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Company Overview

NAVANA furniture is a concern of Aftab Automobiles Limited. Aftab Automobiles

Ltd is an established group of companies, which
is also profitable. Aftab Automobiles is a part of
Islam Group of Industries. In Bangladesh it is a
huge business organization. NAVANA
Furniture is a new concern of Aftab
Automobiles Ltd. As the furniture industry in
Bangladesh is growing, the scope of the
furniture unit of Aftab Automobiles Ltd. is
tremendous. As per the “Annual Report 2004”
the Chair said to the Shareholders, “The
Furniture Manufacturing Unit of your Company under the popular name of “Navana
Furniture” has produced world-class furniture consisting of office, home & medical
furniture and has contributed an amount of Tk. 18.32 crore to Company’s sales which is
Tk. 10.39 crore more compare to last year. You may have noted that during the year
under review that raised an amount of Tk. 20.00 crore against issuance of preference
shares and utilized the fund for expansion and modernization of the Battery
Manufacturing Unit and Furniture Manufacturing Unit. The result these two expansion
Units will definitely improves gross profit of the company in coming years.”

NAVANA Furniture started its journey in the year 2002. On the1st year, they had sales
about Tk. 6,081,526 and retained earnings about Tk. (990,345). That means they could
not over come their investment on the 1st at year, but in the 2 nd year of their business they
overcome the investment. They had retained earnings about Tk. 1,376,614 in the year
2003. After that in the year 2004 NAVANA Furniture had Net income after paying all the
expenses about Tk. 282,778. So the Furniture Manufacturing Unit of Aftab Automobiles
Ltd. is an extremely profitable section for them.

The opportunity in furniture industry is pretty much increasing. NAVANA Furniture has
some strong competitors. One of their strongest competitors is Otobi Furniture, which is
strongly established in the market for 40 years. Another competitor is Partex Furniture,
which is also a concern of Partex group. Other strong competing sector is imported
furniture. NAVANA Furniture competing them with quality and price. In the home
furniture segment, they could not establish that well in the market, but in the office
furniture segment, they beat Otobi and Partex. Their strategy is their strong personal
relation with office executives and quality products with a lower price. In the year 2005
they have a plan for promoting their home furniture with a huge budget. With that if they
could introduce a completely new segment, which is only targeted for children; they
might be able to create an excellent reputation as well as a strong position in the home
furniture market. In the children furniture segment in the whole furniture industry there is
only some imported furniture. As imported furniture is relatively expensive, NAVANA
Furniture can compete them with price. So they can have almost a monopoly in this
segment. As NAVNA Furniture is a part of a huge organization, at first, if they incur a
loss, they can sustain the loss for the first two/three years. After four years definitely they
can overcome the loss and have a profitable business. Within five years NAVANA
Furniture can lead the children furniture segment in Bangladesh.

Existing Product Information

Navana furniture follows the following strategy for their exquisite furniture to their
• High quality
• Stylish
• Functional
• Durable
• Competitive price
• After sale services

Navana follow their strategy very strictly with high quality products. Navana basically
has three categories of products: home furniture, office furniture, and medical furniture.
The ingredients of their furniture are plywood, steel, metal rots, and glass. Whatever the
material is, all the furniture of Navana furniture are very sophisticated and posh looking
and with a quality of foreign furniture. Without that, Navana provides one-year warranty
with all their furniture to maintain a good customer relationship for the future.

 Home Furniture
They have Bed with six different designs. One of those is a Kid bed, which is very
attractive cartoon shaped. They have Dressing table in five unique designs and shapes.
There are eight different sizes Cupboards in their cupboard category. Some of them can
be used for multipurpose, such as, some have mirrors and table that can be used as
dressing table; some have cabinet for TV and so on. In home furniture category Navana
also has Wardrobes and Chest of drawer in diverse size and design. They have TV
trolley and TV cabinet in several sizes. For safety purpose Navana has some steel
furniture like Steel cabinet. They also have drawing room furniture, such as Sofa sets,
Showcases, Dividers in different sizes and shapes. In dining furniture category, they

have Dining table with chairs, Crockery’s cabinet, Dining wagon, etc. with very
attractive designs. The chairs and tables are basically made of steel and rots. For
relaxation they have a Lather sofa named “Lazy boy”, and Rocking chairs. In this
segment, they also have Reading table in three different structures, Shoe rack and a
beautiful Phone stand.

