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*1 Project site information is any information in the site both technical and non-technical information
about the projects to be undertaken, such as,
1. Location of the project
2. Total area of the project
3. Existing condition of the project
*2 Preliminary Design, initial project design is based on input data or information obtained from the
project site information
*3 Input Loadings to determine the section design of the box girder structure that refers to a rule /
code. codes that can be used are:
- SNI T-02-2005, Loading standard for bridge stucture.
- Bridge Management System (BMS) Loading Code
*4 Code that can be used for designing the bridge structure is :
- AASHTO LRFD , Bridge Design Specification
Steel grade that used in the design is :
- JIS SM 520 B
*5 Modelling structure which is designed before.
*6 Model design check and review
1. Layout design check and review
2. Length and Type of span ( Continous span / simple beam)
3. Length of segment (MAX. 15 Meters )
4. Weight of segment (MAX. 6 Ton/M )
5. Type of joint (bolting or pin system)
6. Pot Bearing
7. Dimension of each components (web,flange,stiffner and diapraghm)
8. Prechamber
9. Type of box girder Segment (tapered/flat)
*7 Model Manufacturing check and review
Design model must be easily manufactured and assembled. As much as possible avoid welding process
in order to decrease the durations of assembling process. Also Minimalize ribs and other component
that need to be welded in assembling process. Check and reviewing,
1. Amount of ribs, stiffner, and other components of box girder
2. Design of box girder components
3. Manufacturing method due to the approved box girder design
4. Cost of material, manufacture and assembling process

*8 Model Installation Method

The box girder model design must be compatible with all installation/erection method.
Check and reviewing :
1. Weight of box girder ( MAX. 15 Meters)
2. Length of box girder (MAX. 6 Ton/ M)
3. Stiffness of box girder after passing the galvanizing process

*9 Manufacturing Process
1. Manufacturing method based to component design approved before.
2. Detailing manufacture and assembling process due to approved design
*10 Mobilisation
1. Traffic management to ship the steel box girder to site effectively
2. Steel box girder should be placed closed to he area where it is installed
*11 Installation Method
Installation method must be able to erect or install the steel box girder properly, in condition
1. Width of working area is only 9 meters
2. There are many overpass exisisting in site
3. Able to erect steel box girder due to design of the project
4. Only 2 weeks to install 180 m span