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Congress of the united States ‘Washington, DE 20515 December 16, 2016 ‘The Honorable Robert M, Calif, M.D. Commissioner Food and Drag Administration 10903 New Hampshive Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20993 ear Commissioner Calif We strongly believe that the se ofthe term “ilk” by manufacturers of plant-based produets is, misleading to consumers, harmful to the dairy industry, and a violation of milk’ standard of identity. We request that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exerese its legal authority to investigate and take appropriate ation against the manufacturers of these misbranded products ‘As you know, dary farmers ate facing «serious financial crisis, These haral working Americans have experienced deep cuts in income as milk prices have plunged 40 pereent since 2014. While the Administration has taken steps to adloss this crisis, market forecasts predict that the dairy indstey will continue to fae depressed prices inthe immediate future. Unless more is done, ‘many more farmers will be forced to sll ther herds. tis against this backerop that we write concerning the mislabeling of imitation “ini” products In recent years, there has been tremendous growth inthe sale of plant-based produets often Iabeled as “milk A recent Neilson survey revealed that inthe pas five yeas, sales of certain plant-based! grew 250 percent to more than $894.6 By contrast, sales of milk fll 7 ppereent in 2015, ‘While consumers are entitled to choose imitation products, it is misteading and illegal for ‘manufacturers of these items to profit from the “milk” name. ‘These products should be allowed. on the market only when accurately labeled. We urge FDA to enforce this matte by requiring, plant-based products to adopt a more appropriate name that does not include the word “milk”. ‘As you are aware, milk as a clear standard of identity defined as “the Iacteal secretion, practically fre from colostrum, obtained by the complete milking of one ot more healthy cows” @ICER 131.110). Milk, produced by the mammary gland, also has @ unique nutritional value, providing an excellent source of protein and a wide array of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, vitamins A and D, and potassium, Pant-based products clearly fail to meet this standard ‘of identity, They are unable to match the nutitional makeup ofthe produet they mimie, yet they continue to be marketed as milk. While addressing this serious issue will not solve al the challenges conftonting dary farmers, it is an important part ofthe solution that will also provide consumers with the accurate information they expect. We urge you to initiate a thorough investigation and appropriate ‘enforcement action. “Thank you for your consideration of this request. We look forward to your timely response. ) Sincerely, PETER WELCH MIKE SIMPSON Member of Congress ‘Member of Congress ‘COLLIN C, PETERSON DAVID G.VALADAO ‘Member of Congress Member of Congress —=—=— x jh Gusts REED JOE COURTNEY Member of Congress Member of Congress SUZAN/DELBENE SAND Member of Congress Member of Congr (N NEWNOUSE ‘ANN MeLANE-KUSTER “Member of Congress Member of Congress ‘COMER PAUL TONKO mber of Congress ‘Member of Congress GLENN GROTHM, ‘Member of Congress heck fee sik anER Member of Congress RONRI ‘Member of Congress GLENN “GT” THOMPSON Torun IM EMME Member of Congress Uys Ay iinbe® pf Congr (? Member of Congress STEVE PEARCE Member of Congress RICK LARSEN ‘Mernber of Congress MARK POCAN am an ‘Member of Congress RICHARD HANNA Member of Congress oe MOOLENAAR é me 1), 1 ‘Member of Congress fad Dt BOB GIBBS Member of Congress 'TAMES SENSENBRENNER, JR, mber of Congress