 Office Furniture
Navana furniture has a strong market in their office furniture segment. They have very
sophisticated Presidential table suits in several shapes, some Executive tables and
Directors tables and accessories. They have Official chairs in different designs. Among
them there are about twenty-four Swivel chairs in many sophisticated shapes and color.
For visitors they have some sober looking chair and Office sofa. They also have various
colorful Fixed chairs in different shapes and size. For conference, Navana Furniture has
some posh looking Conference table. There are also a number of Computer table they
have in this segment, which can also use for household. In office furniture segment
Navana do have Cabinets in various size and shapes. There are some Multipurpose
shelves, Storage system such as, Heavy-duty rack, Personal locker, Departmental
rack, Slotted angle rack, etc. and some Steel file cabinets. Navana furniture also has
some colorful Group chairs, which can be used in open places. They have a number of
chairs specially designed for auditorium. For classroom they have many chairs with
different colors and designs.

 Medical Furniture
Navana furniture has special segmented furniture for hospital use. They developed a
modern technology for this segment. They provide various hospital beds with various
technologies and for various purposes. They encompass Patient examination bed, Baby
cot, Medicine trolley, Patient trolley, Saline stand, Bowl stand, Food trolley,
Isolation screen, etc. Navana hospital furniture also has a very modern and high profile

ICU bed. Without that they have Equipment carts, Medicine cupboards, Over bed
table, Side cabinet and Locker.

Current Promotional Activities

Target Market
The business world is becoming more and more competitive in present days. So, to
compete and to establish in the market, it is very necessary to fix the target market. All
the marketing activities go towards the target audience. The target market of Navana
Furniture is basically Lower-upper class, upper-middle class, and some part of middle-
middle class. Though from the show room the cover some amount of sales from lower-
middle class, but they are not their target audience. They did not target them to promote.

Navana furniture also focused to the corporate people, but for that they follow mainly
direct marketing strategy.

The exclusive hospital furniture is for the private hospitals and clinics. Navana furniture
is marketing this segment to the hospitals and doctors.

Promotional Activities
Navana does not emphasize greatly on their overall promotion, as only 5% of their
estimated sales is their budget of the promotional activities. But as a new comer in this
industry, to penetrate on to the market, they had to use some tools. Since then, they have
been using personal selling effectively as their key promotional component. Now their
allocation for promotional activities is 5% of their estimated total turnover. From this
they measure the result of promotion as higher turnover decrease the percentage of
promotional budget over sales at the year-end and vice versa. They spent over Tk.10
million in 2004-05 fiscal year, which is higher than previous years expenditure of Tk.7.5

million. So, as we consider these numbers as the percentage of their sales, in 2003-2004,
it was 9% and in 2004-2005, it was 5.5%. That means in 2003-04 fiscal year, they could
not attain the sales they had targeted. But in the next fiscal year, their targeted turnover
was achieved. Their promotional activities of the second fiscal year worked effectively to
achieve overall organizational goal.
They are using the tools of promotion mix as follows

Navana usually gives less focus on advertising. The main reasons behind that are:
1. They are new in the market and started their activities just before 3 years
2. They can not increase their budget on advertising from now on
3. As their main market is the corporate market, they think that running advertises
all over the year cannot help them to increase their sales with a marginal portion
4. Advertising budgets of their competitors are a great portion higher than them. So,
both with volume and quality, they cannot compete with them (Otobi and Partex).

