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Everything is Born out of Darkness

The Festivals and Rituals at the Winter Solstice often had the alignment to
summon the Sun and to give Her the strength to move on Her daily train
from the East to the West, to illuminate and to warm us.

The Night of the Mothers

Our Anglo-Saxon ancestors, celebrated 'Modraniht' in this time of the Wheel of
the Year - the 'Night of the Mothers'.
Because in this Night the Goddess gives in the most silent of all hours deep in
the Dark Earth Birth to the New Sun Child.
Depending on the design, this Night of the Mothers is the Night on the 21th to
the 22nd and respectively on December 25th.
There are a number of examples from pre-patriarchal traditions, which have as
their center the worship of the Goddess as Mother of the Divine child.
The focus was always on the mother and not the child.
The 'mothers' were mostly those 'virgin' Goddesses, who, without any male intervention - in the
course of the Seasons - with the aid of the cyclical force transformed Death into Life, Darkness
into Light, Night into Day, Winter into Spring.
So Rhiannon gives birth to Her Son (... Sun) Pryderi, from Isis is born the Sun God Horus,
Demeter gets her Holy Daughter Persephone, Selene gives Dionysus to Life, who was regarded
in ancient Greece as a Savior and a God of Fertility and Growth, the Celtic Goddess Rigani goes
to the Underworld to look for her Son Esus, to bring Him to a new earthly Life.
So, we are slowly approaching Christianity, in which, of course, also a Virgin Mother Goddess
brings a radiant young child into the World.
Parsifalrain, December 25, 2016

The Dark force is all along understood as Feminine, Maternal.

Whoever rejects the Darkness, also rejects this Female primordial energy which provides a
sense of security and protection, out of which everything arises.
The celebration of the Winter Solstice, but just in spiritual and religious circles has often a
strange touch - 'finally, finally, the Sun gains power to light again'.
Hooray, the young God of the Sun is born.
Yes ... what from ?

Everything is Born out of Darkness

From the velvety-soft Dark Womb of His Mother, but Her, we forget very quickly, because now
'the Sonny' is there, the new Light of the World, that soon will outshine everything.
What do we care there about the soft, dark, quiet, motherly energy of the Earth and Creation
Goddesses ?

The Celebration of the Dark primal force

With all the joy of the newborn, regained Light, we should but the Winter Solstice not exclusively
let wither the triumphant victory of the Light versus the Darkness, as is often done in
Patriarchal traditions.
Here, the Night follows the Day, after the Summer comes the Winter, on the work follows the
In Matriarchal societies it is usually the opposite: the Night is emotionally prior to the Day, the
Winter before the Summer, periods of rest ahead of activity.
How relaxing, to enter in this world of thoughts.
Also the old Mother of the Triads knew the principle:
So accrues Life when Nyx, the Darkness collaborates with Gaia, the Earth and Thethys, the
primordial Sea.
Here is the wonderful interplay of the Powers of Creation - the flowing and the earthy Goddess
and plenty of rest and Darkness, so that everything can prosper well.
Because the Darkness was long before all others, and from her everything has arisen.
Everywhere in the Universe is Dark, the plants can only grow, because they come from the
Darkness of the Earth, the animals and people come out of the Dark safety of the Womb.
Just in some esoteric-psychological-religious approaches, but it is considered Light as good and
Dark as evil.

These thoughts we should just check at the Winter Solstice

A Ritual at this time of Year is only going well when the Great Darkness is celebrated, honored
and is this original condition, primitive state felt - in which all the potential is present, available
in this pause (hold), the sober-down of Nature, the withdrawal in the inner-most Core.
Is, in contrast, the Winter Solstice primarily designed as a Light Ritual, then it may deform the
Ritual's mystery of the Feast easily.
Of course, the beginning of Winter means the astrological Turning Point from Dark into Light.
But to celebrate and cheer only the re-birth of the Light, without wanting to deal with its origin
in the Bosom of the Darkness would be the wrong approach.

Everything is Born out of Darkness

This mismatch conveys at our pre-Christmas activities, find expression in the Christian
Christmas-rites with its focus on the Birth of Jesus.
The often tough, dark, foggy, cold weeks before the Winter Solstice have become a joyfully
expectant Advent season, with great activity.
Therewith, more and more the perception of the spiritual peculiarity of the Darkness got lost.
Many want this Darkness in November and December to pass as quickly as possible, want to
banish just like pain, sadness, loneliness from their life (with a pill).
Who's but utilizes this time around the Winter Solstice in awareness to immerse in this quality
can therefore also brace oneself for 'darker and colder states' of his own Soul and, prepare like
a Plant, which extracts the power of the Root from this Darkness and Silence.
A small window into infinity opens here.
Everything can rest, all is well !

Yule - Midwinter - Winter Solstice - 'Christmas Eve'


Everything is Born out of Darkness