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CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSORS In the petroleum industry, gas is com- pressed for transportation to consuming markets and for refining processes. This rogram is about the construction and operation of compressors. Unit 8 of Compressors teaches the oper- ating principles of centrifugal and axial compressors and the construction and operation of centrifugal compressors. INSTRUCTIONS ‘This is a programed learning course. Programed learning gives information in a series of steps called frames. Each frame gives some information and asks you to make use of it Here is how it works. right with a mask. , cover the response column at the Read this frame and use the information it gives to fill in the blank, ‘A micrometer is an instrument designed to measure in ‘thousandths of an inch, ‘A micrometer is a good tool for measuring very. differences in size, Move the mask down to uncover the word at the right of the frame, If you have filled the blank with that word or a word that means the same, you are ready to go ahead to the next frame, The drawing of a micrometer provides information that will help you fill in the next blanks, oBsEcT To BE ANVIL SPINDLE Seven major parts are shown in the drawing, but only the_____and the_contact the object to be measured. small anvil, spindle