to the tunnels. This trophy will be in a subway car in plain sight that is behind the left door. If they are closed late in the game, you'll need the Master Codes for the Cryptographic Sequencer.

Character Trophy ‐ Joker Outcasts ===============================================================================

Subway ‐ Subway Terminal. It's in the corridor north of the predator room. Go through the door, turn left, and then right. It will be right underneath the platform before the large pit with water. Throw a Freeze blast as close to you as possible, aiming down below. Drop down and find the frozen trophy here. If you're standing close enough, you can snag it.

Character Trophy ‐ Joker Penguin Thugs ===============================================================================

Subway ‐ Subway Maintence Access. In the southeast corner of all the tunnels after dropping down into the waterfall room, there is a Riddler deathtrap. You crouch under a door and find a pressure plate. Stand on it and a question mark

sign behind you lights up. Should you throw a Batarang at it, pairs of steam vents will turn on, damaging you quickly. Throw Freeze Blast grenades at each of them quickly to stop them. Retrieve all three trophies after that. ===============================================================================

See above. ===============================================================================

See above. ===============================================================================

Subway ‐ Subway Maintenance Access. In the waterfall room. It's under one side of the bridge. Stand on the railing and throw a Freeze Blast down into the water. Stand on it and look under the bridge on either side.

Character Trophy ‐ Talia Al Ghul =============================================================================== THE BOWERY| ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐'

In the large alley underneath the entrance to the Museum in the Bowery. There is a weak wall on the ground that can be broken into. This is inside. ===============================================================================

Bowery. Northeast of the subway entrance. On a narrow rooftop area there is a console you can use the Cryptographic Sequencer on. The word you want is "Brainpower". Grab the trophy inside. ===============================================================================

The Bowery. Near the Museum is a monorail. One of the cars can be unlocked by using the Cryptographic Sequencer. Inside is a trophy. ===============================================================================

Near the last one. On top of the monorail system are these columns that jut upwards. Grapple to the top of these and one has a trophy.

Unlock: Concept Art ‐ The Rooftops of Arkham City ===============================================================================

Bowery. North of the Museum and near the monorail there is a big alley that you can drop down into. Walk west toward a fence. Behind a large column across from the fence is a trophy. ===============================================================================

Northwest of the Museum (west of the monorail) down in the underground alley you can find a group of three pressure switches. The key is to touch each three without touching anything else. This can only be accomplished with the Line Launcher. You want to make a "V" shape as your path, starting with one fo the switches on the side of the large column. Step on it then Line Launcher over to the middle one (line up your shot properly), then drop and land on the second one. Turn around and Line Launcher over to the last one. The key is landing on the switch and not overshooting it. Slow down by holding L1 and hit Circle before you get too close to land on the switches. ===============================================================================

In the northwest corner of the Bowery is an alleyway (on ground level, not the lower one). On the right side is a shutter door. Use the REC to shoot the motor and open it. Grab the trophy inside. ===============================================================================

Directly north of the Museum you can find a trophy behind bars. Use the sequencer and spell "REFUSE" to open it up. ===============================================================================

Bowery. Far north of the Museum. Look at your map and it's at the corner of the green map border. Go up there and on a ledge you'll find a pressure switch and a low crawlspace with some gates blocking it. What you want to do is stand behind the switch (in front of the railing) and run. When you run over the switch, the gates will raise. Start sliding and you'll go underneath and reach

the trophy. ===============================================================================

Bowery. On the border between the Bowery and Park Row, on the far western side of Arkham City, there is a building ledge with a trapped riddler trophy. This one can only be taken in a particular way. If you stand far enough away from the trap, it opens. Get close and it closes. Stand far enough away and use the Batclaw to retrieve the trophy. ===============================================================================

The Bowery. Just above the underground subway, to the west. There are two buildings with pressure plates on their sides. Start on the building with the water tower. Stand on the water tower itself and glide off and down, trying to hit the first plate. Do so, then push off the wall and glide into the other plate. Push off once more and glide to the final plate which is on the ground near the trophy itself. ===============================================================================