Their advertising activities are mainly season focused. They do not run their advertising
activities all through the year. Their overall activities are:
1. Television advertisement from September to January, which is mainly dry season
in Bangladesh. At this season, retail customers usually buy most of their furniture.
They put these advertisement in three local TV channel- NTV, Channel i, and
ATN Bangla. In every channel they usually run 90-100 spots per month.
2. They sponsor Dhaka International Trade Fair, Chittagong International Trade Fair
and Dhaka Furniture Fair.
3. To encourage direct action, at this season they give an offer of 5-7% off in every
furniture at the fair and the their outlets.
4. They placed only three billboards for their advertisement purpose. Two of those
are in Dhaka and the rest is in Chittagong.
5. They do some Newspaper advertisement on event basis such as DITF or CITF or
for just seasonal sale offer.

6. They distribute some leaflets with the pictures of their furniture to their customers
from their outlets.

 Personal Selling
The most effective promotional tool of Navana Furniture is personal selling. Their main
market is the corporate section of Bangladesh. To work with this tool they are have two

1. Corporate wing: The activities of this wing are to go to the government and
private corporate offices and convince them use Navana Furniture. They always
maintain a good relationship with corporate customers, because all of their
corporate customers are loyal customers.

2. Retail wing: These are mainly their retail outlets. Some corporate offices come
directly to them and later than they maintain the personal selling policy.

 Public Relation
They arrange stalls in the trade and furniture fairs to have a closer view of customers
about their products. At these fairs they try to create a positive impact on customers mind
about their product by giving them a lot of information about their product and by
comparing with others.

Media Plan
They are now planning to increase their activities on advertising by allocating more
budgets on promotion. Though they are relatively new in the market, they have achieved
the second position already considering overall market, but at the retail market they are
not even an option to a lot of people. There are such kinds of people on their target
audience who even do not know about Navana Furniture. These people normally buy
imported furniture or Otobi’s. Partex, on comparison, fall behind Navana Furniture, but at
the retail market people prefer Partex to them. Otobi and Partex are known to people for
their long existence and a lot of advertising activities. On the other hand, Navana is new
in furniture market and advertising less. They know that, to achieve the first position they
have to get more close to their target audience. Without advertising, it is not possible. So,
they are planning to increase budget for promotional activities

Though their promotional activities turned down effective enough to boost up their sales,
it is clear that they put less emphasis on advertising as we look at their advertising cost.
In the year 2003-04, it was only 1.75 million Tk, which was only the 22% of their total
promotional budget. In year 2004-05 it was 3.1 million, which was 33% of their
promotional account.

From this budget from September 2005 to August 2006, their allocation for promotion is
8 % of their estimated total sales. Which means it will be at least over 15 million Tk.
Their allotment for the advertising activities is higher for the advertisement purposes
from now on. They have a contract with ‘Madonna ad’, a local ad agency. This agency is
contracted for all of their advertisement activities. From the beginning of the contract, the
agency has been advising them to increase their advertisement activities.

 Print Media
As an advertising activity, they are going to put a lot of Newspaper advertisement, which
is more than before. They have planned to do it through the prestigious Newspapers of
Bangladesh like Prothom Alo, Daily Star, Jugantor, New Age, etc.

 Out of home Advertisement

From now on Navana Furniture and Madonna ad are working with new media plan for
advertising as within one month they are going to raise the numbers of billboards in
Dhaka and Chittagong. Currently they have only two billboards in Dhaka city and one in
Chittagong. From December to January, they are going to put another 30 billboard-
advertisement in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet.

 Electronic Media
They have only three TV advertisements, which are basically produced with information
about their seasonal activities. They have targeted to make some TV advertisement only
with their products and it will be on air from January 2006.

By taking these activities on hand, they will try to aware all their target audience about
their products, modify their attitude as they accept and prefer their product, which are the
marketing objectives. And by these, they believe that they can increase their sales in retail
market, which is their ultimate organizational objective.

