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AC-3510 First Year B. B. A. (Sem. II) Examination March / April - 2015 Communication Skills : Paper - II Time : Hours] [Total Marks : 50 Instructions : @ Ti alae ge A Gam Greadl oe wae ed, Seat No. Filupstvity the detalls of @ signs on your answar book Name ofthe Exomination [First Year B. B.A. Sem. 1) Name of he Subject + [Communication Skills : Paper - II e-subjectcodeno.] 3 J] 5 ][ 4 ]] 0 | e-Secton No. (1,2,..9 il Students Signature (2) Indicate clearly the options you attempt. (8) Figures to the right indicate marks. 1 Draft conversations on the following situations : (any two) 20 (a) Conversation between the manager of a hotel and a group of students who are visiting a hill-station and want to check-in the hotel. (b) Conversation in a classroom among some students, who have won prizes in university events and a professor who is complementing them for their achievements. © A dialogue between two colleagues during a promotion party of a common friend discussing their future in the organisation where they work. 2 (a) Write a letter as a student to the principal of your 10 college, requesting for leave for ten days as you wish to attend a short term course about developing soft skills. OR AC-3510] 1 [Contd.... (b) Draft a letter to promote the sale of the educational software developed by Zipcom Technologies Ltd., Mumbai. 3 (a) M/s Prasad and sons, Vadodara, had placed a large 10 order for readymade shirts of different sizes with shubham Garments, Noida. The goods they received are inferior in quality and the sizes too are wrong. OR (b) @ Draft a notice informing the members of the organisation about the charge in the timing of the office. (i) Prepare a circular to inform the employees that a renowned industrialist will visit the company next week and will also address and interact with the members. 4 Write short notes: (Any two) 10 (a) Letterhead () Process of Communication (©) Firm offer @ Your Attitude’ in business communication. AC-3510] 2 [3600]