Southern part of the Bowery. It's near the previous trophy, on the rooftop with that water tower. There is a vent on this rooftop that sticks out, pointing in the other direction. Throw a Remote Control Batarang in there and once it leaves the vent, do an immediate U‐Turn to enter another vent side‐by‐side to the other one. This one will take your Batarang to a question mark. Hit it and you can retrieve another trophy. ===============================================================================

Southeast part of the Bowery, near the Restricted Area border. A rooftop has two pressure plates. A much higher ledge has one more. Stand on this one first. You want your feet to only ever touch the plates until you've stepped on all three. Glide off the first one down to either of the other two and land on it perfectly. Use the Line Launcher and align it with the third plate. Fire it and slow yourself down, then drop and land on the last one.

Concept art: Arkham City ===============================================================================

Near northwest corner of the Bowery. On a rooftop there is one alcove that leads to an automatic turret. Ignore it or disable it with the Disruptor. Look instead for a breakable wall nearby. Locate it in Detective Mode, then blow it up with Explosive Gel. Enter the grate inside and take the vent all the way to the trophy. ===============================================================================

Bowery. Northeast of the Museum there is a bridge and the monorail goes right underneath it with a few stopped cars. Get on top of one of them and on the two surrounding walls are three question mark signs each. You need to fire quick Batarangs at the first three, then spin around really fast and throw them at the other three. That opens up a Riddler Trophy above you, reachable with the Batclaw.

Concept Art: Gotham City Architecture ===============================================================================

Bowery. Same area as the previous one. Another subway car has a weak wooden wall. Find a high perch nearby and glide down into it. Break through to find this.

Concept Art: The Gotham Monorail ===============================================================================

Bowery. Right where it says "The Bowery" on the map. Go here and drop to the big alleyway below the streets. There is an intersection down here and on one corner there is a shutter (look for the motor in Detective Mode and you should find it). Shoot it with the REC and find this inside. ===============================================================================

Bowery. Directly underneath the entrance to the Museum in the low alleys. It's in a weak wall that is high up. It's really tough to get to. Basically, just east of this is that glass ceiling thing. What you want to do is dive bomb into

the hole in that glass ceiling, pull up immediately, and crash through the

weak wall. Otherwise, it's really hard to glide into it. It will probably take

a few tries. Try to just do a short dive bomb from the bridge that is just above the glass.


Bowery. On the garden rooftop that is south of the Bank of Gotham, east of the Museum. On this rooftop there is a thin archway. This surprisingly easy‐to‐miss trophy sits atop the archway.

Concept Art: Wayne Tower


Bowery: North of where the subway station appears on your map in a square area between the low alleys. There should be one alley to the west with a fence and

a bunch of mines in place Inside this area is a weak wall. Use the Disruptor

with the upgrade and disable the two closest mines to the wall. Glide over and

spray Explosive Gel on it and detonate it. Retrieve the trophy.


Bowery. Below the corner of the building east of the Bank of Gotham there is a sealed Riddler Trophy. Two wires connect to two question mark signs. Both must be hit within a very short time of each other to open up the trophy. Stand right near it and throw a Remote Control Batarang down the right‐hand alley, past the dumpsters and around the corner to the left. Steer it into the sign there on the wall. Now the timer starts. Immediately when you can, turn and fire a quick Batarang (just tap L1) to hit the other sign in view. IF you do it fast enough, this one is yours.


Bowery. The eastern most part of the Bowery borders right on the entrance to the Restricted Area. Above there is a walkway with a railing. Grapple up there and look for this trophy just sticking out on the wall to grab with your Batclaw.

