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23.30 DDELEUZE, DIAGRAMS, AND THE GENESIS OF FORM Manuel De anda ‘The dy f agra und of lama hnking curently xjoying 4 roel vere dcglines On ne hand, dhe we ‘sora of ehaclogy who iatempaag to rescue engineering Anowledge frm ts sas as misor branch of applied sence, Ive sree the relive atonomy oft gous ae, more ino ‘sy means. In chi conten ha emphasized i he ex tence of peal pe of inowedge~ inal knowledge ~ snd the rl hat splayed inthe development of the engineering stone! On the oie there are copntve scening and ‘esrarcher a arial nligeace who bare reenly expanded the reservolr of repesenationl esoures dat they we 1 give thei models orth robo) problem aving abies. Here too, leis he special visual aspect of grams that is emphasized, for example, the ahi of geomerte repeseaasoas 0 rpily convey toa problem acter some ofthe ero spect defining & purl pote, and hence wo suggest poste solutions? "Thee ae sve dllerences between thee approaches to he qerton of dagams and the one advocated by Giles Dez, the least mporan of which i that for Delewze, diagrams bave 9 Inne connection wih al epesenatins The aly sgi- cat dence onthe ther hand, at pe Dleue the eclem: solrng acy in which lagrams ae ivoved i ot necesty pevlored by hunaas o tobe, bu ay be landed neve Simple matral and energete sper. uke an example from ysis. popliton of interacting physical eases, such a the ‘molecules thin lier of sop, maybe constalnedenergeicaly to adopt fra which minimize fee energy Hee the problem” (xr he population of molec) is 0 fin this mininal poe of energy problem, soled deed by the molecu in sup bubbles (tic colecuvely minimize suri tension) and by dhe moles i cystine suucues (whlch collecvey minimize bonding energy). The question ofthe objective exinence of problems (aod thet defining digeans) « ruc ive in ‘herlreapabl of generting form on own. enue tour previous examples, the sphere form oF soup bubble emerges out of the inteacions moog ts castnent molecules a thee are con: sine energeocal to “beet” the pot at which Suufice wasn ie mlaimised. a these there tt to queion ofan ezence of “sosp-bebblenes Somehow imposing uel om the ouside an ideal some frm (a sphere) shaping an net collection of moe ales Rahes an endogenous poe fm (pot in the pce of nergee poulbliienor ds meleclar sserbage) gover ee foleeive behavior ofthe inal soap molecules and esl the emergence of sere spe Moreover, the sme topoloi «al form, the same minimal pin, can guide the process tht generate many other geome forms For example, istend of | roles of wap we have the ‘omic components ofa ordinary ‘styl te orm tat ene from minimising energy. bond sng energy in ti ae) 3 cade the sari, orm, sed lope (shaky caled it cee ope eos). tvhich case the poate py lence of hs ace willl “ply emp bavi an endogenously genesedendeny to ona in 3 wale way Wher ove i dealing with socio techoologial arucuze (Fach 3¢ 3 radio wansmiter of radar ‘machine, » bilgi ae (eye meuelism), ora physical one (a convection el in the atmosphere). iis sage tmanent resource hat sioveled in the diferent ecilating behavior Asif {i dbractcecllang machine” were inarated or aeaed a ‘dese pyc anembage ‘a orc machine lel ot pelo corpora ‘mote tan remind tiedagammatie(tMaows nog of the dsincos beweeh the ic nd be stra ite). It pert by ate ob tency ton, 20 fr. ‘hesburcnachoe pre Mater Puncon~adgraminde: nent of he fam atc rein nd nel Deleze als this ailty of topological forms (and other sbazact machines) co gv ie to many iret py asan- ‘ons procs of “vergentatuaization” aking te ie fom French puowopher Het erpon who, athe rn ofthe ceny, vote vere of ea where Be extcze the inabity of tes ‘ce of ue o hak he neh uly nove Te ex bead sas. according to Bergon, mechanical ad linear vw of us fy andthe ig terme thar empl Cleary f the fate teeady pve athe pt fe ata s erely ht modality of tne where previously determined poses become rele, thes tue ianoaon i inporabie, To avoid thie muta, be ‘hough, we mst ugg to mode the Future as open-ended nd | te pus and the present pregnant not only wih pe id eae but wih veulis he beonoo ‘The dsincion beween the posible andthe re asues act of predefined foms (or eences) which aque physical ray 25, ‘mater forme that resemble tem. From the morphogenic ole of ew raining » pouty doesnot add anything o 2 ‘redefined form exept realty The deacon beewees he veal Ade aro the other hand, doesnot vole reseblance of Say Bnd (eg, our xrple above in which a tpslogea pus. ‘ecomes 4 geometal spere), and far fom consituing the cect deny of given src, val form subvert iis Meo ance arcs differen at spheres and cubes emerge {ibm the ame opoogil point To qucte fom what prbsbly elez's mont import book, Deed Rein Aca bak with resemblance ass proces 0 es as ‘don wih enya pail a Sense clan or ierencao abaya eine reason, Foe aptetl vor ebjet tobe scaled ito eet veges ines De Landa embryogenesis srhlckcorepond o~ without raembng ~via i le The eu poeesthe reiyof ako be eormed fora probem tobesoied* Deleuze goes on to lest processes of sculeton more complex than bubbles orcs, peceses suchas embryogene- SS the development of fly ifrentted organism suring fom a single cll nth case, he pace of enegee ports more abort, volving many veal tepeogial forms govers- {ng comple spatiotemporal paises ev does ttt ceria og ema Benet the ara quale and ete 0 things hemes) he ‘ae apl-temporl pai They ua be veyed very domi, ven hough they re ordain by the ‘one aides and exeniten sryloy show ha the Avion ofan pint parser lelaton to mores: rifeag morphorenete movment the segmentation of fe ‘rice, arching of ear aero by fing. rejondilacemeat © of [PoupeA whole Remateof ‘heegrappearswich imps die? 1m lose pen, Deleuze repeatedly makes we of these spaces of energetic poses technic eeferredtoas "atte spaced or "phate pace”) and of the tpologel forms (or “sogelates") thats thipe ese spaces. Phase alagrams are indeed, the very Et pe of aageam used by Deleuze We wl ste below dat nore comgles ype are cused in is er vor Since these eas apes in hater work, nd nk the concep of phase space and singular belong to mates, SUIS safe wo say that ruc component of Delessan thought comes rom the plotophy of mathematics Indeed chapter our (of ierence nd Repeition es medion onthe mesphyse of Aiea and seal elle On the other band, pea hat phase paces and sngularie become phytly sgnifan only ‘elon o material ystems hatred by astrong Bow of energy, Deaze's ploephy i ao inmstely rested ‘ranch of physic that deals with teri and enegee owe at 1s with thermodyamics, Cape feof Diecut ed pion 2 Phlosophial iugue of 19thcenury themmodyaamis, an !empt wo recover om that iilne some ofthe Key concept ‘eaded fora heory of immanent marpogents ‘tthe begining of hat cape, Deleuze iedace some ey