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~ PIANO/CONDUCTOR Scene Six: 6 The Schmuel Song Cue: “...Tailor of Klimovich” Gamie) Not too fast (. =84) (Stes. pizw/Gte) mp The Last Five Years Music and lyries by Jason Robert Brown P iE} Sy SS Schmu-el would work ‘til half-past ten at his tail - or shop in Kli-mo-vich, ei SSS —<- s pia rer pis eS x ae = Get up at dawn and start a-gain__ with the For-ty-one years had come and gone. # Copyright © 2000 All rights controlied by Semi Tnternational Copyright eae _ at his lason Rober Brown Farfalle Music Co, (ASCAP) red All Rights Reserved hems and pins and twist. (Cello 1) tail - or shop in ae | Piano/Conductor 3 #6 - The Schmuel Song 2 SSS ES Watch-ing the win-ters sol-dier on, there was one thing Schmu-el missed ICT GVInVel.1- Ss Sa ee toy : = Sj SSS — = + 7 3 — H. — SS —— ae ee &e = —— i = ——— on-ly had time,” old Schmu-el said, “I would build the dress that’s in’ my head, A | 3 : ot os n 7 — tHe SSS = ——— eo — * ——_—— dress to fire. The mad de-sire. Of — girls from here to Minsk, But Thave no more hou-rs left to 3 i o— =—# —— eet sew.” Thentheclock up-on the wall. be-gan to glow. And the clock said: igen a da Bape e ae a of oo 7 = ete 24). PASS = oe = 7 @ eS - x P g 7 10/13/02 F Yat 79) ws 7 Piano/Conductor ira nana, na na na, Oh Schmu-el, you'll +46 - The Schmuel Song —— manana, manana, I give youun - na nana, na nana, So Schmu-el,go sew and be got ta make po P 7? Na hap - py!” But Schmu-el said, do with the time ['ve— | Piano/Conductor ] #6 - The Schmuel Song (leggiero) aS ft —[——S 7 & i = = SS — HE | Schmu-el was done at half-past ten and he said, “Good-night, old Kli-mo-vich,” (loco) r en though you're not or rich, you're the fin - est’ man in Kli-mo-vich! _ £ 4 (VInJCetto 1) 2 - FI may = rons f Piano/Conductor -6- +46 - The Schmuel Song g = =—= Lis-ten up, Schmu-el- Make one stitch and you'll see what you ¢ (Vin. Solo) » Spat feat meee a = 7 = ro St 4 o Schmu-el said, “Clock, it’s much too late, I'm at peace with life, I ac-cept my fate...” But the clock said, “Schmu-el! One stitch and you will Un - lock the dreams you've So a = = — : = of 2 = ¥F ¥ # ¥F £ 19/13/02, | Piano/Conductor -7- #6 - The Schmuel Song. 0 Schmu-el, with re-luc-tance, took his thread. He pulled a bolt of vel-vet__ and he wal ene one. | one ll | 1 = vgs “oe vei “tr F ae aed oils “L should take out my teeth and go to bed, sitting herewith talking clocks in - stead!” ‘And the clock said 10/13/02 | Piano/Conductor 8. #6 - The Schmuel Song, a Oh Schmu-el, you'll S—=— Sas Se —— nana na, nana na, 1 giveyou un - lim-it-ed time! Na = na na na, nana na, Just do it and you can be. hap - py!” So +VinJVel 1 _- = SS SS eS SSS § Schmu-el put the thread through the nee-dl ‘And the moon stared down from a star-less sky. eye. = o o 10/13/07, | Piano/Conductor 9. ‘#6 - The Schmuel Song, pushed the thread_ through the vel - vet black And he —S = fo SS de looked, and the clock was tum - ing.. back! —— se ‘grabbed his shears and he cut some lace As the hands moved left on the old clock’s face! aT > is!, 45 ts ee 10/13/02 Piano/Conductor 10- #6 -The Schmuel Song x kd fing-ers flew and the fab-ric swirled It was nine-fif-teen all a-round the world! (w/Stg52) ft me = z cut and stich was a per = fect fi, Asif God Him-self were con ~ trol - lingit! And +V In, obblige Schmu-el cried, through a rush “Take me back! om G ae : Piano/Conductor =e #6 - The Schmuel Song. Take me back all_____ for - ty - one years!” — 10/13/02 Piano/Conductor +12. +46 - The Schmuel Song [P0] Rubato e on it went, down that si - lent street, "Til Schmu-el’s dress was al last. com-plete, And he (Piano Soto) eo stretched his arms, and he closed eyes, And the mom - ing sun fi-nal-ly start-ed to “soo (Strings erese:) SSS Se Se | dress he made on that end - less night Was a dress that would make an-y soul take flight! Not a sempre mp 10/13/02 | Piano/Conductor 1B ‘#6 - The Schmuel Song se 3 not a skein had gone to waste~ Ev'ry rib-bon and but-ton i-de placed, And sewn in-to the seams Were 8va- ys Moltorit. A tempo for-ty-one sea-sons of dreams. Dreams that you could feel Com-ing real (loco) (Cello 1) e ae 3 g ver-y dress, so the pa-pers swore, Was the dress a girl in O-des-sa wore On the day she pro-mised for-ev-er-more To e | arempo 3 Jove a young man named Schmu-el Who on-ly one day be-fore Had knocked at her kitch-en Gtr) colla vooe 10/13/02 #6 - The Schmuel Song, 7 Piano/Conductor -14- [5] Atempo cy Poco rit. Plen-ty have hoped and dreamed and prayed, but they can’t get out of Kli-mo-vich, If olla voce Schmu-el had been a cute Goy-ish-e maid, he'd-"ve Py a May - be it's just that you're a-fraid___ to. go. out on to a_limb - 0 vich. (Cent) a rempo 113m? | Piano/Conductor -15- #6 - The Schmue! Song, ——— : —— = SS SSH » =a May-be your hear’s com-plete-Iy swayed, but your head can't fol- low through, But 128] A tempo, poco maestoso should-n’t I want the world. to see The v (+Bass) mp think that now's a good time to be. The am bril -liant girl who in- spires. He zs_s o —— = == f f - bi-tious freak you are? 3 me? Don'tyou Say good - =« i to wip - ing == ash - trays ay = 10/13/02 Piano/Conductor ‘#6 - The Schmuel Song Hi-att, big - F V—wTTe ira Atempo Na na na na ma na na na Ca-thy, you lim-it- ed nanana 1 give you un - : —— SSS ce == aa “Cause I say: valle get to be 7 ae = es ca 3 i = gt SS SS SS . —— na na na nana na Stop temp- ing and go and Here's a SSS == ———— Sr _— FF + ¥ = $ oes ea ag —= 10/13/02 > | Piano/Conductor -17- 33] #6 - The Schmuel Song head-shot guy and anew Back-Stage,Where you're right for something on ev’ - ry page~ Take a breath, Take a step, Take a chance. - Take your a oloy = i = (Bs. holds through, ? e = Pro. clear pedal) 10/13/02 | Piano/Conductor + 18- +46 - The Schmuel Song vin) 1483] Poco rubato o PP (Pao. Solo) sweetly oo SSeS = — Have I men- tioned to-day How luck-y I am. To aw hd be in love with you? colla voce 10/13/02