Unlock: Arkham City Main Entrance concept art


Bowery. South of the Ace Chemicals Building and just north of the entrance of the Restricted Area, there is a corner between buildings where it looks very rickety. There is a weak wall here you can see on Detective Mode. It's the same area Bruce Wayne was during his ascent at the start of the game. Use the Line Launcher or glide to break the wall, then grab the trophy.


The Bowery. South side of the Bowery, as far south as you can go. East of where it says "The Museum" on your map, there is a weak wall you can blow up in the side of a building. Do so and find this trophy within.

Unlock: "The Bowery" concept art


The Bowery. Eastern part of the Bowery, near the processing center. On the north and south sides there are "L"‐shaped alleys. The northern one has an area blocked by steam. Use the Freeze Blast and you can get this.


The Bowery. Near the southeast corner of the Museum building, right where it says "The Museum" on the map. There is a fenced area with a low opening. Run and slide underneath it and this will be yours.


The Bowery. On the roof of the building east from the Museum. There is a puzzle involving the REC. Stand on the Riddler pressure plate to open some gates inside the track. Then, use the REC, hitting the correct button to guide the ball through. Alternate between stepping on and off the switch to manipulate the gates, as well as using the different generators. Once the ball is at the end, grab the trophy.


The Bowery. In the northwest corner from the Museum, there is a rooftop with a small puzzle on top. A pressure plate is connected to three question marks on the other side of a little fenced off hut. Stepping on it lights up one of them and also closes the only entrance inside that hut. What you want to do is go inside and spray Explosive Gel on all three question marks. Go back out, then step on the pressure plate. One will be lit up. Zoom in on THAT Explosive Gel charge by clicking the Right Analaog Stick and then detonate that one. Do the same for the next one that is lit up, and again until the trophy is unveiled for you. ===============================================================================

The Bowery. Resting on the back of the horse statue that is literally just outside the back entrance of the Iceberg Lounge. ===============================================================================

The Bowery. This is in a tunnel underneath the ground near the Museum. Go around the Museum to the north side and then go west all the way til you find a drop behind some payphones. Look for a pillar to climb onto before dropping down. Turn back around (facing east) and drop off the edge and immediately dive bomb. Pull up and try to glide over the electrified fence. On the far side down here, you can grab the Riddler Trophy. ===============================================================================

The Bowery. On the south edge of the Museum rooftop, behind a large dome. ===============================================================================

The Bowery. In an alley on the far west side of the Museum. Go all the way back there and turn left to find it. Inside is a pressure plate. Stand on it and a question mark in front of you lights up. Hit it with a Batarang. Iron bars will spring up, except the right side is missing a bar. Use a Remote Control Batarang, steer it through, and hit the second question mark. ===============================================================================

Bowery. Southeastern corner, where the Bowery meets the Restricted Area. Go down this street, going south and find a brown TYGER security door. Look for a console on the left. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer if you have the Master Codes and unlock the door. Slide underneath and then look up at the ceiling. Fire the Batclaw to yank it down. ===============================================================================

Bowery. Go back into the Processing Center (east side, into the Restricted Area) and go down the hallway until you reach that large pit. Throw a Freeze Blast down at the bottom and fall down to it. Look for a hatch on one of the walls and use your Batclaw to open it. The trophy will be revealed, so get your Batclaw ready again and say "GET OVER HERE!"

Unlock: "Protocol 10 in Effect" concept art ===============================================================================

Bowery. Processing Center. Go all the way through the Processing Center until you get to the room with the TV playing Hugo Strange's recorded message. Go into the top‐right door to return to the interrogation room from the beginning of the game. Break the mirror with a punch and then use the Batclaw to grab the trophy you'll find on the celing.

Unlock: "Professor Hugo Strange" concept art ===============================================================================

Bowery. Processing Center. Same exact place as above. When you leave the interrogation room, climb atop the door straight across from you. Use Detective Mode to see the weak wall. Blow it up and find this trophy on your left.