Their overall promotional activities are so narrow focused that even in 3 years it could
not help a lot of people to pass the awareness stage. Within only three years of starting,
Navana has achieved the second position in the furniture market as they considered retail,
medical and corporate sales together. But still now they are a lot behind then Otobi in the
market. There are two reasons behind that. First reason is that they came in the market

three decades after Otobi and the Second reason is their less volume of advertising than
Otobi. They cannot compete with the age of Otobi, but they can at least put same
emphasis on advertising as Otobi. There are a lot of people still there in market that does
not know about a furniture industry named Navana. To aware people about them and pull
them to their store, they have to do a lot of advertisement, but from their starting to now
they almost ignore this opportunity for the reason of high cost. On the other hand, Otobi
spends a huge source on this tool of promotion. They know that the more the people will
listen their name, the more it will be exposed to them. Without the spot TV ad, they
sponsored a number of TV program and arranged a designer talent search program named

Navana Furniture has a huge backup of its mother industry Aftab Automobiles. They can
easily take a lot of initiatives on the first time to achieve more market share, and
advertising will be the most effective initiative for them.

New Product Information

NAVANA furniture is now coming up with extension of the existing furniture. The
extension product will be children furniture. The furniture will be made especially for
children aged from 0 to 12 years. The furniture has mainly focused on the safety and
comfort of the child. It has also been made attractive to the children so that children love
the furniture. The raw materials used are wood particleboards and MS tubes and sheets
imported from South East Asian countries such as Malaysia and Korea. The usage of
such raw materials ensures that the finished products are user-friendly, and look new
even after some years as there is no sinking or expansion so commonplace with wood
products. They are also treated against insect attacks. They have made baby cots, junior
beds, bookcase, cupboard for storage of baby accessories, high chairs, etc. Here are some
of the pictures of the furniture that NAVANA came up with.

This well-built small bookcase is just

the thing to help children to store a growing
book collection. Two open shelves are
waiting to catch books and the odd toy or
two, and the top is another spot to set a
favorite lamp or toy.

This tall bookcase may be justsmall
the chest is just the thing
for Three
ticket for a child's room. a child'sroomy
room. Its denim fronts add a
shelves, plus the top, offerboth a fun
a lot look and a sophisticated color.
of storage
space in a small footprint. It can be used alone or can team it with a
matching hutch to add even more storage

This baby cot has a solid

pine ends with an antique finish.
It has teething rails and single-
handed drop side with three
position mattress base heights.

This cot is crafted from

hardwood with beautiful delicate
scrollwork on each of the top rails.
It has a two-position mattress base
and one drop side for easy access.

Baby cot with curved top
rails. It is rich in style. It has a
built in drawer, two-drop sides
and two teething rails.

This bed is a smart and safe

junior bed. It incorporates optional
bed guards to prevent your child
falling out.

This well-built two-door
cupboard makes an ideal storage
unit for baby accessories. Also
available separately is the
matching changing unit to fix on
top. This picture shows both the
cupboard and changer together.

This high chair has a five-

point safety harness. It is made of
natural lacquered wood. It has a
spacious feed tray. It is easy to
wipe and clean. The seat can fold.
So it is compact for storage.

This high chair is suitable

for children from approximately 6
months. This high chair can be
converted to a separate table and
chair. It has a wipe able seat
cover, practical play tray and an
integral harness.

The seat, footrest and
safety brace can be adjusted to
suit the child. Suitable from 6
months and adapts as a child
grows. This chair can also be
adapted to suit an adult. It has a
solid beech frame. It has extra
long feet for stability.

This pushchair is
suitable from birth to around 3
years. It is available as a travel
system too. It can fold easily.
It has a smart, puncture proof
wheels with chrome spokes. It
also has a protective padded
covering with window. It has
comfortable, washable seat

This pushchair is
highly maneuverable front
wheel that can rotate 360
degrees. Frame is made of
Aluminum. It has an
integrated folding lock. It
has adjustable footrest.
Folds up easily and

This wooden
square table with two
matching chairs is
specially made for
children from age 2 to 9
years. It is made of rubber

Advertising Plan for the New Product

Advertising Objective
The process of setting advertising objective is one of the most challenging in the field of
advertising. Advertiser create ads with a variety of purpose in mind, from getting people
up off the couch to call a toll free number to simply reinforcing attitudes they already
have about a product or a company. When sales or communication objectives are
established it’s also need to relate purpose or job expecting the ads to perform.
Generally advertising has several objectives arrange on a continuum from most direct to
most indirect. They are

1. To prompt direct action

2. To encourage information search
3. To relate product to needs
4. To encourage recall past satisfaction and prompt reorders
5. To modify attitude
6. To reinforce attitude
7. To Change negative perceptions about a company

Our advertising objectives:

1. To inform people: Our main strength is our product, which is a solely new idea.
At first we are just going to inform people about our product. After viewing our
advertisement we hope people will look for more information about this whole new
idea in Bangladesh. An urge would be created among the parents who have recently
got child and have children under the 12 yeas age level.

