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If you are interested in buying a house in the near future, that means you need to do some serious
financial check. That translates to building up some serious savings. Today I shall be taking you through
some simple steps to help you achieve just that.
Start a monthly budget. You can only build a savings if you spend less than what you earn. This means
any financial goals you hope to achieve start and end with a monthly budget. Be honest and realistic
about your spending habits and then stick with your fixed budget as much as possible. This is very
important. There are two options in which you can check your expenses and make sure you are on track.
You either get an electronic bill pay or print out a list of your monthly expenses and tick them off. Either
way, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are on track.
Create a dedicated savings account. This will forestall any temptation to spend from the money
budgeted for a house .Creating a dedicated bank account strictly for your housing project and then
making sure it is off limits from spending no matter what , is one step closer to owning you r own house.
Create a platform for automatic savings. As soon as you have a dedicated savings account, instruct
that a fixed amount be sent into it on a particular date through direct deposit and the account balance
sent to you for verification. As long as this happens regularly, you wont even notice. Especially if you
have built a good budget for your family. The trick is to pay yourself first so that thered be no form of
Save 100% of any extra money you get. While its tempting to go on a shopping spree if you are face to
face with an unexpected windfall, the wise thing to do would be to save that money. If you have a good
budget, then of course, you wouldnt really be needing any of the cash, would you? So that extra money
is perfect for saving.
Save big. Cut out your biggest expenses. Skip your annual beach vacation, forget about that new car
you saw at the showroom the last time you passed by. Put the monies into your savings account. This is
a very effective way to build up your savings quickly and in a big way.
Live small before you live big. Moving from a bigger apartment to a smaller one can reduce your rent
by up to 30%. If there are no kids yet, it isnt a bad idea to live small before moving into your new
apartment. One you can truly call your own.
Do more Work. Doing more work and earning extra income is a great way to grow your savings. Take
every opportunity to do any additional work that comes your way. If you are not eligible for additional
work, a second job on the side is not such a bad idea.
Keep lesser money aside for retirement. Saving for retirement is a good thing but instead of putting
much money into your retirement plan, reduce it by half and let the other half go into saving for a

house. Remember that a house is an asset. This only means that you are saving for the future in a
totally different way.

Dont hesitate to ask for support whenever you need it. You may not understand it but staying on a
strict savings plan is a lot easier if you have the support of friends and family. If they are always inviting
you to one fun spot or the other or always inviting you for shopping sprees,the stress of maintaining a
budget will always be an issue. Ensure that your loved ones know your financial commitments so they
can be less demanding
Dont be too hard on yourself. Calculations of saving for a house may be straightforward, but the
emotions involved are as complex as they come. You are less likely to be successful at saving if it feels
painful or frustrating.Instead of letting the frustration grow, indulge in a little pleasure trip once a while.
Consider cooking yourself a nice dinner once a week.Cut down on hobbies that will make you spend
much. Look for alternative sources instead.The aim is to save money. You will fi nd that it is easier to
save if you enjoy the flow of life as you do so.