Unlock: "TYGER Helicopter" concept art ===============================================================================

Bowery. Processing Center. Same as above. In the room with the Hugo Strange show, find the large elevator. Use the sequencer on the console to open it. Go inside, turn right, look slightly up, and aha! Use the Batclaw.

Unlock: Character Trophy ‐ Joker Titan Thug =============================================================================== STEEL MILL| ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐'

Steel Mill ‐ Assembly Line. North side of the room. Go inside and grapple up to the high ledge above. Look for a weak wall to spray Explosive Gel on. Blow it up and there it is.

Concept Art: Joker's Crew ===============================================================================

Steel Mill ‐ Freight Elevator. Drop down the shaft and take out the three goons in the stuck elevator. Leave the elevator and use the REC to make it go up, then drop down below it before it descends. From here, walk underneath the other elevator and look for a grapple point. Up here is the trophy. ===============================================================================

Steel Mill ‐ Freight Elevator. To access the Freight Elevator find the southeast door in the Loading Bay and use the REC. Enter the door that appears and this is the Freight Elevator. Immediately on your left will be a hatch. Open it with the Batclaw, then use it again to snag this trophy. ===============================================================================

Steel Mill ‐ Boiler Room. After beating up the thugs, look at the carnival game they were "playing" with the moving penguins. Throw Quick Batarangs at these penguins one after another until you destroy them all. A few seconds later, a Riddler Trophy will pass by, so have your Batclaw ready.

Character Trophy ‐ Harley Quinn ===============================================================================

Steel Mill ‐ Boiler Room. On the north side, near where you get the Freeze technology for the side quest. There is a weak wall back here. Find it in Detective Mode and blow it up to reveal a trophy.

Character Trophy ‐ Joker Thugs ===============================================================================

Steel Mill ‐ Freight Elevator. At the bottom of the elevator shaft there is a weak floor. Spray Explosive Gel on it and detonate it. This trophy will be found after searching down there.

Character Trophy ‐ Kidnapped Doctor ===============================================================================

Steel Mill ‐ Loading Bay. In the main area below Joker's office. Use the grates in the middle to go under the floor, then make your way over to the southwest corner. There will be a steam vent blocking a path. Use Freeze Blast to proceed. The trophy will be waiting at the end. ===============================================================================

Steel Mill ‐ Assembly Line. The main room of the Assembly Line. In the northwest corner there is a low opening with steam blocking it. Throw a Freeze Blast in here to crawl inside and get your paws on this. ===============================================================================

Steel Mill ‐ Loading Bay. The big room below Joker's office. Remember that crane hook we used to break into Joker's office? Well use the REC again on that same generator, but this time we are aiming to destroy the ventilation fan on the opposite wall. Alternate your shot types (R1/R2) to make the hook swing back and forth until you finally destroy it. Grapple up here and grab the trophy. ===============================================================================

Steel Mill ‐ Loading Bay. Do the exact same as above and go into the tunnel opened by the fan. At the other end, drop down a pit. There will be a long passage filled with lava. Use the Line Launcher to reach the other side and step on the pressure plate. Grab the trophy.

Concept Art: Joker's sickbed ===============================================================================

Steel Mill ‐ Cooling Tunnel B. In the very first room (from the back entrance), turn to your left. There is a high ledge with a weak wall up there. Grapple to it and spray Explosive Gel. Upon detonation, the trophy is yours for the taking. ===============================================================================

Steel Mill ‐ Cooling Tunnel D. Southwestern most part of this tunnel, where you have to make a right turn before hitting a dead end with those spinning blades. Go into the dead end, carefully, and look up for a trophy hanging upside down. Batclaw it while you're drifting toward the blades, then quickly get yourself out of there.