2. To relate product to need: Offering children oriented furniture is quite a new idea
in perspective of Bangladesh. As it is a new concept, most of our target audiences are
not aware of that particular segment of product. They need furniture for their baby,
but they do not know that there are such options in the market now. By showing the
advertisement we hope we will be able to relate the product with the need of our
target audience.

3. To modify attitude: In the mind of many people of Bangladesh, there is no option

like Baby furniture except Baby-cot. They always think something special for their
children, but they do not think of special furniture for them. We hope that our
advertisements will be effective enough to modify the attitude of our target audience,
as they will consider Baby furniture as an essential option for their children.

Target Audience

Segmenting consumer market

Our main target is to reach selective audience. Our goal is to supply comfortable and safe
products for their most important part of life- their children. GOODY furniture is a
combination of class, quality and safety with affordable price compare to other furniture
of NAVANA. So, our target audiences are same as NAVANA’s other segments, the
upper middleclass and upper class people who have child aged in between 0 to 12. That’s

why we targeted Banani, Baridhara, Dhanmondi and Gulshan in Dhaka city and Agrabad
R/A, Panchlaish and Khulshi in Chittagong.

In segmenting the market we are following the demographic, psychographic and

behavioral issues. These issues are briefly described below

Demographic segmentation
We consider some demographic issues
1. Income
2. Household type
3. Age

1. Income: The main factor of the demographic segment is the income of our
audience. GOODY furniture is a series of exclusive products. Like NAVANA’s other
furniture segment, it is not affordable for the people of all sectors. The expected
income level of our target audience is from Tk 35,000 to150, 000 or more.

3. Household type: Our target audience is surely a family, not a single person. It
may be a family of a married couple or it may be a combined family, but the
common thing of any kind of family is the child of them.

3. Age: The age of our customer is a considerable factor. People who have passed the
age of having new baby or those who have no children under 12 are not our
customer. They are not even a chance to have them as our customer. So, we have
targeted only the married couple between the age limit of 21 to 40 years.

Geographic segmentation
As we calculate the income level of our potential customers, we have figured out their
geographic position very easily. First of all, it is the metropolitan areas where we are

going to market our product. So, we have picked the some areas of Dhaka and Chittagong
metropolitan city where usually higher-middle class and lower-upper family live.

1. Dhaka:
 Gulshan
 Banani
 Baridhara
 Dhanmondi
 All DOHS
 Shantinagar & Baily Road

2. Chittagong:
 Khulshi
 Panchlaish
 Agrabad R/A

Psychographic Segmentation
We also identified some psychographic issues of segmentation like personality and
1. Personality: Our potential customers are caring and for them family is the most
important factor. They are extrovert category people. Baby furniture is not a
known idea. One can easily use the usual furniture for their child, but who gives
extra care to his /her child will buy our exclusive furniture which is made only for
children by spending extra money.
2. Lifestyle: The lifestyle of our customers is very important for us. Our potential
customer leads an ordinary life ordinary, but they prefer to have comfort and want
to provide their child comfort and safety.

Media Plan
It is totally a new segment for this market. To promote this segment we have to start from
awareness stage of communication process. People of our target audience do not know
about our activities on such kind of product. So, we will start our advertising activities
while launching the segment on the market. After then during operation, we will run our
activities to modify the attitude of people. There will be no competitor of us for this
segment on this market without some expensive foreign gears. By advertising we have to
encourage people to search the information about our product, after then push the people
to take it as a need. Obviously then the result will end up with sales.