Museum ‐ Trophy Room: weak wall on your left as you enter. Break through and quickfire Batarangs at the question marks. ===============================================================================

Room: Trophy Room Location: Approach the moving T‐Rex display. Face it, and turn left. There will be a weak wall in front of you. Blow it up with Explosive Gel to reveal a room with lots of crates. Find the trophy in the back and on top of them. Use the Batclaw. ===============================================================================

Room: Trophy Room Location: On top of a metal walkway way, way, waaaaay up high. Look for grapple points above the T‐Rex and make your way up there. ===============================================================================

Room: Trophy Room Required Gadget: Disruptor with Firearm Jammer upgrade Location: Before leaving the main room with the T‐Rex, look to the right to find the display case with Scarface. Above his display is a vent. Pull it off and go inside. Turn right and you'll eventually be "greeted" by a security turret. Use the Firearm Jammer to disble it and go grab the trophy.

Unlock: "Solomon Grundy" character trophy ===============================================================================

Room: Hallway connecting Trophy Room and Gladiator Pit Required Gadget: Line Launcher Location. After leaving the Trophy Room, turn right down this corridor. Keep looking above you for a platform to grapple to. When you get it, turn around and use the Line Launcher to zip to the south end, breaking through two glass windows. You'll find the trophy when you come to a stop. ===============================================================================

Room: Gladiator Pit Location: In the southwest corner. You have to go through the steps of opening the gates first with the Sequencer and Remote Control Batarang, etc. Go inside and find the elevator on the left. Lift it up and then turn left after riding it. Shoot the hatch right in front of you with the Batclaw. ===============================================================================

Room: Torture Chamber Required Gadget: Freeze Blast Location: Immediately upon entering, throw a Freeze Blast into the water and drop onto it. Turn around and look for a hatch. Pull it open using the Batclaw and find the trophy within ===============================================================================

Room: Torture chamber Required Gadget: Line Launcher Location: Start at the north side of the room. To the left of the doorway, you

should see some scaffolding. Grapple to the top of this and look south. Fire the Line Launcher, then pan the camera around. The trophy will be in the northeast corner on top of a big cage. Redirect as you're zipping along to land on top of it.


Room: Torture Chamber Required Gadget: Freeze Blast

Location: It's in the southwest corner, where there is a fenced off area. Throw

a Freeze Blast in there and then pull yourself toward the frozen trophy. Get close enoguh and you can grab it.


Room: Armory Required Gadget: Freeze Blast Location: Northwest corner of the room. There is a steam vent at the end of that side corridor. Throw a Freeze Blast on it to stop it and access the trophy.

Unlock: "Joker's henchmen" concept art


Room: War Room Required Gadget: Freeze Blast Location: In the western section where Mr. Freeze was. Go behind the display case in that back area and in the northwest corner will be an opening blocked by steam. Throw a Freeze blast on it and the trophy is as good as yours.

"Ra's Al Ghul" character trophy


Room: Iceberg Lounge Location: The only way back in the lounge is through the north doors of the Museum building where thugs like to break in to bother the police. Once inside, find the southeast passage from the main room. Take this and turn right to find

a low hanging gate. Run and slide under it to find an easy trophy.




Wonder City ‐ Collapsed Streets: In the southeast corner near where you enter, there is a window on one side of the hallway you can jump through. Inside is the riddler trophy. It's got a sensitive cage that traps it when you're too close. Inside is a window and a weak stone wall. Go to the stone wall (on the left) and spray it with Explosive Gel. Detonate it, then hop out of this room.

Go west and use the Line Launcher, then immediately redirect 90 degrees to make

a right turn. You should land on a ledge that will have a view of that window

you just blew open. If you have the proper angle, you can use the Batclaw to snag that trophy from the distance.


Catwoman trophies


Park Row. West of the courthouse, there is a corridor blocked by a weak wall. Batman first has to blow it up with Explosive Gel. After that, Catwoman can grab this trophy on the ceiling inside.


The Bowery. Southeast of the Ace Chemicals Building, right near the border of the Restricted Area. There is a corner where a weak wall can be found. Batman first has to break through it, then Catwoman can climb to the ceiling, through a grate, and take this.