To put our advertisement, we have planned some media. We have a limited budget for
our activities but we think our media choice is effective enough to cover our targeted
people. So, the stages we have selected for our advertising are:

Inauguration: During the opening, we will take some advertising actions to get the
attention of the people

Print Media:
1. Newspaper advertisement: We will cover the front page of the
prestigious newspapers of Bangladesh twice in the inauguration month by our
advertisement. These newspapers will be Prothom Alo, Daily Star, Jugantor, and
New Age.
2. Advertorial: Some advertorial will convey the information about our
new product segment ‘GOODY’.
3. Preprinted Inserts: We will distribute preprinted inserts in some
selected areas (Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Baridhara R/A, etc of Dhaka,
Khulshi, Panchlaish, Agrabad R/A, etc of Chittagong) with the newspapers.

 Out of Home Advertisement:
1. Billboard: We will place a billboard in front of every prominent
Maternity Hospitals of Dhaka (Maa O Shishu Clinic of Banani, , Chittagong
( Metropolitan Clinic)
2. Transit Advertising: A Gulshan, Banani – Dhanmodi route bus service
(any one of Pink City or Bevko) will carry out our advertisement in Dhaka city.

 Electronic media:
We have decided not to put any advertisement in electronic media during
inauguration. Our TV ad does not give a lot of information about the product.

During Operation:
Print Media:
1. Newspaper advertisement: During operation, we will use ‘Naksha’,
the household tabloid by Prothom Alo as our media vehicle. We will put our
advertisement on that particular magazine once in a month.
2. Preprinted Inserts: When we will offer seasonal sale for the household
furniture customers, we will distribute preprinted inserts with the newspapers in
the selected areas. For cost effectiveness, it will be done directly by the local
3. Sponsor doctor’s report: We will put advertisement at the backside of
the file that is given by the maternity hospitals to carry the doctor’s and other
reports. Without that we will try to give ad at the prescription file of the renowned
Child specialists.
4. Leaflets: There are some mothers club (One Step, Kinderland of
Dhaka, Moms of Chittagong) where the members are usually comes from our

higher or upper middle class family. We will distribute leaflets over there
consisting the pictures of our ‘GURI’ furniture.

 Out of Home Advertisement:

1. Billboards: The billboards we will place during inauguration remain
with our advertisement in front of those maternity hospitals.
2. Transit Advertising: A Gulshan, Banani – Dhanmodi route bus service
(any one of Pink City or Bevko) will carry out our advertisement in Dhaka city.

 Electronic media:
1. TV advertisement: We will run our advertisement in three national
private TV channels (NTV, Channel i, and ATN Bangla). We will place it just
before the prime time when usually women and mothers are switching the
channels from the local channels to others.

Advertising Budget
To launch our product in this new market we need an array of different tools and media.
The diversification of the tools and media will help us to fulfill our marketing goal within
2006. To achieve that, we have carefully selected the tools of promotion. Between those,
advertising is the most focused tool. We made some assumption of budget needed for the
advertising activities that we proposed.

First of all, it is a new segment. For this segment, we have allocated a different budget
from the other existing products. Most of the promotional budget is going under
advertising. We have planned a series of advertising activities, which need different
budget for each.

Print Media:

1. Newspaper: During inauguration, we are going to cover the front pages of four
prestigious national newspapers. They are
1. Prothom Alo
2. Jugantor
3. Daily Star
4. New Age
During operation, we will only cover the weekly household tabloid ‘Naksha’ of
Prothom Alo, and ‘Lifestyle’ of Daily Star.

2. Leaflets: We will distribute leaflets in the mothers club as well as in the

selected areas as preprinted inserts. We will use this medium in both the stages.

3. Sponsor Prescription file: We will go with it during operation. It is a cost

effective but most reachable medium. It is focused only on the selective audiences.

Budget of Print Media

Newspaper Budget
Front page Quantity Quantity per Rate(for 5 column Sub-total
per month Year 6 inch color ad) Amount
Prothom Alo 2 One month only 180,000 360,000
Jugantor 2 One month only 150,000 300,000
Daily Star 2 One month only 150,000 300,000
New Age 2 One month only 120,000 240,000
Tabloid 4 column 5 inch ad
Naksha 2 22 1500 33000
Lifestyle 2 22 1500 33000
Mothers Club 1000 12000 1.20 14,400
Inserts 50,000 100,000 (2 times) 1.20 120,000
Sponsor Prescription File
Maternity 10,000 120,000 2.5 300,000
Child Specialist 20,000 240,000 2.5 600,000
Total TK 2300400

 Out of Home Advertisement:
1.Billboard: placing a billboard in front of every prominent Maternity
Hospitals of Dhaka (Maa O Shishu Clinic of Banani, , and Chittagong
( Metropolitan Clinic, will be effective enough to grab attention of the selective
3. Transit Advertising: A Gulshan, Banani – Dhanmodi route bus service (any one
of Pink City or Bevko) will carry out our advertisement in Dhaka city, which will
cover the selected areas.

Budget for Out of Home Advertising

Billboard Advertisement
Area (infront Quantity per Rate for Sub-total
of) year 25×10 feet
Gulshan Maa- 1 (250×600) 150,000
O-Shishu =150,000
Clinic, Dhaka
Mother Care, 1 (250×600) 150,000
Dhaka =150,000
LakeView, 1 (250×400) 120,000
Dhaka =120,000
Holy Family, 1 (250×300) 75,000
Dhaka =75,000
Maternity 1 (250×400) 100,000
Clinic, Ctg =100,000
Metropolitan 1 (250×300) 75,000
Clinic, Ctg =75000
Transit Advertisement
Bevko Service 10 buses 150,000 1500,000
Total TK 2170000

 Electronic media:
We will use TV as our electronic media. We know, only TV can reach our target
audience effectively. We are not going to spend on Radio advertising.

Budget of Electronic Media

TV Channels Quantity per Quantity per Rate for 50 Sub-total
month year(11 month) seconds Ad amount
NTV 20 220 12,500 2,75,000
Channel i 15 165 22,500 3,712,500
ATN Bangla 15 165 17,500 2,887,500
Total TK 9350000

The Proportion of Advertisement allocated for different Medias:

Media Allocation

Out of Home

Though we have allocated most of the Ad budget for Electronic media, we have focused
mostly on Print media. Electronic media is relatively expensive medium, so it costs most,
but if we consider activities, print media got most exposure.

Message Theme

1. Are you sure that your Baby does not deserve the best?
This is the theme of our leaflets and preprinted inserts. With the picture of a sad faced
baby, we mainly tried to catch the emotion of the mothers. Mothers are the main
customer of our product, or at least the convincer. They will buy or convince husband to
buy our GOODY. So, the theme is focused for the mothers mainly. It is touching ad
which aware the parents about their ignorance to their baby.

2. GOODY, world-class children furniture from NAVANA

It is a rational type of advertisement on Billboards and newspapers. It carries a picture
of a baby with some pictures of the furniture. The theme of this message is to aware
people about the existence of children furniture in market.

3. Just what you need for your BABY

It is an emotional advertisement where we focus the parents of the newborn babies. When
they come out from the clinic with their new member of family, they just think of their
activities- what and how they can do for their child? This message with a picture of a
baby surrounded by clippings of furniture helps them to make a decision about having
something special for their baby. It will be used on the backside of the prescription file

4. What children want?

The theme is for TV advertisement. This message follows an indication about a problem
with children. Children may not like what adults like about furniture. They want some
exceptional furniture for their own. There has the answer and the solution of that

Sample Logo

NAVANA furniture is going to launch a new line with their existing products, which is
focused on children. Children are the best existence in the universe, so they deserve the
best thing. NAVANA Furniture is launching “GOODY” for them. Parents always want
the best things for their baby, but do not get always the best. “GOODY” is providing the
best furniture for the children, whose parents want to serve their baby by the best. In
Bangladesh there is no such furniture focusing only for children. Only there is some
imported furniture for children in the market. Therefore NAVANA Furniture will not
have strong competitor in this segment. As a result, we can assure that NAVANA
Furniture will have a strong potential market in the furniture industry with “GOODY”.